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10,000 Thank yous 


You believed 


Future is now 


Giving from the heart 


Sounding ojf 


Giving to 'their' college 

Why not give hack? 

PC goes global 


Preserving past and future 


Always a Blue Hose 


Donor Honor Roll 

This campaign is about our future students. We need to build - on our solid foundation - a college thai 
has the capabilities to prepare these students to be leaders in a world that desperately needs PC iv'v- 
To do that, we need to attract and retain the best and brightest students and faculty. 

Th t- Promise « MicCliallenge 

1 heFromisc «^^cChallenge 

it iuL- tiUvayi been clear what PC was about. Through times 
of great groioth and change, we never lose sight oftoho ive 
are and from where we came. We remain focused on six core 
z<ales that ground us in the j^ast and serve as our guide for the 
future. Whether graduating in 1 928 or 2008 we will alwni/s 
be unified In/ these values. 

I I Liberal Learning 

I Cliristian Faith 

I ! Service 

! Honor 

D Vigor 

I I Community 

Dear Friends, 

As a child I was fascinated by my professor father's expression "time flies," casting a furtive glance at the clock as he walked 
through the door each evening to see if this would be the time the old mantel clock would truly sprout wings. 

To this day, impressions of the fleeting nature of time and the sound of a door opening are linked in my mind. I have come to 
associate the two as natural companions. Time is a precious commodity, not to be wasted. The other, the image of the opening 
door, continues to provide me with the tantalizing glimpses of the possibilities that come from education. 

Next year will mark my tenth year as president of Presbyterian College, and as a man of some years and a new grandfather, 
I have a much better understanding of and appreciation for both than I did as a child. How does one chronicle ten years worth 
of blessings and not miss anything? How does one express gratitude for the doors of opportunity that have opened for so many 
during that time? 

That is the challenge we faced with the document you hold in your hands. A profound and heartfelt "thank you" to the more 
than 10,000 people whose names are listed here and who have made gifts to the first phase of the Promise and Challenge Cam- 
paign (to date, totaling more than $100 million dollars), barely begins the task. 

Those best equipped to share with you the life-changing impact your gifts have had on the college are the ones who have been 
the most affected by them - our students and our faculty. They, and you, are both the core and the future of PC. Long after we are 
gone, when time has no meaning anymore to us, the doors that you opened for them will endure. 

On behalf of those who came before, those whose education has been made richer by your generosity during the last ten years, 
we are truly thankful. For those who will go through the door to the future that you continue to make possible for them, we are 
truly thankful. 

In its truest and best form, for you and all of our other many blessings.... 


John V. Griffith 

2002 2007 

This campaign is first and foremost about strcngtiuviing our mission as a liberal arts college of the CIturch. 
It is also about providing opportiuiilics for our students to acquire tlie relevant skills, knowledge, and 
experience to address tlie ctmtlenges oftlie contemporary global community. 

Irwin Belk 

Virginia Vance Cam Lanier 


Letter from Honorary chairs: 

TheProniise <;\T"heChallenge 

Dear Friends, 

It has been our pleasure to serve as honorary chairs of the first phase of the Promise and Challenge campaign, and it is our 
particular pleasure today to thank you for the significant role that you have played in its success. 

Presbyterian College, by comparison with many of the elite liberal arts colleges, is perhaps smaller in terms of numbers but 
overwhelmingly significant in terms of heart. Who would have believed when we first began this campaign that together we 
could raise more than $100 million? 

You did. 

To date, the campaign has made a tremendous difference in the lives of those for whom the resources were given. There are 
students whose education would not have been possible without significant scholarship support. Those students are taught by 
some of the best professors in the country (six S.C. professors of the year). They study in an environment that, while always 
beautiful, now has much-needed technology, research, and teaching spaces that allows them to embrace the limitless bounds 
of knowledge. They live and play in residence and athletic facilities that encourage and celebrate the best of the PC community 
spirit and endeavor. 

PC is and always has been, from the time of Dr. Jacobs through the present, about its people. Its motto, "while we live, we 
serve" is not just a fanciful notion; it is who we are. The Promise and the Challenge campaign was designed solely with that in 
mind - to provide the best teachers in the best place for the best students who will become the best alumni - all gathered around 
an ideal that truly distinguishes us. 

There are so many people to thank - you, the PC family for your generous support; Bob Staton, for his excellent leadership as 
chairman of the campaign; the dedicated volunteer chairmen and leaders who gave so much of their time and effort to ensure 
that this first phase was a success; the faculty, students, and staff who have spent countless hours on the road telling the PC story; 
and lastly, but certainly not least. President John Griffith for his tremendous vision and energy, and for helping us to celebrate 
not just what we are, but to see what we could be. 

As we move into the second phase of the Promise and Challenge campaign, there are still many doors to open. PC, for all its 
new strength, is not yet all that it could be. That is our next task - to recognize that our work will never be quite complete. In a 
world that needs our graduates more than ever, we move forward with the knowledge that the PC family will continue to grow 
as long as we continue to do our part. 

Thank you again, so much, for all that you have done and continue to do for Presbyterian College. We look forward to your 
continued company on our journey through those new doors, remembering always that "while we live, we serve." 

Most sincerely yours. 

Irwin Belk 

Virginia Vance 

Cam Lanier 

VW? remam focused on six core tmles that ground us in tli 
and serve as our guide for the future. 

I hoPnimise^'TheChallenge 

I I Liberal Learning 

I I Christian Faith 

I I Service 

!_l Honor 

□ Vigor 

I I Community 

Pioiessor Norman Scarborough 

Gifts power college's ability to grant students access to future technology 

Professor Norman Scarborough's energy 
knows no bounds. He moves through the 
classroom and the campus enthusiasti- 
cally, eyes bright and searching for items 
and people of interest. He is an individual 
enthusiastic about everything he does. 
That trait is one that his students have let 
him know they greatly appreciate and one 
that helped earn him a spot as PC's sixth 
South Carolina Professor of the Year He 
knows, and through him they know, that 
good ideas coupled with hard work and a 
dash of creativity mean successful business 
projects. And that is what most of them 
want to have one day - what it takes to 
succeed in business. 

PC's ability to teach business took a 
giant step forward with the foresight of 
some very special donors. To see just 
how big a step, we asked Scarborough to 
answer three questions: 1) What would 
PC be like if our donors had not raised 
$100 million for us? 2) What have those 
gifts allowed you and other faculty in the 
business department to accomplish? and 3) 
What do you see as the future of PC if we 
continue toward the $160 million goal for 
the Promise and Challenge campaign? 

Here is what he said: 

"If PC had not raised the $100 million, 
I believe that our competitive edge as one 
of the premier liberal arts colleges in the 
Southeast would have been in danger of 
slipping away. PC is dedicated to pro- 
viding the best education possible for its 
students, but maintaining that high stan- 
dard is expensive. For example, our sci- 
ence students as undergraduates have the 
opportunity to engage in research proj- 
ects with faculty members that other 
students typically do not see until gradu- 
ate school. In addition, enabling PC fac- 
ulty members to stay on top of the latest 
trends and research in their fields requires 
constant faculty development, which also 
is expensive. We travel to conferences, 
meetings, seminars, and workshops to 
keep up with the rapidly emerging body 
of knowledge in our respective fields 
and to learn about new teaching meth- 
ods. Without the funds from our donors 
and supporters, we would not be able to 
operate in an environment of continuous 

Having the ability to use technology to teach them 
in the ways to which they can relate best is essen- 
tial. The gifts our donors have given to PC really do 
make a difference every day in the lives of our students 
and faculty. I wish that all were able to come to campus 
because we'd be very glad to show them how!" 

"The Scott-Lanier funds have made a 
tremendous difference for both faculty and 
students in the Department of Economics 
and Business Administration. Our depart- 
ment created a high-tech teaching theater 
with 22 computer stations, a smart board, 
and a projection system. Since its creation, 
we have used this special classroom for 
many different classes, including Opera- 
tions Research and Applications in Man- 
agement Information Systems. Students 
work at their own computer stations and, 
with a glance at the screen, can see exactly 
what a formula in an Excel spreadsheet 
should be. 

"We also created easy-to-use 'smart' 
classrooms elsewhere in Jacobs Hall. 
Several economics and business admin- 
istration faculty members simply take a 
laptop to class, connect to the projection 
system, and begin teaching with access to 
an array of tools, including PowerPoint 
presentations. Excel spreadsheets, and 
the World Wide Web - without wires! No 
longer must we only tell students about 
businesses; now, we can actually take 
them to the companies' web sites, where 
they can see our examples firsthand. This 
has brought a richness and vitality to the 
classroom that was much harder to create 
29 years ago when I began teaching at 
Presbyterian College. 

"This generation of college students is 

the most visual yet, and the next generation 
will be even more so. Having the ability to 
use technology to teach them in the ways to 
which they can relate best is essential. The 
gifts our donors have given to PC really do 
make a difference every day in the lives 
of our students and faculty. I wish that all 
were able to come to campus because we'd 
be very glad to show them how! 

"We have done so much with the $100 
million thus far If our donors can help PC 
to reach its $160 million campaign goal, 
we can do those things that we already do 
very well - teaching, community service, 
and preparing our students to make a life 
in addition to making a living - all the 

"From the outside, higher education 
looks like an idyllic environment, and, 
in many ways, it is. Many people don't 
realize that it also is a fiercely competitive 
environment. This additional capital will 
allow PC to improve its perception among 
its key stakeholders - we are quite weary 
of being "the best kept secret in South 
Carolina!"- and to continue to turn out 
top-quality graduates who are capable of 
making a difference in society and trans- 
forming the world into a better place for 
all of us. The faculty here is grateful to all 
of those who support and believe in the 
education that PC provides young people 
and the values that the college stands on." 

2002 2007 

This campaign is about our future students. We need to build - on our solid foundation - a college that 
has the capabilities to prepare these students to be leaders in a world that desperately needs PC values. 
To do that, we treed to attract and retain the best and brightest students and faculty. 

Norman Scarborough 

William H. Scott, III Associate Professor 
of Information Science 

cPron lise ^^cChallcnge 

I I Liberal Learning 

[ I Christian Failli 

I I Service 

n Vigor 
.. I Conimiinilt/ 

i-'rofessor Dean Thompson 

What's changed? Plenty. What's the same? Everything that's important. 

Some things here never change: Neville 
Hall still smells of old books; the oaks 
along the East and West Plazas stand 
impervious to time, wind, and Frisbees; 
PCuns still n.m to Whiteford's at all hours 
for chicken strips and sweet tea; the mid- 
night oil burns until dawn during finals 
week; and what Mama says, goes. 

But the changes brought about since 
the millennium by The Promise and 
the Challenge campaign make the heart 
glad. Our library used to be so deserted 
in the evenings that you could stand on a 
chair in Periodicals, yell "Go Hose!", and 
not bother a soul. Now, expanded and 
refurbished, its lights shining through 
glass walls into the night, Thomason is 
packed with students poring over their 
books and tapping away at their wireless 

Or take the new Bailey Memorial Sta- 
dium during home games in the fall; the 
PC Scotsman looks over a grassy parking 
field of SUV's and station wagons loaded 
with BBQ, fried chicken, and potato 
salad. Properly basted and caught up on 
the talk, alums and parents and college 
friends then head for the crowded stands 
and boxes, checking the state-of-the-art 
video scoreboard as the cannon booms 
and our Hose dash for a halftime pep talk 
and cool down in their new field house. 
Afterwards, swaggering with triumph or 
resolute with "Next time!", some of those 
alums and parents and friends swing by 
the Depot, the College's new bookstore 
uptown, for a tall Java chip frappuc- 
cino or Hose t-shirt before heading out 
of — wait: is Whiteford's still open? 

We marched into Belk Auditorium to 
the strains of a new organ at Opening 
Convocation a few months ago. We 
regularly sit before the stages of Belk and 
Edmunds Hall and applaud our students 
whose talents are honed and strength- 
ened through a steadily growing number 
of music scholarships. Almost daily we 
note the progress of the Lassiter wing of 
Richardson Hall and await the day next 
semester when our biology colleagues 
will share their knowledge in what will 
be one of the finest facilities of its sort in 
the Southeast. 

So many donor gifts have upgraded 
our infrastructure and made such schol- 

concerned with character and the gifts of the Spirit above 
all — has not changed one iota. From my spot on the 
Neville steps, I give thanks for the thousands of people 
whose love for Presbyterian College moves them to 
become custodians of 503 South Broad Street." 

arships possible; they've brought competi- 
tive salaries to the dedicated people whom 
I call my colleagues and friends. Those 
gifts that have pushed the campaign past 
the $100 million mark have been acts of 
faith by people who believe in what this 
small and venerable college is all about. 
They know something of the transform- 
ing magic of the liberal arts that sends our 
graduates beyond the front gates forever 
changed. And after 19 years of teaching 
on the front steps of Neville Hall, I know 
it too. 

You can understand, then, why I es- 
tablished the Field of Dreams Baseball 
Scholarship in 2004. A portion of my salary 
goes to that scholarship each month, and 
my hope is that there'll be several Field of 
Dreams scholars by the time I arrive at the 
Pearly Gates (1 may have to hang onto my 
buddy Brian Beasley's heels to get there, 
but hope springs eternal). Whether their 
team ever wins a division championship 
is a moot point. If they play America's 
pastime with love, fine; if they toss their 
preconceived notions of x and lose them- 
selves in pursuit of y, great; if they spend 
a semester in China, Norway, Peru, or 
Ireland, so much the better; if, on the eve 
of their graduations, they look at their PC 
rings, shaking their heads in wonder at 
how they've grown in four short years — 
well, as the old song goes, who could ask 
for anything more? 

I like to think that however far they may 
roam in this vast and fascinating world, 
they'll never lose sight of where they 
came into their own. It's a state of mind 
eloquently summed up by an '07 gradu- 
ate from Charleston who emailed me a 
few months ago while visiting her sister 
in Phoenix. She dropped by a bookstore 
one night, and then it happened: 

"1 was wandering up and down the aisle 
marveling at all there was to read. Sud- 
denly I turned a corner, and right there in 
front of me was a whole section devoted 
to Southern Literature. My jaw dropped. 
I began perusing the authors — Welty, 
Conroy, Faulkner, Wolfe — everyone was 
accounted for. Then it hit me like a ton 
of bricks, or books, as the case may be: I 
Thompson, I am not kidding one bit when 
I say this. I stood in the aisle, touched the 
books, and cried. No lie. Luckily, it would 
seem that not many people in Arizona are 
terribly interested in Southern Lit at 10:00 
at night, so I got to stand there and just let 
it all out in peace. I miss that campus more 
than I thought possible. There is a train 
near my sister's house, and 1 don't like it 
at all; it is garish and nide compared to the 
sweet comfort of the train in Clinton. I was 
remembering the other day how much the 
train annoyed me when I first got to PC 
and how it eventually grew on me, but I 
don't think that will ever happen with this 
train. It just isn't the same." 

These tears, shared through the decades 
by thousands of other alums, remind us 
that the College's central mission — one 
concerned with character and the gifts 
of the Spirit above all — has not changed 
one iota. From my spot on the Neville 
steps, I give thanks for the thousands of 
people whose love for Presbyterian Col- 
lege moves them to become custodians of 
503 South Broad Street. Because of their 
faith in William Plumer Jacobs's vision, 
future generations of the PC family will 
find their hearts welling with love and 
gratitude when they too remember where 
they found their truest selves. 

2002 2007 

Tliif campaign is abont onr futnre students. We need to build - on onr solid foundation - a college that 
has the capabilities to prepare tliese students to be leaders in a world that desperateli/ needs PC values. 
To do that, we need to attract and retain the best and brightest students and faculti/. 

■...,' -^ ■ 
. ■..;«•■ 


— ^ 


Dean Thompson 

Mary Henry and de Saussure Davis 
Edmunds Professor of English 

Tliel'roniise ^^eChalleiige 

1 I Liberal Lfarniiig 

I I Christian Faith 

I I Service 

I I Honor 

I 1 Vigor 

I I Community 

iqua Scholars are making beautiful music, beautiful lives in college 

i hose who move through life without 
the ability to make music find their lives 
immeasurably enriched by those who can. 
In a world that views a financial spread- 
sheet as a measure of value on all things, 
those who create the music - artists with 
composer, musician, or storyteller in their 
souls - depend on the rest of us to nurture 
their gifts. Just as those who recognized 
the Mozarts and Bachs of their day, indi- 
viduals such as Dorothy Fuqua who see the 
fledgling musicians at Presbyterian College 
as treasures, and delight in helping them 
grow for the benefit of all. 

Mrs. Fuqua has always loved music. As 
a child she listened to her mother play the 
church organ and her grandfather sing in 
the choir. She began taking piano lessons 
when she was eight years old in what 
she fondly remembers as a little country 

"I had a wonderful teacher and was the 
only one to have a music recital," she said. 
"1 played classical music." 

She graduated from high school at six- 
teen, and it was her heart's desire to go 
to Georgia College to continue her music 

"It was during the Depression, though, 
and we didn't have that kind of money," 
Mrs. Fuqua said. My daddy cashed in a 
$200 life insurance policy and put it in 
the bank. At eighteen I took the $200 and 
moved to Augusta and entered the Hearst 
Business College. 1 wasn't studying music, 
but 1 was the fastest typist they had." 

Dr. Porter Stokes, chairman of PC's 
department of music and an expert in the 
field of sacred music, has difficulty imag- 
ining the PC music program without Mrs. 
Fuqua or the students her scholarships' 
have brought. 

"The gifts from Mrs. Fuqua have trans- 
formed music at PC, and we are only now 
beginning to see just how much," he said. 
"We were able to attract what may best be 
described as a 'critical mass' of musical 
students - enough to do all the best things 
that a comprehensive music department 
should be doing. The Fuqua legacy brings 
gifted and talented music majors to campus 
for the Fuqua Scholarship Competition. 
Because the awards are so significant, they 
have attracted an ever-increasing number 
of serious competitors. Many of these 

ME! I have been to England, singing in an ancient cathe- 
dral with a time lapse in sound of seven seconds from 
the front to the back - that was wild! I got to perform an 
operatic piece with our jazz band, arranged and jazzed" 
up. The opera workshop each semester has been great, 
reinforcing to me every year what I want to do with my 

music." - Beth Ivory 

wonderful musicians, even if they do not 
receive a Fuqua, attend PC on a general 
music scholarship. The students and fac- 
ulty attracted to the PC music program 
have enhanced every area of our depart- 
ment - and that is a rising tide that carries 
all of us!" 

Earlier this year, several Fuqua scholars 
had a chance to meet their benefactor dur- 
ing a visit she made to PC. For Mrs. Fuqua, 
the students were the highlight of the visit. 
For the students, meeting the person who 
had made their education at PC possible 
was a chance to try to express what her 
scholarship has meant to them. 

Beth Ivory, a senior voice performance 
major from Johnson City, Tenn., took 
advantage of the opportunity - after 
admitting with a laugh that, at one time, 
PC wasn't on her radar screen until her 
minister, who had a daughter at PC, 
encouraged her to apply and audition for 
the Fuqua. Combating a cold and fostering 
the likelihood she wasn't going to PC, Ivory 
nonetheless auditioned. 

"The Fuqua audition sold it," she said. It 
was like God hit me in the face with a two 
by four - you need to be here." 

She has wanted to meet Dorothy Fuqua, 
to have the opportunity to thank her for the 
opportunity to grow as much as 1 have. It is 
rare to get that kind of help with financial 
aid at a school the size of PC. 

Ivory says that sitting with Mrs. Fuqua at 
lunch one day was absolutely amazing." 

"And the experiences that her scholar- 
ship has made possible for me!" she said. 
"I have been to England, singing in an an- 
cient cathedral with a time lapse in sound 
of seven seconds from the front to the 
back - that was wild! 1 got to perform an 

operatic piece with our jazz band, arranged 
and 'jazzed' up. The opera workshop each 
semester has been great, reinforcing to 
me every year what 1 want to do with my 

"The Fuqua Scholarship made it possible 
for me to come here. Then, being here made 
it possible for me to go to graduate school 
next year. I've spent my summers working 
at the Blue Lake Music Camp, and PC has 
made me competitive with the very best 
programs in the country." 

Another Fuqua scholar, senior music 
major Stephen Humphries, not only per- 
formed during a luncheon but he also 
served as escort to Mrs. Fuqua as she re- 
ceived the PC Medallion and was named a 
PC laureate. What Humphries remembers 
most, however, is the opportunity to talk 
with her that day and that she wanted to 
buy one of his CDs. 

"When 1 met Mrs. Fuqua, 1 was struck 
by her gentle spirit," he said. "She was very 
humble, caring and genuinely interested in 
who I am as a person. After playing for the 
luncheon, it was my hope to give her one of 
my CDs as a gift, but she insisted on pay- 
ing for it. My brief meeting with her was 
an example to me of the Biblical principle 
that to whom much is given, much will he 
required. Mrs. Fuqua has lived up to that 
principle in her service." 

Her gift, said Humphries, has also shown 
him a future in music. 

"The gift of this scholarship is one of 
the open doors that God has guided me 
through in the last few years," he said. This 
scholarship helped solidify the decision to 
attend PC as well as to pursue music; it has 
both unearthed and developed the passion 
that lies deep vdthin me to glorify God with 

This campaign is about our future students. We need to Duud - on our solid foundation - a college that 
has the capabilities to prepare these students to be leaders in a world that desperately needs PC values. 
To do that, zee need to attract and retain tlie best and brightest students and faculty. 

2002 2007 





Stephen Humphries 

Class of 2008, Music Major, 
Chapin, South Carolina 

ThePiomise «TheChallenge 

I I Liberal Learning 

I I Christian Faitli 

1 I Service 

D Honor 

I I Vigor 

I Communily 

Presbyterian Church USA - A constant in the life of Presbyterian College 

What does it mean, as Presbyterian 
College, to say thank you to those in the 
church who support you? 

Thank you for sharing a dedication to 
education, academic freedom, and mis- 
sion? Yes. Thank you for supporting our 
college motto that focuses on service and 
the premise that education is about how 
one uses it for the benefit of others? With- 
out a doubt. Thank you for helping our 
students prepare for lives of leadership, 
perhaps the most essential need of all and 
profound gratitude for those in the pews 
who make these thanks possible? More 
than anything. 

Churches, through their support, have 
helped write whole chapters in the history 
of PC's service to the church. And as a part- 
ner with the Presbyterian Church USA, the 
college has taken seriously the need to give 
back to the church. As churches send their 
treasure - prayer, pledges, leadership, their 
children - to a grateful college, a grateful 
college sends back its treasure - its gradu- 
ates - as servant leaders eager to apply the 
hand-in-hand wisdom of faith and reason 
to the world of challenges in which they 

Sixty churches have established schol- 
arships for PC students in their congre- 
gations and others who find themselves 
"called" to a PC education as the best 
preparation for the life's work they will 
do. South Carolina congregations at First 
Scots', Bethany, Saxe Gotha, First Myrtle 
Beach, Fourth Greenville, and Lickville 
in Pelzer; Georgia congregations at St. 
Simon's, Dawson, Conyers, Peachtree, and 
First Dalton; and Florida congregations 
such as Riverside in Jacksonville - are just 
a few examples of those who believe in the 
power of education, and have shown that 
through their gifts to PC. 

The partnership strengthens daily- 
through the Student Volunteer Services 
program that offers the PC community 
ways to assist others through service proj- 
ects; through the CHAMPS program as 
PC students and faculty serve as mentors 
to promising teenagers who might not 
otherwise have a chance to attend college; 
and through organizations such as Bluefish 
and Celtic Cross who support students as 
they take tentative steps toward a life of 
leadership in the church. None of these 

"ALL THE THINGS I DID AT PC - through the church 
and through SVS, in particular - those helped me realize 
what I was going to do with the rest of my life. When I 
came in, I thought it was one thing. But doing all these 
things helped push me to expand my horizons and try 
new things and venture across the street to see what else 
was in the community outside of what I thought was in 

the community." - Lucy strong 

programs, or their positive and lasting 
impact on PC students, would be possible 
without our church congregations. 

A former minister at First Spartanburg, 
the Rev. Dr. Todd Jones, recalled early 
Celtic Cross days as he and the congrega- 
tion worked with the college to build a 
program to address the future need for 
church leaders. "There have always been a 
number of gifted young people at PC inter- 
ested in the life of the church," Jones said. 
"A steady stream have gone into seminary, 
and many others become lay leaders." 

Church members are proud of the role 
they play in helping PC remain a place 
that nurtures leaders for the church. Stu- 
dents like Barron Chisolm, 2006, now in 
seminary and called to an army chaplaincy, 
and Lucy Strong, 2004, coordinator of PC's 
Student Volunteer Services and Bluefish 
programs, were Celtic Cross students and 
know that their time at PC would not have 
been possible without the support and 
encouragement of the folks in the pews. 

Clinton's First Presbyterian Church, 
the college's "home church", and PC 
developed the college's campus ministry 
program out of a sense of mutual respon- 
sibility for the faith development of PC 
students. "Our focus on students and 
young people as an outreach of the church 
gave us a chance to do something exciting 
and strengthen the existing partnership in 
visible ways," says Rev. Dr. Dennis Tedder, 
former pastor of First Presbyterian, Clin- 
ton. This partnership expanded to First 
Presbyterian Churches in Greenville, Lau- 
rens, Aiken, and Spartanburg; Eastminster 
in Columbia; and a group of small-in-size- 
but-large-in-commitment churches led by 
PC graduate the Rev. Herb Coddington. 

Lucy Strong notes that "Campus ministry 
is much bigger than just the chaplain's of- 
fice - the support that these congregations 
and so many others give to PC means that 
we can serve the whole campus, provid- 
ing for all PC students." She says that as 
SVS Coordinator and coordinator for the 
Bluefish, 23 students who, as part of the 
campus ministry program, serve as interns 
in the chaplain's office for students of all 

When it comes to "the call" and grati- 
tude for support through that challenging 
time, Lucy knows whereof she speaks. 

"All the things I did at PC - through 
church and through SVS, in particular, 
helped me realize what I was going to do 
with the rest of my life. When I came here, 
I thought I knew. Doing so much pushed 
me to expand my horizons, try new things, 
and venture across the street, so to speak, 
to see what else was here." 

Strong said she is glad to see current 
students nurtured through the same 
process she encountered - a journey of 
faith and knowledge. "They're (students) 
constantly changing - 'Oh, I thought this 
was what I wanted to do growing up but 
that's not where I am being called," she 
laughs. "It is so neat to walk with them as 
God calls them to different things. 1 tell 
them that we can't do it on our own." 
She adds, "People who have helped PC in 
any way are helping these students find 
their calls, just like they helped me." 

With the help of many, the essential 
partnership between church and college 
continues to strengthen. For that and so 
many other good gifts, we are thankful. 

en. d 2002 2007 

This campaign is about our future students. We need to build - on our solid foundation - a college that 
has the capabilities to prepare tliese students to be leaders in a world that desperately needs PC values. 
To do that, we need to attract and retain the best and brightest students and faculty. 

1 ^n 

Lucy Strong 


Class of 2004, Coordinator of Student 
Volunteer Services and Bluefish Programs 


1 liePnamise ^VTTieChallengc 


I I Liberal Learning 

□ Christian Faith 

I I Service 

D Vigor 


Generosity of young alumni strengthens the future of their alma mater 

Why give back? While at PC, students 
experience a great deal that makes them 
who they are as students and as young 
people. There's the close interaction in 
the classroom, in the halls, and all over 
campus that is expected at a small liberal 
arts college. And then, of course, there are 
moments that make PC PC - throwing the 
Frisbee in the plaza, sitting on the Neville 
steps with English professor Dr. Dean 
Thompson, and studying in Thomason 

On one hand, these moments may be 
taken for granted because they're expected 
at PC. They're what this small college in 
Clinton is all about. However, looking 
back, graduates often realize that these 
are the moments that ultimately come to 
define them as people. These are all mo- 
ments that make a student think he simply 
wouldn't be the same person if he had not 
gone to PC. 

Giving back, then, for many young 
alumni, is seen not as something they 
might do, but something they will gladly 
do. As gladly as they threw the Frisbee in 
the plaza. 

Brian Benenhaley, a 1996 graduate, 
believes it's important for him to give back 
because others' generosity made it possible 
for him to attend PC. 

"The endowments and scholarships," 
Benenhaley said, "opened doors for me 
that wouldn't have opened otherwise." 

The chief operating officer of Sub- 
scriber BASE Holdings in Columbia, S.C, 
says that PC served him well because he 
learned how to "think, evaluate, and ana- 
lyze problems." 

Benenhaley says he's in a much better 
position today because of going to a liberal 
arts school instead of a larger university. 
The selfless contributions that alumni 
make to their alma mater will make it 
possible for more Brian Benenhaleys to 
attend an upper echelon" school such as 
PC. Otherwise, it's simply not possible. 

Ronnie Cannon, a member of PC's Class 
of 1997, agrees. 

"I'm thankful for the experience at PC," 
Cannon said. "I like the name and reputa- 
tion PC has, and I want it to get better." 

Cannon says he especially liked how 
close-knit the campus was. 

think he simply wouldn't be the same person if he had not 
gone to PC. Giving back, then, for many young alumni, 
is seen not as something they might do, but something 
they will gladly do. As gladly as they threw the Frisbee 
in the plaza. 

"You're able to call on anyone when you 
need someone," he said. 

The former PC basketball player keeps 
up with many of the friends he made in 
college, including former teammates, as 
well as business professor Dr. Norman 
Scarborough, executive director of alumni 
relations Randy Randall, executive vice 
president for external relations Bob Staton, 
and Blue Hose basketball coach Gregg 

Working in commercial real estate in 
Atlanta, Cannon is involved in PC alumni 
affairs in the Atlanta area. 

Further, Cannon is now a member of the 
Scotsman Club. He believes it's important 
to give back because of what PC gave him 
athletically and educationally. 

"I want people to have a similar experi- 
ence or better," he said. 

In addition to helping others and the 
school. Cannon says he gives because it's 
fun to watch PC take the next step ath- 
letically as the school moves to Division 1. 

"Contributions play a part in making 
that happen," he said. 

While at PC, Rich Lassiter enjoyed 
playing backyard golf and ultimate Fris- 
bee at the new townhouses. The biology 
major spent a semester in Australia and 
a Maymester in the Galapagos Islands. 
Lassiter was also involved in the environ- 
mental club. 

Since his PC days, the 1998 graduate 
from Atlanta has given back in a number 
of ways. After graduation, he served as the 
Alumni Leader for six years. He organized 

sending letters to former classmates telling 
them about the advantages of donating to 
their alma mater. 

Lassiter still keeps up with alumni do- 
nation efforts and says he is excited about 
the progress the college has made with 
the Promise and the Challenge campaign 
specifically. Earlier this year, Lassiter's 
parents, E.G. and Marianne, made a sig- 
nificant contribution in the campaign that 
supports the sciences and visual arts. 

Another way that Lassiter gives back 
to his alma mater is by making financial 

"I follow in my parent's footsteps by 
making donations to PC," Lassiter said. 

Donating is a way of showing ap- 
preciation for a school that has done a 
tremendous amount for him and his fam- 
ily. Lassiter's father, mother, and sister all 
attended PC. 

"PC provided a good foundation for 
me," Lassiter said. "It prepared me for the 
rigors of medical school." 

After PC, the biology major went on 
to graduate from the Medical College of 
Georgia in 2002. Now, he's an emergency 
room doctor in Phoenix, Ariz. 

Benenhaley, Cannon, and Lassiter are all 
young alumni who appreciate what PC did 
in shaping them to become the people they 
are today. They're also similar in showing 
that appreciation by not waiting to give 
back later, but by giving back now. By 
doing so, others will, sooner than later, 
reap the benefits of their generosity. 

2002 2007 

Tln^ campaign is about our future students. We need to build - on our solid foundation - a college that 
has the capabilities to prepare these students to be leaders in a world that desperately needs PC values. 
To do that, ice need to attract and retain the best and brightest students and faculty. 


Brian Benenhaley and Family 

Class of 1996, Chief Operating Officer 
Subscriber BASE Holdirtgs of Columbia S.C 


ThePrc)mise «TheChal)enge 

I I Libemt Leaniing 


Clirislinii Fnitli 

I I Service 

._ J Houor 

D Vig, 



PC students have gained opportunity to make the world their classroom 

We've all heard it said that the world 
is getting smaller. We see evidence of this 
every day and everywhere - in the soft 
inflections of multiple languages over- 
heard in the grocery store; in the myriad 
of international wardrobe choices spotted 
on a city's busy main street. America's 
welcoming arms of the 19th and 20th cen- 
turies have given us here at home a global 
community uniquely positioned to engage 
the world, if we but understand it. 

A knowledge of and experience in the 
global community is critical for those 
who are called to live and serve in such a 
world. Recognizing this need to be particu- 
larly true for the servant leaders emerging 
from Presbyterian College, Dr. and Mrs. 
Marshall W. Brown, PC President and 
first lady from 1928 and 1945, established 
through their estate the M & L Brown Fund 
to promote international goodwill and 
understanding at the college. 

President and Mrs. Brown were world 
travelers who believed that the impact and 
value of international travel and study 
was critical to developing a well-rounded, 
experienced student. By offering these 
opportunities to PC's students, they were 
providing future leaders with the chance 
to expand their potential. Their foresight 
was dead on. 

Blue Stocking editor Drew Stockstill, a 
senior from Thomasville, Ga., and a resi- 
dent of PC's Carol International House, is 
seeking a double major in philosophy and 
theatre. He has just returned from a sum- 
mer spent in Kenya, and will return there 
as staff with the Outreach Foundation of 
the PCUSA after he graduates in May. He 
will spend eight months or more develop- 
ing schools and churches before returning 
to America for seminary. 

His experience, he said, has taught him 

"International education is so important 
- one of the most important things this 
(PC) education should capture is that it 
is a small world," he said. "It is critical to 
understand other cultures in a way that 
allows us to treasure our similarities and 
understand our diversity. And the world 
is so small! I arrived in Kenya, walked into 
the hostel where I was staying, and ran 
right into another PC grad." 

opportunity to think globally and for providing the re- 
sources to bring the world to the PC community. That 
addition to my education has made all the difference in 

the world." - Drew Stockstill 

And somewhere in Kenya, Scotland, China, Iraq, and 
many other parts of the globe, we hear from a legion of 
PC graduates a hearty amen! 

The international stvidies program at PC 
is one of the most successful at the college. 
Hundreds of students have spent time in 
foreign lands - from Korea to Australia to 
Brazil - studying the culture and learning 
from the local citizenry — providing a rich 
and varied background from which to 
pull important experiences as they pur- 
sue careers in law, business, education, 
and service to the church. These students 
bring their experiences home with them, 
sharing the benefits of their immersion in 
other cultures. 

"Studying abroad in Italy was the best 
decision I have made during college and 
probably one of the best in my life," said 
Alice Sharp '06. "I am so thankful to Dr. 
and Mrs. Brown for their support of this 

Often these students have once in a 
lifetime opportunities to see and do things 
others only dream about. 

"I saw the Pope!" said Jacquelyn Gypin 
'07. "He blessed me! Being able to say that 
I lived down the street from the Pope is just 
one of the incredible things I was able to 
carry with me home." 

Dr. and Mrs. Brown believed that there 
was as great a need to bring members 
of the international community to PC as 
there was for PC students to travel to other 
countries. The International Outreach 
Program provides international students 
with the opportunity to share their culture 
and language with American community 
groups, school children and area business 
persons in and around the Laurens County 

A key part of this experience for both 
those who have studied overseas and 

those who come to PC as international 
students is Carol International House, a 
living-learning facility given by Irwin Belk 
in honor of his wife, Carol. The House, 
home to 33 residents both American and 
international, serves as PC's international 
living-learning community. These sti.idents 
work together to present programs that 
draw attention to the people, traditions 
and cultures of the world. 

"It is a good opportunity to experience 
the benefits of what it means to be in an 
international community," said Stockstill. 
As residents, we cohere and then become 
a vital part of campus. The house offers to 
PC students a greater sense of the global 

And just as the acorns that fall from the 
oak trees on campus give life to the new 
every year, so has the generosity of Dr. and 
Mrs. Brown, Irwin Belk, and others who 
brought energy and growth to the study of 
cultures botli at home and abroad through 
the Southeastern Center for Intercultural 
Studies (SCIS) and new study abroad pro- 
grams in China, England, South America, 
and Cuba. 

So what would Drew and others say to 
the Browns and Irwin Belk if they could 
talk with them now? 

"I'd thank them for giving PC students 
the opportunity to think globally and for 
providing the resources to bring the world 
to the PC community," he said. "That ad- 
dition to my education has made all the 
difference in the world." 

And somewhere in Kenya, Scotland, 
China, Iraq, and many other parts of the 
globe, we hear from a legion of PC gradu- 
ates a hearty amen! 

2002 2007 

Tliis campmign is about our future students. We need to build - on our solid foundation - a college that 
has the capabilities to prepare these students to be leaders in a world that desperately needs PC values. 
To do that, we need to attract and retain the best and brightest students and faculty. 


Class of 2008, Double Major Philosophy and 
Theatre, Thomasville, Georgia 



ThePromise ^'^eChallenge 

I I Liberal Learning 

1 J Christian Faith 

I I Service 

1 I Honor 

U Vigor 

1 ! Community 

Archives and special collections open avenues for students, professors 

Presbyterian College's archives and 
special collections pose an interesting 
dichotomy. Obviously, it is a place devoted 
to preserving history, which means there 
are items there that are old. On the other 
hand, the valued materials are housed in a 
new, state-of-the-art facility - and that has 
"future" written all over it. 

Dedicated last fall, the new three-story, 
19,000 square foot Russell-Arnold Archives 
was part of a $4.5 million project to reno- 
vate and expand the James H. Thomason 
Library where the archives and special 
collections are held. 

At the dedication ceremony last fall, 
1973 alunmus Andy Douglas - a college 
trustee and a leading contributor to the 
library project - praised the "phenomenal" 
new addition. 

"I'm thrilled about the way we're able 
to show these exhibits now," he stated. 
"Before, they were in a room in the old 
part of the library. Now, we can take care 
of them and be good stewards of the things 
that have been left to us and provide a 
place for scholars to come in and study 

This is just as Dr. Ernest J. Arnold, a 1936 
graduate of PC, envisioned. Arnold and 
his wife, Frances, have long supported the 
college as benefactors of the Russell Pro- 
gram and the annual Arnold Symposium. 
They also held an historic collection of 
Civil War era artifacts, manuscripts 
and books belonging to Gen. Thomas J. 
"Stonewall" Jackson and generations of 
his extended family that now has found 
its permanent home at PC. 

The Jackson-Arnold Collection joins 
the college's other special collections 
- including the library of college founder 
William Plumer Jacobs; a sizeable collec- 
tion of religious pamphlets and literature; 
and an interesting textile-era collection 
bequeathed to the college by Clinton's 
Bailey family. 

As Douglas pointed out during the 
rededication of the library facilities, the 
collection provides the college more than 
an opportunity to preserve history. In the 
hands of scholars, he said, the collection 
provides opportunities for history to come 
alive to new generations. 

Associate professor of history Dr. Anita 

"... IT WAS AMAZING. It's so neat to think that we have 
these primary documents available to us as students. That 
makes PC a small school with big resources. 

Holding a piece of history in one's hands' she said, 
makes the researcher believe that everyone can be a part 
of it. 
I guess that's why I like history so much," 
The experience gave her a greater appreciation for both 

history - and PC. - Whitney Harrison 

Gustafson already has made good use of 
the college's special collections in her His- 
tory of the South class. In the Russell-Ar- 
nold Archives, she has found antebellum 
pamphlets, published sermons, editorials, 
and Bible society tracts from the mid-19th 
century South. 

"Some of the materials would be consid- 
ered questionable by today's standards," 
she said, "but they do provide an interest- 
ing reflection of pre-Civil War attitudes 
in the South. In the class, I assign each 
student a different pamphlet and have him 
or her do research and write about it. 

"Having these collections available to 
our sti.idents is a pretty significant research 
tool and gives them a great sense of the 
history and culture of the period. It's also a 
great opportunity for them to use primary 
documents in their student research." 

Gustafson said she hopes her colleagues 
in the faculty will also take advantage of 
the college's archives and special collec- 

"The new facility is much more ac- 
cessible," she said. "There are great re- 
sources there and it's a wonderful place 
to work." 

One of Gustafson's students, recent 
graduate Whitney Harrison, put the col- 
lege's archives to good use on her honors 
research project - a research paper on the 
history of female students at Presbyterian 

College. Reading original letters, minutes 
from the board of trustee meetings, and 
old issues of The Blue Stocking, Harrison 
learned a great deal about the history 
of her alma mater, and the attitudes of 
history's participants. 

Not only did Harrison - who graduated 
last spring and is now a law student at 
the University of South Carolina - have 
an opportunity to read a letter written by 
a group of women during the 1960s, but 
also she was able to meet and interview 
some of the women who signed it. 

"They were kind of feisty," she said. "I 
got to see some of the coolest stuff - stuff 
that was written in favor of co-education 
and some written by men who were against 
it. ... It was amazing. It's so neat to think 
that we have these primary documents 
available to us as students. That makes PC 
a small school with big resources." 

Holding a piece of history in one's 
hands, she said, makes the researcher 
believe that everyone can be a part of it. 

"I guess that's why I like history so 
much," Harrison said. 

The experience gave her a greater appre- 
ciation for both history and PC, she said. 

"This project gave me a greater appre- 
ciation for what PC is, where PC has been, 
and where it's going," Harrison said. "It 
was a great experience doing hands-on 
research and I know it's making a differ- 
ence for me in law school." 

2002 2007 

This campaign is about our future students. We need to build - on our solid fouiuiation - a college that 
has the capabilities to prepare these students to be leaders in a world that desperately needs PC values. 
To do that, we need to attract and retain the best and brightest students and faculty. 


Whitney Harrison 


i::,;V. 1 


W' 1 


C/flSs of 2007, University of South Carolina 
Law School Student, Columbia, South Caroli 


ThePioniise <^^eChaUei igc 

I I Liberal Leaniiug 

^ airi>ti,iu Fiiitli 

I I Service 

n Honor 

D Vigor 

__ ! Commutiiti/ 

Class of 2006 alumna Megan Smith reflects on 'bleeding blue' for life 

Megan Smith, a member of the Class of 
2006 and the daughter of PC alumnus Alan 
Smith '77, shares many things with her 
father. In addition to a fiercely competitive 
athletic streak (both served as captains of 
their respective athletic teams, soccer and 
football), both are passionate about and 
grateful for education or, more particu- 
larly, their education. 

Megan and Alan "bleed blue," and 
are proud of their Blue Hose roots. Alan 
has continued to serve his alma mater in 
recent years as the executive director of 
the Scotsman Club, raising resources for 
scholarships for student-athletes. Megan is 
making her mark in graduate school, with 
an endless world of possibilities ahead of 

Recently Megan, a graduate student in 
the highly competitive sports administra- 
tion program at the University of North 
Carolina in Chapel Hill, sat down and 
wrote the following thoughts about her 
PC experiences. 

Always a Blue Hose 

"I am a current graduate student in the 
sports administration program at UNC 
Chapel Hill. And yes, 1 have had the plea- 
sure of being around such individuals as 
Roy Williams, Anson Dorance, and Mia 
Hamm. What is interesting to me, how- 
ever, is that, together, the two experiences 
of being a student-athlete at Presbyterian 
College and working within the athletic 
department as a graduate student at UNC 
Chapel Hill have put into perspective what 
I want out of life. 

"1 went through the struggles every 
graduating high school senior experiences 
when trying to decide upon a college - ask- 
ing myself, where do I want to spend the 
next four years of my life? What school 
is going to give me my future dream job, 
whatever that is? Which school will start 
those friendships I see that my parents 
have that will last me a lifetime? 

"As a student-athlete, 1 also knew that I 
had to find a school where I could succeed 
in the classroom as well as on the soccer 

"As hard as it may be to believe, it took 
me until my senior year at Presbyterian 
College to realize that I had, without a 
doubt, decided upon the right school four 
years earlier That moment is what 1 want 

"PC LED ME TO THIS PATH. I hope to share some of 
what was given to me by making a positive impact on the 
lives of future student-athletes just as so many others had 
a positive impact on mine. I want to give back because 
that is the least I can do after such a fulfilling and enrich- 
ing experience at Presbyterian College." - Megan smith 

to talk about - Senior Night in Martin 

"My senior season on the soccer team 
was a disappointing year in terms of 
performance, but not in terms of charac- 
ter building. Our Senior Night, I asked 
Coach (Brian Purcell) if I could lead the 
team in prayer prior to kickoff. 1 took this 
opportunity to reflect upon my four years 
at Presbyterian College. I, first and fore- 
most, thanked God for blessing me and 
my teammates with the ability to worship 
Him on the soccer field in our own special 
way. I thanked the PC community for be- 
ing so supportive throughout our time at 
PC - providing not only the education 1 
received but also the faculty and the re- 
sources for that education. I thanked my 
teammates and coaches for inspiring me 
to become not only a better soccer player, 
but also a better person. And, finally, I 
thanked my family and friends for seeing 
me through my accomplishments and 

"That night we won. What stands out 
in my mind, though, is not the victory but 
the people in the stands who have had 
and continue to have such an influence on 
my life. As I looked out over the crowd, 1 
could see them all - my mom, dad, broth- 
ers. Will and Jackson, fellow students, 
sorority sisters, faculty members I would 
see in class the next day, and alumni from 
long ago wrapped up against the chill in 
PC blankets. That picture of the happiness 
on their faces for me and my teammates 
is still what I see and what 1 feel when I 
close my eyes and look back. I know that, 
years from now, I will pull this wonderful 
memory out again and again to share with 
others, and that PC people will know what 
I mean. 

"The enthusiasm at a women's soccer 
game or a basketball game at UNC is ad- 

dicting and contagious. But 1 had another 
blessing in my career - the opportunity to 
play in front of a crowd who knows me 
not only as a soccer player, but student, 
roommate, community member, sorority 
sister, friend, sister, daughter, and most 
importantly, as a person. 1 am a strong 
believer in the saying that if you surround 
yourself with good people, good things 
will come your way. For me, Presbyterian 
College represents this saying and I will 
always be thankful for the people who 
surrounded me with so much. 

"So far I have enjoyed every moment of 
my experience here at UNC. It is fairly easy 
to become distracted by the glitz and glam- 
our of big time college athletics. However, 
1 can honestly say I would not be where 1 
am right now, pursuing my dreams, if it 
wasn't for my experience at Presbyterian 

"PC led me to this path. 1 hope to share 
some of what was given to me by making 
a positive impact on the lives of future 
student-athletes just as so many others had 
a positive impact on mine. I want to give 
back because that is the least 1 can do after 
such a fulfilling and enriching experience 
at Presbyterian College. 

"There are times I crave to be on the 
campus of PC - to tailgate for a football 
game, to attend a history class, to enjoy a 
meal at GDH with friends, to participate in 
an afternoon soccer practice, to enjoy the 
spring weather behind the townhouses, or 
to simply look out at my window and see 
Neville Hall. However, time moves on and 
1 am where I am supposed to be for now. 

"That said, I carry PC with me every- 
where I go. Forever and always, with 
thankfulness, I will be a Blue Hose!" 

2002 2007 

This campaign is about our future students. We )ieed to build - on our solid foundation - a college that 
has the capabilities to prepare these students to be leaders in a uvrld that desperately needs PC values. 
To do that, we need to attract and retain the best and brightest students and faculty. 

p.T^;ain»B«tAt>MD xniow^ 

Megan Smith 

Class of 2006, University of North Carolina 
Chapel Hill Sports Administration Graduate 
School Student, Greenville, South Caroliv: 



SIX CORE VALUES. These values are timeless: they have been and will 
remain the foundation of all that we do. 

LEADERS FOR TOMORROW. As we rally around our motto, Dum Vivi- 
mus Servimus: While we live we serve, we are called to provide a total 
educational experience of exceptional quality and singular distinction. 







BI 34,156,000 






3Com Corporation, Princeton, NJ 
A Healthy Workplace, Ocala, FL 
AA-3 Cherokee Town Club 

Thursday League, Atlanta, GA 
Dr. and Mrs. Norman 0. Aarestad 
Mr. Don G. Aaron, Jr. 
Ms. ]oyceW. Abbott 
Mrs. Tammy W. Abborr 
Abbott Laboratories Fund, 

Abbott Park, IL 
Mr. and Mrs. Edmond Abdella 
Mr. and Mrs. Preston Abee 
The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. 

Jonathan B. Abercrombie 
Mr. Davan Jauron Abney 
Mr. and Mr. Donald J. Abney 
The Abney Foundation 

Anderson. SC 
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Abraham 
Ms. Brenna T Abrams 
Mrs. Mildred Abrams 
ACACIA, Columbia, SC 
Accenture Foundation, Inc. 

Chicago, IL 
ACF Industries, Inc. 

St Charles. MO 
Mr and Mis. Kenneth D. Acker, Sr. 
Mr and Mis. Kennedi D. Acker, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Curt M. Ackerman 
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Acree 
Acree-Davis Funeral Home 

Toccoa, GA 
Actaeon Book Club, Clinton, SC 
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Acton 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Acton 
Mrs. Sharon D. Acton 
Mr. and Mrs. Clifton M. Adair 
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Mr. John Lloyd .Adair 111 
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas H. Adair 


Mrs. Melissa B. Adair 

Dr. and Mrs. William F Adair, Sr. 

Adair Apothecary, LLC, 

Laurens, SC 
Joe R. Adair Foundation 

Laurens, SC 
Adair's Mens Shop, Clinton, SC 
Mr and Mrs. Arthur U 

Adams, Jr. 
Mr. Bryan W. Adams 
Mr. and Mrs. C. Daniel Adams, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Adams. Jr. 
Ms. Dons G.Adams 
Mr. and Mrs. Todd .Adams 
Mr. Florence Bailey Adams 
Mr. Gus C. Adams 
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Adams 
Mr. John B.Adams, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Mark .Adams 
Mr and Mrs. Marcus W. 

Adams, MD 
Mr. and Mrs. James E Adams 
Mrs. Maria S. Adams 
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Mr. Richard L. Adams 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Adams 
Mr. Robert W.Adams 
Ms. Sherry Christine Adams 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Adams 
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. .Adams 
Dr. and Mrs. William H. 

Adams 111 
Miss Caroline Addison 
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Addison 111 
Master Jay Addison 
Ms. Uura Turner Addison 
Mrs. Marcia G. Addison 
Ms. Margaret C. Addison 
Ms. Nicole Addison 
Ms. R. Elaine Addison 
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Addison 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. 

Addison, Jr 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. 

Addison 111 

Tom and Jane Addison 

Foundation, Atlanta, GA 
ADTECH Surx'eying Inc. 

Clinton, SC 
Adult 1 SSC, First Presbyterian 

Church, Laurens, SC 
Mr. and Mrs. David Agner 
Mrs. John Agnew 
Mis. J. Susan .Ahmed 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Aiken 
The Rev. Mr. Wyatt 
Aiken, Jr. 

Aiken Center, Aiken, SC 
Aiken County Farm Supply 

Inc. Aiken, SC 
Mr. Steve Aikenhead 
AIMCO Properties. LP 

Greenville, SC 
Mr and Mrs. William K. 

Mr and Mn;. William Akeis,Jr 
Mr. and Mrs. William Akers III 
Akers ot Orniond Beach, LP, 

Omiond Beach, Yl 
.Albany International Cotp.. 

Albany. NY 
Ms. Angela Eve Albee 
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Albee 
CPT and Mrs. Mark D. 

Mrs. Cathy M. Albright 
Mr and Mrs. Clarence H. 

Albnghr, Jr. 
Mr. David E Albrighr 
The Rev Dr. and Mrs. 
EdwmW. Albright, Jr, 
Ms. KathyW. Albright 
Mr and Mrs. Kenneth W. 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. 

AIco Standard Foundation. 

Valley Forge, PA 
Mr Daniel A. Alderman 
Dr. and Mrs. E. L. Aldemian, Jr 
Mr Michael L. Aldredee 

i I Liberal Learning 

[] Christian Faith 

□ Smice 
Q Honor 

U Vigor 

Q Community 

2002 2007 

Mr- and Mrs. Jtiseph K. Aldridsje 

Programs, Princeron, NJ 

C.W. Andeison Found.ition, 

Mr and Mrs. Robbie L. 

Ms. Elrabeth McComuck 

Mr and Mrs. Frederick P. 

Mr and Mrs. James E Amatriain 

Clinton, SC 




Mrs. Jean K. Amaya 

Ml. and Mis. Dennis Andiejco 

Mr Michael E Armstiong 

Mr George V. Atkison 111 

Dr. and Mrs. Walter N. 

Juan A. Amaya, DDS 

Mr and Mrs. Erik J. Andress 

Mis. Michael Aimstiong 

Atlantic Crossing, Inc., 


Mrs. Mary .Adair .Amaya 

Mr Michael K. Andreucci 

Mr and Mis. Donald F 


Mr. Thomas B. .Mewine 

Mr. Jaime .Amaya Kier^tead 

Ms. .Annette M. Andrews 


Ms. Peggy O. Anaway 

Mr Bradley Ware Alexander 

.Ambiente Wine Importing 

Mr David W Andiews 

Mi. and Mis. Allen Aimstiong 

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Attebeiry 

Ms. Ida Alexander 

Company Inc., Austin, TX 

Di. Edwin R. Andiews 

Mi. and Mis. Roben E. 

Major and Mrs. Ba.silW. 

Mr. Jaime Alan .Alexander 

Mr Scott C. Ambrose 

Mr and Mis. Elbert D. 


AtwoiKl, ]r. 

Mr jerry J. Alexander 

Ms. Sharon M. Ambrose 

Andrews, Ji. 

Mi. and Mis. Robeit P 

Mr Fred Wilton Auman 111 


American Express Financial 

Mr and Mrs. Adam R. 


Mr and Mrs. Robert M. Ausrell 


Foundation, Princeton, NJ 

Andrews, Jr 


Ms. Barbara Austin 

Mr Joseph M. Alexander 

American Home Products 

Mr and Mrs. Gerald B. Andrews 


Mr and Mis, James Austm 

Mr. Kenneth G. Alexander 

Corporation, New York, NY 

The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. 

Aimstiong Woild Industiies, 

LTJennifet K.Austin 

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. 

American Legion Post No. 56, 

Michael L. .Andrews 

Inc., Lancaster, PA 

Mr Joe F Austin 


Clinton, SC 

Mr. and Mrs. Russell S. .Andrews 

Mr and Mrs. Stephen A. Amall 

Mr Ronald S. Austin 

Mr. M. C. Alexander 

American Re-Insurance 

Ms. Sarah E. Andrews 

Ms. Nancy Spratt Amett 

Ms. Velma Mason Austin 

Ms. Mary 0. Alexander 

Company, Princeton, NJ 

Mi. Stephen W. Andrews 

Mr and Mrs. David R. Aming 

Mr and Mis. William M. Austin 

Mr. and Ms. Richard Alexander 

America's Home Place, Inc., 

Mr and Mis. Paul R. Angelich 

Di. and Mis. Call J. Arnold 

Automatic Data Pioce.ssing, 

Ms. Sarah Elizabeth Alexander 

Gainesville, GA 

Mr and Mis. William R. .Annis 

Ml. and Mis. David H. Arnold 

Inc., Roseland, NJ 

BG(Ret.) and Mrs. Thomas H. 

Mr. James M. Ameison 


Ms. Donna Arnold 

Mr and Mis. Ted M. .Autteison 


Mr. and Mrs. Cecil M. Amick 

Mr and Mis. Allen H. 

The Rev. Di. and Mis. 

Avail Staffing Services, Inc., 

Mr William A. Alexander 

Mr and Mrs. Leroy B. .Amick 

.Ansley, Sr 

Ernest J. Arnold 

Atlanta, GA 

Ms. Ann-Mane Alfonso 

Dr Robert L.Amick, Jr. 

Mr and Mrs. Allen H. 

Mr and Mis. Jack J. Arnold 

Avaya Communications, 

Dr. Elizabeth W.Altord and Dr. 

The Rev. Mr. Joseph 

Ansley, Jr. 

Mr John A. Arnold 

Stuart, FL 

Hampton S. Alford 

Wilton Amory, Jr 

Mr Eric N. .Anthony 

Mi. and Mis. Jon S. Arnold 

Mr and Mis. Fted Aveni 

Mr and Mrs. Julian R.AIford.jr 

Mr and Mrs. David B. Amsler 

Mr and Mrs. E. Wayne 

Mis. Ladye Margaret Arnold 

Ms. Betty A. Avery 

Mr Stanley C. Alford 

The Rev. Mr Gerald M. 


The Rev Dr. and Mis. 

Avery Dennison Manufacturing 

.Alice Manufacturing Company, 


Mr and Mrs. Stephen 

Alan F Arnold 

Co., Pasadena, CA 

Eiisley, SC 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L. Anders 

.Anthony, Ji. 

Mi. and Mis. Tienton J. Arnold 

Aviation Technology Group, 

Ms. Jennifer D.AIkonis 

Mr. and Mt^. Todd C. Andersen 

Ml. Mitchell W Anthony 

Mr WalteiD Arnold, Jr 


Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Alkonis 

Ms. Lauren Elizabeth Andersen 

Mis. Mallory Antas 

Mi. and Mis. John W, 

Mr and Mis. Felipe 1. Avila 

All About Travel, 

Dr. and Mrs. Samuel P 

Dr. Herbert T .Appenzeller.Jr. 

Airington IV 

Mr and Mis. Reginald W. Awtrey 

Myrtle Beach, SC 

Anderson 111 

Mr and Mis. David Apple 

Mr and Mis. Charles .Amngton 

,AX,A Foundation, New Yoik, NY 

All Samts Episcopal Church, 

Mr and Mr.. Roben K. 

Mi. and Mis. Stmley W. 

Master Chase .Arlington 

Mr and Mis, David K. A-xelson 

Clinton, SC 



Mr Jeffrey C. Arscott 

Mr and Mis. Kenneth L. Ax^lson 

Allegheny Teledyne Inc., 

Mr. and Mrs. Ban A. .Andeison 

Mr Chuck Applebee 

The Rev. Dr. and Mis. William 

Ms. Hazel C. Axman 

Pittsburgh, PA 

Mrs. Chloe Anderson 

Applera Coiporation, 

L, Arthur 

Mis. Maltha Axmann 

Ms. Adair Allen 

Ms. Claire V. Anderson 

Fostei City, CA 

Arthur State Bank, Clinton, SC 

Dr. and Mrs. Frank A. Axson 

Mr. Christian E Allen 

Mr and Mrs. David J. .Anderson 

.Appling Bonng Co., Inc, 

Ml. Reuben Rogeis Asbury HI 

Mis. Lisa E. Ayccxk 

Mt. Daniel L. Allen, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. 

Forest City, NC 

Mr David A. Ashby 

Mi. and Mis. Ashton E. Ayeis 

Mr and Mrs. David L. Allen 


Mr and Mrs. Michael G. Apps 

Mr Edwin K. Ashe 

Mi. and Mis. Gregory S. Ayeis 

Dr. and Mrs. Douglas E. Allen 

Ms. Deborah J. Anderson 

Apnl Shower Chapter 184 OES, 

Laura Satteriield Ashley, PhD 

Di. and Mis. Jeny L. Ayeis, ji. 

Mr and Mrs. Duncan B. Allen 

Mr and Mrs. Donald L. 


Mr and Mis. Kevin L. Ashley 

Ms. Peggy H. Ayeis 

Mr and Mrs. Edward S. Allen 


Mr Bnan James Aiant.Jr 

Mi. and Mis. Rogei E. Ashley 

Mi. and Mis. Lawience K. Aylot 

Judge and Mrs. H. Scott Allen 

Mr. Erik S. Andeison 

The Rev. Mi. James S. and The 

Mr and Mrs. Lawrence C. 

Mrs. Isabel J. Baarcke 

Ms. Heather Grace Allen 

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest T. 

Rev. Mis. Ruth H. Atant 


Dr. and Mr. John M. Baaicke 

Mr. and Mrs. Hiram C. Allen 111 

Anderson, Jr. 

Ms. Judy W. Aram 

Mr William R.Ashmore 

Ms. Julia Memman Baarcke 

MG(Ret.) and Mis. James B. 

Mr and Mrs. Robert Anderson 

Mi. and Mis. A. W. Aichei 

Mrs. Paula B. Ashworth 

Mr and Mrs. Charles H. Babb 

Allen, jr. 

Mr and Mrs. H. B. Andeison III 

Aicon Resources, Inc., 

.ASK Research & Development, 

Mr and Mrs. Jonathan T Babb 

Mr and Mrs. James B.Allen 111 

Di. and Mis. J. L Andeison, Jr. 

NorciDss, GA 

Mr Steven Vaughn Babb 

Mr .md Mrs. Kellum W Allen 

Dr. James Keidi Anderson 

Mr and Mrs. Robert W. Ard 

Mr Mike Duncan and Ms. Judith 

Mr Thomas A. Babb 

Mr and Mrs. John H. Allen, jr 

Ms. Jean S. Anderson 

The Rev. Mr. Paul O. Ard, Jr 

Alicia Askew 

Ms. Rebecca C.Babcock 

Mr and Mrs. Mitchell D. Allen 

Mr John a Andeison 

Master Bnson Aidis 

Mr W Timothy Askew 

Mr Timothy S. Babian 

Brigadier General and Mrs. 

Mr. Jonathan M. Andeison 

Mr and Mis. Stephan A. 

Mr and Mis. Robeit F Askins 

Mi. and Mis, Lance E. Bachman 

Richard]. Allen 

Mi. and Mis. Julius J. 


Mr and Mis. Chailes N. 

Backus Cadillac-Pontiac, Inc., 

Mr and Ma. Ronald W Allen 

.Andeison, Ji. 

The Rev. Mr and Mis. 

Assey, Sr 

Savannah, GA 

1>. and Mrs. Terry R. Allen 

Mi. and Mis. Stephen C. 

Thomas L. Are, Jr 

Mr Chailes Noiman Assey II 

Mi. and Mis. Haipei M. Baddley 

Mr and Mr. John C. Allen 


Mr. .Austin T. Aiiail 

Ms. Marguerite A. Assey 

Ms. Twila Baedke 

Mr and Mrs. William B. Allen, Sr. 

Ms. Lauien E. Andeison 


Asten-Johnson, North 

Alexander Baer Associates, 

Mr and Mrs. James M. Allison 

Mi. and Mis. Loiin W 

Mr Ryan D. Anail 

Charleston, SC 

Incorporated, Baltimore, MD 

Mrs. Julie W Allison 


Mr and Mis. James R. 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick G. 

Bagatelle Caterers, 

Mr Robert Bollmg Allison 

Mi. Maik Raymond Andeison 


Astor, Sr. 

Greenville, SC 

The Rev. Mr and Mrs. 

Mi. and Ms. John S. .Andeison 

Ms. Amy L. Aimistead 

AstraZeneca Gift Matching 

Mi. and Mis. Curtis E. Baggett 

Robert B. Allman 

Noraian D. Andeison, PhD 

Mr and Mrs. William S. 

Piogram, Wilmmgton, DE 

The Rev Dr. and Mis. 

Mr James Fielder Allred,Jr 

Di. R. Beniley Andeison 


AT&T Matching Gift Piogram, 

Phihp R. Baggett 

Allstate Insurance Company 

Ms. Sara M. Andeison 

Mr Brett G. Amistiong 

Stuan, FL 

Mi. William J. Baggett 

Foundation, Northbrook, IL 

Mr and Mis. Stanley Andeison 

Mr and Mrs. Chad M, Aimstrong 

Atchison Transportation, 

Mr and Mis. Junius S. 

Alpha Foundation, Inc. 

Ms. Suzanne G. Anderson 

Mr and Mrs. Charles S. 

Spartanbuig, SC 

Bagnal, Ji. 

Madison, AL 

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Anderson 


Masiei Alex Aichley 

Benson L. Bagwell, DMD 

Mr Curt Alphonso and Dr. 

Mr Todd M. Anderson 

Mi. and Mis. Clyde F Amistiong 

Mi. and Mis. David M. Atchley 

Mr Biyei Bagwell 


Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. 

Mr and Mis. David H. 


Ms. Elizabeth C.Bagwell 

Mr Cameron Ahead, Jr. 


Amistrong, Jr. 

Ms. Penny F Atkins 

Mr and Mis. Chailes F Bag\vell 

Mr and Mrs. Andrew A. Altizer 

Dr. and Mrs. William H. 

Mr and Mrs. Frank D. 

Mr Walter H. Atkins, Ji. 

Mi. and Mis. Richaid A. Bahus 

Ms. Kathryn Paige Altizer 

Anderson, Jr 

Armstrong, Jr. 

Mis. Loii A. Atkinson 

Mr and Mis. John A. Bailey 

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Altizer 

Mr. William Anderson 

Mr and Mis. Hairy E Armstrong 

LTC and Mis. Robert V. Atkinson 

The Rev Dr. and Mrs. 

Mr. and Mrs. Scott R Alton 

Anderson Adult iSt Community 

Mr. Joseph Armstrong 

Ms. Virginia Gail Atkinson 

David J. Bailey 

.Altna Employee Involvement 

Education, Andeison, SC 

Mi. and Mis. Danny C. Bailev 

1 Libert]! Letlniin^ L 

J Sen'uc G Vi^or 

n Christim Faith [ 

j Honor Q Communitii 


1 -^ 

'^eChallenge 1 

2002 2007 


Nis. Emily F Bailey 

Mr and Mis. James CBallew.jr 

Mr and Mr. Bobby Barnard 

Mr and Mis. William F 

Mr and Mr. Eugene G. 

Mr. and Mr. Gregory L. Bailey 

Ball-lncon Glass Packaging Corp., 

Dr. Bmce W. Barnes 


Beckman, Jr 

Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Bailey 

Broomheld, CO 

Mr and Mr. Jack R. Barnes 

Mr and Mis. Barry L Bastm 

The Beckman Company, 

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh T.Bailey. Jr. 

Ball-lncon Glass Packaging Corp., 

Mr James R. Barnes 

The Rev Mr and Mrs. 

Myrtle Beach, SC 

Ms. Jennifer B. Bailey 

Laurens, SC 

Mrs. Margaret J. Barnes 

Gregory D. Batchelor 

Beckman Coulter, Inc., 

Mrs. Juanita Marett Bailey 

Mr and Mis. Jacob B.BaUley III 

Mr and Ms. Richard B. 

Mr and Mis. Brian T Bates, Sr 

Fulleiton, CA 

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin E. Bailey 


Barnes, Sr 

Mrs. Constance Bates 

Mr and Mr. Eric E. Becbtrom 

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Bailey 

Mr :md Ms. Thomas Balsley 

Governor Roy Barnes 

Mr and Mts. Frankie C. Bates 

Mr Idir David Bedad 

Ms. Leah C.Bailey 

Mr Wade M. Balsley 

Mr and Mrs. Bnan K. Barnes 

Dt. and Mis. G.W.Bates 

lieden - Baugh Products, Inc., 

Mr and Mis. William T.Bailey 

Bambeig Presbyteruin Church, 

Mrs. Sharon Barnes 

Mr and Mrs. Christophei A. 

Laurens, SC 

Dr. and Mrs. Philip B Bailey 

Bamberg, SC 

Mr and Mrs. William F Barnes 


Mr and Mr. Adam W 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Bailey 

The Rev Mr and Mis. 

Dr. Andy H. Bamett 

Mr and Mrs. James F Bates 


Ms. Sarah Eliiibeth Bailey 

James H. Banbuii' 

Mr and Mrs. Mark L. Bamett 

Mrs. Suzanne Bates 

Mr and Mr. Joseph H. 

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Bailey 

Mr and Mis. Daniel L. Bancroft 

Mr Edward W Bamett 

Mr and Mis. William J.Bates 


The Bailey Foundation 

Mr and Mis. Robert P Bandholi 

Mr and Mrs. James E. Bamett 


Ms. Allison Virginia Bedford 

Clinton, SC 

Mr Warren L. Banes, )r and The 

Ms. LeeAnne Bamett 

Mr and Mrs. John Batsch 

Mr and Mr. Henry G. 

P.S. and Ouida Cox Bailey 

Rev. Dr Edna Jacobs Banes 

Ms. Ruth F Bamett 

Mr and Mr. Reginald E 

Bedinger, ]r 

Foundation. Clinton, SC 

Mr and Mrs. Warren L.-Banes 

Mis. Stella C. Bamett 

Batson, Jr 

Mr. Melissa Bedinger 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Bam 

Master Jay Bangle 

Dr. and Mis. Thomas V Bamett 

Mr. Manlyn H. Batton 

Ms.RuthG. Bedingfield 

Master Roheit Bain 

Dr. and Mrs. James E Bangle 

Bamett & Wright, PA., 

Ms. Emily Catherme BatR 

Mr and Mr. Gary W. 

Miss Tiffany Bain 

Master Reid Harper B.ang!e 

Myitle Beach, SC 

Mr .ind Mis. Robert W.Batts,Jr 


Mr. and Mts. Reeves B. Bair 111 

Mrs. Robert E. Bangle 

Mr Don .Arthur Bamette 

Mr and Mr. William C. Bauer 

Mr. Mariette J. Beerkens 


Ms. Sarah M. Bangs 

Mr William A. Bamette.Jr 

Mr and Mr. George M. 


Sheryl R. Bair 

Bank of America Foundation, 

Mr and Mrs. James H. Bamhaidt, Jr 


Mr and Mr. Steven M. Began 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Baird 

Columbia. SC 

Eleanor & James Bamhardt 

Mr and Mr. Arthur B. 

Mr and Mr. Thomas J. 

Mr. and Mrs. Troy D. Baird, Sr. 

B.tnk of America Matching GifK 

Foundation, Charlotte, NC 



The Baird Family Fund 

Program, Charlotte, NC 

Ms. Rita M. Bamum 

Mr and Mr. Harve R. Bauguess 

Mr and Mr. Tom Begley 

Montclair, NJ 

Bank of America, N A, 

Mr Brian M. Barnwell 

Mr. Rebecca J. Baumhauer 

Mr and Mr. William L. Behie 

Mr. Michael Baisden 

Ft Lauderdale, a 

Mr and Mrs. Charles B. 

Dr. and Mr. George T Baxley 

Mr and Mr. Bob E. Behnke 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. 

Bank of York, York, SC 

Barnwell, Jr 

Mr Brandon Bowen and Mr. 

Mr. David R.Behrendsen 



Barnwell Presbyterian Church, 

Katherine E. Baxley-Bowen 

Mr and Mr. Brian C. Behrens 

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Baker 

Mr and Mrs. John G. R. 

Barnwell, SC 

Mr and Mr. Samuel J. Baxter 

Mr George C. Beighley 

Ms. Ashley A. Baker 

Bankhead, Sr 

Mr and Mrs. Michael L. Bamitt 

Mr William A. Baxtei 

Mr Brian G.Beissei 

Dr. and Mrs. George A. 

Dr. and Mrs. James B. 

Mr and Mrs. Thomas W. Ban-att 

Mr and Mr. M. A. Bayes 

Mr and Mr. William T Belcher 

Baker 111 

Bankhead, Jr 


Mr and Mr. Peter E. Bayley 

The Rev. Mr Charles 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Baker 

Mr and Mrs. Jonathan B. 

Mr and Mrs. Daniel M. Banett 

Leslie L.Baylis, PhD 


Mrs. Joye E. Baker 


Dr. and Mrs. George C. Barrett 

Mr John T Bayne 

Mr and Mr. Irwin Belk 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Baker 

Mr and Mrs. George P. Banks 

Mr and Mrs. George W. Banett 

Mr. Patiicia Baynham 

Belk-Matthews Stores, 

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth N. 

Mr William R. Banb 

Mr Hale Barrett 

Mr and Mr. Thomas E. 

Macon, GA 

Baker, jr. 

Mr and Mrs. William TBanb 

Mr and Mis. Samuel]. 

Ba^Tiham 111 

Mr Douglas L. Belknap 

Mr, Richard Bennett Baker 

Ms. Patti A. Bannister 

Barrett, Jr 

Mts. Ada H. Bayon 


Dr. Richard L Baker, Jt. and The 

Mr and Mrs. Roily Bannister Jr 

Mr David K. Barrineau 

Mr and Mr. Curt Bazemore 

Ms. Amelia A. Bell 

Rev. Mrs. Kimberly Baker- 

Bannister Properties, Raleigh, NC 

Mr and Mrs. Jacob C. 

Mr Marvin Gerome Beach 

Mr and Mr. Amos B. Bell 


Mr and Mrs. Vincent D. Bannon 

Ban-meau, Jr 

Mr and Mr. David M. 

Mr and Mr. Carl E, Bell 

LT and Mrs. 

Mr and Mis. Andrew B. Branzhoff 

Ms. Elizabeth B. Bamngton 


Mr and Mr. Clifford H, Bell, |r 

T A. Baker 

Mr Joseph TBarba 

Mr Keller H. Barron 

Ms. Rebecca R. lieacham 

Ms. Elizabeth H. Bell 

Mr. W.Edgar Baker 

Mr and Mrs. Vincent Barba 

Dr. and Mrs. Hutton Barron 

Mr and Mr. Richard Beacham 

Mr Geoffrey Bell 

Mrs. Bett>' Sue Baldwin 

Mr Ronald Barbosa 

Dr. and Mrs. William R. Bamin 

Mr and Mrs. David S. Beale 

Dr. James A. Bell 

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Baldwin 

Ms. Regina F Barchiesi 

Mrs. Carol Barry 

The Rev Mr and Mr. 

COL and Mr. James C.Bell 

Mr. and Mrs. Blair L.Baldwin 

C.R. Bard Foundation, Inc., 

Dr. Martha H.Barry 

Joseph D Beale, Sr 

Mr and Mr. Jesse D Bell 

Mr and Mrs. Walter R Baldwin 

Mun^y Hill, NJ 

Mr and Mis. Dale E. Baitch 

Ms. Bridget H. Beall 

Mr and Mr. Jesse G.Bell 

Mr and Mis. William W. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald S. Bareheld 

Mr Bailey Bass Battee 

Mr. Deborah H. Beall 



Mr. and Mrs. William H. Barefoot 

Mr William FBartee,Jr 

Mr .ind Mr. Gar>' M. Beall 

Mr Joseph Ray Bell 

Baldwin Pontiac-Buick-GMC. 

Bargain Fair, Inc., Laurens, SC 

Mr and Mrs. Roy R, Barth 

Ms. Allyn Rhett Beam 

Ms. Mary J. Bell 

Laurens, SC 

Mr and Mrs. James F Barger 

Bill Bartholomay Foundation, 

Dr. and Mr. Howard C. 

Master Matthew Bell 

Mr and Mrs. Daniel Ball 

Ms. Laura Sidney Barger 

Chicago, IL 


Mr Michael B, Bell 

F M. Ball, MD 

Mr and Ms. Robert TBarham 

Mr and Mts. Robert G. 

Mr and Mr. William S. 

Mr. Naomi Whittemore Bell 

Mr and Mrs. Fleetwood G. 

Mr and Mis. Lan7 S. Batker 

Bartholomew 111 

Bean IV 

Mr Richard W. Bell 


Mr and Mrs. Owen W Barker Jr 

Mr and Mrs. Timothy]. Bartley 

Mr. John C. Bearden 

Mr and Mr. Sidney A. Bell 

Mr and Mrs. J. Philip 

Mr and Mrs. R. G. Barkley, Sr 

Dr. and Mrs. Earl G. 

MrThomasJ. Beardsley 

Dr. and Mr. Warren J. Bell 

Ballard, Jr 

Mr and Mis. Richard G. 

Mr and Mrs. Grant K. Barton 

Ms. Ann L. Beasley 

Bell Atlantic Foundation, 

Mr John Philip Ballard 111 

Barkley, Jr. 

Mr and Ms. Jim E.Barton 

Mr and Mr. Brian D. Beasley 

New York, NY 

Mr Larry G.Ballard 

Mr Richard Grant Barkley 

Mrs. Pad-icia B. Barton 

Mr and Mr. George R. Eieasley 

Bell Aviation, West 

Mr and Mrs. Mack N. 

Mr Cole Greenwood Barks 

Mr Patrick Barton and Di. 

Mr and Mr. Harold M. Beasley 

Columbia, SC 

Ballard, Jr 

Ms. Barbara Jeannette Barksdale 

Shannon Barton 

Mr. Lloyd Allen Beattie 

Mr and Mr. Michael K. Belk.n 

Mrs. Margaret F Ballard 

Mr and Mrs. Cecil B. 

Mr and Mrs. Robert D. Barton 

Mr and Mr. Dick Beatty 

BellSouth Corporation, 

Mr Wayne Ballard 

Barksdale, Jr 

Mr and Mrs. Thomas M. Barton 



Mr William B.Ballard 

The Rev Mr and Mrs. 

Mr John]. Bartone 

Ms. Maty B. Beaty 

BellSouth Corporation, 

Mr William D.Ballard 

Delpherd L. Barksdale 

Belle W Baruch Foundation 

Mr Michael V Beaty 

Smart, FL 

Mr Matthew Ballard 

Mr and Mrs. James Barksdale 

BASF Corporation Fibers 

Mr and Mr. William C 

BellSouth, Spartanburg, SC 

The Balle Foundation 

Mr and Mrs. Nonnan F 

Divison,Mt Olive, NJ 

Beaty, Jr 

Bellview Baptist Church, 

Laurens, SC 


Mrs. Carolyn T Bashaw 

Mr. Clyde H. Beaumont 

Laurens, SC 

Mr and Mrs. Jack Ballenger 

Ms. Patricia Blair Barbdale 

Mr William PBasom 

Ms. Dana Ruth Becker 

Beloit Corporation, 

Mr David E. Ballenger 

LT Richard A. 

Mr Christian M. Bass 

Ms. Kathleen E. Becker 

Kennesaw, GA 

Mr and Mrs. Frank P. Ballenger 


Dr. and Mrs. Gary A. Bass 

Ms. Lisa N. Beckei 

Mr Chris Belshe 

Ms. Laura Ann Ballenger 

Mr and Mrs. Scott Barksdale 

Mr Lionel D. Bass, Jr 

Mr and Mr. Erik C. Becker 

Mr and Ms. William L. Belvin 

Mr and Mrs. Richard S. Ballenger 

Mr and Mrs. Wales FBarbdale 

Dr. and Mts. R. B. Bass 

Mr and Mr. Henty H. 

Mr Jimmy Bemiss 

Mrs. Leigh B. Ballesteros 

Mr Alton G. Barlow, Jr 

Mr and Mrs. William R. Bass 


Mr Eric Wilson Bendig 


«s always been clear what PC 

vas about. Through times of gr 

eat grozvth and change, we nei 

er lose sight ofivho uv are 


I from where we came. We rema 

'n focused on six core vales that 

'ground us in the past and serzv 

as our guide for the future. 


ether graduating in 192S or 20C 

S zee will always be unified by t 

lese values. 











[| dU 

^^■H ^ - '---r- 


H. Benedict 
CPT and Mrs. Philip D. 

Mr. and Mrs, Brian N. 

Mr.R, raulBenikJr. 
Mr. and Mrs. C. Scott Benjamin 
Mr. and Mt^. Roy E. 

Benjamin. Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Bennett 11 
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Bennett 
COL(Ret.) and Mrs. James 

L. Bermett 
Mr. Jefifrey E. Bennett 
Mr. and Mr^. Robert M. Bennett 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. 

Beruiett, Jr. 
Mr. William C. Bennett 
Bennett Motor Company, 

Cheraw, SC 
Mr. Christopher B. Benson 
Mr. James F. Benson 
Mr. Tony L. Bensc^n 
Mr. and Mr^. W. M. Benson 
Benson Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep, 

Greer. SC 
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby D. Bentley 
Miister Brooks Bentley 
Miss Emily Bendey 

Mr. .ind Mrs. Ftcd D. Bentley, St. 

Master Jake Bentley 

Master Shuler Bentley 

Mr. Stephen D. Bentley 

Mr. Todd Bentley 

Mr. BiRinc L. Benton 

Mr. ,uid Mrs. Thomas E. Benton 

Mr. William T Benton 

Mrs. Peggy Ben: 

Mrs. Melinda D. Beres 

Mrs. Elaine Berg 

Mr. Timothy J. Bergen, Jr. 

The Rev. Mr. William H. Berger 

and The Rev. Mrs. Sara 

Mrs. Cc^nnie S. Berghom 
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Berkey 
Mr. Philip Angelo Bemardi 
Mr. and Mrs. Silvio Bemardi 
Mr. and Mrs. Carey L. Berrd 
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Berrian, Sr. 
Mr. John Michael Beman, Jr. 
The Rev Dr. David George 

Mrs. Kathryn lierry 
Dr. and Mrs. David R Berry, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney M. Berry 
Dr. and Mrs. Roy H. Betry 
Mr. Russell W. Berry 

Ms. Sybil D. Berr>' 

Mr- and Mrs. Wanen L. Berr^ 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. 

Mr. BurtG. Bertram 
Ms. Mackenzie D. Bertram 
Mr Joe-Henry J. Benibe 
Mr & Mrs. R. K. Besley 
Mr and Mis. William G. 

Besley, Sr 
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Bessey 
Mr and Mrs. Hugh B. 

Betchman, Jr 
Mr and Mrs. William P 

Mr and Mis. Philip A. Betette 
Bethany Piesbyteiian Chuich. 
Clinton, SC 
Bethel AME Chuich, 

Laurens, SC 
Bediel Presbyterian Church, 

Kingsport, TN 
Bethesda Presbyterian Church, 

Camden, SC 
Bethlehem Grove Baptist 

Church, Clinton, SC 
Mr and Mrs. Benjamin P 

Betsill, Sr 
Mr .and Mrs. Benjamin R 

Thank you ... 

... For helping us kick off The Pwuiise 
and the Challenge campaign in such 
great style in 2002 with $60 million 
in hand. 

Betsill, ]r 
Mr Rr>',in R. Betsill 
Mrs. Mary Bettinger 
Mr Charles M. Bettis 
fenveen The Lines Inc, 

Canton, OH 
Mr^. Jayne Beuchlei 
Ms. Lea R. Beuchler 
Mrs, P,,tsy C Beukema 
Dr M. C. Bhargaxa 
Mr Anthony Edward Bi,mchi,jr 
Mr ,inJ Mrs .Anthony 

h'-MM, lu.Sr 
I 'I in.l Mrs. Joseph M.Biher 
Mr .md Mrs. Lindsay N. 

XLister Lindsay Neill 

Mr Shane T Bickley 
Mrs. Megan C. Bielema 
Mr and Mrs. Thomas D. Bigby 
Mr and Mrs. Benjamin S. Biggar 
Mr and Mrs. George B. Bigger 
Ms, Mary E- Biggers 
Mr and Mrs, R. Greg Bigham 
Mr John F Bihr 
Bl-LO, LLC, Mauldm, SC 
Mr .md Mrs, James S, Binder 
Mr and Mrs. Derek B. Bing 
Mr and Mrs. Tyler Y. Binney 
Mr Bromley K. Birchfield 
Mr and Mrs. Jerry K.Birchfield 
Mrs. Candace F Bird 
Tlie Rev Mrs. Shelaine R. 

Bird and Mr Kyle Segars 
Mr and Mrs. Whitner S. Bishop 
Mr and Mrs. C. D. Bishop 
Mr David C. Bishop 
Mr md Mrs. Guy M. Bishop, Jr 
Mr and Mrs. Hany S. Bishop 
Ms. Jeny M. Bishop 
Mr Joseph Adam Bishop 
Mr Matthew L. Brshop 
Mr and Mis. Theodore R. Bishop 
Mr and Mrs. W. D. Bishop 
Bishop's Tires Inc., Clinton, SC 
AithurK. Black. MD 
Mrs. Betty A. Black 
MrandMrs, Donald C, Black 
Mr Kevin C. Black 
Mr iind Mrs. Archibald W 

Black. Jr 
Mr and Mrs. Luke Black 
Black Mountain Chevrolet. 
Black Mm. NC 
Ms- Cheiie W. Blackbum 
Mr Ennis L. Blackbum 
Mr James E. Blackbum 
Mr Jeny R. Blackbum 
Mr John T Blackbum 
CPT James S, Blackbum and Mr. 
Sebfina G. Blackbum 
Dr. and Mrs. William J. Blackley 

Mr and Mrs. Liirr>' Blackman 
Mr Alfred 0, VI 
Mrs. Betty S. Blackmon 
Mr R. A. Blackmon 
Mr and Mis. Roger S. 

Mis. Diane L. Blackwelder 
Mr and Mrs. James B. 

Blackwelder Sr 
Mr James M. Blackwelder 
Mr and Mrs. Russell S. 

Mr and Mrs. D. M. Blackwell 
Mr and Mrs. Hoyte Blackwell 
Mr Michael D. Blackwell 
Mr and Mrs. Michael E. 

Mr and Mrs. S.H. Blackwell. Jr 
Mr. Jem A. Blair 
Mr Walter Blair 
Mrs. Anne B. Blake 
Mr Bradley B. Blake 
Mr and Mrs. Bryon M. Blake 
Mr and Mrs. Julius A. Blake. Jr 
Ms. Caroline E, Blakely 
The Rev. Mr and Mrs. 
Charles E. Blakely 
Ms. Horence E. Blakely 
Mrs. Gerry G. Blakely 
Mrs. Eloise Von Hollen Blalock 
Mr and Mn>. Henry VBlalock 
Mr and Mrs, Milling Blalock 
Mr and Mrs. Alan W. 

Dr. and Mrs. Harvey F 
Blanchard, Jr 
Mr and Mrs. Harvey E 
Blanchard 111 
Ms. Julie C. Blanchard 
Mr and Mrs. Robert M. 

The Rev Mr E, V Buren 

Blankenship II 
Mr William Stephen Blanks 
Mr and Mrs. Michael A. 

Mrs. Lee A. Blanton 
Mr Scott Rothgaber and Dr. 

MelanieJ. Blanton 
Mr Robert Langley Blan; 
Mr and Mrs. Kevm D. Blasek 
Mr and Mrs. Merideth C. Blease 
MrandMrs. David C.BIease 
Mrs. Dayna Bleds,H; 
Mr and Mrs. Robert L, Blessum 
Mr David Matthew Blevins 
Mrs, Paulme Blocher 
Ms. Jane E Block 
Mr and Mrs. Richard G. Blosser 
Mr Cari A. Blount 111 
Mis. Elspeth L. Blount 
Mr and Mis. James E. Blount. Jr 

n Liberal Learmii^ D Scn'ice 

□ Omihai, Frntli □ H.imir 

D Vigor 

C Commu,,,,, 



2002 2007 

Mr. James Edward Blount 111 

Mr. and Mis. Gaines 0. Boone 

Mr Martin A. Boyd 

Mr and Mrs. G. Thomas 

Mrs. Frances Bailey Brooke 


The Rev. Mr Joseph D. 

Dr. and Mrs. Michael B. Riyd 


Mrs. Ann M. Brooket 

Ms. Jessica Ann Blount 


Ms. Sarah H. Boyd 

Mr James Braswell 

Mr and Mis. Lucius C. 

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Blount 

Mr and Mrs. Mark A. Boone 

Mr Timothy Adam Boyd 

Mr and Mrs. Ron Braswell 


Mr. William R. Blount 

Mr and Mrs. J. Stephen Booth 

Dr. and Mrs. William B. Boyd 

Mr Ralph M. Braswell 111 

Mr Walter E. Btookei, Sr 

Mr. and Mrs. George K. Blue 

Mr Michael Kemper Booth 

Dr. William H. Boyd 

Dr. James R.Bratton.Jr 

Mr and Mrs. Charles J. Brooks 

Blue Cross/Blue Shield Employee's 

Mr and Mrs. Richard B. Booth 

Mr and Mrs. Paul S. Boyer, Sr. 

Ms. Donna S Braun 

Mr and Mrs. Daniel H. Brixiks 

.Association, Columbia, SC 

Mr Harold S. Roazet 

The Rev. Mr. John C. 

Mr Benjamin A. Bra.\ton 

Ms. Haley M. Broob 

Blue Ridge Electric Coopertive, 

Mr John Boozer 


Mr and Mis. James A. Braxton 

The Rev. Dr and Mrs. Joe 

Inc., Pickens, SC 

The Rev. Mr and Mrs. 

Mr Mark T Boyer 

Mr and Mrs. Johnnie Braxton 

W. B. Broob 

Blue Ridge Tire, Landrum, SC 

ManonB. Boozer 

Ms. Beverley May Boyle 

Mr and Mrs. Daniel D. 

Mr and Mrs, Joseph M. Broob 

Mr. and Mrs. George B. 

Mr and Mis. Homei P Borden, 

Mr and Mrs. Thomas R Boyle 


Dr, and Mis. Joseph R. Bioob 


Mr and Mis. Alan Boren 

Dr. and Mis. Richard E. 

Braymiller Foundation, Hilton 

Mr Joseph Broob 

Mr and Mis. Wayne M. Blum 

Mr David T Borland 


Head Island, SC 

Mr Lane Thomas Brooks 

Mr and Mrs. William M. 

Mr Robert W.Borland 


Mr and Mis. Michael D. Biazell 

Mr Richard Gray Brooks 


Mrs. Alice Bostic 

Mrs. Ashton P Bezard 

Dr. and Mrs. William D. 

Mr and Mrs. Richard H. Broob 

BIydie Academy. 

Mr and Mrs. Jeffrey K. Bostic 

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Bcizard 

Brearley, Sr 

Ms. Shelley S. Broob 

Greenville, SC 

Mr Steve Bostic 

BP America, Cleveland, OH 

Ms. Jennifer LBrearley 

Mr and Mrs. Thomas M. Broob 

MrandMrs.JohnC. Boan 

Mr and Mrs. Allen CBostick 

BP Amoco Foundation, Inc.. 

The Rev. Mr and Mrs. 

Mr James C.Byrd and Mrs. 

Mr and Mrs. E. Phillips 

Bostonjet Search, Inc., 

Atlanta, GA 

Ladson M. Brearley. Sr 

Manon Broob-Byrd 


Bedford, MA 

Mr Richard T Brabham 

The Rev. Mr and Mrs. 

Ms. Jennifer C. Bioom 

Mr and Mrs. Ralph N. 

Mr Edgar R.BoswellJr 

Mrs. Celeste McKinney Bracey 

Robert M. Brearley 

Mis. Coral P Broome 


Mr Thomas M. Borsford 

Ms. Allison L. Brackett 

The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. 

Dr. and Mrs. Harold K. Broome 

Ms. Donja L. Bobbitt 

Mrs. Ella Calvert Bouknight 

Mr Travis Braddy 

John C. Brearley 

Mr and Mis. Jem,- L, Bramie 

Mrs. Verlene H. Bobbitt 

Dr. and Mis. Frank H. 


Mr William D. Brearley. Jr 

Ms. Marjorie P Broome 

Charles B. Bobo, MD 


Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Bradford 

Mr and Mrs. Duncan 

Ms. Pamela A. Broome 

Mr and Mrs. William C. 

Dr. James G. Bouknight 

Mr and Mrs. John W. 


Dr. Samuel F Bioughton, Jr 


Mr and Mis. Thomas E. 

Bradley, Jr 

Mr and Mrs. LawTence A. 

Mr and Mis. Keagan R. 

Mrs. Cindy Morris Bodie 


Mr Louis E.Bradley 



Mr Matthew Barrett Hoover 

Mr and Mrs. Bret H. Boulware 

Ms. Sarah Manton Bradley 

Mr and Mis. Timothy D. Breer 

Mr and Mrs. Lonnie J. 



COL and Mrs. William C. 

Mr and Mrs. Larrj' Biehmei 


Mr and Mrs. Thomas 0. Bodie 

Mr Michael T Boulware 


Dr. Blake B. Breitenhin 

Mr and Mrs. Charles E. Browder 

Ms. Stephanie F. Bodrick 

Mr and Mrs, Tyler W Boulware 

Mr Philip L. Bradner 

Ms. Catherine S. Bteitenhirt 

Dr. and Mr. John G. Browder 

Mr and Mis. Robert Boehme 

Mr and Mrs, William H. 

Mr Michael J. Bradshaw. Jr 

Dr. and Mrs. John J. Brent 

Master Andrew V. Brown 

Mr Bronson Holt Boger 


Mr. and Mis. Michael J. 

Ms. Rachel L. Breter 

Mr and Mis. William M. 

Ms. Heather Anne Boger 

Ms. Margaret B. Bounds 


Ms. Kellie M. Brewer 

Brown, Jr 

Mr and Mrs. Paul D. Boger, ]r 

Mr and Mrs. Bumess Bourne 111 

Mr and Mis. Patrick C. 

Ms. Lora A. Brezeale 

Mr Riwj M. Brown 

Mr^. Jean Eraser Boggs 

Mr and Mrs. David Bourne 


Mrs. Betty Bnce 

Mr and Mrs. Bnice E. Brown 

Mr Robert D.Boggs.Jr 

Mr and Mrs. Robert C. Bourne 

Mr Paul W Brady 

Mr and Mis. Larry M. Brice 

Dr. and Mrs. Byron H. Brown 

Mr Christopher T. Bogue 

Bowater Incoiporated. 

Ms. Sally J. Brady 

Ms. Margaret L. Brice 

Mr and Mrs. Carl E, Brown 

Mr and Mrs. Russell S. 

Catawba, SC 

Mr and Mis. Christopher W 

Mrs. Ann Bridges 

Mr and Mrs. Thomas E. Brown 

Bogue, Jr 

Mr Benjamin G. Bowen III 

Bragan, Sr 

Dr. and Mrs. Clifton L. Budges 

Dr. and Mis. Cecil Y Brown 

Mr Frederick A. Boiter 

Mr Ernest J. Bowen 

Mr James D. Bragg. Sr 

Mr and Mrs. Donald E. Bridges 

Mr and Mrs. Christopher K. 

Mr and Mrs. David C. Bokowy 

Mr Jesse M. Bowen 


Mr and Mis. Glenn L. Bridges 


Mr Richard L. Boland 

Mr and Mrs. John P Bowen 

Mrs. Carolyn P Brailsford 

Mr and Mis. James L. Bridges 

Mr Danny R. Brown 

Ms. Bonnie N. Belch 

Mrs. Sydney L. Bowen 

Mr and Mrs. Edward D. 

Mr and Mis. Brian S. Bridges 

Mr and Mrs. David Brown 

Mr and Mrs. J. Robert 

Mr Wallace M. Bowen, Jr 

Brailsford III 

Ms. Shannon R. Bridges 

Ms. Diana M. Brown 


Mr and Mrs. David N. Bower 

Brains en Fire, Greenville, SC 

Dr. and Mrs. Tommy L. Bridges 

Mr Eric A. Brown 

Mr John Robert Bolchoz,Sr 

Mis. Barbara L. Bowers 

Dr. and Mrs. Carl A. 

Mr and Mrs. Brent E. Brigham 

Mrs. Exa E.Brown 

Mr and Mrs. Michael C. 

Mr H. David Bowers 

Bramlette, Jr 

Mr and Mrs. William B. 

Mr and Mis. Fred W Brown, Jr 


Mr and Mrs. Jack D. Bowers, Jr 

Mr and Mrs. J. T Branan 

Brigham. Jr 

BG and Mrs. Gary E. Brown, 

Mr and Mis. Brad W. Bolemon 

Mr Ryan D. Bowers 

Branch Bankmg & Tnist Co. of 

Mr and Mrs. David E. Bright 


Mr. and Mis. Stanley H. 

Mr and Mrs. William P. Boweis 

South Carolina. Columbia, 

Mr and Mrs. Charles S. 

Mr Gregory S. Brown 


Mr and Mrs. William L Bewick 


Bnghtwell, Jr 

Ms. Holly B. Brown 

Mr and Mrs. Tommy Bolger 

Ms. Grayson A. Bowie 

Branch Banking fSi Trust Co., 

Ms. Lelia R. Brigmon 

Mr James G.Brown III 

COL Reed TBolick 

Ms. Sarah Margaret Bowie 

Whiteville, NC 

Mr and Mrs. Edwin T. Brinkley 

Mr James L. Brown 

Mr and Mis. Nolan G.Bolken 

Mr and Mrs, John D, Bowles 

Ms. Vivian S. Branden 

Mr and Mrs. Augustus T. 

Mr and Mr. James S. Brown III 

Mr and Mis. James L. Bolt 

Mr and Mis, Davis J. Bowling 

Dorothy P Brandt. PhD 


Mr and Mrs. Jeffrey W.Bro™ 

Mr and Mrs. John A. Bolt 

The Rev. Mr and Mis. 

Mr Otto W, Brandt. Jr 

Mr Gregory B, Briscoe 

Mr and Mis. Jeiry Brown 

Mr and Mis. Charles E. Bolton 

Donald L. Bowling 

Mr and Mrs. William I, Brandt 

Mr Leland V Brissie, Jr 

Mr Jim Brown 

Ms. Deborah E. Bolton 

Mr and Mrs. Jonathan L. 

Ms. Brandi M. Branham 

The Bristol-Myers Fund. Inc., 

Mis. Joan Ray Biown 

Mr and Mrs. James D. Bolton 


Mr and Mrs. Donald W 

New York, NY 

Dr. and Mrs, Juan A, Brown 


Mr William B. Bowling 111 



Dr. and Mrs. John E BrouTi 

Mr Horace LBomar 111 

Ms. Gloria Bowman 

Ms. Sally A. Branham 

Ms. Elizabeth Ann Britt 

Mr and Mrs. James C. Brown 

Mr John E. Bomar Jr 

Mr James W.Bowman 

Major and Mrs. Harold 

Mr and Mis. Henrj' D. Britt 

Mr and Mrs. Matthew C. 

Mr and Mrs. James G. Bomar 

Mr and Mis. William D. 

Brannen, Jr. 

Britt Services, Inc., Dunn. NC 


Mr Madison F liond, Jr 


Mr. and Mrs. James T 

Mr Lester E, Button 111 

Mr and Mrs. Carl E. Biown III 

Mr and Mrs. Glenn M. Bone 

Mr and Mrs. William H. 

Brannon III 

Broad Street United Methodist 

Miss Kittley M. Brown 

Mr and Mrs. Thomas E. Boney 

Bowman III 

Mr and Mis. Lewis Brarmon 

Church, Clinton, SC 

Ms. Lauren C. Brown 

Dr. and Mis. John C. Bonner 

Mr and Mrs. Dennis B. Box 

Dr. and Mrs. Vinson A. 

Ms. Frances Brock 

Ms. Laune E. Brown 

Mr John W.Bonner and Ms. 

Mr and Mrs. Kemp D. Box 


Mr and Mrs. Edward L. 

Mr and Mis. Leonard A. 

Linda Trocino 

Mrs. Alva L. Beyce 

Brannon's, Inc.. Talladega. .AL 

Brock, Jr 

Brown, Jr 

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace D. 

Mr and Mis. David TBoyce 

Mr and Mrs. Benjamin E. 

Mr Jimmy D. Brock 

Mr and Mrs. Steven W. Brown 

Bonner, Jr. 

Ms. Jeanette Boyce 


Mr and Mrs. Thomas F Brodie 

Ms. Megan Joy Brown 

Mr and Mrs. Mike Booker 

Mr Benjamin B. Boyd 

Dr. and Mrs. Joe Brantley 

Mr and Mis. Matthew S.Broehl 

Ms. Melanie M. Brown 

Ms. Teresa H. Booker 

Mr and Mrs. Donald M. Boyd 

Mr T Walter Brashier 

Mrs. Geraldine Wilcox Bron 

Mrs. Michelle D. Brown 

Mr. AlvinF Boone, Jr 

Ms. Leisel C. Boyd 

Mr John W. Brasington 

Ms. Marcia Bronson 

Mr and Mrs. C. Vincent Bniwn 

Mis. Elizabeth M. Boone 

Ms. Lisa A. Boyd 

This cam 

paign is about our future stude 

its. We need to build - on our sc 

lid foundation - a college that 

has the c 

apabilities to prepare these studt 

nts to be leaders in a world that 

desperately needs PC values. 

To do tha 

t, we need to attract and retain 

he best and brightest students a 

id faculty. 

Thank }/ou ... 

m ■ 

«*',s^<?-^ * 


... for Martin Stadium, 

PC's 400-seat 

■ Ta^x. * ■^^^B'T^'r^JI^^^H 

home to men's and loomen's soccer. 

^^nfT^^^^^^^3:,x"rf=^ p^Ba i^ ^^"^^^^^^Si^^^S^^^^^^^I 


■^■■^■^^^jgg_g.^- £ ; ^^^^^^^^^^^HHS 

Go Blue Hose! 

^ — II — 1=-— ,— -.-^r^-^^t- ,'~T^ -*^S?UI^^I^ 

W' ' ^ 


Mr. R.idJev Caldwell Broim 

Mr. Caleb N. Br^■ant 

Ms. Carolyn TBurch 

Mr Michael M. Burriss 


Mr.andMrs. RoyM. BroM-n.Jr. 

Mr. Jerome A. Bryant 

Ms. Cathenne Ann Burch 

Mr and Mrs. J. Trevin Burriss 

Foundation, Columbia, SC 

Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Brown, Jr. 

Ms. Kathetine Cook Bryant 

Mr. Dian Burch 

The Bumss Company, 

Mr and Mr. John A. Cadena 

Mr. and Mrs. Sample D. Brown 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bryant 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Burch 

Columbia, SC 

Mr and Mr. Paul D. Cady 

Mr. Shannon E. Brown 

Mr. William A. Bryant, Jr. 

Ms. Kathleens. Burch 

Mrs. Clara Burrows 

Mr Kip Caffey 

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Brown 

Mr. and Mis. William B. Bryant 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T Bur 

h Mr and Mrs. James .A. Burry 

Mr and Mr. James R. Cagle 

Dr. and Mrs. Ted Brown 

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Bryant 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Burc 

-1 Mr and Mrs. John Burson 

Dr. and Mr. Benson Cain 

Mr. and Ms. Terrance D. Brown 

Mr. and Mrs. William E Bryant 

Mr. Walter M. Burch 

Mr. Betsy W. Burton 

Mr Herman E. Cain, Jr 

Mr. T. Daniel Brown 

Mr. and Ms. Stanley L. Bryson 

Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Burch 

ett Mr a-inald W. Burton 

Dr. and Mr. Larry R. Cain 

Mr. Timorhy E. Brown 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Bryson 

Mrs. .Anne Burdette 

Mr and Mrs. Chad S. Burton 

Ms. Leigh Ann Cain 

Mr. and Mrs. Todd C. Brown 


Ms. .Ashley E. Burdette 

Mr and Mr. Christopher K. 

Mr. Marilyn M. Cam 

Mr. and Mrs. Tmesdale W. 

Mrs. Dorothy Ann Holcomb 

Ms. Linda A. Burdette 


Mr and Mr. Richard L. 



Mr.andMrs. RmdvJ.Burdet 


Cam, Jr 


,Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. 

The Rev. Mr. Christopher C. 

Wilmington, DE 

Major and Mr. William H. 

The Re\-. Dr. and Mrs, 

Buchanan, Jr. 

Burgess and Dr. .Agnes Burg 

ess Mr and Mr. Mark B. Bushee 


William P. Brown 

Mr. and Mrs. William B. 

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce S. Burges 

Dr. Jerry Bush and Dr. Claranne 


Brown Brorhers Han^iman & 


Mr. Chad Donte' Burgess 

M. Bush 

Mr and Mr. Daniel P Caison 

Co, New York, NY 

Mr. and Mrs. William C 

Ms. Deartna E Burgess 

Mr and Mr. Michael L. Bush 

Dr. and Mr. Robert D. Calcote 

Mar>' Alice and Bennert Brown 


Mr. Lonnie J. Burgess 

Ms. Nancy M. Bushman 

Ms. Amanda O.Caldwell 

Foundation, Inc., Atlanta, GA 

Mr. Jeffrey J. Buchmann 

Mr and Mrs. Richard H. Bur 

,ess Mr and Mr. William L. 

Mr and Mr. Zeke Caldwell 

Ms. Angela E. Browning 

Mr. and Mrs. Randall L. Buck 

Mr and Mrs. Steven R. Burg 

ss Bussell, Sr 

Mr C. C. Caldwell 

Mr. Robert W. Browning 

Dr. Karen W. Buckland and Dr. 

Mr Chnstopher A. Burjin 

Mr Harry T Butler, Jr 

Ms. Catherine B. Caldwell 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. 

James P. Buckland 

Mr and Mrs. Jacob A. Burgin 

111 Dr. and Mr. Har^-ey E. 

Mr Daniel M. Caldwell, Jr 


Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Buckland 

Dr. and Mrs. Edward W. 

Butler Jr 

Mr Dennis G.Caldwell 

Catherine J. Brownlee,MD 

Mr. and Mrs. Guy L. Buckner III 

Burke, Jr 

Mr and Ms. James F Butler 

Mr Frederick D.Caldwell 

Mr. John M. Brownlow 

Buck's Auto Sales, Inc. 

Mr G. C. Burke 


Mr George R. Caldwell 

Ms. DeKinih R. Broxt.m 

Budweiscr of Spartanburg, Inc.. 

Mr L. M. Burke 

Butler. USMC 

Mr. Hailey H. Caldwell 

The Rev. Mr. Robert H. 

Spartanbutg. SC 

Mr Stephen Meade Burke 

Mr and Mr. Julian Butler Jr 

Mr and Mr. Lewis J. Caldwell 


Mr. and Mrs. Michael Buersmer 

Mrs. Virginia A. Burke 

Mr and Mr. Lester .A. Butler 

Mr and Mr. Michael M. 

Mr. G. E. Bruce and The 

Ms. Uville H. Buff 

Ms. Alice E. Burb 

Ms. Melussa M. Butler 


Rev. Lynn Stall 

The Buffalo News, Omaha, NE 

Mr and Mrs. James T. 

Mr. Summer H. Butler 

Eugene &. Martha Caldwell 


Bug House Pest Control of Lake 

Burnett III 

Mr and Mr. John B. Butler 111 

Foundation, Atlanta, GA 

Ms. Linda Bnice 

Oconee, Gteensboro, GA 

Mr and Mrs. Rorm Bumette 

Mr and Mr. William E Butler 

The Rev. Dr. and Mr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Austin L. Bnice 

Ms. Lisa K. Bugay 

Mr and Mis. John Bumerte 

Mr and Mrs. David H. Buttorif 

George K. Calhoun 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B. Bruce 

Mr. and Mrs. Johnny A. Buice 

Mr and Mrs. Rhett D. Bume 

Ms. Sarah E. Buttorff 

Calico Racquet Courts, Inc., 

Mr. and Mrs. Sreven R. Bruce 

Mrs. David M. Buie 

Bumham Builders, 

Mr and Mr. Timothy B. 


Mrs. Christ>- R. Bnimbelow 

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Buko 

LawTenceville, GA 


Mr and Mr. Richard W Call 

Mr. and Mr. Scott A. 

Mr. Walter Bull 

Mr and Mrs. Allen H. Bums 

Ms. Elsperh A. Buxton 

Mr John William Callaham,Jr 


The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. 

Mr and Mrs. Hugh Bums 

COL and Mr. Robert W. 

Ms. Jeannine K. Callahan 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Brandage 

Gary Bullard, Sr. 

Mrs. Jenny Bums 


TTie Rev. Ms. Ashli L. 

Dr. A. R Bmner 

Mr Jordan Roben Lewis Bullard 

Mr and Mrs. Michael J. Bum 

s Mr and Mr. Jay C. ByaR 

Callaway and Mr Jeremy T. 

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. 

Dr. and Mrs. Ponce D. 

Mr and Mrs. Philip W. Bums 

Jr. Mr and Mr. Neil E. Byerley 



Bullard, It 

Mr and Mrs. David W Bum, 

ed Ms. Carrie L. ByeR 

Mr and Mr. Tim D. Calnon 

Mr. and Mrs. William E. 

.Mr. and .Mrs. Roland N. 

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Bum 

ije Mr. Cathy ByeR 

Calvary Baptist Church, 


Bullard, Jr. 

Mr and Mrs. John W 

Mr and Mr. Tracy L. ByeR 

Clinton, SC 

Mr. and Mrs. Bnght A. Bruorton 

Mr. and Mrs. Dale B. Bullen 

Bumside, Jr 


Mr and Mr. J. D.Calvert 

Mr. William V.Bnist 

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J . 

The Honorable Mr and Mrs 

Mr and Mr. Joe Bvnum 

Calvert and White Custom 

Mrs. Nancy A. Bniyere 


Robert H. Bumside 

Mr and Mr. E B. Bynum 

Homes, LLC, Eatonton, GA 

Dr. and Mrs. Alvin B. Bryan 

Ms. Janet Bullock 

Mr and Mrs. Robert H. 

Mr Eric Byrd 


Ms. Carolina G. Bryan 

Ms. Uura S. Bullock 

Bumside, Jr 

Mr Forrest Byrd 

Ms. Virginia C. Cambreleng 

Dr. and Mrs. James A. Bryan II 

Mr Leonard Bullock 

Mr and Mr. Thomas R. 

Mr and Mr. James R Byrd 

Mr. Denise A. Cameron 

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Bryan 

The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm 

Bumside III 

Mr LumusByrd,Jr 

Mr and Mr. Dennis M. 

Mr. and Mrs. Otis C.Bryan III 

M. Bulkxk 

Mr and Mrs. Theodore J. Bu 

T Ms. Mar>'J. Byrd 


Mr. and Mrs. Otis C. Bryan, Jr. 

Mr Richard K. Bullock 

Mr and Mrs. Max E. Burrell 

Mr and Mr. Robert T Byrne 

Mr and Mr. E. Alan Cameron 


Mr. and Mrs. Hugh M. 

Mr and Mrs. David E. 

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph N. B^T0n, Jr 

Ms. Elizabeth S. Cameron 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Bryan 



Mr and Mr. William V.Bynim 

Mr and Mr. Thomas M. 

Ms. Tiffany R. Bryan 

Dr. John 0. Bumgardner 

Mr William D. Burress 



Mr. William D. Bryan 

Mr. Michael Blair Bumgardner 

The Rev Mr Francis 


Camilla Pro Tennis Invitational, 

Mr. William E. Bryan 

Ms. Catherine B. Bunch 

McMasrer Burriss 

Camilla, GA 

D Liberal Learmng [ 

_ Sen'icf 1 Vigor 

~ Oinstwn Faith 

^ Honor LJ Coni'iuiiiity 


i^heClullenee 1 

2002 2007 

' r- 

i" " 
Ms. Carolyn Camlin 

Mrs. Georgia Y. Cannon 

Mrs. Joyce Carothers 

Mr and Mrs. William T 

Mr Alec H. Chaplin 

Mr. and Mrs. George M. 

Mr and Mrs. James W. Cannon 

Mrs. Shirley C. Carothers 


Mr and Mrs. Charles H. 

Camp, Sr. 

Mr and Mrs. Lawrence A. 

Dr. and Mrs. Carl A. Carpenter 

Mrs. Jami M. Cassidy 

Chapman 111 

Major and Mrs. George M. 


Mr and Mrs. Hambleton B. 

Mrs. Cornelia E. Castleman 

Mrs, Eli:abeth S, Chapman 

Camp, Jr. 

Mr Lenox J. Cannon. Jr. 


The Rev. Mr and Mrs. 

Mrs. Florence C. Chapman 

Mr. Hugh W.Camp 

Mr Michael R Cannon 

Mr and Mrs. James G. 

Kenneth A. Caswell 

Mr John S. Chapman 

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Camp 

Mr and Mrs. Peter J. Cannon 


Ms. Whitney Claire Caswell 

Mr and Mrs. R. Booth 

Mr. John T. Camp 

Mr and Mrs. Ronald R Cannon 

Mrs. Martha S. Carpentet 



Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Camp, Jr. 

Mr Soruiy Cannon 

Ms. Rebecca E. Carpenter 

Mr and Mrs. Rodney D. Cato 

Mr and Mrs. S. W Chapman, Jr 

Mr Timothy 0. Camp 

Mr and Mrs. William C. 

Dr. and Mrs. Richard H. 

Mr and Mis. Robert D. Cato 

Mrs. W M. Chapman 

Camp of CHAMPS, Inc., 


Carpenter. Jr 

Mr and Mis. Wayland H, 

Mr William E. Chapman, Sr 

Chnton, SC 

Mr and Mrs. William Z. 

Ms. Sara Louise Carpentet 

Cato. Jr 

Mr William E. Chapman, Jr 

Mr. and Mrs. Albert M. 



Cato Foundation, 

Dr. and Mrs. W Fred 

Campbell, Jr. 

Cannon - Davenport Surveying 

Carpenter Jr 

Matthews, NC, Jr 

Mis. Barbara M. Campbell 

Inc.. Kinards. SC 

Mr A. Rryan Can, Jr 

Mr William D.Catoe Concrete Products, 

The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. 

The Cannon Foundation. Inc., 

Mr E. L. Carr 

Caton's, Anderson, SC 

Spaitanbutg, SC 

Sandy Campbell 

Concord, NC 

Mr and Mrs. James R. Carr 

Mr & Mrs. Austin E. Catts, Sr 

Mr and Mrs. Mark D Chappell 

Mr and Mrs. Charles A. 

Mr and Mrs. Robert C. Canter 

Mrs. Joyce K. Can- 

Mr Austin E.Catts.Jr 

Mr and Mrs. Anthony J. Chara 

Campbell III 

Ms. Michelle Cantey 

Mr Michael Bracken Can 

Ms. Laura E.Caudell 

Ms. Carole C.Charles 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. 

Mr Daniel J. Cantliffe 

Mr and Mrs. Richard W 

Mr Raymond S. Caughman 

Mr Christopher E. Charles, Jr 


Mr John Cantrell 


Mr. Alice Lindsay Caulder 

Mr Danny L. Charles 

Mr. Charles T Campbell 


Mr Richard Watkins Carr 111 

Mr and Mrs. Richard W. 

Charleston Atlantic Piesbytery, 

Mr D.L. Campbell 


Mr Ross Hilten Catt 

Causey Jr 

Chaileston, SC 

Ms. Elizabeth W.Campbell 

Ms. Kathleen Cantwell 

Mr and Mrs. Gregory D. 


Chaileston Branch Pilots 

Mr Jack O.Campbell 

Mr William T Canty II 


Mr and Mrs. George B. 

Association, Charleston. SC 

Mr and Mrs. James G. 

Ms. Gladys W. Cape 



Charleston Juniors VBC, 

Campbell, Jr 

LTC and Mrs. James W Cape 

Ms. Angela B. Carroll 

COL and Mis. Edwin F 

Summerv'iUe, SC 

The Rev. Mr. Jimmy Taylor 

Mr Beni, n 1 l ■,l^x■r^ 

Mr and Mrs. Barry L. Carroll 

Cavaleii, Jr 

Ms. Linda Charlip 


MraiiJ.Mi- \ll.n. ,|vrs,Sr 

Mr and Mrs. David B. Carroll 

Mr and Mrs. Henry CCaverJr 

Charlotte Valve &. Fitting Co., 

Dr. and Mrs. John D. Campbell, Jr 

CapitMl NippiN .'U ..lumbia. 

Julie A. Carroll 

Mr and Mrs. Edward L. 

Inc., Chatlotte, NC 

Mr John M.Campbell, Jr. 

Inc., Columbia, SC 


Caviness, Jr 

Mis. Claie P Chamley 



Mr and Mn^. Richard G. Canoll 

CBB. Inc., Columbia, SC 

Mr and Mis. Eugene B. Chase, Jr 

Campbell 111 

Mr Clay S. Cappio 

Mr Michael W.Carroll 

CCB Financial Corporation, 

Mr and Mrs. John R. Chase 

Ms. Louise R. Campbell 

Mr and Mrs. James B. Cappio 

Mr and Mrs. Richard A. CamJl 

Durham, NC 

Mis. Regenia K. Chase 

Ms. Manon Wesley Campbell 

Mr Michael L. Capps 

Can-ollton Presbyterian Church, 

Mr and Mrs. Ernest J. Ceccato 

Mr and Mrs. A. L. Chason, Jr 

Ms. Marsha C. Campbell 

Mr and Mrs. Stephen Caputo 

Carrollton, GA 

Mr JosephJ.Cegala 

Mr and Mis. Chailes E. 

Mr Marshall Masters Campbell 

Mr and Mrs. David L. Caraway 

Mr and Mrs. John 0. Carruth 

Celanese Corporation, 


Mrs. Nellie G.Campbell 

Mr and Mrs. Michael A. 

Mr and Mrs. Charles A. Carson 

New York, NY 

CPT and Mts. James E 

Mr Ralph Campbell 


Mr and Mrs. Matthew D. 

Center for Oral & Maxillofacial 

Chastain, Jr 

Mr Robert B. Campbell 

Cariera's Inc., Orlando, FL 


Associates PC. Evans, GA 

Dr. and Mrs. David Chatham 

Dr. Robert R. Campbell 

Mr Jeremy A. Carl 

Ms. Shelly D. Carson 

Center for Scholarship 

Chatham, Inc.. Elkm, NC 

Dr. and Mrs. Roy B. Campbell 

Mr and Mrs. Ralph W Carl 

Dr. and Mrs. William E. Carson 

Administration, Inc. 

Mr and Mis. Joseph S. Chavara 

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore H. 

The Rev Dr. and Mrs. 


Central Carolina Community 

Mr and Mrs. Benjamin E 

Campbell, Jr 

William J. Carl 111 

The Rev. Mr and Mrs. 

Foundation, Columbia. SC 

Cheek IV 

Mr Thomas R. Campbell 

CPT Brian Carlin 

Kevin M. Carree 

Central Presbyteiian Church, 

Mr and Mrs. William C. 

Mr Wayne T. Campbell 

Ms. Jean T Carlisle 


Anderson, SC 

Cheek III 

William P. Campbell Custom 

Mr and Mrs. Curtis D. Carlson 

Mr and Mrs. .'\llenB. Carter Jr 

Cessna Finance Corporation, 

Ms. Peggy C Chee:em 

Homes, Inc.. W.nderaiere,FL 

Mr and Mrs. Marshall L. 

Mr C. E. Carter 

Wichita, KS 

Mr Allen R.Chellis 

Mr. Clark Evans and The 


Ms. Jaime K. Carter 

Mr and Mis. Paul C. Chaconas 


Rev. Mrs. Sara J. 

Mr Steven G. Carlton 

Mr and Mrs. James N. Carter 

Mr and Mrs. James E Chaffee 

Cherokee Presbytery. 


Dr. and Mrs. William B. Carlton 

Mr James W Carter 


Cartersville. GA 

Campco Engineering, Inc., 

Mr and Mrs. Duncan A. 

Mrs. John C. Carter, Jr 

COL Edward Chalgren.Jr 

Mr Jon Chervenak 

Rock Hill. SC 


Mr and Mrs. Joseph H. 

Mr Edward Chalgren 111 

Mr and Mrs. Robert C. 

Mr and Mrs. William C. 

Ms. Jewell M. Cannichael 

Carter, J r 

Mr C. Rodney Chalk 


Canady, Jr 

Mr Theodore D. Camiichael 

Dr. and Mrs. K. Nolon Cartet 



Canal Charitable Foundation, 

Mr and Mrs. Bert M. Catmody 

Mr and Mrs- Kent J. Cattet 



Greenville, SC 

Ms. Laura K. Cannody 

Mr Lester G. Carter, Jr 

Mr and Mrs. Andy S. Chambers 

Mr Alec Chessman and Dr. 

Dr. Stephen J. Candela 

Ms. Judith Games 

Mr and Mrs. Garrett Carter 

Dr. and Mrs. Ralph A. 

Katherine Chessman 

Miss Caroline Cann 

Mr and Mrs. C. G. Carney 

Mr and Mrs. Sid W Cartet 


Mrs. Virginia L. Chessnoe 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. 

Carolina Automotive. 

Mrs. Susan W. Carter 

Ms. Mary Margaret Chambliss 

Chestnut Ridge Baptist Church, 

Cann, Jr 

Clinton. SC 

Mr and Mr. Arnold J. 

Mrs. Mary Champion 

Laurens. SC 

Ms. Jean A. Cann 

Carolina Backtlow Specialties, 


Champion International 

ChevTon Corporation. 

Mrs. Jean L. Cann 

Lexington, SC 

Carver Middle School, 

Foundation, Princeton, NJ 

Munah. UT 

Mr and Mrs. John M. Cartn 

Carolina Beautiful, Inc., 

Leesburg. FL 

Ms. Bobbie Chandler 

Chevron Texaco. Princeton, NJ 

Mr Mark D. Cann 

Clinton, SC 

Mr and Mrs. Wendell L. Casey 

Mr and Mrs. Andrew Chandler 

Mr R. Haynes Chidsey 

LTC and Mrs. Phillip E 

Carolina Classic Boats, 

Mr Eric Neal Cash 

Mr and Mrs. Daniel E Chandler 

Mr and Mrs. John B. Childcrs 

Cannella, Jr 

Clinton, SC 

Mr and Mrs. Peter H. Cash 

Mr Daniel T Chandler 

Mrs. Sigrid H. Childeni 

Dr. Erin R. and Dr. Royce M. 

Carolina First Bank, 

Ms. Sarah Anne Cash 

Dr. and Mrs. Jack Chandler 

Mr Charles E. Childress, Jr 

Cannington 111 

Clinton, SC 


Mr and Mrs. James A. 

Mr and Mrs. Lawrence C. 

Mrs. .Ann Cannon 

Carolina Insurance Consultants, 

Mr and Mrs. Robert L. Cason 

Chandler, J r 


Mr Billy Cannon 

Inc., Greenville. SC 

The Cason Group, Inc., 

Ms. Kristen Leigh Chandler 

Mr Barron L. Chisolm 

Mr and Mrs. Charles M. 

Carolina Power & Light 

Columbia, SC 

Ms. Lynn Chandler 

Ms. Angela Nicole Chittam 


Company. Raleigh. NC 

Mr Drew Hodges Casper 

LTC and Mrs. Gerald 

Mr and Mrs. Lestet W Chittam 

Mr and Mrs. Chnstopher L. 

Carolina Secunty Services Inc.. 

Mr and Mrs. Ronald W. Cassada 

L. Chandler 

Mr and Mrs. Jeiry S. Chitry 


Boiling Springs, SC 

Mr and Mrs. James R. Cassady 

Mr and Mrs. Robert L. 

Mr and Mis. Isiah Choice 

Mr and Mrs. Charles H. 

Carolina Stitches. Inc., 


Chandler III 

Mr and Mts. Harvey E. Choplin 

Cannon IV 

Clinton. SC 

Mr and Mrs. William T 

Mr Troy L. Chaney 

Mr and Mis. Nak Y. Choung 


Mr Edward YChapmV 

Ms. Anna R Christ 

This cam 

mign IS about our future ituden 

ts. We need to build - on our so 

lid foundation - a college that 

has the ca 

pabilities to prepare these stude 

ifs to be leaders in a world that 

desperately needs PC values. 

To do tha 

, cue need to attract and retain t 

If best and brightest students a 

id faculty. 

2002 2007 

Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. Christ 

Mrs. Mary J. Clarke 

Mr. Julian C. Coats 

Mr and Mis. Lawrence 

The Community Foundation ot" 

Christ Church, Ponte 

Clarke, Johnson, Peterson & 

Coats American. Inc., 

R. Coleman 

Greater Greenville. 

Vedra Beach, FL 

McLean, P.A. Law Offices, 

Charlotte, NC 

Mr and Mrs. William 

Greenville, SC 

Christ Presbyterian Church, 

Florence. SC 

Mr and Mrs. Bernard L. Cobb 

R. Coleman 

Community Foundation of 

Augusta, GA 

Clark-Schwebel, Inc.. 

Mr and Mrs. James E. Cobb 

Mr and Mrs. Phillip 

Gretiter Memphis, 

Christ Presbyterian Church, 

Anderson, SC 

Mr and Mrs. Henry H.Cobb, Jr. 

A. Coleman 

Memphis, TN 

T,illah.issee, FL 


Mr. and Mrs. Ike W. Cobb 

Dr. Robert E. Coleman 

The Comnuinit>' Foundation ot 

Mr. Michael G.Christensen. Jr. 

The Rev. Mr and Mrs. 

Mr and Mrs. James M.Cobb 

Ml. and Mrs. Roben 

Northwest Georgia, 

Dr. ,uid Mrs. Stephen R, 

Ernest G. Clary. Jr. 

Ms. Virginia A. Cobb 

T Colemm III 

Dalton, GA 


Mr. and Mrs. William E. 

The Coca Cola Bottling 

Mr and Mis. Ronald L. 

Community Foundation of 

Mr and Mrs. Milon S. 

Clary, Jr. 

Company, Gteenwood. SC 

Coleman, Jr 

Southwest Georgia, Inc., 


Ms. Catherine L. Clasen 

The Coca-Cola Comp;tny. 

Mr and Mis. James H, Coleman 

Thomasville, GA 

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick B. 

Mr and Mrs, Samuel R. 

Princeton, NJ 

Mr and Mrs, Christopher 

Community Foundation of the 



Mr. Jason A. Cochcroft 


LowcountT>', Inc., 

Mr. Mac Christopher 

Ms. Beth Clay 

Mt. and Mis. Dahl E. Cochran 

Coleman Masonry LLC, 

Hilton Head, SC 

Mr. William G.Chnstopher 

Mr and Mrs. Gary L. Clayton 

Mr. and Mrs. William F 

Gray Court, SC 

Companion Propert>' and 

Mr M. E. Christophetson 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel R Clayton 


Mr. Alvin L. Coley 

Casualty Group, 

Chubb & Son Inc., Warren, NJ 

Mr. and Mis. Frank L. Claytor 

Mr. and Mrs. W. Paschal 

Mr. Roy E. Coley 

Columbia, SC 

Mr and Mrs. Ganett R. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward F Cleary 


Ms. Mary Michael Collignon 

Mr. Carol D. Compton, Jr. 


Mrs. Sue Smith Cleckler 

Mr and Mrs. Charles C«ktield 

Mrs. .Anthony Collins 

The Rev, Mr. and Mrs. 

Mr and Mrs. James LChupp 

Dr. and Mrs. A. L. Clegg 

The Rev. Mi, and Mis. 

Mi. and Mis. Comet E. Collins 

John B. Compton. Jr. 

Mrs, Helen E.Churan 

Dr. and Mrs. James M. Cleland 

Herbert E. Codington 

Mr David ,A. Collins 

Mr. and Un. Lewis Compton 

Church ot the Epiphany, 

Mr. Charles B. Clement II 

Mr and Mts. Joseph Codispoti 

Ms. tjinny R, Collins 

Mr. Samuel D. Compton 

Laurens, SC 

Dr. and Mis. Neal G. Clement 

Mi. and Mis. Gerard R. Gift'ey 

Mr and Mrs. Robert A. Qillins 

Computer Associates 

Mr David L. Churchill 

Dr. Arthut S. Clements 

Mr Kevm M.Coffey 


International. Inc., 

Mr ,rnd Mrs. Stephen B, Churai 

Mr and Mrs, L, E, Clements 


Mr John R. Collms 


Mr and Mrs. William Chumi 

Mrs. Amanda R, Clemens 

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew T, 

Ms. Larianne Collins 

Computer Network II. Inc., 

BG and Mis. Roland E 

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip G. 


Mr Noble F Collins 

Alpharetta, GA 



Mr Daniel C. Cohen 

Mr Peter B. Collins 

Mr. and Mr. Charles 

Cingular Wireless, Stuart, FL 

Ms. Esther K.Cleveland 

Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Qihen 

Mr iind Mrs. Roderick N. 

W. Condee 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Cipris 

Mrs. Jean L. Cleveland 

Dr. Rodney Cohen 


Mr. and Mrs. Alphonse 

Mrs. BrendaJ. Cisson 

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy L. 


Mr and Mis. Ronald E. Collins 

G. Condon 

Mr. Danny Cisson 


Mr and Mrs. Bmce A. Coker 

Mr and Mis. W.J. Collins 

Ms. Lisa T Condon 

CITGO Petroleum Corporation, 

Mr. and Mis. William Clift 

Dr. Charles H. Coker 

Mr. Wes Collins 

Ms. Margaret F Condon 

Houston. TX 

Mi. and Mrs. Paul H. Clifton 

Mr Chns D. Coker 

Key Collins .Architectute. Inc.. 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Cone 11 

City Auto, Laurens, SC 

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Cline 

Ms. Cynthia F Coker 

Horence, SC 

Mr. Jason B. Cone 

City of Clinton, SC 

Mr. and Mis. William J. Chne 

The Rev Ms. Helen H. 

Mr William A. Collis 

Cone. Shiflett. & Hunt. 

Ciry of Greenville, SC 

Ms. Jennifer V. Cline 


Mr and Mrs. Mark W Gillver 

Cedartown, GA 

City of Shelby, NC 

Ms. Laura C. Cline 

The Rev Mr. and Mis. 

Mr .Alexander S. Colmorgan 

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher 

Clairmont Presbyterian Church. 

Ms. Patricia L. Cline 

MaicusG. Coker 

Mis. Lisa H. Colmorgan 


Decatur, GA 

Dr. and Mn,. Henry D. Cline 

Mrs. Melissa A. Coker 

Gilonial Life & Accident 

Congaree Presbyterian Church, 

Major Robert H. and Major 

Mr. and Mrs. F M. Clinton 

Dr. and Mrs. Morgan B. Coker 

Company, Columbia, SC 

Cayce, SC 

Kem A. Clapper 

Clinton Animal Hospital, LLC, 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert U. Coker 

Colonial Pacbging. Inc., 

The Honorable Mr. Paul 

Clarendon County Commission 

Clinton, SC 

The Rev Mr. Roy 

Sumter, SC 

Stribling Conger, Jr. 

Alcohol & Drug Abuse, 

The Clinton Chronicle. 

Winchester Coker 

Ms. Candace Colquitt 

Dr. Laura Conger-Moore 

Manning, SC 

Clinton, SC 

Ms. Shelley L. Coker 

Mr and Mrs. Henry E. Colton 

Congressional Quarterly. Inc., 

Clarendon Itrsurance Company, 

Clmton Federared Women's 

Ms. Shirley K. Coker 

Mr Michael J. Anderson and Ms. 

Washington, DC 

Inc., Manning, SC 

Club. Clinton. SC 

Mr. Stacy A. Coker 

Bronu-yTi A. Coltrane 

Mrs. Michelle Conley 

Mr Charles R. Clark 

Clinton Ford-Mercun'. Inc., 

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley C. Coker 

Columbia Gas System, 

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher 

Mrs. Eli:abeth Clark 

Clinton, SC 

Mr and Mrs. Talbert K. Coker 

Reston, VA 

V. Connell 

Mr and Mrs. Eugene NL Clark 

Clinton High School Class of 

Mr and Mrs, Claude Cole, Jr 

Columbus County Hospital, 

Mr. and Mrs. Don R. 

Mr ,md Mrs. Frank J. Clark, Jr 

1960, Clinton, SC 

Mr. Jonathan T Cole and 

Whiteville, NC 

Connell, MD 

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn R Clark 

Clinton J r Tennis Program, 

Dr. Emily I. Cole 

Mr Ronald H. Colvm 

Mr. and Mr^. Christopher 

Mr and Mrs. John B. Clark 

Mountville, SC 

Dr. and Mrs. Jeny W Cole 

Dt. Consrance Colwell and Dr 


Mr and Mrs. John D. Clark 

Clinton Lions Club. 

Ms. Uura B. Cole 

Jonathan T Bell 

The Rev. Mr. Edward 

Mr Johnny W. Clark 

Clmton. SC 

Mr and Mrs. Matt Cole 

Combined Investigators. 

James Conner. Jr. 

Mr and Mrs. Joseph H.Clark 11 

Clinton Mills Foundation 

Mrs. Mimi Cole 

Marietta. GA 

Ms. Elizabeth S. Connette 

ETC and Mrs. 

Grants, Clinton, SC 

Mr and Mrs. Nathaniel R. Cole 

Mt. Fielding Combs. Jr 

Mr. David Hugh Connolly, Jr. 

Julius E.Clark 

Clinton Mills Industries, 

Ms. Patricia Allen G)le 

Ml. and Mis. Ralph K. Combs 

Mr. and Mrs. Barry W. Connor 

First LT and Mrs. Derek 

Qilumbia, SC 

Mr and Mrs. Roben J. Cole 

Mr. and Mis. Ramon A. 

Mr and Mrs. Kevin A. Connor 

M. Clark 

Clmton Tnie Value Hardware, 

Mr. Robert McCosh Cole 

Combs. Jr. 

Mr. Thomas N. Connor 

Mrs. Kelly R Clark 

Inc., Clmton, SC 

Mr and Mrs. Roy F Cole. Jr 

Mrs. Helen Phillips Comer 

Mrs. Carole J. Connor-Bargett 

Mr. .inJ Mrs. Malcolm N. Clark 


Mr. and Mrs. Harvey L. 

Community Bankets' Bank. 

Ms. Mildred E. Connors 

Mr and Mrs. Jeffery B.Clark 

Cloaninger, Jr 


Midlothian, VA 

Ms. Pasty Anne Conoley 

Mrs. Penelope H. Clark 

Mr and Mrs. Adrian Cloninger 

CPT and Mrs. Hugh H, 

Community Chapel Fieewill 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. 


Mr Charles H. Clottelter 

Coleman III 

Baptist Church, Laurens. SC 

Conrad, Jr. 

Mr, and Mrs. Chris Clark 

Mr and Mrs. Roben M. 

Mr and Mrs. Charles H, 

The Community Foundation for 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. 

Mrs. Tammy K. Clark 


Coleman HI 

Greatei .Atlanta. Atlanta, 

Conrad, Sr, 

Mr. William B. Clark 

Mr and Mrs. Henry M. Clybum 

Mr and Mrs, Elliott J, 


Mr. and Mrs, Ricky D. Conrad 

Mr. William H. Clark 

Mr and Mrs. Lewis TClybum 

Coleman III 

The Community Foundation 

Mr. and Mrs. Brian T Conroy 

Ms. .Amy R.Clarke 

C-Mart, Clinton, SC 

Mr and Mrs, Frank E. 

for the Central Savannah 

Consolidated Beverages, Inc., 

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold H. 

Mr and Mis. Henry B. Coakley 

Coleman, Jr 

River Area, Augusta, GA 

Auburn, MA 

Clarke III 

Coastal Community Foundation 

The Rev. Mr and Mrs. 

Community Foundation ot 

Consolidated Pipe & Supply Co 

Ms. Catherine M. Clarke 

Of South Carolina, 

George F Coleman, Jr. 

Greater Binningham, 

INC., Charlotte. NC 

Mf. and Mrs. Edward S. Clarke 

Charleston, SC 

Mr and Mrs. Harold A. 

Bimiingham, AL 

Consortium for the 

The Honorable Mr. and Mrs. 

Coastal Soccer Club, Inc., 

Coleman, Jr. 

Community Foundation of 

Advancement of Private 

Harold G.Clarke 

Mynle Beach, SC 

The Rev. Mr and Mrs. 

Gteatet Gteensboro, 

Higher Ed. Washington, DC 

Mr Keith Clarke 

Mr and Mrs. John D. Coares 

Joseph H. Coleman III 

Gieensboio. NC 

□ Liberal Uarnmg C 

J Seri'ice \ ] Vigor 


^ Chmhaii Faith [ 

n Honor Q Coninnaiity 

Thank you ... 

... for Carol lutcriiatioial House, PC's 
first state-of-the-art living learning faeility 
dedicated not only to housing international 
students but also to providing opportunities 
for all students to learn about various 
cultures and societies. 





Mr. and Mrs. Roben P. 

Mr. Walter Wattles Constantine 
The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. 
Joseph W. Conyers, Jr. 
Ms. Cameron Elizabeth Cook 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Cook 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel O. 

Cook, Jr. 
Dr. and Mrs. David A. Cook 
Ms. Elizabeth .A. Cook 
Ms. Emily Elizabeth Cook 
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H. Cook 
Mr. and Mrs. George B. Cook 
Mrs. Gwen H. Cook 
Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Cook, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel 0. Cook III 
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Cook 
Ms. Jessica Elizabeth Cook 
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Cook 
Mr. and Mrs. Lindsey L. Cook 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles ]. Cook 
Mr. and Mrs. M. Joseph Cook 
Dr. Peter A. Cook and Dr. 

Anne G. Cook 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. 

Cook, Sr. 
Mr. Robert Joseph Cook 
Mr. Robert Cook 
Mrs. Steve G. Cook 
Mr. Taylor Cook 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. 

Cook. Jr. 
Ms. Page Saylor Cook 
Mr. Will Cook 

Mr. and Mrs. Hubert E. Cooke 
Mr. Jimmy W. Cooke, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Larry H. Cooke 
Ms. Sarah Ashley Cooke 
Mr. and Mrs. W. Spady Cooke 
Nancy R. Cook-Smith, PhD 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Coombs 
Mr. and Mrs. Jon M. Coon 
Mr. and Mrs. William A. 

Coon, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Cooper 

Mr. Charles E. Cooper 
The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. 

Clarence D. Cooper 
Miss Ella Keruiington Cooper 
Mr. and Mrs. Elliort 0. Cooper 
Mr. Evertette A. Cooper 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. 

Cooper 111 
Mr. Harold Joe Cooper 
Mr. and Mrs. John M. 

Cooper, Jr. 
Ms. Kayla M. Cooper 
Mr. and Mrs. Lyrm W. 

Cooper, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Lyrui W. 

Cooper 111 
Mr. and Mrs. Monte V. Cooper 
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Cooper 
Ms. Vemice V. Cooper 
Mr. W. M- Gxiper 
Mr. William C.Cooper 
Mr. and Mrs. Willie Cooper, Jr. 
Cooper Holdings LLC. 

Clinton. SC 
Cooper Industries Foundation, 

Princeton, NJ 
Mr. and Mrs. W. F Cope 
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen B. 

Cope, Sr. 
Mrs. Alice K. Johnston 

Cope land 
Mr. and Mrs. George T 
Mr. and Mrs. Heath C. 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. 

Mr. and Mrs. James Copeland 
Mrs. Nancy Copeland 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. 
Mr, and Mrs. Thomas L. 

Mr. Thomas White Copeland 
Mr. Travis G. Copeland 
Mr. Charles T. Copley 

Mr^. Eli;abeth Copley 
Mr, Gerald L, Copley 
The Kex. Mr. John D. Henley 

and The Rev. Mrs, Elizabeth 

0- Coppedge-Henley 
Mrs. Winnie S.Corbert 
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Corbm 
Mr. Timothy Corbin 
Ms. Gail A. Cordes 
Mr. and Mrs. George V. Core 
Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Corley 
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Corley HI 
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Cormier 
Mr. and Mrs. George H. 

Mr. George HXortielsonV 
Mr. Scott M. Comelson 
Mr. and Mrs. John E. 

Comwell III 
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel T 

Ms. Jennifer C. Corpenmg 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. 

Corporate Finance Ot 

Clinton, SC 
Mr. Robert Z. Cortiher 
Mr. and Mrs. Devon D. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Cosby 
Mr. Blaney A. Coskrey 111 
Mr. and Mrs. Blaney A. 

Coskrey, Jr. 
Mrs. Courtney L. Costales 
Ms. Francine N. Costner 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E, Cothran 
Ms. Kerry D. Cotcingham 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F 

Cottle, Jr. 
Ms. Anna E. Couch 
Ms. Heather F Couch 
Mr. and Mrs, James R, Couch 
Ms. Jane L, Couch 
Ms. Sara Couch 
LTC and Mrs. James S. Couey 
The Council of Independent 

Colleges, Washington. DC 
Council on Youth Ministry. 

Binningham. AL 
Mr. and Mrs. Henry O. Counts 
Ms. Kimberly Anne Counts 
Count>' of Laurens, SC 
Count>' Wide Chem-Dry, 

Greenville. SC 
Mr. James R. Courie 
Mr. and Mrs. Lon Courtney, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. 

Mr. Harold WCousar 
Mr. and Mrs, Robert D, Cousar 
Mr. and Mrs, William Douglas 

Cousmsof Mt. Pleasant, Inc, Mt 
Pleasant, SC 
Ms. Elizabeth A. Couture 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Couture 
Covenant Presbyterian Church, 

Charlotte, NC 
Mr. and Mrs. John O. Covin, Jr. 
Mr. Walker Covin 
Dr. and Mrs. C. C. Cowan, Jr. 
Mrs. Bonnie Lee Coward 
Mr. and Mrs. Clauson R. 

Coward, Jr. 
Mr. William L. Coward 
Coward-Hund Constnjction Co., 
Inc., North Charleston, SC 
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Cowart 
Dr. M. D. Cowart 
Mr. and Mrs. D. T. Cowden 
Mr. and Mrs. Williams. 

Ms. Barbara J. Cox 
Mr. and Mrs, Bany E. Cox 
Mr. J. Douglas Cox 
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Cox, Jr. 
Mr. John R. Cox, jr. 
Mrs. Marjone P Cox 
Dr. and Mrs, Mark R. Cox 
Ms. Patricia Cox 
Mr. Benjamin E. Cox and The 

Rev. Ms. Pressley N. Cox 

Mr. William Cox 
Mrs. Katliarine Coxwell 
Dr. and Mrs. David B. Cozad 
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin C. 

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin M. 

Ms. Jennifer E. Crabtree 
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Craig III 
Mr. and Mrs. Julian F Craig, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Craig 
Mr. and Mrs. Francis M. Craine 
Ms. Patricia E. Craine 
Mr. and Mrs. William J. 

Craine, Jr. 
Mr. E. H. Crandall 
LT Charles E. Crane. 

Mr. David Robert Crane 
Ms. Sally G. Crane 
Mr. and Mrs. Carey S. 

Mr. and Mrs, Franklin Craven 
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Craven 
Mr. and Mrs. William A. 

Mr. and Mrs. David N. Crawford 
Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Crawford 
The Rev. Mr. Gerald W 

Ms. Ivey Lynn Crawford 
The Rev. Mr. Graham W Craw- 
ford and Dr. Jane M. Crawford 
LT John W Crawford, Jr 
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Crawford 
Mr. Narvel J. Crawford 
Mrs. Sarah M. Crawford 
Ms. Caroline Ruth Crawley 
Mr. and Mrs, Patrick Crean 
Mr. Benjamin N. Creasman 
CPT and Mrs. Billy S.Creech 
Ms. Margaret Anna Creech 
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. 

Mr. .A.riail B. Creed 

It has always been dear what PC was about. Through times of great growth and change, toe never lose sight of who wc tm 
iVhifrom where xve came. We remain focused on six core vales that ground us in the past and sen^e as our guide for the future 
Whether graduating in 192S or 2008 we will always be unified by these values. 

2002 2007 



Mrs. Barbara T. Creel 

Mrs. Martha Culbertson 

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher L. 

Mrs. Richard A. Davies 

Mr. Brandon S. Dean 

Mr. Don G. Creighton 

Mrs. Phyllis R.Culbertson 


Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Davies 

Mr and Mrs. Kevin P Dean 

Dr. and Mis. Andrew H. 

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan R. 

Mr, and Mis, John A. D' Andrea 

Mr ;md Mis, Alan L, Davis 

Dr. and Mrs. Russell Dean 



Mr and Mrs, Charles R Danesi 

Mr and Mis, J.tmes K. Da\is 

Mr. and Mrs. William E. 

Mr. and Mrs. j. Allen Crenshaw 

Mr Scott A. Culbieth 

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Daniel 

Mr and Mrs, .Anthony W. Davis,Jr 

Dr. Joarma Lynn Cresson 

Ms. Lisa Elaine Cullats 

Dr. Riuglas S, Daniel 

Mr Benjamin E. Davis III 

Ms. Barbara E. Dearing 

Mr. and Mrs. Adam A. 

Mr. and Mrs, William CB. 

Mr. and Mis. Ralph W. Daniel 

Mrs, Betr\- Davis 

Mr Johnny DeAmion 



Ms. Mavis F Daniell 

Ms. Christina Irene Davis 

Mr. and Mrs. Karl A. Deamley 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. 

Mr Douglas L Culler 

Mr. Charles B. Daniels 

Mr. and Mrs. Gums E.Davis 



Mr. and Mrs. Willis C Culler 

Ms. Ten J. Daniels 

Dr. and Mis. Jonathon E. Davis 

Mr and Mrs. Rutheifoid 

Dr. and Mrs. Earl D. Crew 

Mr, and Mrs. Doug CuUinan 

Mrs. Marilyn Daniluk 

Ms. Dane N. DavLs 



Mrs. Catherine B. Culp 

Dr. and Mrs. W. M. Dannelly 

The Rev Mr Dean 

Ms. Jackie Deaton 

Mr. and Mrs. Hovd A. Cnbbs IV 

Mrs. Uura Gulp 

Ms. Anna M. Danner 

M. Davis 

Mr Stephen T Deaton 

Mrs. Barbara S. Cnder 

Mr. William L. Gulp, Sr. 

Mr. Larron C, Danner 

Mi. and Mis. James L. Davis, Jr 

Mt. and Ms. W Edward Deaton 

Mr and Mrs. E. Ra\'mond 

Cumberland Valley Girl Scouts, 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Danner 

Ms. Diane C. Davis 

Mr and Mrs. Robert E. Deaver 

Cnm III 

Franklin, TN 

Ms. Christine Dannhausen 

Mi. & Mis. E. R Davis, St. 

Mr and Mrs. T G. Debreceni 

Dr. and Mrs. law/ A. Crisalulh 

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh M. 

Mr. Robert M, Darby, Jr 

Mi. and Mis. .Andrew R Davis 

Mr and Mrs. Gerard DeBniyn 


Cummings IV 

Mr and Mrs. Wanen A. Darby 

Ms. Eim K, Davis 

Mr and Mrs. John F Decker 

Nicolas A. Crisahilh 

Mr and Mrs. Jay D. Cummings 

Mr George W. Darden 

Dr. mi Mis. Hoyd L. Davis 

Ms, Martha L. Decker- 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Crisp 

Ms. Leigh A. Cummings 

Mr. and Mrs. John B. H. Dargan 

Mr and Mis. Gary L. Davis 

Phillips, MD 

Mrs. Melinda E. Croak 

Dr. Charles Cummins 

Ms. Sarah B. Darlak 

Mr Gerald F Davis 

Deer Creek Shores Presbyterian 


Cummins Engine Foundation, 

Darlington Kiwanis Club, 

Mr .ind Mrs. H. W Davis 

Church, Gumming, GA 

Mrs, A. 0. Crocker 

Columbus, IN 

Darlington, SC 

Dr, .ind Mrs, Hany L, Davis III 

Mr and Mrs. Kenneth W Deere 

Mr. and Mrs. Claude A. Crocker 

Ms. Avis M. Cunningham 

Darlington Preshytenan 

Mr .ind Mrs. J. T Davis 

Mr Edgar H. Deese 111 

Mrs. Helen D. Crocker 

Miss Beattie Margaret 

Church, Darlington, SC 

Mr and Mrs. James L. Davis, Sr 

Mr and Mrs. Laurence A. Deets 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Crocker 


Mr. and Mrs. Justin C, Darnell 

Mis. Janice Davis 

Mr and Mts. R. W. Degenhart 

Ms. Valerie K. Crocker 

Mr. and Mis. Charles L, 

Mf. and Mis. Donald A. 

Ms. Jo Ann Davis 

Mrs. Dorodiy 

Ms. Virginia L. Crocker 



Mr. and Mis. John W.Davis, Jr. 


Mr. Bryan Douglas Cromer 

Ms. Dons M. Cunningham 


Mr and Mis. John W.Davis 

Mr. William M. Degner 

Mr, and Mrs. Charlie S. Cromer 

Mr. Joseph McLeese 

Mrs, Linda R Dasher 

Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan R. Davis 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. deHolczer 

Tlie Rev, Mr. and Mrs. 

Cunningham, Jr 

Ms. Rachel T Dasher 

Mr and Mis. Joseph a Davis III 

Mr and Mrs. Joseph G. Deitz 

David H. Cromer 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. 

Mr. and Mrs. M. K. Daswani 

Mr. Joseph B. Davis IV 

Mr and Mrs. George A. Delk 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. 


Data-Tec Business Forms, 

Mrs. K. L. Davis 

Mr. George Dellaportas 


Ms. Shiilie Angelique 

Columbia, SC 

LTC Kenneth K.Davis 

Mr .Andrew P Dellinger 

Dr. Richard C. Cromie 


Ms, Alycen M. Dairy 

Ms. Leigh K. Davis 

Mr and Mrs. Douglas L. 

Dana T.Cronic, PhD 

Mr. Timothy E. Cunningham 

Mr and Mrs. Eugene Daughtry 

Ms. Marie R Davis 


Mrs. Sara Cronic 

Mr. and Mrs. Todd M. 

Mrs. Jan F Daughtry 

Mis, Maty Davis 

Master Edward Dellinger 

Mrs. Laura G. Cronin 


Mr and Mts. Henr\' M. Davega 

Mr Phillip J, Davis 

Master Jonathan Dellinger 

Mr. Brady H. Crook 

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip L. Cupp 

Miss Amelia Davenport 

Mi. and Mis. Richaid V Davis 

Master Patrick Dellinger 

Mr. Charles M. Crook, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Brad Curlee 

Master B. Harmon Davenpon 

Ms. Ruth M. Davis 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. 

Mr. William E. Crosby 

Dr. Douglas R.Cume 

Mr. and Mis. Charles T 

Mr and Mis. Raymond Davis 


Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Cross IV 

Mr. and Mrs. L. Worth 


Mis. Sandra K. Davis 

D. L. Dellinget, Inc., 

Mr. and Mrs. Brian G. Cross 

Cume, Jt. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. 

Mi. and Mis. ThomasL. Davis 

Chailotte, NC 

Mrs. Page A. Cross 

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas W, Cume 

Davenport, Jr. 

Ms, Sophia L, Davis 

Mr and Mrs. Hanis E. 

Mr, and Mrs. Hal H. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur H. 

Ms. Emily J, Davenport 

Mr and Mis. Stephen C. Davis 


Crosswell III 

Cume, Jr. 

Mr, and Mrs. Thomas E, 

Mis. Tabatha S. Davis 

LT and Mis. John B.Deloach 

Mr. Marcus D. Crosswell 

Ms. Christina A. Cuny 


Mr and Mts. Devaiis Davis 


Mr. Robert Crow III 

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Curry 

Mr, and Mrs, Jeffery H, 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R 

The Rev. Mt. David 

Mrs. Ann M. Crowder 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald K. Curry 


Davis, Jr 

B, Delph 

Mr. and Mrs. Steve M. Crowe 


Mr. John T. Davenpon 

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Davis 

Delta Aiilines Foundation, 

The Rev. Mr. Cums 

Mrs. Ann S. Curtis 

Ms, Kathryn G. Davenpon 

Mr. and Mis. Tom R. Davis 

Atlanta, GA 

Feimell Crowther 

Ms. Catherine G. Curtis 

Mr. Malcolm C. Davenport V 

Major and Mts. EdwmR 

The Delta Interests, LLC, 

Mr Harry M. Croxton 

Mr and Mrs. Richard B. Curtis 

Mi. and Mis. Michael T. 

Davis, Jr 

Greenville, SC 

Cfoxton Gray 

Mr, and Mrs. Abel A. Gushing 


Mi. and Mrs. W. M. Davis 

Mr. and Mis. Richard H. 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold G. 

Mi. and Mis. Ronald Davenpon 

Mr. and Mrs. William R.Davis 


Crozier III 


Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. 

Davis Business Systems, Inc., 

Mr and Ms. Jerry E. Dempsey 

Mr. and Mrs. Mike M. Cnjce 

Mr. and Mrs. James E. 


Laurens, SC 

Mr, and Mrs. David Dempsey 

Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Cruea 


Mr and Mrs. Charles V 

Mrs. Dianne Castle Davison 

Dr. and Mis. Ron Dempsey 

Mr and Mrs. Alexander 

Mrs. Julia Gushman 


Mr. William C. Davison, Jr 

Dempsey's Pizza, Clinton, SC 

Cruickshanks 111 

The Rev. Dr. Richard 

Mr. Greg Davidson 

Mr Haywood Dawkins 111 

Mr and Mrs. John W 

Mr and Mrs. Alexander 

Churchill Cushnie 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Davidson 

Mr. Michael R. Dawkms 

Demyan, Jr. 

CriiicLshanb IV 

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Cypnano 

Ms. Rebecca L. Davidson 

Mr William R Dawkins 

Mr and Mrs. George E. Dendy 

Ms. Catherine Elauie 

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry R, G:ar 

Mr. and Mis. Roberta 

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin C 

Dr. Robert Dendy 


Mr, Joseph S.Dabbs 


Dawson, Jr. 

Mr and Mrs. Sean Denham 

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander 

Dr, and Mrs. Ronald E, Dachelet 

Mr. William C. Davidson, Jr. 

Mr and Mrs. Wallace D 

Mr and Mrs. Sidney W, 

Cruickshanks V 

Mrs. Kimberly F Dacus 

Davidson Street Baptist Church, 

Dawson III 


Mr. & Mrs. M. J. Crump 

The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. 

Clinton, SC 

Dawson Presbyteiian Church, 

Mr and Mrs. George A. Denka 

Mr, and Mrs, James M. 

Michael A. Daffin 

Davidson, Momson iSi 

Dawson, GA 

Ms. Laura M. Denman 


Mr and Mrs. John A. DAgata 

Lindemann, PA, Columbia, 

Mr James J. Day 

Mr and Mrs. Paul M. Denman 

Mr, and Mrs. Jerry R, Crumpton 

Mr. Joseph RDailey 


Mt. and Mis. Jonathan R. Day 

Mr and Mrs. Donald L. 

Dr. John A. and Dr. Amanda S. 

Mr. and Mis. Max E. Dale 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. 

Mr and Mis. Tighe Day-Lewis 



Dallas Ainnotive, Inc., 


Dayton Foundation Depository, 

Mr and Mrs. James D. 

Jerry Cmmpton Construction, 

Grapevme, TX 

Mr and Mrs. Seth A. Davies 

Inc., Dayton, OH 

Dennis, Jr. 

Inc., Simpsonville, SC 

Dallas Preshytenan Church, 

Mr. and Mrs. Ethan A. Davies 

Mr and Mrs. Harry Deadw^ler 

Ms. Tamera Dennis 

CSX Corporation, 

LaGrange, GA 

Mr. and Mrs. David G. 

Mr. Mark S. Deal 

The Rev. Mr and Mrs. 

Richmond, VA 

Ms. Christy Dalton 

Davies, J r 

Mr. Max Deal 

Christopher E Denny 

Ms. Terina M. Cugliari 

Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Dalton 

Mr, and Mrs, Philip C. Davies 

Mr and Mrs. Robert E. Deal, Sr. 

Mis. H. B. Denny 

n Libertjl Learning E 

3 Semcf n Vigor 


□ Christian Faith [ 

Z Homir J Comininiiti, 

ThePromise^^heChallenBL- 1 

2002 2007 

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Denny 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. 

Ms. Melissa Ann Dorando 

Mr. and Mrs. William L. DuRse 

Mrs. Barbara Cook Durden 

Mr. and Mrs. Hany S. Dent 


Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. 

Mr. and Mrs. Mike R. 

Mr Ernest Evans Duren 

Mrs. Mary Ethel Guidry Dent 

Mrs. Loraine H. Dix 



Mr Joseph H.Durkee, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick H. Dent 

Dixie Painting, Athens, GA 

Mr and Mrs. Jeff Dore 

Mr Oliver O.duCille.Sr. 

Mr and Mrs, R. L. Durst 

Mrs. Susan D. Denton 

Mr. and Mis. A. K. Dixon 11 

Ms. Jennifer Domiiney 

Mr and Mrs. David J. Duda 

Mr Steven R. Dutst 

Department of the Army, 

Mr. Augusta M. Dixon 

The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. James M. 

Mr and Mn,. George W. 

Mr Walter M. Durst 

Arlington, VA 

Mr. Cassius B. DLxon 11 


Dudley, Jr 

Ms. Sara H. Dustin 

Ms. Mary B. dePiater 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Dixon 

Mr and Mrs. W.Patrick 

Mr and Mrs. James M. Dudley 

Mr Wayne Duriow and Dr 

Dr. and Mis. William A. 

Mr. and Mrs. David K. Di.xon 


Mr and Mrs. Stephen C. Dudley 

Anita M. Dutrow 


Mr. and Mrs. Bailey Dixon 

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Dorrough 

Mr Mark E. Dudley 

Mr Monre Dutton 

Ms. Ann Drayton Derrick 

Dr. and Mis. James K. Dixon 

Mr. Charles R.Doisey 111 

Mr and Mrs. Matthew J. Duflie 

Ms. Lynne P D>'ches 

Dr. and Mis. Brian R. Derrick 

Ms. Jennifer Elizabeth .Ann 

The Rev. Mr. Frederick W 

Mr and Mrs. William D. Duflie 

Major ,ind Mrs, Terrence E Dye. 




Mr and Mrs. Hamld L. Duke 


Mis. Emily M. Denick 

Mr. Julius Augustus Dixon 

Ms. Sallie S. Dotger 

Ms. Joanne M. Duke 

Mr Stacey A. Dyer 

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy H. Derrick 

Ms. Karen D. Dixon 



Mr and Mrs. Emory C. LH'kes 111 

Mr. and Mis. Rodney D. Derrick 

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence L. 

Ms. Tara Leanne Douce 

Mr. Sam S. Duke 

Mr and Mrs. C. A. Dyson 


Dixon, Jr. 

Ms. Tonya M. Douce 

Duke Energy Foundation, 

Mr and Mrs. D. M. Dyson 

Mr. Ralph Adams DesChamps 

Mrs. Mary Dixon 

Ms. Donna L. Doughty 

Princeton, NJ 

E & M Pipeline, Inc., 

Mr. Gregg J. Desto 

DJR Associates LLC, 

Master Adrian B. Douglas 

Mr and Mis. John C. Dukes, Jr 

Greenville, SC 

Deutsche Bank Americas 

Birmingham, AL 

Miss Ashley N. Douglas 

Mr and Mrs. Troy E. Dukes 

Ms. Anastasia E. Eaccarino 

Foundation, Princeton, NJ 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. 

Mr. Claudia G. Douglas 


Mr and Mis. Sherod H. 

Mr. and Mrs. Marc Deveaux 

Dobbins, Jr. 

Miss Courtney B. Douglas 

Ms. Bnttni Linne Dulaney 


Mrs. Marie Denise Deveaux 

Mr. William C. Dobbins 111 

Dr. and Mrs. John Douglas 

Dumb and Dumber 2, 

Mr SheriJ H. Eadon 111 

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Devereaux 

Mr. William C.Dobbins 

Mr. and Mrs. G. Anderson 

Los Angeles, CA 

L>. and Mrs. Charles W. Eagles 

Mr. and Mrs. Carrol E. Devlin 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael D.Dobbs 

Douglas, Jr. 

Dun & Bradstreet Corporation 

Mr Lorenzo D. Eagles, Jr 

Mr. and Mrs. Harrwell C. Dew 

Mr. Jonathan L. Dobson 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Douglas 

Foundation, Princeton, NJ 

Mr and Mrs. Rick Farley 

Mr. David Ryan DeWee-e 

Ms. Lauren A. Dobson 

Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur S.Douglas 

Mr Da\'is Dunaway 

Mrs. Ruth E Earls 

Dr. and Mrs. William O. 

Ms. Audrey C. Dodd 

Mrs. Virginia Douglass 

Mr. and Mrs. Tom W Dunaway 

Earls E Z Mart, Clmton, SC 


Mr Chas Dodd 

Mr and Mis. Ronald G. 

Ms. Caroline G. Dunbar 

Mr. Anderson C. Early 111 

Mr. and Mrs. George D. Dewey 

Mr and Mrs. Joseph B. Diidd, Jr 


Dr. and Mrs. R, E. Dunbar 

Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Early 

Mr. and Mis. Ward Dewitt III 

Mr and Mrs. William H. Ridge 

Mr. and Mrs. Vemie E. Dove 

Mrs. Anne Duncan 

Mr Todd C. Early 

The Rev. Mr. Thomas 

Ms. Betty]. Dodgens 

Mr and Mrs. Norman G. 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. EXincan 

Mr and Mrs. Roy A. 

Milton Dews 

Mrs. Pauline Dodgens 

Dover, Jr 

Mrs. Judith A. Duncan 

Mr and Mis. Douglas E. Eamst 

Mr. Tawes DeWyngaert and Dr. 

Mr and Mrs. James L. Dodson 

Mr Terry E Dover 

Mr and Mrs. Robert Duncm 

Mr and Mrs. Douglas B. Eamst 

Susan E DeWyngaert 

Mr. Derrell Antoine Doe 

Dow Coming Matching Gifts 

Mrs. Latrelle R. Duncan 

Lisley Tennis Club. Easley, SC 

Dexell Marketing Services, Inc., 

Mr. Jonadian Vaughn Doen 

Program, Midland, Ml 

Mr Ronald T Duncan and Dr. M. 

Mr James R.Eason 

Irving, TX 

Mis. Linda M. Doherty 

Dr. and Mns. Robert H. 

Lynn Duncan 

Mr and Mis. John L. East 

Dr. and Mi5. Jeffrey G.DeYoe 

Dr. and Mrs. Carl W. Dohn, Jr. 


and Mis. 

E;ist Tennessee Foundation, 

Dr. Arthur J. De Young 


Mr. and Mis. John H. Dowdle 

Mr and Mrs. Perry L. Duncan 

KnoxviUe, TN 

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Dial 

Dr. and Mrs. Henry H. Dohn 

ETC and Mrs. John H. 

Mr and Mrs. Richard M. 

East Tennessee Presbytery, 

Dials United Methodist Church, 

Mrs. Lucy Allen Dohn 

Dowdle, Jr. 



Gray Court, SC 

Mr Benjamin J. Dolan 

Major and Mrs. Marion W 

Mr William L.Duncan 

Easter Seals UCPNonh 

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Diana 

Mr Ken Dollar 


Mr and Mrs. Willis J. Duncan 

Carolina, Raleigh, NC 

Ms.GlennJ. Dias 

Mrs. Chrisry Dollar-Absher 

Mrs. Parsy R. Dowdle 

Duncan Creek Baptist Church, 

Eastelby Charitable Foundation, 

Dr. and Mrs. Ross N. Dickens 

Dominion Resources, Inc., 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dowdle 

Clinton, SC 

Laurens, SC 

Mr. and Mrs. James E Dickenson 

Richmond, VA 

Ms. Ella Glerm Dowling 

Ms. Christine Dungan 

Mr. Harry R. Easterling, Sr 

Mr. Christopher G. Dickerson 

Mr and Mrs. Vernon Domoney 

Ms. Frances M. Dowling 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert C 

Mr. Clay E. Easterly IV 


The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Joe 

Ms. Camien M. Downes 

Dunkedey, Jr 

Eastem Carcilina Imaging 

Mr. Jared Samuel Dickerson 

B. Donaho 

Mr and Mrs. John Downey 

MrandMrs. DavissonE 

Center, Inc., WhiteviUe, NC 

Mr. and Mrs. John .A. Dickerson 

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd T. Donahue 

The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. A. 

Dunlap, jr 

Eastem Star Chapter 191 

Mr. and Mis. John M. Dickerson 

Dr. and Mrs. Michael E. 

Trevor Downie 

Mr and Mrs, Donald! 

Moming Glor\- Chapter. 

Mr. Roger Dickerson 


Mr. .Austin Doyle 

Dunlap, Jr 

Clinton, SC 

Dr. Michael M. Dickerson and Dr. 

LT and Mrs. Stephen Donald 


Ms. Holly K. Dunlap 

E.istminster Presbyterian 

Sasan E. Dickerson 


Mr and Mrs. Lrrry Doiier 

Dr. and Mi5. Joseph W. 

Church, Columbia, SC 



Mr. and Mrs. Vaughan R. 

Dunlap, Jr 

Mr Edward Easton 

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce S. Dickey. Jr. 

Mr John L. Donaldson, Jr. 


Ms. Katherine S, Dunlap 

Eastside Baptist Church, 

Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Dickey 

Dr. and Mrs. William C. 

Mr. and Mis. Dwayne Drake 

Mr. R. Thomwell Dunlap 111 

Laurens, SC 

Mr. and Mis. James E. Dickey 


Master Jordan Drake 

Mr and Mrs. R. Thomwell 

The Honorable Mr and Mrs. 

Ms. Karis D. Dickey 

Mrs. Margaret M. Donaworth 

Mr. Zachariah Jordan Drake, Jr. 

Dunlap, Jr 

Joe 0. Eaton 

Ms. Margaret Anne Dickey 

Mr. Louis R Dondero, Jr. 

Major Stacy L. Drakeford 

Dunlap-Johnson Chevrolet Co., 

Mr and Mis. Richard D. Earon 

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Dickon 

Dr. and Mis. Thomas M. 

Mr. Allen WDraughon.Jr 

York, SC 

Mr K. Eaton 

Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Dicbon 


Ms. Lavonia B Drawdy 

Mr and Mi5. George Z. 

Eaton Corporation, 

Ms. KathrynJ. Dicus 

Donnelly Partners, Atlanta, GA 

Ms. Thelma D. Drennon 


Cleveland, OH 

Ms. Martha Dicus 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. 

Ms. Patti D. Dress 

Mr. and Mis. James J. Dunn 

Mr and Mis. Charles K. 

Major and Mrs. David A. Diehl 


Mr. Craig A. Driggers 

Mr. John H. Dunn 


Mr. Thomas C.Digby 

Mr. Frances James Donohue 

Dr. John E Driggers 

Mr and Mrs. Michael R. Dunn 

Mr Thomas A. Ebert 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Dighy 

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Donovan 

Mr. and Mrs. M.Randall 

Dunn Invesrment Company. 

Mr. Kevin D. Ehy 

Mr. John L. Diggelmann 

Mr and Mrs. A. J. Dtwley 


Biimingham, AL 

Mrs. Evelyn D. Echols 

Ms. Meryl M. Dilcher 


Mr. Carter C. Drum 

Ms. Deidre A. Dunne 

Mr and Mrs. Michael D. 

Mrs. Dorothy Marie Dilger 

Dooley, Dooley, Spence, Parker 

Ms. Alison M. Drummond 

Mr. and Mrs. Terr\' E. Dunne 


Ms. Emily L. DiUard 

& Hipp, Lexington, SC 

Mr. and Mis. Ronald A. 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. 

Mr Richard R. Eckardt 

Ms. Erin H. Dilworth 

Mr and Mrs. David M. Doolittle 



Mr Robert R. Eckardt 

Mr. and Mrs. William R. 

Ms, Diane Doolittle 

The Rev Mr and Mrs. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. DuPre 

Mr and Mrs. Kyle H. Eckenrodi 

Dingle, Jr. 

Ms. Tracy M. Doolittle 

Cantey C. DuBose, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Dupre 

Ms. Mary Elizabeth Eckert 

Miss Kaylin Dionne 

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Dooney 

Mrs. Dorothy D. DuBose 

Mr. Cuyler T. Dupree 

Mrs. Beth Eckstein 

Mr. and Mrs. Amos J. Disasa 

Doors By Mike, Inc., 


Dr. and Mrs. George M. Dupuy 

Mr .ind Mrs. David E. Eckstein 

Dr. and Mrs. Jerman Disasa 

Conyers, GA 

DuBose, MD 
Mr William H. DuBose 

Mr. and Mrs. Norwood L. 

Mr and Mrs. Patt E. Eddings, Jr 

This cam). 

aign is about our future studen 

s. We need to build - on our so 

lid foundation - a college that 

has tlw ca 

pabilities to prepare these studei 

its to be leaders in a world that 

desperatel}/ needs PC values. 

To do thai 

, we need to attract and retain tl 

e best and brightest students a 

id faculty. 

2002 2007 

Ms. Manha C. Edens 

The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. 

Mr Hollie H. Eigle 111 

Ms. Mary E Fallaw 

Mr and Mrs. Donald W Fink 

Robert M. Edens, PhD 

James W.Eller 

Mr Brian N. Ericksen 

Mr Paul R. Fallaw 

Ms. Kathtyn Ann Fink-Johason 

Ms. Patricia L. Edgar 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Eller 

Mastet Brock Ericksen 

Mr Daniel J. Fallon 

ETC and Mts. Henry L. 

Mr. md Mrs. Btvan R. Edge 

Mr. and Mrs. James REIlinoron 

Mr and Mrs. LTennis H. 

Mr Kevin E. Fallow 


l>. and Mrs. Jefferson G. 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E Elliott 


Mr and Mr^. Robert L. Falls 

Mr and Mis. Jert^' D. Finley 

Ligens 11 

The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. 

Mr Todd M. Enckson 

F.imily Healthcate Center PA.. 

Mr and Mr. Steve Finnerty 

Mr. Rickey L. Edmond 

Ch.irles D. Elliott 

Ernst & Young Foundation, 

Clinton. SC 

Mr John W.Finney III 

Mr. Jonathan D. Edmonds 

Mr and Mts. David W Elliott 

Cleveland, OH 


Mr Harper J. Finucan 

Mr. and Mrs. Tlioinas Edmonds 

Ml. and Mrs. James E. Elliott 

Ernst & Young Foundation, 

FannieMae Foundation. 

First Baptist Church, 

Mr. and Mrs. Jack B. 

Mr. and Mts. Joseph G.Elliott 

New York, NY 

Princeton, NJ 

Clinton, SC 

Edmunds, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. David A, Elliott 

Ernst & Young, Dallas, TX 

Mr Jeremy Farbet 

First Baptist Church, 

Mr. Graham B. Edmunds 

Mr Matthew Philip Elliott 

Mr .and Mrs, Francis D. Ertel 

Mr and Mrs. JarvisJ. Fargo 

Joann.., SC 

Mr. and Mrs. Weston Edmunds 

Mr Richard E Elliott 

Mr and Mn,. Samuel F Etvin 111 

Mr and Mrs. John P Fans 

First Baptist Church, 

Educational Directions, Inc., 

Mt, and Mrs, Robert W, Elliott 

Tlie Rev. Mr and Mts. 

Mis. Mildred C. Fans 

Liuiens, SC 

Greenville, SC 

Mr and Mts. L. Elli.itt 

Michael B.Erwin,Jr 

Mr Rhea A. Fans, Jr 

FiRr C^itizens Bank, Lautens, SC 

The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. 

Elliott Davis, LLC Advisoi 

Mrs. Nancy Erwin 

Mr and Mrs. Steven L. Fansh 

FiRt Citizens Bank, 

Albert G.Edwards 

CPAs - Consultants, 

Mr James L. Eskew 

Mr Thomas K.Farley 

Spartanbutg, SC 

LTCind Mrs. Allen M. 

Greenwood, SC 

Mr Maxie Eskew 

Mr Burke Farley 

Fiist Fedeial Savings and Loiin 

Edwards, DMD 

Elliott, Davis &. Company, 

ESSO Club, Inc, Seneca, SC 

Mr and Mrs. Tarlochan Famiay 

of Lake County, Eustis, FL 

Mr. Beniamin J. Edwards 

Green\'ille. SC 

Mr and Mrs. Bnan T Estes 

Mr ,ind Mrs. Jason M. Fanner 

Fiist Pentecostal Holiness 

l>. and Mrs, Br^an P Edwards 

Mr. and Mrs. Andy Ellis 

Mr Charles L. Estes, Jr 

Ms. Freida C. Farmer 

Chufch, Clinton, SC 

Ms. Caroline B. Edwards 

Ms. Brantley A. Ellis 

Mr Thomas L. Estes 111 

Dt. and Mrs. James 0. Fanner 

FiRt (Scots) Presbyterian 

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher B. 

Mt. and Mts. Lairy Ellis 

Mr Dan G. Etheredge 

Mr and Mrs. James A. Fanner 

Church, Charleston, SC 


Master Chad Ellis 

Mr David H. Etheridge .ind Dr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph A. 

First (Scots) Presbyterian Church 

Mr. and Mrs. John 0. Edwards 

Mr. Charles B. Ellis 

Tricia L. Etheiidge 

Fanner 111 

Circle 5, 

Ms. Evelyn Edwards 

Mr. Donald Ross Ellis 

Mr and Mis. Carl N. 

Mr and Mrs. Timothy B. Fanner 

Charleston, SC 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick B. 

Mt. and Mrs. Donald Ellis 

Ettmger Jr 

Farmers &i Merchants Bank. 

First Ptesbytetian Chutch, 


Ms. Ginger C. Ellis 

Mr and Mrs, Bruce A. Evans 

Eatonton, GA 

Andetson, SC 

Mr, and Mrs. Gary R. Edwards 

MtRtxldeyS Ellis 111 .,ndl>. 

Ms. Cathetine M. Evans 

Mr and Mis. Edwatd D. 

Fimt Presbyterian Church, 

Ms. Haley Eli2abeth Edwards 

Jane P Ellis 

Mr and Mrs. Joseph B. Evans 


Asheville, NC 

Mr. and Mrs. James A. 

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin D. Ellis 

Mr and Un. Joseph B. Evans 

Mr William B. Famswotth 

Fifst Presbyterian Church, 

Edwards 111 

Mr. Luke S. Ellis and Mrs. 

Ms. Leslie S.Evans 

Ms. Debra Faucett 

Beauf.irr, SC 

Mr. James D. Edwards, Jr. 

Rachel R. Ellis 

COL Lloyd R. Evans 

COL Emmett A. Faulk 

First Presbytenan Chuich, 

Mr. .ind Mrs. Jimmy Edw.irds 

Mt.RobettMillen Ellis, Jt. 

Ms. Lucy E. Evans 

Dr and Mrs. Bradford K. 

Btistol, TN 

Mr. and Mrs. John H. 


Mr and Mrs. Johnny J. Evans 


FiRt Ptesbytenan Chuich, 

Edwards 111 

Mr. Sloan R Ellis 

The Rev. Mr Ralph 

Mr and Mn,. Russell L. Favorite 

Chailotte, NC 

Mr. and Mrs.John H.Edwards 11 

Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Ellis 

McKnight Evans 

Dr Shifley M. Fawley 

Fiisl Presbyrerian Church, 

Ms. Lori W. Edwards 



Mr Michael S. Faya 

Cheiaw, SC 

Mrs. Susie Evelyn Edwards 

Mr. and Mrs. Barr>- Ellison 

Mr and Mrs, Robert Evans 

Ms. Barbara H. Fayad 

First Presbyterian Church, 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. 

l>. Edna Ellison 

Dr. and Mis. Ronald L. Evans 

Mr .ind Mrs. James W.Fayssoux 

Clinton, SC 

Edwards, Jr. 

Mr James E. Ellison 

Mr and Mrs. Thomas F Evans 

Mr .and Mrs. Matthew S. 

First Presbyterian Chuich 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. 

Mrs. Jcinnette P Ellison 

Mrs. Willie B. Evans 


Counseling Centet, Inc., 

Edwards, Jr. 

Mr and Mis. Tern" L. Ellison 

Mr and Mr. Bradley S. Evatt 

Federal Deposit Insutance 

Columbia, SC 

The Honorable Mr. and Mrs. 

Mr. Ashton McGee Elmore 

Dr. H.Parker Evatt 

Corporation. Columbia. SC 

Fifst Ptesbytenan Chutch, 

Tommy B. Edwards 

Mr. and Mrs. Brad Elmore 

Mr and Mrs. Perry D. Evatt 

Mn,. Susan C.Fedor 

Columbus, GA 

Mastet Walker Edwards 

ETC & Mrs. Hugh Lee 

Evening Light »260O.E.S, 

Mr and Mrs. LX.nald C. Fehr 

First Piesbyterian Church. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley W. 

Elmore, Jr. 

Clinton, SC 

Mr and Mrs. Jackie L, Felts 

Co\'ington. GA 


Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Elmore 

Mr and Mrs. George W. Everett 

Mr and Mis. Haiold E. 

Fits! Piesbyterian Church, 

Mr, and Mrs. William H. 

COL Robert E.Elmote,Jr 

Ms. Elizabeth Evethan 


Dalton, GA 


Ms. Amy Elizabeth Elrod 

Mr and Mr>. Philip M. Everhart 

Mr and Mis. Cabin L. Ferguson 

Fin,t Presbytenan Church, 

Mr .ind Mrs. William J. Egan 


Mr and Mis. Ande Evers 

Mr and Mrs. Charles H. 

Floience, SC 


Mr Joshua B. Elrod 

Everware-CBDl, Fairfax, VA 


First Presbyterian Church, 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. 

Mrs. Mimi Elrod 

MrandMrs. BrettA.Evilsizor 

Mr and Mrs. Ch.arles Ferguson 

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 


Dr. and Mn. Robert H. Elr>.xl 

Mrs. Vickie L. Evilsizor 

Mrs. Elizabeth D. Fetguson 

First Ptesbytetian Church. 

Mr .ind Mrs. Robert L. Ehrhardt 

Mr and Mrs. William A. 

Mrs. Eliiabedi R. Ewell 

Mr and Mrs. John R. Ferguson 

Greensboro. NC 

Mr and Mrs. Sheldon W. 


Dr. and Mrs. G. W Ewell 

Mr and Mr. Joseph W. 

First Presbyterian Church. 

Ehringer, Jr. 

Mr .ind Mr. John E. Elsley 

Mr Benjamin Hampton Ewing 


Greenville. SC 

Mr. Nathan A. Einstein 

Mr and Mr,. Christopher Elvis 

Mr E. K. Ewing 

Mr and Mrs. Patrick C. 

First Ptesbytetian Chutch. 

Mrs. Mane L Etsenberg 


Exchange Club of Lautens, SC 


Greenwood. SC 

Elaine's Gifts, Clinton, SC 

Mr and Mrs. Russell Emerson 

Mr and Mrs. Timothy R. E.xley 

ETC and Mrs. Paul E Ferguson, Jr 

First Presbyterian Church. 

Mr. and Mn,. Andrew G. Elam 11 

EMS, Inc, Clinton, NC 

Exxon Mobil Foundation 

Mr Paul E Ferguson 111 

Greer, SC 

Elberta Limited, Johnston, SC 

ENABLE Management 

Educational Matching Gift 

Mr and Mis. Will B. Fetguson 

FiRt Presbyterian Chuich, 

Dt. and Mrs. George B. Elder 

Consulting, Inc., Clinton, SC 

Program. Princeton, NJ 

Ms. Lynda G. Fetrell 

Griffin, GA 

Mr. George W.B. Elder 

Ms. Jenni R. Engebtetsen 

Ex.xon Mobil Research and 

Mr and Mrs. George T. 

First Presbyterian Church, 

Mr, Ted L, Elders 

Mr and Mrs. Joseph A. Engle 

Engineering, Memfield, VA 

Fesperman 111 


Mr, Larry R. Eleazer 

Mr Andrew Russell English 

Mr James H Eyerman 

Mr and Mrs. John L. Fespemian 

First Presbyterian Church. 

Mr. William N.Elebash 

Mr and Mrs. Russell C. English 

Mr and Mrs. James A. Eyles 

Ms. Rebecca R. Fewell 

Lancaster. SC 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Elfand 

Mr Brian C. Enlow 

Mr and Mrs. M. M. Fackler 

Mr and Mrs. Gregg K. Ficer>' 

First Ptesbytetian Church, 


Ms. Clayton M. Enoch 

Mr .ind Mrs. William M. 

Mr and Mts. Mark A. Fichten 

Laurens, SC 


Mr Hetbeit L. Entrekin, Jr 


Mr and Mis. John A. Ficklin 

First Piesbyterian Church, 

Ms. Cynthia K. Elkins 

Mr Patrick W. Emoi 

Dr. Donald M. Fairbaim 

Fidelity Investments Charitable 

Moncks Comer. SC 

Mr. James SEIkins 111 

Mr and Mrs. Walter P En:or 111 

The Faith Foundation. Inc.. 

Gift Fund, Boston, MA 

First Presbyterian Chuich. 

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore W. 

Mr Brian M. Epperly 

Marietta, GA 

Mr and Mis. Geoige A. 

Myrtle Beach. SC 


Mr and Mrs. Haynesworth V. 

Mr James C. Grittet and Mrs. 


Fitst Ptesbyterian Church. 

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Ellefson 

Epps 111 

Lon M. Falcone-Gritter 

Mr David M. Fields 

Nashville, TN 

Mr, Ted W. Ellefson, Sr. 

Equitable Real Estate 

Mr and Mrs. John C, Falk, Sr 

Ms. Sharon Fields-McComiick 

First Presbyterian Church, 


Investment Management. 

Ms. Kathryn M. Falk 

Ms. Sally EFifftck 

New Bern, NC 

Inc., Atlanta, GA 


Mr and Mrs. Grady L. Fincher 

First Presbyterian Church, 

1 1 Liberal Learning L 

J Semice ^W" 


C Clmitm, fmlh Z 

1 Honor C Comnnoul, 

ThePromise^^eChallenee I 

2002 2007 



Savmiiah, GA 

Mrs. M. E. Floyd 

Foundation for the Carolinas, 

Mr. Jeffrey Scott Frazier 

The Fullerton Foundation, Inc., 

First Presbyterian Church, 

Mr. and Mis. Perry A. Floyd 

Charlotte, NC 

Mr. and Mrs. W. F Frazier 

Gaftney, SC 

Spartanburg, SC 

The Rev. Dr. and Mis. 

Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Fountain 

Ms. Heather L. Frederick 

Mrs. Mary Anna Fulmer 

First Presbyterian Church, 

William R.Hoyd,Sr. 

Fountain City Presbyterian 

Mr. and Mr. Shawn Frederick 

Robert V Fulmer, MD 

Sumter, SC 

Ms. Carolyn Flynn 

Church, KnoxviUe, TN 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. 

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin M. 

First Presbyterian Church, 

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Rynn 

Fountain Inn Chapter « 60, 


Fulton, Jr. 


Mr. John K. Flynn 

Fountain Inn, SC 

Dr. Rohyn L. Frederick 

Dr. Laura Y. Fulton 

First Tennessee/First Hori:on 

Dr. Mitchell L. Flynn 

Fountain Inn Presbyterian 

Dr. and Mrs. Harr\- J. Free 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Fultz 

Matching Gift Program, 

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley S. Flynt 

Church, Fountain Inn. SC 

Mr. Thomas E. Free 

Mrs. Jean Funderburke 

Memphis, TN 

Mr. and Mts. Wayne BFober 

Mrs. Cecilia Foumil 

Mr. William R. Free. Jr. 

Funding Concepts, LLC. 

First Union Corporation, 

Dr. and Mrs. James E. Fogartie 

Fourth Presbyterian Church, 

Free Family Foundation. 

Bethesda, MD 

Princeton, NJ 

Mrs. .-Angela Elmore Foggie 

Greenville, SC 

Clearwater. FL 

Mrs. Dorothy C. Fuqua 

First Union National Bank of 

Ms. Almena W. Foglc 

The Rev Mr. and Mrs. 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. Freedman 

The Rev Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. 

Notth Carolina, Charlotte, 

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob E. Fogle 

Clarence D. Fouse, Jr. 

Mrs. Elaine T Freeman 



Mr. and Mrs. Kevin F Foley 

The Rev Ms. Jennifer 

Mr. and Mrs. Garrell H. 

Mr. Roberta Fuqua 

First United Methodist Church, 

Mr. and Mrs. Sean P. Foley 

Elaine Fouse 

Freeman, Jr. 


Laurens, SC 

Ms. Caroline P Folger 

Ms. Mary M. Fouse 

Mr. and Mrs. Garrell H. 

Fumian 111 

First United Methodist Church, 

Mr. R. Andrew Folb 

Ms. Helen A. Four 

Freeman, Sr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Courtney Furman 

West Point, GA 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Folks 

Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Fowler 

Mr. and Mrs. Roben S. Freeman 

Furniture Showcase St Interior 

Mr. and Mrs. Horst D. Fischer 

Mr. and Mrs. Roger P 

Mr. Joel Alfred Fowler 

Mr. and Mrs. Ted B. Freeman 

Design, Easley, SC 



The Rev Mr. and Mrs. 

Mr. Thomas K. Freeman 

Mr. and Mrs. George H. 

Ms. Eulalie Fisher 

Ftxxl One, Inc, 

John D. Fowler 

Mr. and Mrs. William A. 

Furse III 

Ms. Glona Barrett Fisher 

Huntersville, NC 

Ms. Kathleen A. W. Fowler 


Mr. and Mrs. Carey D. Fussell 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Fisher 

Foothills Community 

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis W. 

LTC and Mrs. William C. 

Mr. Gene Gahbard 

Mrs. Maryarin Fisher 

Foundation, Anderson, SC 

Fowler 111 


Mr. Joseph M. Gaddy, Jr. 

Mrs. Rhonda K. Fisher 

Foothills Presbytery, 

Mr. and Mrs. Roy M. Fowler 

Freeman & Major Architects 

Dr. and Mrs. Roger A. Gaddy 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Fisher 

Greenville, SC 

Mrs. Susan R Fowler 

PA, Greenville, SC 

Mr. and Mrs. Ruhis H. Gaddy 

Mr. and Mrs. David D. Fitch 

Ms. Katrina L. Foppiano 

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne N. Fowler 

Mr. George F Freemon. Jr. 


Mr. and Mi^. James R.Fite 

Mr. and Mrs. William L. 

Mr. Ben Fox 

Mrs. Nan F Freemon 

Mr. James M. Gafftiey 

Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Fitts, ]r. 

Forbes, Sr. 

Miss Katie Fox 

Ms. Emily H. Freeze 

Mr. and Mrs. Sean L. Gahan 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred M. Fitzpatrick 

Mr. and Mrs. William L 

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Fox 111 

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Freeze. Sr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Charles Gaines 

Mr. James Randolph Fitzpatrick 

Forbes, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Fox 

Mr. and Mrs. James S.M. 

Mr. and Mrs. George A. Gaines 

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Flanagan 

Mr. and Mrs. William R Force 

Ms. Sarah Crawford Fox 


Mr- and Mrs. Ike Gaines 

The Rev Mr. James 

Ms. Betty Ford 

Mr. and Mrs. William E. B, Foxx 

John W. French, MD, and Natalee 

Dr. and Mrs. Marion T 

William Flanagan, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Garrett T Ford 

Foxv Lady of Rainbow HarKir, 

M. French, MD 

Gaines IV 

Ms. Jessica Brook Flanagan 

COL Grover M.Ford 

Inc, Myrtle Beach, SC 

Mr. David K. Freudenheim 

Ms. Phyllis M.Gaines 

Mr. John ]. Ranagan, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Ford 

Mrs. Barbara A. Frady 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. 

Ms. Alyssa R Gair 

Ms. Lisa Flannagan 

Ms. Joyce Ford 

Mr. Jon B.Davis and Mts. Lisa 


Mr. and Mrs. Francis C. Gair 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Fliiska 

Mr. and Mrs. William K. Ford 


Dr. and Mts. Jerr\' D. Frey 

Mr. Russell Forbes Gale 

Ms. Virginia M. Flatau 

Mr. and Mrs. William S.Ford, Jr. 

Dr. Gadsden C. Frampttm, It. 

Mr. Jesse C. Frey 

Mr. and Mrs. David P Galik 

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Flatters- 

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip J. Ford 


Mr. John M. Frey 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. GaU 

Miss Elrabeth Heeman 

Mr. Ralph M.Ford. Jr. 

Rev Mrs. Vicki Hamngton 

Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn Frey 

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Gallagher 

Fleet Financial Group, 

Ford Matching Gift Program to 


Ms. Wanda Frey 

Mr. Andrew W Goodspeed and 

Providence, Rl 

Advance Education, 

Mr. and Mrs, William W.Francis 

Dr. Robert H. Freymeyer and Dr. 

Ms. Pan-icia J. Gallagher 

Mrs. Bett^' Fleischman 

Princeton, NJ 

Mrs. Jane R.Frank 

Barbara E. Johnson 

Mr. Patrick E. Gallaher 

Mr. and Mrs. Branch R, Fleming 

Mr. Michael H. Forgione 

Mr. and Ms. Peter Frank 

Mr. and Mrs. Otis R. Frick 

The Rev Mr. Albert B. Galloway 

Mr. and Mrs. Drew Fleming 

Ms. Lon-aine Formato 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronaldo Frank 

Ms. Erin Nichole Jonker Friday 

Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Galloway 

The Rev Mr. and Mrs. 

Mr. and Mrs. D. Anderson 

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Friday 

Mr. and Mrs. Cally W Galloway 

George A. Fleming 

Fonest. Jr. 

Franklin V 

Mr. Gary Fnedman 

LTC and Mrs. Charles W. 

Mr. H. Creswell Fleming, jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Fonester 

Mr. and Mis. James D. Franklin 

Ms. Ellen Friedman 


Mr. and Mrs. H. Franklin 

Mrs. Rebekah T. Forresrer 

Ms. Miriam K. Franklin 

Friends of ClinronSC, Inc. 

Mr. and Mrs. Clinton B. 


Ms. Tanith L. Fonester 

Mr. and Mrs. S. 0. Franklin 

Fnendship A. M. E. Church, 


Mr. and Mrs. ]. Barrett Fleming 

Fort Hill Presbyterian Church, 

John and Mar\' Franklin 

Clinton, SC 

Mr. David Elliot Galloway 

The Rev. Dr. James P 

Clemson, SC 

Foundation, Inc.. 

Mrs. Henry Frierson 

The Rev Mr. Edward 

Fleming, DD 

Mr. Wiley Davis Forte 

Atlanta. GA 

Mr. Norman L. Fnerson 

Eugene Galloway 

Mr. and Mrs. MacDonald B. 

Mr. Fmnk C. Former 

Mr. and Mis. Donald B. 

Mr. Roben V. Fnerson, Sr. 

Ms. Elizabeth Galloway 


Mr, and Mrs. Robert D. Forrson 

Franks, Sr. 

Mrs. Susan B. Frierson 

Mr. Harvey L. Galloway. Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip M. Fleming 

Mr. David S. Fortune 

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Frank 

Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Frierson. Jr. 

The Rev Dr. and Mrs. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F 

Ms. Elizabeth A. Fomine 

Franks Carwash of Bush River 

Dr. and Mrs. Todd W, Emit 

Henry G. Galloway 

Fleming, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Fortune 

Road. Inc., Columbia, SC 

Mr. Jeffrey Lamar Fnister 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Richard 

Dr. Evon 0. Flesberg 

Ms. Jo Ellen For,' 

Franks Canvash of Lexington, 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C.Fr\e 111 

Galloway, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Hetcher 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. Foster 111 

Inc., Lexington, SC 

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C, Ewe, Jr, 

Mr. John Michael Galloway 

Mr. Michael K. Fletcher 

Mr. Bobby Foster 

Franks Carwash of Orangeburg, 

Dr. and Mrs. Walter R.Fr^'e. Jr. 

Mr, Joseph Galloway 

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory B. 

Mr. and Mrs. Traverse S. 

Inc., Orangeburg, SC 

Mrs. Norma W Fr^-togle 

The Rev Dr. Lewis Galloway 


Foster 111 

Mr. and Mrs. Luis Franso- 

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Fudge 

and The Rev Dr. Eleanor H. 

Flint River Presbytery, 

Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Foster IV 


Mr. Charles P Fulford 


Albany, GA 

Mrs. Francis R Foster 

Master Bobby Frantz 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fulford 

Mr. Matthew Galloway 

Mr. and Mrs. John M. 

Harry R. Foster, Jr. MD 

Miss Courtney Frantz 

Mrs. Nancy J. Fulford 

Mr. and Mrs. Monis M. 

Florence, Jr. 

Ms. Holly A. Foster 

Dr. and Mrs. John S. Frantz 

Ms. Anne S. Fuller 

Galloway, Jr. 

Mr. Mike Florence 

Mr. Horace Foster 

Miss Maggie Frantz 

Mrs, Donna D, Fuller 

Mr. and Mts. W. Rutledge 

Mr. and Mrs. Randolphe G. 

Mr. and Mrs. Howell J. Foster, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Frantz 

Mr, lesse F Fuller 



Mr. and Mrs. Jeff M.Foster 

Mrs. Charles E. Eraser 

Mr. and Mrs, Jim Fuller 

Galloway-Bell, Inc., Easley, SC 

Mr. Donald S. Flowers, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip F Foster 

Mr. and Mrs. Denson H. Fra.ser 

Mr. and Mrs. Josephs, Fuller 

Dr. Bnan D. Galvin 

Ms. Frankie Flowers 

Mr. and Mrs, Richard B. Foster 

Mr. and Mrs. 1. S. Eraser 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Fuller 

Mr. Charles B. Gamble 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Flowers 

Mr. and Mrs, Thomas R. Foster 

Mrs. Nell McCill Eraser 

Ms. Leanne Linzev Fuller 

Dr. and Mis. D. T Gamble 

Ms. Sandra E. Flowers 

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy C. Foster 

MrCirlo^M iT.itKclli 

Dr. LmdaC. Fuller and 

Mr. and Ms. D. Jefferson 

Mr. and Mrs. John C.Floyd, jr. 

John Foster Motors, Inc., 

MrFr,inu,\l \l [r,i;.cr 

Dr. Millard D, Fuller 



Liurens, SC 
Mr. Peter J, Fotos 


Ms. Margaret A, Fuller 

Mr. ;ind Mrs. Troy 0. Gamble 


mi always heen clear what PC 

vas about. Through times of gr 

eat growth and change, wc nci 

(')• /use sight of who wc arc 


i from where wc came. We rema 

in focused on six core vales that 

ground us in tlie ^mst and scrvL 

as our guide for ttic fulurc. 


tetlier graduating in 1928 or 201 

18 we will always be unified by t 

hese values. 

TJimik \/ou ... 

... for the Russell-Arnold Archives, the 

iieio home for Presbyterian College' special 

collections and a wonderful new facility for 


Mr. and Mrs. James C. 

Gamhrell. Jr. 
Ms, Juliana Gambrell 
Mrs. Sarah B. Gambrell 
Dr. and Mrs. Bryan F. Ganaway 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gandolfo 
Mr. David A. Cant 
Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Gantt. Jr. 
Mr. Frederick H.Gantt III 
Mrs. Doris Gar 
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. 

Frank T. Garden 
Drs. John and Eliiabeth Gardnei 
Mr. and Mrs. Jason F Gardner 
Ms. Sarah Brittany Gardner 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. 

Gardner. Jr. 
Mr. James W. Garland 
Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Gamer 
Mr. Donald W. Gamer. Jr. 
Dr. and Mrs. Francis B. Gamer 
Ms. M.J. Gamer 
Ms. Mar]orie H. Gamer 
Mrs. Martha 1. Garrard 
Ms. Virginia L. Garrard 
Mr. Blake P. Garrett, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. David T.Gan-ett 

Mr. Gary D. Garrett 
Mr. and Mrs. Geoi^e C. 

Garrett, Jr. 
Ms. Ken L. Garrett 
Mr. Randy Garrett 
Mr. and Mrs. David Garrett 
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher D. 

Mr. and Mrs. William K. Garrett 
Blake P. Garrett Foundation, 

Fountain Inn, SC 
David H. and Mary Lou S. Garrett 

Family Foundation, 

Greenville, SC 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gamott 
Mr. Ed Garrison 
Mr. J. Henry Gamson III 
Mrs. Marcia T. Garrison 
Mr. Zachary Austin Garrison 
Mr. and Mrs. Mark R Garside 
Garmer Matching Gift Program. 

Stuart. R 
Mr. John Richard Gartrell 
Ms. Amanda R. Garvin 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. 

Ganin III 
Mr. Quasi Tremayne Gary 
Mr. Sammie L. Gary IV 

Mr. L\-n\vood H. Gaskin 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Casque 
Ms. Enn Jean Gaston 
Mr. and Mrs. William W. 

Gaston III 
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Gaston 
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Gaston 
Gaston Outdoor Advertising, 

Gate Way Counseling Center, 

Laurens, SC 
Ms. Virginia C. Gatewcxxi 
Mrs. Mary C. Gath 
Df. and Mrs. David J. Gatti 
Mr. and Mrs. Cally Gault 
Mr. Marvin G. Gault, Jr. 
Dr. R. Mollis Cause. Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Andrews 
GE Corporate Aircraft Group, 

Danbury, CT 
Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Geddie 
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil C. 

Geddings. Jr. 
The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. 

Gene C Gee 

Mr. and Mrs. Bogan D. Gee 
Mr. Siindamwan Geeganage and 
Ms, Kristin A. Johnson 
Tlie Rev Mr, and Mrs. 

Philip R.Gehman 
Mr. and Mrs, Randall H- 

Mr. and Mrs, Matthew^ A, 

Ms. Chanty L. Gencarelli 
GenCorp Foundation. Inc., 

Sacramento, CA 
General Motors, Prmceton, NJ 
General States Rights Gist 

Camp 1451, Jonesville. SC 
Mr and Mrs. Paul Genova 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Gentle 
Mr. and Mrs. J. T.Gentry 
Major and Mrs. John T, 

Gentry, Jr. 
Mrs. Marjone B. Gentr\ 
Ms. Sarah W. Gentry- 
George's Pizza & Pasta. 

Clinton, SC 
Georgetown Presbyterian 

Church. Georgetown. SC 
Georgia Power Foundation, Inc., 

Princeton, NJ 
Georgia-Pacific Corporation, 

Atlanta. GA 
(. Tcorgion Associates. Inc., 

Spartanburg, SC 
Mr. John Randolph Georgius 
Cynthia MA Geppert, MD PhD 
Mr. and Mrs. Evander Gerald 
Mr. Charles A. Gertler 
Gert: & Moore. Columbia, SC 
Mr. Ryan J. Gestwicki 
Mr. James R. Gettys 
Ms. Jean L. Gettys 
The Rev. Dr. Joseph Miller 

Gettys, Sr. 
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph M. 

Gettys, Jr. 
Mrs. Mary W. Gettys 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Gettys 
Mr. and Mrs. William D 

Gettys. Sr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Getway 
Ms. Mary Nell Gholson 
Mr, and Mrs. Peter B.Gibbes 
Mr, James M. Gibbs 
Mr. and Mrs. Leon M. Gibbs 
Mr. and Mrs. David Gibson 
Mrs. Betty C. Gibson 
Mr. and Mrs. Carl N, Gibson 
Mr. and Mrs. James W. 

Gibson II 
Mr. and Mrs. Jason A. Gibson 
Mr. John W.Gibson 
Mrs. Ozelle M. Gibson 
Mrs. Sara DeLoache Gibson 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Gibson 
Mr. William A. Gibson 
Ms, Mary Winter Giddmgs 
Dr..mdMrs. PaulW.Giddings 
Mr. and Mrs. William M. 

Mr. William M.Giftord HI 
Dr. and Mrs. Carl N. Gilbert 
Ms. Jane K. Gilbert 
Ms. Mane R, Gilbert 
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Gilben 
Ms, Elizabeth R.Giles 
LTClRet.) and Mrs. Jl^R. Giles 
Ms. Danielle Gladneice Gill 
Mr. .md Mrs. Dale Gill 
Mr. and Mrs. M,R. Gill 
Ms. Melissa A. Gill 
Mr. Michael E. Gill 
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Gill 
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Gillam 
Mrs. Charlotte Gillespie 
Mr. Gavin A. Gillespie 
Dr. and Mrs. J. D. Gillespie 
Mrs. Sarah Gillespie 
Mr. Stephen G. Gillespie 
Dr. and Mrs. William C. 

Mr. Fred L. Gillum 
Mr. and Mrs. William F 

Mrs. Pauline R. B. Gilreath 
Mr. and Mts. James E. Gilson 
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel S. Gilstrap 
Mr. Lewis E. Gilstrap, Jr. 
Mrs. Gail Gingrey 
Mr. and Mrs. Marion F Ginn 
Mr. and Ms. Joseph Gittings 
The Honorable Mr. and Mrs. 

Maurice VGiunta 
Mr. Frar\klin Antwon Givens 
Dr. and Mrs. Charles L. Glace 
Mr. James W. Glace 
Mr- and Mrs. John L. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Glaspey 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Glass, Jr. 
Ms. Sara A. Glass 
Mrs. Mary Kate Glasser 
Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Gleason 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas 

A. Gleaton 
Ms. Arlita Gletchman 
Ms. Christine L.GIeichman 
Master Andrew Elliott Glenn 
Ms. Elizabeth I. Glenn 
Mr. James W. Glenn, Jr. 
Mr. Joseph D. Glenn 
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Glenn 
Ms. Katie F Glerm 
Ms. KelleyK. Glenn 
Miss Laura Glenn 
Mr. Mark N. Glerui 
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew D. Glenn 

ThePiomisef^^eChallense | 

2002 2007 

1 ^ 


The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas 


.Atlanta, G.A 

Ms. Kathryn A. Gregory 

The Rev. Dr and Mrs. 

S. Glenn 

Marianne L. Goolsby 

Mr. Robert Stevenson Gravlee 

Mrs. Natalie Anne Gregory 

Julian D. Guess 


Mrs. Anna G. Gordon 

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Gravlee 

Dr. and Mrs, Greg Greiner 

Ms. Juha Chandler Guess 

Glenn 111 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. Dial Gray 111 

Mr. Mark E, Grenkoski 

Mrs. Julia Guess 

Mr. and Mb. William D. Glenn 

Gordon, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Barr^' E. Gray 

Mr and Mrs, Charles D. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Guess 

Miss Ashleigh Megan Glessner 

Mr. James O.Gordon 

Mr. Duncan S. Gray 


Mr. and Mrs. Sanders R. 

Mr. and Mrs. David Glessner 

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Gordon 

Ms, Helen S. Gray 

Mr. William J. Gresham 


COL(Ret.) and Mi5. Robert W. 

Master Josh Gordon 

Mr. William A. Gray and The 

Mr. and Mis. Samuel T Grey 

Mr. and Mis. Robert T 


Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E 

Rev. Mis. Joan S. Gray 



Global Impact, Alexandria, VA 


Mr. Lloyd H.Gray, Jr. 

Mr. John V. Gnce 


Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. 

Mr. W A. Gray 

Mr and Mrs. Paul B. Grich 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gully, Jr. 

Glover, Jr. 


Mr. and Mrs. William L Gray 

Mr and Mrs. John D. Grider, Sr 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. 

Mr. and Mrs. John N. Glover 

Mr. William D. Gordon 

Mr. and Mrs. W. Wayne Gray 

Mr. Francis E. Grier 

Gully, Jr. 

Mr.anJMrv Limont Gl.wer 

Mr. and Mrs. George A. Gore 

Mr. and Mis. Jack S. Graybill 

Ms. Kathryn Alexander Grier 

Mr. and Mrs. Cooper Gunby 

Mr. and .Mr- R..n,dJ IV Glover 

Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Gosnell, Sr 

CPT David E. Grayson, MD 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Grier 

Mr. and Mrs. Clayton L. Guntet 

Mr. and .MrvThillirN Glover 

Mr. Christopher Tyler Goss 


Mr. and Mrs. William H. Grier 

Mr. Daniel L. Guntet, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. S. Taylor Glover 

Mastei Britt Gossett 

Grayson, Jr. 

CPT and Mrs. David J. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Gurley 


Mr and Mrs. Christopher .A. 

Ms. Valencia G.Gray-Williams 

Grieve, Sr. 

Mr. Charles and Dr. Anita 0. 

The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. 


Great Wliite Pool Construction, 

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Grieve, Jr 


Michael J. Glymph 

Master Reid Gossett 

Inc.. Winter Park, a 

Mr. and Mrs. Hiram FGriffies 

Master Karl Gust.ifson 

Mr. and Mn,. William E. 

Dr. Bhuvenesh C. Goswami and 

Greater Atlanta Presbyterj', 


Mr. Robert E, Gustatson 

Gobbel, Sr. 


.Atlanta, G.A 

Grifiin, Jr. 

Mr Mark A. Guthrie 


Dr. and Mrs. Edward M. Gouge 

The Greater Birmingham 

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher T 

Mr, and Mis. Mark R Guthrie 

Gobbel, Jr. 

Mr. and Mre. David Gould 

Foundation, Bimiingham, AL 


Mr. and Mrs. William B. 

Mr. Harold D.Godbee 111 

Dr. and Mrs. Frederick W. 

The Greek Shop, Clinton, SC 

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh M. Griffin 


Mr. and Mrs. Eric M. Godfree 

Gourd in 

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Greely 

Mr. and Mrs. Hunter L. Griffin 

Mr. and Mrs. Robbie Gwinn 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Godfree 

Government Street Presbytenan 

Mr. and Mrs. Alan W Green 

Mrs. Marjorie Griffin 

Mr. and Mrs. R M. Gwinn 

Mr. and Mrs. C. Spencer 

Churdi, .\1 

Mr. and Mrs. Carey Green 

Ms. LucindaJ.Grtffis 

Mr. Perry Gwinn 


Mr. and Mr- 1 .M ^..-.«Jn^ 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Green 

Mr. and Mrs. John D.Griffith 

Ms. Jacquelyn Reiko Gypm 

Mr. Edward D. Godfrey 


Mr. Charles Randall Green 

Mrs. Carol Griffith 

Mr. Terry L. Haas 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Godfrey 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. 

Mr. Joel T Gnftith 

Mr. and Mrs. Stewart N. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Godfrey 

Gower 111 

Green, Jr. 

Ms. Kelly Griffidi 


Sarah S. Godfrey Charitable 

Mr. Charies M. Grace 111 

Mr. and Mns. Craig A. Green 

Dr. and Mrs. John V Griffith 

The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. 

Tmst, Atlanta, GA 

Mr. and Mrs. Kennedi B. 

Mr. and Mb. E.L Green, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Steve C. 

Ernest E. Haddad 


Grace, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. EldonL Green 111 

Griffith, Jr 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. 

Mrs. Tami L. Godman 

Ms. Leslie W.Grace 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Green 

Ms. Emily Margaret Grigg 


Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. 

Grace Covenant Presbyterian 

lames F. Green, MD 

Mr. John W. Griggs, Jr. 



Church, Laurens, SC 

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Green 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark G.Griggs 

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Hadelman 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Godwin 

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick W.Grady 

Mr. and Mrs, L. W. Green 

Mr. Robert Grigsby 

Mr Michael K.Hatley 

Mr. Roger D.Godwin 

Mr. and Mrs. John W.Grady 

Mr. and Mrs. Comn J. Green 

Mr and Mrs. Dennis R. Grills 

Mr. Robert R. Haftier 111 

Dr. Gregory D. Goeckel 

Mr. William B Grady 

Mis. Maltha L. Green 

Mr. Morgan D. Grimball 

Mr. Samuel A. Hagen 


Mr. John W. Giagg 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Green 

Gnmball, Cottenll & Associates 

Mr. and Mrs. Eric S. Hager 


Mr. Charles M. Graham, Jr 

Ms. Sabra K. Green 

LLP Columbia, SC 

Mr and Mrs. Mike Haggard 

Mrs. Tanya Goff 

Mr. Ernest M. Gtaham, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Erik S. Greenbaum 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Grimm 

Mr. and Mrs. Roy M. Haggard 

Ms. Karin E. Gofordi 

Mr. and Mrs. Harrell E. Graham 

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Greene 

Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Grimm 

Ms. .Annie N. Haggart 

Mr. Travis N. Goforth 

Mr. and Mrs. Jackson C. 

Ms. Deborah C. Greene 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Grindle 

Ms. Rebecca Hagler 

Mr Jesse J. Coins and 

Graham 111 

Mr and Mrs. Joseph H. Greene 

Mr. Jason G. Gnner 

Mr. and Mrs. Kurt M. Haglund 

Dr. Catherine Everett 

Mr. Jimmy Graham 

Mr. and Mrs. Hilliard Greene, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. William C. 

Mr. and Mrs. Al Hagood 

Ms. Shanna N. Gold 

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Graham 

Ms. Martha G. Greene 


Mr. and Mrs. George C. 

Mrs. Cheryl Golden 

The Graham Foundation, 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Greene 

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald W. Critter 

Hagood, Jr 

Mr. Jay T. Golden 

Greenville, SC 

Mis. Patsy P. Greene 

Mrs. Lucinda Grondines 

Mr. and Mrs, William M, 

Mr. Roger Golden 

Grainger Matching Gifts, 

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip L. Greene 

Mrs. Kathy P. Gtoninger 

Hagood 111 

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher P. 

Lake Forest, IL 

Mr. William J. Greene, Jr. 

Mrs, Rae Guxim 

Mr and Mrs. Duane L. 


Mr. and Mrs. Bnice Grammer 

CPT M. E. Greenlee 

Ms, Rachel E, Grooms 

Hagstrom, Jr. 

Ms. Anne M. Goldsmith 

Mr. and Mrs. William V. 

Mr. and Mrs. David G. 

Ms. Chrisann M. Gross 

Mr. Grant D. Hagy 

Mr. Br.xiks Goldsmith 



Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert D. 

Mr. Neil M. Hahl 

Mr. and Mrs Gerald Goldstein 

Mr. George M. Grant, Jr. 

Greenville Valve & Fitting 

Grossman, Jr. 


Mr. and Mrs. Hanj- G. 

LTC and Mrs. George R. Grant 

Comp.any, Piedmont, SC 

Mr. and Mrs. Earl L. 

Mr and Mrs, Edward M. Haigler 


Mr. J. C.Grant 

Mr. and Mrs. John B. 


Mr. and Mrs. Nicolas L. Haigler 

Mr. and Mrs. Francisco Gon:ale: 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph U. 

Greenwi>t hJ 

Ms. Amy Elizabeth Grove 

Mr and Mrs. Larr>' G. Hailey 

Ms. Jane Patricia Gooch 

Grant 111 

Mr. William biwton 

Mr. Christopher B. Grove 

Mr and Mis. Stanley K. Haines 


Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Grant 


Dr. and Mrs. Bnice S. Grover 

Ms. Dina M. Hair 

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence H. 

Mr. and Mrs. Tony D. Grant 

Greenwtiod Development 

Mr. and Mrs. Justin M. Gtow 

Mr. Edward C. Hair 


Ms. Vicki C.Grant 

Corporation, Greenwood, SC 


Ms. Miriam 0. Hair 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. 

Mrs. Debra Grantham 

Greenwixxl Mills, Inc., 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Gnibbs 

Mr. and Mrs. Garry R. Haire 


Mr. and Mrs. David C. Grate, Jt. 

Greenwood, SC 

Mrs. Faye R Gnibe 


Ms. Bemice C. Goodson 

Mrs. Lisa C. Grate 

Mr. and Mis. Jerry Greer 

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Gniber 

Mr. and Mrs. James G, Haiiston 

Mr. and Mrs. Clifton C. 

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey F Gravely 

Ms. Laura M. Greer 

Dr. and Mrs. Michael P. Gmber 

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Hale 111 

G(xidwin 111 

The Rev. Mr. Edward Gravely 

The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Marion 

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Gniber 

Mr. and Mrs. Danny D. Hall 

Mrs. D. L. Goodwin 

and The Rev. Mis. Christina 

T. Greer 

Mr and Mrs. Wilson S. Gruber 

Dr. Donald A. Hall, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis N. 


Mr. Paul D. Greer 

Mr. and Mrs. Harry M. Gryder 

Mr and Mrs. Donald N, Rill 


Mr. and Mrs. David R. Gravely 

Mr. and Mis. William S. Greer 

Mrs. Ann Mane Grymes 

Mr, Geoffrey R, a G, Hall 

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest C. 

Mr. and Mrs. William D. 

Mr. and Mrs. .Asbu^' W Gregg 

2LT James C. Grymes 

Ms, Grace W Hall 



Mr. Benjamin Hanison 

GSl General Marerials LLC, 

Mrs, Helen Hall 

Mr. & Mt5. Evins Abney 

Mr. William M.Graves, Jr. 

Gregg, Jr. 

North Charleston, SC 

Mr and Mrs, James P Hall 

Goodwin 111 

Mr. and Mrs. William M. 

Gregg-Graniteville Foundation, 

GT Machining, Sarasota, FL 

John C. Hall, MD 

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene R. 

Graves, Sr. 

Inc., Graniteville, SC 

Mr. and Mrs. William A. 

Mr. Lee Hall 

Goodwyn 111 

The Graves Foundation, Inc., 


Mr and Mrs, Robert T Hall 

Thii cam 

}aign is about our future stutlen 

ts. We need to build - on our st 

lid foundation - a college that 

has the cc 

pabilities to prepare these stude 

its to he leaders in a world that 

desperately needs PC values. 

To do tha 

, we need to attract and retain t 

le best and brightest students a 

id faculty. 

2002 2007 

Master Luke Hall 

Mrs. Mary E. Hanahan 

The Rev. Mr Fred J. 

Mr and Mrs. Fninklin M, 

Dr and Mrs. Tliomas L. 

Mr and Mrs. George R. Hall 

Mr J. Timothy Hance 

Harmon, Jr. 



Mrs. Man' .Ajine Hall 

Mr and Mrs. David Hancock 

Ms. Hollis Harmon 

Dr. Frederick W. Hartison 

Mr .md Mrs. James Hartield 

The Rev. Ms. Man 

Mr. Guy D. Hancock 

Mrs. Kristina W. Hatold 

Ms. Ivelyn Beth Hartison 

Mr and Mn^. Charles G. 

Stewart Hall 

Mr James H.Hanaxk,Jr 

Mr. Candler C. Harper 

Mr James C. Hartison 111 


Master Matt Hall 

Mr and Mr. Jerry T. Hancock 

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Harper 

Mr James P Hamson 111 

Mr and Mis. Richatd E. 

Mr. md Mrs. Tliomas F. Hall 111 

Mr Scth Hanctxk 

Mr. Derek Lee Harper 

Mr. and Mrs. James S. 

Hathaway II 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Hall 

Mr and Mrs. Thomas D 

Mr and Mrs. Edward P Harper 

Hartison, Jr. 

Mr .ind Mis. Thomas A. 

[>. Robert G.Hall II and Dr. 


Mrs. Faith M. Harper 

Mr and Mis. Marcus C. 


Carolyn A. Malone 

Mr. Brian Hand 

Mr and Mrs. Garry R. Harper 


Mr and Mrs. Robert L. Haughr 

Mr. and Mrs. Travis C.Hall 

Mr R. Douglas Hand 111 

Ms. Holly E. W Harper 

Mrs. Meredith L. Hartison 


Ms. Tina M. Hall 

Mr and Mts. Ned Handback 

Mr. Horace E. Harper, jr 

Mr Roger A. Hartison 

Mr. Philip THausennan 

Mr. William! Hall 

Mr. and Mrs. BerrJiard G. Hane 

Mr and Mrs. John D. Harper 

Mr and Mis. James E. 

Mr and Mrs. William F 

Mr and Mrs. William W. 


Mr and Mrs. Ryan M. T. Harper 

Hartison IV 



Mr. and Mts. Robert Haney 

Ms. Tracey S. Harper 

Ms. Whimey Boykin Hamson 

Mrs. Margaret S. Hausman 

Dr. and Mrs. William W. 

Mr. and Mrs. William A. 

Mr. and Mts. Ty M. Harper 

Mr Steven Hartold 

Mr and Mis. James C. 

Hall, Jr. 

Hanger, J r 

Mr William M. Harper 

Ms. Mavis E. Hanop 


Mr and Mrs. George Hallen 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Hanks 

Mrs. Paula Harper EWthea and 

Mr Cartoll B. Han 

Mr and Mrs. Danny E. Hawkirw 

Mr and Mrs. George 0. 

Mr Richard D. Hanks 

Mr. William L.Eethea,Jr 

Mr Daniel R Hart 

Mr and Mrs. F G. Hawkins 


Mr and Mrs. Richard R Hanks 



Mr James L.Hawkins 

Hallman Wood Products Inc., 

Mrs. Tracy HanLs 

Mr R. Thomas Hanell 

Mts. Eugenia H. Han 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. 

Eatonton, GA 

Mr David L. Hanlon 

Mr and Mrs. Calvin L. 

Mrs. Hamet M. Hart 

Hawkins, Jr. 

Ms. Rachel S. Haltnvanger 

Mr and Mrs. Troy M. Hanna 

HarteLson 111 

Ms. Jenniter M. Han 

Mr and Mrs. William D. 

Mr. Kelly Haltiwanger 

Mr and Mrs. Charles B. 

Mr and Mrs. JarettM. 

Mr .ind Mts. Leighton A. Han 


Mr. and Mrs. Glenn M. Haluska 

Hanna 111 


Mr & Mrs. Louis Hamilton 

Mr. and Mrs. Brad K. Hawley 

Mr. and Mi5. Harold R.Ham, Jr. 

Katie B. Hanna, MD 

ETC and Mrs. John D 


Mts. Grace C. Hawthorne 

Mr. Carlos Clifton Hamby, Jr. 

Mr and Mis. Mark D. Hanna 


Mrs. Martha A. 0. Han 

Ms. Marilyn F Hawthome 


Ms. Jeanne S. Harmah 

Mr and Mrs. Jeremy C. 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hart 

Edward L. Hay, MD 

Mr. .md Mrs. Thelon A. 

Mr. and Mts. Robert H. Harmah 


The Harttord Insurance Group, 

Mr. and Mis. Heniy M. Hay, Jr 

Hamby III 

Mr and Mrs. Mamey L. 

Mr Robert B. Hartington 

Hartlord, CT 

Mr. Lewis H. Hay 111 

Ms. Cheme Haraill 


Mr. Thomas M. Hamngton 

Ms. Keeke Patricia Hartis 

Dr. and Mis. Lewis S. Hay 

Mr and Mrs. Alva R. Hamilton 

Ms. Whitney Lee Hannon 

Mr and Ms. W. L. Hamngton 

Mr and Mts. Thomas E. 

Mr. and Mrs. Roberts. Hay, Jr 

Mr and Mrs. Andrew R. 

Ms. Jenniter E. Hansel 

Mis. William F Han-ington 


Mr. James T Haydon 

Hamilton 111 

Mr and Mrs. Wayne J. Hansel 

The Hartington Family 

L>. and Mrs. Daniel P Hartley II 

Mr- Charles E. Hayes 

Mrs. Bett>- F. Hamilton 

Mr and Mrs. William A. 

Foundation, Atlanta, GA 

Mr ,ind Mrs. David W. Hartraan 

Mrs. Deborah L. Hayes 

COL(Ret.) and Mrs. Edivard A. 


Mr. James T. Guinn and Mis. 

The Han-Oeland Foundation, 

Mr. Jason M.Hayes 


Ms. Sandra G. Hanson 

Elisabeth Han-ington-Guinn 

Belton, SC 

Mr and Mrs. Kirby Hayes 

Mrs. Frances Deborah Hamilton 

HoytHanvey Jewelers, 

Dr. and Mns. Albert G. 

Mr and Mrs. David C. Hartsell 

Mr and Mrs, Nath T Hayes 11 

Mr and Mrs. Hany R. Hamilton 

Clinton, SC 


Mts. Ann Hanslield 

Mr. Robert W H.iyes 

Mr and Mrs. Kenton Hamilton 

Mr and Mrs. Barron C. Harbin 

Ms. Andrea R. Hanis 

Hansville Oil Milk 

Mr. and Mrs. James Hayles 

Mr and Mts. William C. 

Ms. Nonna Jean Harbin 

Ms. Ashley E. Hams 

Darlington, SC 

Ms. Mary Douglass Hayne 


Mr and Mrs. Geoflrey B. 

Mr and Mrs. Bachman B. 

Mr and Mrs. JoJuinie B. 

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore B. 

Mr and Mrs. William A. 


Harris, Jr. 


Ha^rne IV 


Mr. and Mrs. John B. Hardaway 

Mr. and Mrs. Bachman B. 

The Rev-. Mr and Mrs. Joseph 

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Haynes 

Mr. Ben H. Hammer, Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Roderick J. Hardee 

Han-is, Sr. 

S, Hanard III 

Mr and Mts. Powell Haynes 

L>. and Mrs. Charles J. 

Ms. Sarah E. Hardee 


Har\-est Chanties, 

Ms. Susan E. Haynes 

Hammer, Sr. 

Mrs. Betty Harden 

Mrs. Celia A. Hartis 

Columbia, SC 

Mr and Mrs. Douglas R. Haynie 

Mr. Lewis J. Hammet 

Mr. and Mni. Herbert Harden 

Mrs. Debra Harris 

Mr. and Ms. Manning J. Har\ey 

Mr and Mrs. Lewis B. Haynie 

Mr. Christopher M. Hammett 

Mr John M. Harden III 

Mr and Mrs. Edw<ard A. Hartis 

Mrs. Susan Haigler Harvey 

Hai-nsworth Sinkler Boyd, PA., 

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert V. 

Mr and Mrs. John W Harden 

Dr. HughC.Hartis 

Mr Cameron T Hanin 

Columbia, SC 

Hammett, Jr. 

Mr and Mrs. James C. 

Ms. Jennifer Hams 


Mr and Mis. Robert W.Hays 

Mrs. Mariola Hammill 

Harden 111 

Mr and Mrs. Jerry L. Hams 

Ms. Jean L. Ha^^■ln 

Mis. Sara V Hays 

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony T. 

Mr and Mrs. Scott Hardigree 

Mr Joe Hams 

Mr and Mrs. Stewart 1. 

Ms. Olivia E. Haiel 


Mr and Mrs. Jerry L. Hardiman 

Mr and Mrs. John R. Hams 

Har^■ln 111 

Mr and Mis. Robert H. 

Mr. and Mrs. David H. 

Mr Andrew R. Hardin 

LTJohnW. Hams 111 

Mrs. Stewart 1. Har\'in, Jr 

Hazel, Jr 


Mr and Mrs. James H. 

Mr John Harris 

Mrs. Eliabeth C. Har^-ell 

Mr and Mrs. Robert W. 

Mr and Mrs. Jonathan D. 

Hardin, Jr 

Mr. and Ms. John Hartis 

Mr and Mis. Roger A. HarwcKxl 



Ms. Nannie Hardin 

Mr and Mrs. Kenneth J. Hartis 

Mr and Mrs. William F 

Mr and Mis. Hsny Ha:en 

Ms. Natalie Petnce Hammond 

Mr and Mrs. Eirle T. Harding 

Mis. Kitty Han-is 


Mr and Mrs. Ken Hazen 

Mr and Mrs. Thomas H. 

Dr. Virginia B. Harding 

Ms. Linda L. Hartis 

Mr and Mrs. Fredrick Haseman 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. 


Mrs. Mary A. Hardman 

Mr and Mrs. Lyman H. Harris 

Ms. Paula Haseman 


Dr. Gregory K. Hampikain and 

Mrs. Barbara T Hardy 

Mr and Mis. Monroe J. Hams, Jr 

Mr Alexander C.Haskell 111 and 

Healthy Visions of Laurens 

Dr. Janet M. Hampikian 

Mr and Mrs. David Hardy 111 

Mis. Peggie Harmess Hanis 

Dr. Joyce Fehl Haskell 

County, Clinton, SC 

Mr and Mrs. Oliver 

Mr and Mrs. K. Hardy 

Mrs. Sara E. Hartis 

Ms. Margaret C.Haskell 


M. Hampshire, Jr 

Mrs. Clara M. Hare 

Ms. Sharon Hams 

Mr and Mrs. Shenvin T 


Mr and Mrs. Dale A. Hampton 

Ms. Louisa J. Hargett 

Miss Shelby Hams 

Haskell 111 

Mr and Mrs. DeNonis A. Heard 

Ms. Roberta S. Hampton 

Mr. Henry R Hargrove 

Mr. and Mis. Tommy E. Hams 


Mr and Mrs. Roland S. Heard 

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald W. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Hayes Hargrove 

COL and Mrs. Wayne CHanis 

Dr. and Mrs. Noel Clayton 

Dr. and Mrs. Tliomas E. 



Mr William Nicholas Han-is 


Hearon 111 

Hampton Automotive, 


Hams Foundation, 

Mr and Mis. Bill Hassell 

Mr and Mis. Jeffrey Hearsay 

Columbia, SC 

Mr and Mrs. S.B. Harkless 

Melbourne, FL 

Mr and Mrs. Jonadian Hassell 

Mr and Mrs. Elliott C. 

Mr and Mrs. Milbum L. 

Mr and Mrs. David M. Harlan 

Hams Furniture Company, Inc., 

Mr and Mrs. David R. Hassen 



Mr and Mrs. Roger O.Harley 

Madison, GA 

Mr and Mrs. Fred J. Hassen 

Mr and Mrs. Bill A. Heaton 

Mr and Mrs. Augustus W 

Mr and Mrs. Willie WHarley 

John Hams Paint iSi Body Shop 

Mr and Mts. Paul Hastings 

Ms. Gail L. Heaton 


Harleysville Insurance, 

111, Lexington, SC 

Ms. Frances B. Hastings 

Heckard Financial, 

Mr and Mrs. Lyman W. 

Harleysville, PA 


Ms. Gwendolyn P Hastings 



Mr .md Mrs. Arthur B. Harlow 111 

Mr and Mts. Eugene T Hartison 

Mr and Mrs. Robert D Hatch 
.Mr and Mrs. James M. Hatchet! 

Libi^ml Learning L 

_j Seri'icc D Vigor 

□ Chnshan Failh [ 

^ Honor LJ Community 

Tluvikyoii ... 

...for the new Bailey Memorial Stadium, 
home of Blue Hose football and the world's 
largest bronze statue of a fighting Scotsman. 

Go Blue Hosel 


Mr. Linwood Hedgepeth 
Hediger Enterprises, Inc., 

Greenville, SC 
The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. 
Jesse W. Hegler 
Mr. George F. Heidt, Jr. 
Ms. Cameron M. Heiner 
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Heinet 
Ms. Elizabeth Heii^ 
Mr. William D.Heisel, Jr. 
Dr. and Mrs. Don R. Heiser 
Dr. and Mrs. Richard R. Heiser 
Mr. David C. R. Heisser 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Helhurg 
Ms. Theresa Jo Helfrey 
Mrs. Doris S. Heilams 
Dr. Irving D. Hellenga 
Mr. and Mrs. Kim L. Hellenga 
Mr. and Mrs. Noel D. Helms 
Gxhran Helms Associates, 

Charlotte, NC 
Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Helsley 
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Helwig 
Ms. Sarah A. Helwig 
Mr. and Mrs. William E Helwig 
Mr. and Mrs. Hoyt .A. Hemhree 
Mr. and Mrs. Roberto. 

Mr. and Mrs. R D. Hemrick 
Mr. Giurtney E Henderlite 
Mr. and Mrs. Bany K. 

Mr. and Mis. William A. H. 

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Henderson 
Mr. Daniel Carter Henderson 
Mrs. Deborah R Henderson 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Howard 

Mr. Hugh A. Henderson 

Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Henderson, Sr. 
Mr. and Mrs. James E. 

Henderson, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. James 

Henderson, Jr. 
Ms. Jermifer Lynn Henderson 
Ms. Julie S.Henderson 
Mr. and Mrs. Lykes S, 

Henderson, Jr. 
Ms. Mary Henderson 
Mr. and Mrs. John D. 

Henderson, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Henderson 
Mr. William H. Henderson 
Ms- Catherine Coen Hendricks 
Major and Mrs. Roy G. 

Ms. Corrie Beth HendrLx 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Hendri.x 
Mrs. Sanford E Hendrix 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald K. 

Mrs. Arme L. Hendry 
Dr. and Mrs. William L Hendry 
Mrs. Gene\'a Henley 
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory E. Henley 
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory L. Henry 
Mrs. Lois D. Henry 
Mr. and Mrs. Josef H. Henschen 
Mr. and Mrs. William E Henslee 
Ms. Sue Henson 
Mr. and Mrs. Tyler L. Henson 
Dr. and Mrs. Edwin C. Hent: 
Dr. James R Hentz 
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. 
Robert B. Heppenstall 111 
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Herbert 
Hercules Incorporated, 

Wilmington, DE 
Randy S. Herd 
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen .\. 

Heritage Federal Savings & 

Loan Association, Laurens, SC 
Mrs. Barbara M. Herlong 

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Herlong 
Mr. and Mrs. Joe B. Herlong 
Mr. and Mrs. Glerm D. Herlong 
Mr. Robert W. Herlong 
Mr. Richard Ginsberg, PhD and 
Mrs. Laun L. Hermann- 
Ginsberg, EdD 
Mr. and Mrs. Rafael E. 

Mr. and Mrs. Marthew B. 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. Hemdon 
Mr. Gregory E Herren 
Mr. David Carson Deke Hemn 1 
Mr. Les Hemn 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward P Herring 
Mr. and Mrs. Jerone C. Herring 
Ms. Tracy E. Herring 
Ms. Lori R. Herron 
Mrs. Sara J. Hertwig 
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. 

Ms. Stephanie L. Hessel 
Ms. Mary Hester 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Hester 
Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Hetnck 
Ms. Lauri A. Hettinger 
Mr. Peter D S. Heusner 
Dr. and Mrs. James C. Hewitt 
Mrs. Jennifer M. B. Hewlett 
Hewlett-Packard Co., 

Palo Alto, CA 
Hexcel Foundation, 

Stamford, CT 
The Rev Dr. and Mrs. 
Charles C. Heyward, Sr. 
Mrs. David .\. Hey\vard 
Mr. Adair j.Hibbard 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. 

Hibbits Insurance, Inc., 

Orangeburg, SC 

Ms. Joyce Hickerson 
Mr. and Mrs. Kevm M. Hickey 
Dr. and Mrs. Cloud H. Hicklin 
Mr. David John Hicklm 
Mr, Hany- Eugene Hicklin, Jr. 
Dr. Harry E. Hicklin 111 
Mr. Ira K. Hicklin 
Ms. Jane H. Hicklin 
Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan C. 

Ms. Laura Eli-.ibeth Hicklin 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. 

Hicklin, Jr. 
Mr, ,ind Mrs. Robert M. 

Hicklin 111 
Mr. Septimus Marion Hicklin 
Mr. John D.Hickman 
Mr. and Mrs. Allem P. Hickman 
Hickori' Hills Bar-B-Que, 

Clinton, SC 
Hickory Tavern School. Gray 

Court, SC 
Mr. Clifton WHlcb 
COL and Mrs. Robert G. 

Mrs. Agatha Hiers 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Hiers 
Mrs. Katherine V. Hiers 
Mrs. Gail T. Higdon 
Mr. and Mrs. William O. 

High Springs Rotary Club, 

High Springs, FL 
Ms. Allene S. Highsmith 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. 

Dr. Richard R. Hightower, Jr. 
Mrs. LouAnne Hildebrand 
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin L. Hill 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Hill 
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hill 
Dr. Ferrell C. Hill and Dr. 

Dana C.Hill 
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Hill 
Dr. David M. Hill 

Mr. D,in K, Hill 

Ms, Elizabeth .^nne Hill 

Ms. Ellice E. Hill 

Master Grayson Hill 

Master Haynes Hill 

Mr. Heath Hill 

The Rev Mt. and Mrs. H. 

Keith Hill 
Mr. and Mrs. Ira C. Hill 
Mrs. Jean S. Hill 
Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Hill, Sr, 
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Hill 
Ms. Katht^-n S. Hill 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Hill 
Mr. Ramsey L. Hill 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hill 
Dr. and Mns. Robert A. Hili 
Mt. md Mrs. Robert M. Hill 
Ms. Shelia D Hill 
Mrs. Stacey Y. H.ll 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Hill 
Mr, ,and Mrs, Victor S. Hill 
Mr. William Inman Hill 
Mr. William R. Hill 
Mr. Richard W.Hiller, Jr. 
Mr. Edward EHillhouse. Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward E Hillhouse 
Ms. Annie Martha Hills 
Mr. and Mns. Richard E, Hilton 

Ms. Antoinette S. Hincker 
Ms. Diane C Hindman 
The Rev Mr. Joseph M. 

Hinds and The Rev. 

Mrs. Kath^Ti G. Hinds 
Ms, Anna K, Hines 
The Re\'. Mr. and Mrs. John A. 

Gerhard J. Hinnen, MD 

/( has always been clear what PC was about. Through times of great growth and change, we never lose sight of who in 
and from where we came. We remain focused on six core vales that ground us in the past and serve as our guide for the fii I 
Whether graduating in 1928 or 2008 we will ahmys be unified by these values. 

2002 2007 

TheProniise ^ 


Mr. and Mis. C. R. Hinshaw 

Mr .uid Mrs. Neall 0. Holder 

Mt and Mrs. Edwm L. Hoopes, Jt 

Mt Andy HowaiJ 

Mr .md Mrs. Raymond Hudgins 

Mr. Donald Hinson 

MtZacheryW. Holder 

Master Brian Hooten 

Dt. .tnd Mrs. .AmistiongJ. 

Mt Richatd 0. Hudgins 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold D. 

Ms. .Ann Holiday 

Mr. Chery 1 K. Hoover 

Howatd IV 

Ms. Virginia L. Hudgias 


Mt and Mrs. John EHolladay 

Mr and Mrs. Z. H. Hoover 

Mrs. Betty Howatd 

Majoi Robert K. Hudlow 

Mr. and Mrs. Hey-ward A. Hinton 

Mt and Mrs. John S.Holladay 

Mrs. Harold R Hope, St 

Mt and Mrs. Charles G. 

Mt and Mis. James Hudnut- 

Ms. Lena H. Hinron 

Mt Charles R.Holland 

Dt. and Mrs. HatoldR Hope, Jt 

Howard. St 


Mrs. Mar>* Keitt Hinton 

L>. L>jxis R. Holland, Jr 

Ms. Nancy H. Hope 

MtLuid Mrs. Charles G. 

Miss Abby Hudson 

Mr. md Mrs. Tohy R. Htmon 

Mr and Mn^. Gary- S. Holland 

Ms. Rebecca Hope 

Howard, Jt 

LT and Mrs. Bradley W. Hudson 

Mrs. Irby S. Hipp 

Mr md Mrs. Evans P Holland 

Mt Robert Uiwson Hope 

.Master Chris H,. ward 

Mt Cole T Hudson 

Mr. and Mrs. Irby S.Hipp 111 

COL and Mrs. William J. 

Mt and Mrs. Robett M. Hope II 

Mr .ind Mrs l.imo A. Howard 

Colin M. Hudson, PhD 

Historic Franklin Presbyterian 

Holland III 

Mt Stuatt Hope, Jr 

Mr .inJ Mrs, Heiin B. Howard 

Mt and Mrs. Gregory B. 

Church, Franklin, TN 

The Rev Mr .md Mrs. 

Dr. and Mrs. William M.Hope 



Mt. .md Mrs. C, E. Hitchcock 

Walter N.Hollandsworth 

Hope Aviation Insurance, Inc., 


Mr J. G. Hudson, Jt 

Mrs. Helen R. Hitchcock 


Columbia, SC 

Mr and .Mrs. lolm C. Howard 

Mr James Frost Riley Hudson 

Ms. Nellie Hite 

Ms. Elizabeth A. HoUey 

Mr Alan K.Hopkins 

Mt and Mrs. John W 

Mr and Mrs. James R. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Hite, Jr. 

Mt Tyler B. Holley 

Mr and Mrs. Bernard W. 

Howard III 

Hudson, Jr 

Mr. Thomas EtskineHite 111 

Mr and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Holliday 


Master Jordan Howard 

Mr and Mrs. Lamar Hudson 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. 

Mr and Mrs. Marcus .A. 

Ms. Catherine K. Hopkins 

Ms. Kathenne S. Howard 

Mrs. Leona S. Hudson 



MtChatlesE. Hopkins, Jr 

Ms. Kendall Lee Howard 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Hudson 

Mr. and Mrs. Kurt R. Hiceman 

Mn.. Manorie Holliday 

Mt David L. Hopkins 

Mt and Mis. Roben E. Howatd 

Dr. Susan Hudson and Mr 

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley M. His 

Miss Erin McKen;ie Hollier 

Mt and Mrs. Darrell K. Hopkins 

The Rev Mt Robett M. 

Charlie E. Hudson 

Mrs. Patricia Hixson 

Nhss Liuren Shuler HoUier 

Mt and Mrs. George W 


Mr and Mrs. Tyler B. 

Mr. and Mr. Walter R Hoagland 

Mt and Mts. Ronald M. Hollier 

Hopkins, Jt 

Mt and Mts. James C. Howard 


Mrs. Jean Hobbie 


Mt and Mrs. John D. Hopkins, Jr 

Mt and Mts. Timothy W 

Mr W. A. Hud,son 

Dr. Peter H. Hobbie 

Mrs. Barbara S. HoUis 

Mt Joseph M. Hopkins 


Mr Jackson G. Hudspeth 

The Re\'. Mr. and Mrs. 

Mt and Mrs. Mack Hollis 

Mt and Mns. Robett H. Hopkins 

Mr Walter W. Howatd 

Mr and Mrs. William A. 

Todd Hobble 

Mr and Mrs. Thomas F Hollis 

Mr and Mrs. Robert F 

James Michael Howard Inc., 


The Rev. Mr. Robert D. Hobby, Jr. 

The William M.&. Nina B. 

Hopkins, Jr^ 

JacLsonville, R 

Mr and Mrs. William A. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Hobson 

Hollis Foundation, Inc., 

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart R. 

Ms. BettyJ. Howarth 

Hueble, Sr 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Hocker 


Hopkins, Jr 

Mrs. Bettie C. Howe 

Mr and Mrs. Carl H. Huff 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel N. Hockett 

Mr and Mrs. Lamence M. 

Mt and Mrs. John M.Hopkins 

Mt and Mrs. Claude H. Howe III 

Mrs. Elizabeth J. Huff 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W, Hodge 


COL(Ret.) and Mis. Tmman A. 

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Howe 

Dt. and Mrs. Randolph B. Huff 

Mr. and Mrs. Lan>' E. Hodge 

Ms. Cynthia E. Hollowell 


Mrs. Margaret I. Howe 

Mr and Mrs. Jasper W. Huff 

Mrs. .Anne E. Hodges 

Mt .ind Mrs. Glenn Hollrah 

Mr and Mrs. Norman M. Hopper 

Mt and Mrs. Paul R. Howe 

Mr and Mrs. Joseph H. Huff 

Dr. and Mrs. Bob S.Hodges III 

Mrs. Hilda H. Holly 

Ms. Sara N. Hopper 

The Rev. Mr and Mrs. Ray 

Mr :md Mrs. John R. Huff 

Mrs. Carroll L. Hodges 

LTC and Mrs. James F Holly III 

The Rev Mr Wayne F Hopper 

A. Howe 

The Rev Mr and Mrs. 

Mr. and Mrs. Dewitt P Hodges 

Dr. and Nte. R.E. Holman 

Mt and Mis. William D. Hoppet 

Ms. Alison R Howell 

Thom.isA Huff.Jt 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F Hodges 

Mt and Mts. Edmund F Holmes 


Ms. Dorothy Weeks Howell 

Ms. M.iry N. Huff 

Mr. and Mrs. George H. Hodges 

Mt Frank W Holmes 

Mrs. Rose Mary Horn 

Ms. Elizabeth N. Hoivell 

Mt and Mrs. Olson Huff 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. 

Mt and Mrs. Joseph E. 

Mt Matthew Stanley Home 

Dr. James D.Howell 

Mt and Mts. Petei B. Huff 

Hodges, Jr. 

Holmes, St. 

Mt and Mis. Matthew Home 

MtLutheiDwayw Howell III 

Di. and Mis. Richard E. Huff 

Hodges Presbyterian Church, 

Mr and Mts. Michael 

Mt Richatd E. Home 

Mt and Mis. Herbert C 

Mt and Mr. Waltet S. Huff, Jt 

Hodges, SC 

B. Holmes 


Howell, Jr 

Ms. Darah J. Huffman 

Ms. Sartih W Hoe 

Mr and Mrs. William J, 

Mt and Mrs. Thomas P Horonzy 

Mt and Mrs. Roben L. Howell 

Mt and Mr. James C. Huffman 

Hoechst Celanese Corporation, 

Holmes III 

LTC and Mts. Steve Hoiosko 

Mr and Mrs. Samuel L. Howell 

Mt and Mr. Robert L. Huffman 

New York, NY 

Ms. Sharon S.Holsapple 

Mr Carl F Horten 

Mt W.J. Howell 

Mt Todd R. Huffman 

Mr. and Mrs. Scott L. Hoersten 

Mr and Mrs. Gary M. Holscher 

Mr and Mrs. Robert H. Hortman 

Mt William R. Howell 

Mt and Mr. William M. 

CRT and Mrs. Leon E. Holier 


Mt and Mn.. Aaion R. Hoiton 

Mr and Mts. H.S. Howie, Jt 

Huffman, Jt 

Mr. JeHrey R. HoUman 

Mr and Mrs. Willie C. 

Mr and Mts. William THoiton 

Mr and Mrs. Theodore V. 

The Rev. Mt and Mr. Edsel 

Mrs. Lisa C. Hoftman 


Mr and Mrs. Charlie Horton 


M. Huffstetler 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. 

Ms. Jane P Holt 

Mr and Mrs. Chiistophei N. 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert W Howiler 

Mr J. Steve Huffstetler 


Mt and Mts. Samuel G. 


Dr. and Mrs. Hal W. 

Mr and Mr. James P Huffstetler 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald W 


Ms. Courmey L. Hoiton 

Howington, Jr 

Dr. Berta A. Huggins 


Mt and Mts. Waltet B. Holwell 

Dt. and Mis. Craig A. Horton 


Mr Bradley R. Huggins 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Hofiner 

Holy Spirit Catholic Chutch, 

Mr and Mrs. Loyd S. Hoiton 


Mr and Mr. Terry R. Huggins 

Mr. Nicholas B. Hofther 

Lautens. SC 

Mr and Mrs. William A. 

Mt and Mis. Kelly M. 

Mt Alan L. Hughes 

Mr. and Mrs. C. W Hogan 

Di. and Mrs. Robert K. Holyer 



Mt and Mr. Dan H. Hughes 

Mr. J. Randall Hoggle, RPh 


Mt and Mis. Michael R. Horton 

Ms. .Anne W Howkand 

Mr. Joanne S. Hughes 

Mrs. Lmdsey B. Hoggle 

Honea Path Presbyterian 

Mr and Mrs. Thomas W. 

The Rev. Mr James B. Hoy 

Mt John D. Hughes 

Mr. and Mrs. Robbin Hogue 

Church, Honea Path, SC 

Horton, Jr 

Mr and Mis. William W. Hoy, Jt 

Mr. Kara E. Hughes 

Mr. and Mrs. William K. 

Honeycutt Construction 

Mt and Mis. William A. Horton 


Mr. Kate Sertle Hughes 


Company, Clinton, NC 

Horton Pool & Stove, Inc., 

Mrs. Michael J. Hoyt 

Ms. Rlionda K. Hughes 

Mr. and Mrs. Chad Holbrook 

Mr and Mrs. Charles D. Hood 

Laurens, SC 

Mt and Mis. William R. Hoyt 

Dr. and Mr. Richard R Hughes 

Ms. Kathryn W. Holbrook 

Mt and Mrs. Coleman P Hood 

Mt Allen S.Hosch 

Mt and Mts. Joseph Hozack 

Mt and Mr. Sy Hughes 

Mr. M. J. Holbrook 

Mt David Hood 

Mt and Mts. Christopher M. 

Ms. Allison J. Hubbard 

Mt and Mr. Robert G. Hughes 

Mr. Thomas J. Holbrook, Jr. 

Ms. Rebecca Speight Hood 


Ms. Elizabeth L. Hubbard 

Mt and Mr. Travis R. Hughes 

Holcim (US) Inc., 

Dt. and Mis. Jefirey D. Hook 

Ms. Susan A. Hoskins 

Ms. Uura M. Hubbard 

Mt and Mr. Wayne L. Hughes 

Columbia, SC 

Mr and Mrs. Marty Hook 

Hospita Employee Giving 

Mt and Mis. Byion R. Huber 

Mr. Williene R.Hughes 

Dr. and Mrs. Allen K. Holcomb 

Mt and Mts. William J. Hook 

Campaign. Princeton, NJ 

J.M.Hubet Corporation, 

Mt and Mr. Benjamin M. 

Ms. Deborah L. Holcombe 

The Rev. Dr. Paul K. Hooker 

Mt and Mrs. A. Randolph Hough 

Edison, NJ 


Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. 


Mt Robett A. Hough 

Mt and Mis. Jemy E. Hudgens 

Ms. Marilyn S. Hughey 

Holcombe 11 

Mt and Mts. Aichibald R. 

Mt and Mis. William E. 

Mt and Mrs. William R. 

Mr and Mrs. James F Hughs 

Mr. Joe Leake Holcombe 

Hooks, Jt 

Hough, Jr 



Ms. Laura G. Holden 

Mt and Mrs. M. Jonathan Hoob 

Mr David J. House 

Mt Archibald R Hudgins II 

Mr. William CHuiet 

Mt and Mrs. Kenton R. Holden 


LTC and Mis. Thomas D. 

Mt and Mrs. Lynn D. 

Mr and Mr. Fredrick J. Hulett 

Mr. E. Dean Holder 

Mt and Mts. Edward Hooper 

Houston 111 

Hudgins, Sr 

Dt. and Mr. Robert W.Hull 

Mt and Mrs. Brian M. Holder 

Mt Leonatd R. Hoopet 

Mt W. Tennent Houston 

Mr and Mrs. L. Douglas 

Hull,Towill, Norman, Bartett & 

Ms. Meredith M. Holder 

Ms. Lori S. Hooper 

Hudgins, Jt 

Salley, PC, Augusta, GA 

' Liberal Learning L 

] Seri'ici D Vigor 

□ Chrislian Faith [ 

J Honor Q Commiinitii 

TliePionme 4^heChallenge 

2002 2007 


Dr. James E.Hulse 

ING Matching Gift Program, 

Mr and Mrs. James F Jacobs 

Dr. and Mr. Roger Jinkins 

Mr and Mr. Stewart H. 

Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Hultstrand 

Pnnceton, NJ 

Ms. Jessica A. Jacobs 

Mr Paul A. Jobson 


Mr?. Jennifer T Hume 

The Rev Mr. William J. 

Mr and Mis. John W.Jacobs 

Mr and Mr. Gregory C. Joens 

Mr and Mr. C. S. Johnson 

Mr. Del Rey Humphreys 

Ingersoll and The Rev. Mn,. 

Ms. Liura S. Jacobs 

John Calvin Presbyterian 

Ms. Susan Johnson 

Mr. and Mt5. .Alva O. Humphries 

Roberta D Ingersoll 

Mrs. Rachel A. Jacobs 

Church, Hoience, SC 

COL and Mr. Walter A. 

Mr. aixl Mrs. Dan Humphries 

lngen,ull-Rand Company, 

Mrs. Virginia Jacobs 

Mr and Mr. John E Johns, Jr 

Johnson, Jr 

Mr. DierriasJ. Humphries 


Mr and Mrs. William R Jacobs, Jr 

Johns Island Presbyterian 

Mr and Mr. Walter R. Johnson 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Humphries 

Mr. and Mis. Francis P Ingle 111 

Mr and Mrs. William R Jacobs III 

Chuich, Johns Island, SC 

Mr William 0. Johnson 

Mr. and Mrs. Jason C. Humphries 

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin D. 

Mrs. Etta E Jacobsen 

Ms. Amy E. Johnson 

Mr William R. Johnson 

Mr. Leroy F. Humphries, Jr. 


Mr Jason PJaillet 

Mis. Anna G. Johnson 

Mr and Mr. William T 

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Humphries 

Mr and Mrs. Otis B. Ingram 111 

Ms. Linda Carrol Jameison 

Mr and Mr. Austin M. Johnson 


Mr. and Mis. Cohn P. Hundley 

Mr. Tyreese L. Ingram 

Mr and Mrs. A, L James, Jr 

Ms. Betry E. Johnson 

Mr William T Johnson, Jr 

Mr. and Mr^. John S. Hunsinger 

Ms. Eliabetb G. Inman 

Mr and Mrs. Albert L.James III 

Mr Blllups Phinizy Johnson 111 

Mr William W.Johnson 

Mr. and Mrs. Allen G. Hunt 

Mr Frank E. Inman, Sr 

Mr and Mrs. Billy F James 

Mr Brian L. Johnson 

Mr WilmerC Johnson 

Mr. and Mn.. Buddy Hunt 

Mr and Mrs. John S. Inman, St. 

Mr Brian M. James 

Mr Brown W. Johnson 

Mr Zach Johnson 

Mts. Cheryl]. Hunt 

Mr .and Mrs. Richard E. Inman, Jr. 

Mr and Mrs. Bmce F James 

Dr. Charles T Johnson, Jr 

Johnson iSt Johnson Family of 

Dr. and Mrs. Dale E. Hunt 

Dr. and Mis. John C. Inman 

Ms. Heather Ann James 

Mr. Chailes Johnson 

Companies, Princeton, NJ 

Mr. and Mrs. Dan E. Hunt 

Hugh M. Inman Foundation, 

Mrs. John J. James 

Mr Robert E. Johnson and Dr. 

Johnson Trust Company, 

Mr. and Mrs. Freddie W. Hunt 

Atlanta, GA 

Mr Michael W James 

Clarice Johnson 

Cincinnati, OH 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark B. Hunt 

Inman-Riverdale Foundation, 

Di. and Mis. Walter E James III 

Mis. Cynthia Johnson 

H.Keidi Johnson Track 

Dr. and Mrs. Leon E. Hunr 

Inman, SC 

James Island Presbytenan 

Dr. and Mr. Dale A. Johnson 

Division. Mt Pleasant, SC 

The Rev. Mr. Robert Francis Hunr 

Insurance House, Inc., 

Church, Chadeston. SC 

Mr and Mr. David C. Johnson 

Mr and Mr. Andrew D. 

Mr. S. 1. Hunt 

Atlanta, GA 

Mr and Mis. David R. Jameson 

Dr. and Mr. David L. Johnson 


Mr. and Mrs. John H. Hunter, Jr. 

International Paper Company 

Jamestown Presbyterian 

Mr Douglas E. Johnson 

Mr and Mr. George Johnsron III 

Mrs. Louise Hunter 

Foundation, Stamfoid, CT 

Church, Jamestown, NC 

Mr and Mr. E. Keith Johnson 

Mr and Mr. James L. Johnsron III 

TJieRev. Dr.andMrs.M. 

Mr and Mis. Glenn E. Iieland 

Mrs. Rachel L. Janush 

Mr and Mr. E. T Johnson, Jr 

Mr and Mr. Jesse E. Johnston, Jr 

H. Hunter III 

Mrs. Frances D luck 

COL and Mrs. Grant C.Jaquith 

Mr and Mrs. Earl Johnson 

Mr and Mr. Robert K. Johnston 

Mr. Ma.\cy P. Hunrer 

Ml. and Mrs. Chris F Irwin 

Mr and Mrs. R. T Jarrard 

The Rev. Mr Edward D. Johnson 

Mr and Mr. Thomas F Johnston 

Ms. Rebecca M. Hunter 

Ms. Leigh A. Invin 

Mr Gary]. Janett 

and Ms. Donna JawoRkyj 

Mr William A. Johnston 

Mr. and Mts. Robert L. 

Ms. Molly L. Irwin 

Mr Raymond E. Janett 

Mr and Mr. F R. Johnson 

Mr Julian M. Joiner 

Hunter, Jr 

Mr. and Mrs. HeniT W.Isaac 

Mrs. Christie D Jarvis 

Mr Floyd Johnson 

Mr and Mr. Robert W. Jomer 

Mr. Robert L. Hunter IV 

Mi. and Mrs. Ronald J. Isger 


t>. mi Mr. G. W. Johnson 

Ms. Carolyn P Jolley 

Dr. and Mrs. Ted L. Hunter 

Mr and Mis. Edgai M. Isley 

Mr and Mis. James M. Jaskwhich 

Mr George L. Johnson, Jr 

Mr Mark L. Jolly 

Mr. and Mrs. Toby A. Hunter 

Mi. Santonius Rodriquiez Isom 

Mr and Mrs. Robert N. Jeanes 

Mr George Randolph Johnson 

Mr and Mr. William J. Jolly 

Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. 

Mr. Franklin W.Ivey 

Ms. Chnsty Anne Jeffcoat 

Mr. Grace N. Johnson 

Mr and Mr. Alton Jones 

Huntley, Jr. 

Mis. Kent Ivey 

Mr and Mrs. Dwayne M. Jeffcoat 

Mr and Mr. H.Keith Johnson 

Mr. .Ann J. Jones 

The Hurley-Trammell 

Mis. Mary Tiller Ivey 

Jeffetson-Pilot Foundation, 

Mr J. D.Jolmson 

Mr. Anne Jones 

Foundarion, Salisbury, NC 

Mi. Michael A. Ivey 

Greensboro, NC 

L>. and Mr. Jack F Johnson, Jr 

Mr Arthur F Jones II 

Mr. Bradley K. Hurst 

Mr. and Mis. Milton L. Ivey, Si. 

The Rev. Mr Leon 

Mr and Mr. James A. Johnson 

Mr and Mr. Bret H. Jones 

Mr. and M15. Voit K. Hurst 

Ivey Landscaping, Inc., 

Mitchell Jeffords 

Mr James B. Johnson 

Mr Benjamin D Jones 

Mrs. Vivian D. Hurt 

Alpharetta, GA 

Ms. Ashley C.Jenkins 

Mr and Mr. James H. Johnson 

Mr Benjamin R. Jones 

Mr and Mrs. Kenneth M. 


The Rev. Dr. and Mis. 

Dr. and Mr. James H. Johnson 

Mr and Mr. Boiling Jones IV 


Dr. and Mrs. Steven D.Jabaley 

Barry L. Jenkins 

Mr and Mis. James R.Johnson 

Mr Bryan R.Jones 

Ms. Abbie L. Husman 

Mrs. Flame R.Jack 

Ms. Caroline G.Jenkins 

Mr and Mis. James V Johnson 111 

Mr and Mr. Canoll P Jones, Jr 

Mr. and Ms. Christopher D. Huss 

Mr. and Mis. James R. Jacks, Sr 

Mis. Elaine Jenkins 

The Honorable Mr and Mr. 

Mr and Mr. Chad B.Jones 

Mrs. Jean Hutchens 

Ms. Ande M. Jacbon 

Mr Ellis W.Jenkins 

James W. Johnson, ]r 

The Rev. Dr. and Mr. 

CH (CPT) Mr. and Mrs. 

Mr ,and Mrs. John B. Jackson 

Di. and Mrs. Geoige A. Jenkins 

Mr Janen Kyle Johnson 

Charles A. Jones III 

Alwyne 0. Hutchings III 

Mr Charles E. Jackson 

Mr and Mis. Joey L. Jenkins 

Mr and Mr. Matt Johnson 

Ms. Chen L. Jones 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Hutcbins 

Mr Cooper Jackson 

Mr John M. Jenkins, Jr 

Mr and Mr. Jeiry L. Johnson 

Mr and Mr. Christopher J. Jones 

The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. 

Ms. Donna J. Jackson 

Mr and Mrs. John M. Jenkins, Sr 

Mr Jim Johnson 

Mr and Mr. Dan Jones 

George B. Hutchii\s 

Mr and Mis. Francis R. Jackson 

Mr and Mrs. Robert A. Jenkms 

Mr John M. Jofinson 

Mr David H.Jones 

Mr. and Mrs. Manly E. 

Mr and Mrs. Glenn R. Jackson 

Ms. Lathem Emily Jenkins 

Mr and Mr. Julius T Johnson, Jr 

Mr and Mr. E. H. Jones 


Mr and Mrs. Greg Jackson 

Dr. and Mrs. Marion K. Jenkins 

Mr and Mr. Keith R. Johnson 

Ms. Elizabeth C. Jones 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. 

Mr and Mrs. Herman E. Jackson 

Mr Robert F Jenkins 

Ms. Lara C. Johnson 

Mr. Frank S. Jones 

Hutson, Jr. 

Mr and Mrs. Hoyt R Jackson 

LT Dr. Spencer J. Jenkins, MD 

Mr and Mr. Glenn M. Johnson 

Mr Frank Jones 

Ms. Emily R. Hutto 

Mr and Mrs. John E. Jackson 

Ms. Tanisha L. Jenkins 

Mr and Mr. Carl P. Johnson 

Mr Harold H. Jones, Jr 


Mr and Mrs. John P Jackson 

Mr and Mis. WE Jenkms 

Ms. Linda C. Johnson 

Mr Harold H. Jones 111 

Mr. and Mis. James R. Hyatt 

The Rev. Mr and Mrs. 

The Rev. Di. and Mis. W 

Mr Ma.x A. Johnson 

Mr and Mr. Hamson R. Jones 

The Rev. Ms. Kimberly L. Hyatt 

Michael W. Jacbon 

H. Jenkins, Jr 

Mr and Mrs. Nathaniel R. 

Mr HanyL. Jones 111 

CPT and Mrs. Steven CHyder 

Dr. Kenneth H. Jacbon 

Ms. Leslie Jo Jennings 


Mr and Mr. Harvey M. Jones, Jr 

Mr. C. D. Hylton 

Mr and Mrs. Kirby B. Jacbon 

Ms. Susan E, Jennings 

Ms. Melanie A. Johnson 

Ms. Heather N.Jones 

J. lannucci and Sons, Inc., 

Ms. Margaret K. Jacbon 

Jeptha Lodge »27F& A.M., 

Mr. Melanie E. Johnson 

Ms. Heather W.Jones 

Asheville, NC 

Ms. Mary Jacbon 

Laurens, SC 

Mr and Mr. Michael E. 

Ms. HilliardD Jones 

IBM Corporation Matching 

Mis. Patsy Harvey Jacbon 

Mr and Mrs, Charles S. 


Mr and Mr. W C. Jones 

Grants Program, Research 

Dr. and Mrs. Randon H. Jacbon 

Jemigan II 

Ms. Minnie M. Johnson 

COL and Mr. James A. 

Triangle Park, NC 

Mr and Mrs. Reece L. Jackson 

Mr and Mrs. Harold K. Jemigan 

Mr and Mr. Christopher A. 

Jones, USAR (Ret.) 

Mr. L. William Ice 

Mr and Mrs. Rowland P Jacbon 

Mr Thomas Jemigan 


Mr and Mr. James H.Jones 

IDS Fir\ancial Services Inc., 

Mr and Mrs. T. Jerry Jacbon 

Mr and Mr. William M. 

Dr. and Mr. R. Duren 

Mr and Mr. Jason W.Jones 

Minneapolis, MN 

Mr and Mr. FW. Jacbon 


Johnson, Jr 

Mr and Mr. Charles W. Jones, Jr 

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Ihlenburg 

Jacbon & Sims Architecrs, 


Dr. and Mr. Robert D. 

Mr and Mr. Branson C. Jones 

IKON Office Solutions, Inc., 

Sumter SC 

Ms. Margaret L. Jeselnik 

Johnson, Sr 

Dr. Joel L. Jones and Dr. Nancy 

Greenville, SC 

Mr and Mrs. James C. Jacob. Jr 

Mr and Mr. James R. Jessee III 

Mr and Mr. Robert M. Johnson 

J. Fordyce 

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy C. Iller 

Mr and Mr. Allen C.Jacobs III 

Mr and Mr. Dinald H. Jeter 

Mr and Mr. Roger B. Johnson 

Mr John M. Jones, Jr 

image Builders of Cen. FL., Inc., 

Mr and Mis. Allen C. Jacobs, Jr 

Ms. Jessica Leigh Jetton 

Mr S. C. Johnson 

COL Joseph H.Jones 

Windemiere, FL 

Miss .Ashley Jacobs 

JHJ, Inc., Hartsville, SC 

Mr and Mr. Alan Johnson 

Mr Justin N. Jones 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Infinger 

Mr and Mrs. David N. Jacobs 


Mr Spencer M. Johnson, Jr 

Mr. KathenneF Jones 

Mr ;md Mrs. Lany T Jacobs 

Mr and Mr. Steven D.Johns,.n 

Mr and Mr. Keith L. Jones 
Mr and Mr. Ken Jones 

This cain\ 

mign is about our future studen 

ts. We need to build - on our so 

lid foundation - a college that 

has the ca 

oabilities to prepare these stude 

its to be leaders in a world that 

desperately needs PC values. 

To do tha 

, we need to attract and retain tl 

le best and brightest students a 

id faculty. 

2002 2007 

Ms. biuren L. Jones 

Mr and Mrs. William R. Julien 

Dr. .ind Mn. Douglas S. 

Mr Timothy G. Kim 

Mr James R.Kitkpatrick 

Mr. .ind Mis. Tyler H. Jones 

Mr Andrew C. Jung 

Kellogg. Jr 

Mr and Mrs. John R. M. 

Kirk's Ice Cream Parlors, 

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie P. Jones, Sr 

Mr and Mrs. William 0. 

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Kellogg, Jr 

Kimball, Sr 

MvTtle Beach, SC 

Mrs. Mar]orie Jones 

Junker 111 

Kellwood Company, 

Mr John R. Kimball, Jr 

Mr .uid Mrs. William B. 

Mr. Mark G.Jones 


St Louis, MO 

Kimberlv-Clark Foundation, 


Mr and Mrs. Marshall G. Jones 

Mr and Mrs. Wayne Q. 

Mrs. Genevra B. Kelly 

Dallas! TX 


Ms. Mary B.Jones 

Justesen 111 

Dr. and Mrs. Julian L. Kelly 

Ms. Roxie M. Kimbrell 


Mr. and Mrs. Murry Jones, Jr. 

JUSTGIX'E, San Francisco. CA 

Mr Mark A. Kelly 

Mr and Mrs. Victor C. Kimmel 

Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Kirven 

Tlie Rev. Dr. and Mrs. 

Mrs. Donna E. Justice 

Mrs. Mary Bradford Kelly 

Mr Clyde B.Kinard.Jr 

Mr and Mrs. Joseph C. Kirven 

W.ilk C.Jones IV 

Mt. and Mis. Jacob O.Kafer.Jr 

Ms. M. Genevra Kelly 

Mr and Mrs. Ken Kinard 

Mr and Mrs. Donald L. Kiser 

Ms. Nella H.Jones 

Ms. Gerda M. Kahn 

Mr. and Mis. James G.Kelly 

Mr Gary R. Kinaid 

Mr James W.Kiser.Jr 

Mr. Nelson Wayne Jones 

Mr Wilbur C. Kaiser 

Dr. and Mrs. Michael W.Kelly 

Mr. and Mrs. James W 

Kitttedge Magnet School, 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Jones 


Mr. and Mrs. Pat Kelly 

Kinard, Sr 

.Atlanta. GA 

Mrs. Rachel Jones 

Mr and Mrs. Mark B. Kab 

Mr and Mrs. Patrick K. Kelly, Sr 

Mr and Mis. James W. 

Mr and Mts. Brian L. Klapman 


Ms. Mary Evelyn Kalutz 

Mr and Mrs. Kevin Kelly 

Kinard, Jr 

Ms. Kathleen M. Klatt 

Mr and Mrs. Richard B. Jones 

Dr. Theodore E. Kalut: 

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Kelly, Jr. 

Mr 0. J. Kinard 

Mr Roben W Klatt 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Jones 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Kammerer 

Mr and Mrs. Gary J. Kemp 

Dr. .ind Mrs. James C. Kincaid 


Mr. Robert S. Jones 

Mr and Mrs. William C.Kaneft 

Kemper Insurance Companies. 

Mr and Mis. Douglas W 

Mr and Mis. Rodgei Klein 

Mr. Ronald A. Jones 

Kappa Kappa lota ETA Conclave 

Long Grove, IL 


Ms. Angela R. Kleinschmidt 

Mr. Ryan H. Jones 

Mts. Michelle M. Kardoes 

Mr and Mrs. Thomas J. Kempton 

Mr Christopher C. Kinert 

Mr and Mis. Lance G.Klem 

Mr Samuel C. Jones 

Karishma Investments, Inc., 

Ms. Pamela L. Kendall 

Mts. Gary C. Kinen 

Mr and Mts. Dale E. Knapp 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel W.Jones 

Clinton, SC 

Mrs. DebraJ. Kendnck 

Master .Alexander Clayton King 

Mr Detek A. Knapp 

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Jones 111 

Ms. Dana D. Kastory 

Kendrick Company, Inc., 

Mr and Mis. Joel A. King 

Di. and Mis. Williams. Knapp 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. 

Mr and Mrs. Gilbert M. Katibah 

Columbia, SC 

Master Andrew Forrester King 

Mr and Mrs. Zachary P Knight 

Jones, Sr. 

Mt. and Mk. Roy M. Kat: 

Mr and Mrs. Brian C. Kennedy 

Mr and Mrs. Berkeley A. King 

Ms. B;lrbar,i W Knight 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Jones, Jr. 

Miss Chatlotte Kaufmann 

Mrs. Carolyn L. Kennedy 

Miss Caroline W.King 


COL and Mrs. Thomas 

Miss Margaret Kauftnann 

Mrs. Cynthia E. Kennedy 

Mr. and Mts. Charles P King, Jr 

Mr|,-c-rh\ Knitihc 

Q.Jones, Jr. 

Miss Mary Caroline Kauftnann 

Mr and Mrs. David A. Kennedy 

Dr. Edward Peter King 

Mr and Mrs. William D. Knight 


The Rev. Mr and Mrs. 

Mr and Mrs. Joseph W. 

Mrs. EIi:abeth King 

Mr and Mrs. Henry S. 

Benjamin Jones 

George C. Kaulbach 

Kennedy, Jr 

Mrs. Elliott King 

Knight, Jr 

Ms. Tracy J. Jones 

Mr .Andrew G. Kavounis 

Mr Harold D Kennedy 

Mr and Mrs. Samuel B. King 

Dr. md Mrs. Roland M. Knight 

The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. 

Mr and Mrs. Marshal Kawecki 

The Rev Mr and Mrs. 

Mr and Mrs. Frank C. King, Jr 

Mr ,ind Mrs. Kiiby D. Knight 

Walter Jones 

Caroline T Kay 

Jack M. Kennedy . 

Mr and Mis. Gaiy R. King 

Mr ,md Mrs. Rickey V. Knight 

Mr. Wiley J. Jones, Jr. 

Ms. Gracen Kay 

Mr and Mrs. Jim Kennedy 

Ms. Glona B. King 

Mr Ryan K. Knight 

Mr and Mrs. William L. Jones 

Mr John R. Kay 

Mr and Mrs. Jcie Kennedy 

Mr and Mis. Jack H. King 

Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Knight 

Mr .rnd Mrs. Alfred G. 

Mr. and Mrs. Joshua L.Kay 

ETC and Mrs. James L. 

Mr and Mis. James D. King 

John S. and James L. Knight 

Jordan, Jr 

Mrs. Marion Kay 

Kennedy, Jr 

Mr James Riley King 

Foundation, Miami, R 

Mr and Mrs. Andrew B.Jordan III 

Mr. Sally P. Kay 

Dr. William E. Kennedy 

Mr and Mrs. Joseph A. King 

Knights of Columbus Council 

Ms. Barbara C. Jordan 

Dr. W Donald Kay 

Ms. Angela A. Kennemore 

Miss Kathryn M. King 

No. 6076. Spartanburg, SC 

Mr Cannon Jordan 

Ms. Julie Keadle 

Mr and Mrs. Robert H. 

Mr and Mrs. Ted W. King 


Mr and Mrs. ,Alfon:o D. Jordan 

Mr and Mrs. John C. Keane 

Kennemur, Jr 

Mr and Mrs. Marcus E. King 

Mrs. Jeanne M. Knotts 


Ms. Ethyl Keaton 

Mr and Mrs. Edward B. Kenney 

Mr. Mark C.King 

Mr and Mrs. Thomas W 

Dr. and Mrs. Charles M. 

Ms. Evelyn W.Kee 

Mr and Mrs. John C. 

.Mr and Mrs. Matthew R. King 


Jordan, Sr. 

Mr Letoy D. Keehn 

Kennington, Sr 

Mr Mike King 

Mr and Mrs. Dean E. Knox 

Mr and Mrs. JavanC Jordan 

Mr and Mrs. William C. Keels. Jr 

Mr Wan-en E. Kenrick 

Mr and Mrs. Norman D. King 

Mr Henry H. Knox 

Mr Daniel T. Jordan 

Mr William C. Keels 

Ms. Janet R.Keny 

Mr Robert A. King 

Ms. JermiterN. Knox 

Mr md Mrs. David C.Jordan 

Ms. Anna W Keely 

Ms. Mauteen E. Keough 

Mts. Samantha Mourning King 

Dr. and Mrs. John D.Knox, Jr 

Mr .ind Mrs. H. H. Jordan 

Dr. and Mrs. David F Keely 111 

Mr and Mrs. H. G. Kepner 

Mr and Mrs. Wayne King 

Mr and Mrs. Charles E. Knox 11 

Mr Harold F. Jordan 

Mr and Mrs. William J. 

Mr David B. Kerchner 

Mr and Mrs. William B. King 

Mrs. Pamela T Knox 

Ms. Jennifer Eliaberh Jordan 

Keenan 111 

Ms. Alison LKemell 

Mr William R. King 

Mr and Mrs. John N. Knox 

Mr and Mrs. Joseph E Jordan. Jr. 

Mr and Mrs. Marvin J. Keener 

Mrs. Frances A. Ken 

Mrs. Yvottne T King 

Ms. Kati Ann Koch 

Mr and Mrs. Ralph A. Jordan 

Mr William Cheyenne Keener 

Mr Scott M. Ken- 

King Memorial Presbyterian 

Mr and Mis. Charles F Koches 

Mr and Mrs. Robert E. Joidan 

Mr and Mrs. Deryl C Keese 

Mr and Mrs. Ted Ken 

Church, Clayton, G.A 

Mr and Mrs. Robert A. Kocis 

Mr Sawyer Jordan 

Mr Deryl R. Keese 

Mis. Victoria H. Ken 

Ms. Crystal S. King-Bttxk 

Mr and Mis. Hoyd S. 

Mr Steven W. Jordan, Jr 

Mr Howard R. Keister. Jr 

Mr and Mrs. George F Kesler 

Mr Wyndle B. Kmgsmote 


Mr and Mrs. Lambert 

Mr Demck A. Keith 

Ms. Cynthia M. Ketner 

Mr and Mrs. David R. Kinman 

Mr and Mrs. Brian R Koehler 

W Jordan, Jr 

Ms, Dorothy G. Keith 

Mr and Mrs. Heyward M. Key 

Mr and Mrs. Thom<as R. 

Ms. Deborah D. Koenig 

Mr and Mrs. Thomas L. Jordan 

Mr and Mrs. James L.Keith 

Mr and Mrs. Michael S. Key 


Mr and Mrs. Jason T Koenig 

Mr Bernard CJom and Dr. 

Mr and Mrs. Jon G.Keith 

Mr and Mrs, Randolph S. Key 

Mr and Mrs. James E. Kinney 

Mr and Mrs. Andy B. Koestet 

Keels S. Jom 


Mr and Mrs. Sanford B. Keyes 

Mr. and Mrs. William L. 

Mr and Mrs. Donald J. Koets 

Mr Lucas Marie Jose 

Mr and Mrs. George G. Keith, Jr 

CPT and Mrs. John DKidd 

Kinney, Jr. 

Ms. Julia B.Koets 


Ms. Sarah Barrett Keith 

Mr and Mrs. Robert J. 

Mrs. Katherine P Kinset 

Mr and Mrs. Milan Kofol 

Jostens, Inc.. Laurens, SC 

Mr and Mrs. John R. Kelbaugh 


Mr. Gregory M. Kinsey 

Ms. Kathryn Jennifer Kohara 

Dr. Michael W.Joy and Ms. 

Mr and Mrs. William G.Kellam 

Mis. Blaine M. Kiefer 

Mrs. Jane Kinsey 

Mr Jimmy Kokolis 

Rebecca Ulland 

Mr Wiley R. Keller 

Ms. Kylene M. Kieffer 

Mr and Mrs. Dave Kinsey 

Mrs. James Kolb 

Ms. Suzarme S. Joyce 

Mr and Mrs. Jimmy Kellett 

Mr and Mrs. James N.Kier 

Mr and Mrs. Robert LKirby 



Mr Wrappar B. C. Kellett and Di. 

Mr and Mrs. Robert L. 

Mr and Mis. Thomas F Kitby 

Ms. Amy L. Koon 

Dr. and Mis. Charles WJoyner 

Dana L. Chambers 


Ms. Dons E. Kmla 

Dr. Tracy M. Koon and Dr. 

Mr and Mrs. H. E. Joyner 

Mr. and Mrs. Carlton W 

Ms. Ruth E. KieBtead 

Mr and Mis. Travis M. Kirkland 

Michael D. Schlicbup 

Mr and Mrs. Jeremy L. Joyner 



Mr James E.Kirkland,Jr 

Mr and Mrs. Noel Kopetc:ak 

Dr. and Mrs. Samuel B. Joyner 


Mr and Mts. Sidney N. Kilgore 

Mr and Mrs. Jimmy G. KirkLind 

Mr Ryan Mitchell Koppel 

Ms. .Amanda K.Judd 

Mr James M. Kelley. Jr. 

Mr and Mrs. Robert R Killian 

Ms. Kelli A. Kirkland 

Ms. Jewell H. Koien 

Kathryn J. Judd Charitable 

Mr and Mrs, Richard Kelley 

Mr Joseph R. KiUonn 

Mr and Mrs. Knstian 1. 

Mr. and Mrs. Demetri K. 

Tnist, Atlanta, GA 

Mr and Mrs. Thomas R. Kelley 

Mrs. Virginia Ware Killonn 



M. Hubert Judd Charitable 

Ms. Tonya G. Kelley 

Mr Brian TKilpatrick 

Ms. Vallie J. Kirkland 

Ms. Christine Koutsogeorgas 

Trast, Atlanta, GA 

Kelley Presbyteiian Church, 

Mr and Mrs. James J. Kilpanick 

Mr Homer M.Kirkman,Jr 

Mr and Mrs. Allen W.Kovash 

Mr and Mrs. Keith E. Jude 

McDonough, GA 

Mr and Mrs. Zachary M. 

Mr and Mrs. Bmce E. 

Mr. Cun Kovash 

Ms. Sara Juhan 

Dr. and Mrs. Scott A. Kellner 

Kilpatrick. Jr 


Mr and Mrs. Douglas K. Kovash 

1 1 Liberal Learning L 

J Service D Vi;^or 


[]] Christian Faith [_ 

J Honor LJ Cornniiinity 

ThePromise^^^heChallenee I 

2002 2007 


Mr. Mike KoKish 

Mrs. [\inna C. Lambert 

Dr, and Mrs, Richard 

Mr Kenneth F, Leddick 

Mr. and Mo. Chauncey W. 

The Rev. Dr. and Mr^. Paul 

1>. Hemian 0. Lamben, Jr. 

G, Lmrens, jr 

Mr Thomas M. Leddy 

Lever, Jr 

R. Kmvalski 

Mrs. Karen B, Lamberto 

Laurens County Chamber ot 


Mr and Mrs, Thomas E, Lever 

The KPMU Foundation, 


Commerce, Laurens, SC 

Mr and Mrs. Shawn Ledford 

Mr and Mis. Robert Leverett 

Montxale, NJ 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Lamm 

Laurens County Chorale, 

The Ledlie Group. Atlanta. GA 

Mr Mark A. Leverette 

Mr. and Mi5. Keith Kraemer 

Mr, James Rawlings Brewer 

Laurens, SC 

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Ledwith 

Mr and Mrs. Frank V. LeVett, Jr 

Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Kramer 


Laurens County Cluster 

Mr and Mts. James M. Lee 

Dr. and Mrs. Michael S. Levine 

Mr. and Mrs. David F. Krause 

The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. 

ot Smaller Membership 

Mr Danny Ray Lee 

Mr and Ms. B. G. Lewis III 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Ktauskopf 

Mark D. Lampley 

Churches. Clinton, SC 

Dr. DebraLeeandMr.John 

Mr and Mrs. Bobby J. Lewis 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. 

Ms. A. A. Lancaster 

Laurens County Commission of 


Cathenne DeLoach Lewis 


Mr. and Mrs. Gregor\' M. 

Public Works, Laurens, SC 

Mr and Mrs. Frank W.Lee IV 

Mr and Mrs, Charles E. 

Mr. James Krege 


Laurens Counry 

Mr and Mrs. Jakie H.Lee 

Lewis, Jr 


CPT Daniel Anhur 

Communications, Inc, 

Ms. Janette Lee 

Mr Christopher S, Lewis 

Mr. James B.Krimm 


Clinton, SC 

Mr and Mrs. Robert E. Lee 111 

Mr Hetcher L, Lewis 

Mr. and Mrs. Ashby R. 

Mr. Harris]. Lancaster 

Laurens County Community- 

Mr and Mrs. Johnny H. Lee 

Mr and Mrs, John S, Lewis 


Lancaster County Natural Gas 

Theatre, Inc, Laurens, SC 

Ms. Karen E. Lee 

Mr and Mrs. John W, Lewis, Jr 

Ms. Susan M. Krueger 

Authoriry, Lancaster, SC 

Laurens County Department of 

Ms. Kathtyn L. Lee 

Mr. Leonard G. Lewis 

Mrs. Betry Kmmrei 

The Lance Foundation, 

Social Services, Laurerrs, SC 

Mr. Lorenzo H. Lee 

Mrs. Lois C. Lewis 

The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. 

Charlotte, NC 

Laurens County Health Care 

Ms. Margaret B. Lee 

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Lewis 

William H.Kryder 

Landmark Graphics Corp., 

System, Clinton, SC 

Mr and Mrs. Marion B. Lee. Jr 

Mr. Robert A. Lewis, Jr 

Mr. Ralph F.Kube 

Houston, TX 

Laurens County Orthopedic, 

Mr Richard W.Lee 

Mr and Mrs. Stanley V. Lewis 

Mr. Kenneth W.Kuder 


PA., Clinton, SC 

Mr and Mrs. William L. Lee 

Mr and Mrs. Theodore D. Lewis 

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Kuhne 

Mr and Mrs. Anthony R. Lane 

Laurens County School District 

Mr and Mrs. Yong Ki Lee 

Mr WilliamJ. Lewis 111 

The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. 

Mr. and Mrs, Edgar H Lane 

= 56, Clinton, SC 

Lee Sports, Loganville, GA 

Mr and Mis. William J. 

Rupert E. Kuhne 111 

Mr and Mrs, George M. Line 

Laurens County School District 

Dr and Mrs. Darcy R. Leerssen 

Lewis. Sr 

Ms. Amy Boone Kukla 

Mr. Hugh C Lane 

=55, Laurens, SC 

Leesville Southern Methodist 

LewLs & Babcock. L.L.R, 

Dr. and Mrs. Roherr D. Kukla 

Mr. and Mrs, Joseph .\. Lane 

Laurens County Touchdown 

Church, Clinton. SC 

Columbia, SC 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Kurke 

Mr Julian B. Une 111 

Club, Laurens, SC 

Miss Grant Bumette LeFever 

Lewis' Barbecue, Clinton. NC 

Mr. Paul Andrew Kurke 

Mrs. Mary Marshall Lane 

Laurens County Touchdown 

Mr Michael G, LeFever 


Mr. and Mrs. John Kurlin 

Mr, and Mrs, Randy Lane 

Club, Leesburg, R 

Dr. and Mrs. Lewis B. Letliowitz 

PA., York, SC 

Mrs. Catherine W. Kurtts 

Mr, and Mrs, Rhemar R Lane 

Laurens Kiwanis Club, 

The Rev. Mr and Mrs, 

Major and Mrs. Robert A. Ley 

CPT Robert L.Kunts, Jr. 

Mr, Richard B, Lane, Jr, 

Clinton, SC 

Fitzhugh M. Legerton. DD 

Mr and Mrs. Adam F Lezan 

Mr. and Mrs. Franklin S. 

Mr, Dan F Laney 111 

Laurens Lions Club, 

The Rev. Mr Fitzhugh M. 

Dr. and Mrs. Henry 

Kurtz, Jr. 

Mr and Mrs, John W, 

Laurens, SC 

Legerton. Jr 


Mr. Howard S.W.Kurtz 

Lantord, Jr. 

Laurens Middle School, 

Mr Ben T Lehman 

The Liberty Corporation, 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T Kurtz 

Mrs, Genevieve E. Lange 

Laurens, SC 

Mrs. G. E. Lehman 

Greenville. SC 

Mrs. Beverii ]. Kusztos 


Laurens Ministerial Alliance. 

Mr and Mrs. Collie WLehn 

Liberty Presbytenan Church. 

Mr. Gary Kuykendall 

Ms. Mary P. Langford 

Laurens, SC 

Mrs. Norma Lehn 

Liberty. SC 

Mr. and Mrs. Eirik S. Kviten 

The Rev. Mr. Edward 

Laurens School District =55, 

Dr Allison M. Lehtinen and Dr. 

Mr Blake E. Lichty 

Ms. Sally LaBadie 

Carlyle Langham, Jr. 


Duane Lehtinen 

Lickville Presbyterian Church. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Lachs 

Mr and Mrs. Leon H. 

Mr Graeme Robert Lauriston 

Mrs. Janet R.Leipelt 


Mr. and Mrs, James P 


Mr and Mrs, James A. Lavender 

Mrs. Karen S. Leisgang 

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Lide, Jr 

LaCoste 111 

Mr and Mrs. Richard E. Langley 

Mr Donald Law 

Mr and Mrs. James D. Leitner 

Mr and Mrs. James R. Lightcap 

Mr. and Mr^. H. W. Lacquement 

Mr. Norman C. Langston 

Law Offices Of Kurt Tavemier. 

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Leland 

Mr and Mis. William H. 

Mr. and Mrs. Billy R. Udd 

Langston Construction 

PA.. Anderson. SC 

Ms. Audrey M. Lemanski 


Mr. and Mrs. William J. 

Company, Inc., 

Law Offices Tucker. Everitt. 

Mr and Mrs. Daniel J. Lemanski 

Ms. Margery S. Lightsey 

Udd, Sr. 

Piedmont, SC 

Long. Brewton & Lanier, 

Mr md Mrs. Rickie G. LeMay 

Mrs. Emily H. Ligon 

Lafarge North American 

Mr. Campbell B. Lanier 111 

Augusta. G.'\ 

Lemira Presbyterian Church. 

Ms. Kathenne E. Ligon 

Cement, Charlotte, NC 

Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Unier 11 

Ms. Peggy L. Lawhom 

Sumter. SC 

Mr and Mrs. Langdon S. 

Mr. and Mrs. Joe E. Lake 

Ms. Shan M. Lanier 

Ms. Man' G. Lawing 

Mr and Mr. Matthew B. Lemke 

Ligon, Jr 

Mr. and Mis. Kemper D. 

Lanier Family Foundation, 

Mr. and Mrs. John Lawless 

Mr and Mrs. James W Lemke 

Mr. and Mrs. R. Laine Ligon, Sr 


West Point, GA 

Mr. and Mrs. Bmce M. 

Mrs, Robert H. Lemmon, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. R. Laine Ligon, Jr. 

Mr. Kemper David Lake 111 

Mrs. Kathenne L. Lanier-Smith 


Lend Lease Real Estate 

Mr. and Mis. William C. Ligon 

Miss Leslie Lake 

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Lankford 

Mr. and Mrs. Hunter 1. M, R 

Investment Inc., 

Mr. and Mrs. William F Ligon 

Mrs. Muriel Lake 

Mr. and Mrs. Marshall A. 


Atlanta. GA 

Mr and Mrs. William T 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Lake 111 

Lanter, Sr. 

Mr. Herbert L. Laws, Jr 

Mr and Mrs. Hans R Lengers 

Ligon, Jr 

Mr. Robert CUke, Jr. 

Mr Walter S. Lanter 

Mr. and Mrs. Guy Lawson 


Dr. and Mis. Cieighton E. 

Miss Susan Lake 

Mr and Mrs. John N. Lanzo 

Mr. and Mrs. Joe G. Lawson 

Mr Jim Lenhart 

Likes 111 

Lake City Ford, Lake City, SC 

Ms, Miriam L. Lapointe 

Mr and Mrs. L. 

Mr and Mis. Jack V. 

Mr and Mrs. Creighton E. 

Lake County Dental Society, 

Mr, and Mrs, John S. Larkin 

Thompson Lawson 111 

Leonard. Sr 

Likes, Jr 

Cleraiont, FL 

Mr .ind Mrs. Charles K. 

Ms. Martha K. Lawson 

Mr Thomas A. Leonard 

Mr Tom C. Lillestolen 

Lake County Elementary 

Lrrry, Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank W 

Mr and Mrs. Michael E. 

Ms. Betty Rhoad Lilly 

Pnncipals Association, Eustis, 

Major Daniel S. Larsen 



Lilly Endowment, Inc., 


Mr. and Mrs. Robert C.Larsen 

Mr and Mrs, C, E, Lawton 

Mr James T Leopard 

Indianapolis. IN 

Lake Murrary Presbyterian 

Mr. and Mrs. Jom Larsen-Basse 

Dr, and Mrs. Wesley W 

Ms. Ton! M. Leopard 

Lilly Fellows Program in 

Church, Chapin, SC 

Mr Kai E. Larsen-Basse 

Lawton, Jr 

Mr. and Mis. Mike Leptrone 

Humanities and the Arts. 

Lake-Sumter Transmissions, 

Mr and Mrs. Peter W.Ush,Jr 

Mr Michael P Lay 

Ms. Barbara LLesch 

Valparaiso, IN 

Inc., Leesburg, FL 

Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Lassiter 111 

Mr. and Mrs. William W. Leach 


Eli Lilly & Company, 

Mrs. Constance LaLonde 

Richard G. Lassiter, MD 

Mr and Mrs. Stephen D. Leach 

Mis. Ellen Lesesne 

Indianapolis, IN 

Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Um 

Mr. David Alan Latham 

Mr and Mrs. James C- League 

The Rev. Mr William G. 

Mr Richatd W. Limehouse, Jr. 

Mr. George J. Lamar 

Ms, Pamela L. Litham 

Mr Mike League 

Lesesne. Jr 

Mr Jeffery A. Lincoln and The 

Mr. and Mn>. Edward A. Lamar 

Mr and Mrs. R. L. Lrthem 

Mr and Mrs. Edward E Leahy 111 

Ms. Thelma L. Lesh 

Rev. Mrs. Amy E. Lincoln 

Ms. Brett L. Lamb 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles TLatirt 

Mrs. Margie Y. Leaman 

Mrs. Abbey WLesher 

Lincoln Financial Group 


Mr. George F Latimer 111 

Mrs. Anita L. Leasure 

Mr and Mrs. Jeny B, Lesley, Sr 

Foundation, Ft Wayne, IN 

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Lamb 

Ms. Laura B. Latimer 

Mr Chester Leathets 

Mr and Mrs. Kenneth Lesley 

Mrs. Carol V Lindenmeyer 

Mr. William Lamberson and 

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Lauer 


Mr Michael C, Leslie 


The Rev. Mrs, Zeta N. 


Mr Robert A. LeClair 

Mr and Mrs. HR. Lester 111 

Mr and Mrs. M. R. Lindley 


Mr Robert H. Ledbetter 

Mr James J. Lester, Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Charles C. Lindner 


as always been clear what PC i 

vas about. Through times of gr 

eat growth and change, zve nei 

er lose sight of wlio ire arc 


from where we came. We renw 

n focused on six core vales that 

•ground us in the past and serz'e 

as our guide for the future. 


ether p-atiualing in 1928 or 20( 

S zee 'will aljvai/s be unified In/ 1 

lese lvalues. 

The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. 
David S. Lindsay, Jr. 
Mr. and Mr. George W. 

Lindsay III 
Mr Herbert Lindsay, Jr. 
Mrs. Lucille M.Lindsay 
Mr. and Mrs. Weill A. 

Lindsay III 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Lindsay 

Lindsay, Jr. 
Mr and Mrs. Ross M.Lindsay III 
Mr. William B. Lindsay 
Mr and Mr^. David E, Lindsey 
Mr. Haskell David Lindsey 
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Lindsey 
Ms. Katherine R. Lindsey 
Mr. Bruce D. Lindstrom 
Ms. Chnstian D. Lindstrom 
Dr. and Mr^. William A. 

William A. Lindstrom, Jr.. PhD 
Mrs. Frances W. Line 
Ms. Carol C. Liner 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Lingertelt 
Mr. and Mrs. George Link 
Mrs, Katherine C. Link 
Mr and Mrs. Roberts. Link, jr- 
The Rev, Mr, Robert S. Link 

Mr. Daniel A. Linney. Jr. 

Mr. W Shannon Linning 


Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lipinsky 

Mr. and Mrs. Marion M. Lipscomb 

Mrs. Bette Lipsey 

Lisbon Presbyterian Church, 

Mountville, SC 
Mr. and Mrs. Rae M. Litaker 
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Little 
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Little 
Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Little, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Little 
Mr. Kevin A. Little 
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall T. Little 
Mr. and Mrs. Brian E little 

Little, Jr. 
Mrs. Peggy X Little 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Little 
Mr. Robert E. Little 
Mrs. Rudi Little 
Mr and Mrs. Wilder G. Little 
Little River Baptist Church. 

Ware Shoals, SC 
Mrs. Yvonne B. Lttdefield 
Mr. William F. Litdejohn 
Mr. and Mrs. Keith T.Littrell 
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J . 


Mt^ ixit\ N. Livingston 
Mr Da\id G. Livingston 
Ms. DeKirah D. Livingston 
Mr. and Mrs. G. Gordon 

Mrs. Lisa R. Livingston 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. 

Dr. Robert E. Livingston 111 
Mr. Tor M. Ljung 
Mr. John F Llewellyn II 
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy S. 

Mr. and Mrs. Scott C.Lloyd 
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Lloyd 
Dr. Stephen C. Lloyd 
Mr. and Mrs. Eric J. Lockamy 
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry T Lockett 
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin D. Lockhart 
LiKkheed Martin Corporation, 

Bethesda, MD 
Mrs, Kadierine P. Lockman 
Mr. Fred L. Lockwood 
Ltxiestar Capital, LLC, 

Charlotte, NC 
Mr, and Mrs. William D 

Mr and Mrs. William DLofTis 

Thank you ... 

...for the Patrick Center, dedicated to 
serving the needs of future PC students 
as tJwy cxiilore college options during the 
adniissions process and housing guests of 
the college. 


LoL^ Creek Tmhcr Company. 

Inc., Edge-held. SC 
Mr, and Mrs. James P Logan 
Mr Mark E. Logan 
Mr. Vance E.Logan, Jr. 
Mr and Mrs. George A. Lokey 
Mr Manning N. Lomax 
Mr and Mrs. Andrew B, 

Lorn mack 
Mr and Mrs. David M. 

Dr. and Mrs. Edward K. 

Loncala, Inc. High Springs, a 
Mr. and Mrs. Alan P. Long, Sr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Long 
Mr and Mrs. Charles E. Long 
Mr. David A. Long III 
Mr. ;ind Mrs. David E. Long 
Mr and Mrs. David M. Long 
Mr and Mrs. Guy H. Long 
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Long lU 
Mr. and Mrs. Langdon D. Long 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Grahame Long 
Ms. Kay Long 

Mr, and Mrs. David W.Long 
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Long 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Long 
COL and Mrs. Scott C. Long 
Mr. Frank M. Longshore 
Mr E. Samuel Loos 
Mr and Mrs. Jose J. U)pe: 
Dr. and Mrs. Alexander H. 

Dr. J. Raymond Lord 
Mrs. Kris C. Lord 
Mr. and Mrs. Lan^ Lord 
Lord, Aeck & Sargent, Inc., 

Atlanta, GA 
Mr. and Mrs. Neely N. Umng 
LT Anthony M. Losey 
The Rev. Mr. Gregory E. 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B.Lott, Jr. 
Mr. Jack Neal Lott, Jr. 
Mr. Robert E, Loupo, Jr. 
Ul and Mrs. Bradford L. Love 
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Love 
Mr. and Mrs. John T Love 
Mrs. Molly P Love 
Mr. William H.Dwe 
Mr. and Mrs. Furman H. Lovelaci 
Mr. and Mrs. Furman W Lovelac 
Ms. Tammy M. Lovelady 
Mr. Richard P Loveland 
Dolores A. Loveless, MD 
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Loveless 
Ms. Robyn M. Loveless 
Ms. Carolyn E. Lovell 
Ms. Mable S. Lovin 

Ms. Anna Lowe 

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Lowe 

Mrs. Sara L. Lower 

Mr. and Mrs. Warren C. Lower 

Mr. and Mrs. Blake Lowman 

COL Harry F Lowman. Jr. 

Mr. Justin Lewis Lowman 


Mr. and Mrs. R. Kenneth Diwn 

Mr and Mrs. William L.Lowrance 

The Re\'. Dr. and Mrs. 

James S. Lowry 
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E- Lowry 
Dr. and Mrs. William B. Lowry 
Lowry Mechanical. Inc.. 

Mr. James R. Loyd, Sr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Lucas, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Cicero G. Lucas IV 
Mr. and Mrs. J. F D. Lucas, Jr. 
Lucent Technologies. 

New York. NY 
Mr. James Daniel Lucero 
Mr. and Mrs. John W 

Mrs, Rutharuie M. Lucius 
Luck Stone Corporation, 

Richmond, VA 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Luckey 
Mr. and Mrs. James ELuckie 111 
Mr. and Mrs. Brian E. Lucy 
Mr Justin D Ludley 
Ms. Betty J. Luehrs 
Mr Thomas M. Luke 
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Lukich 
Ms. Jermifer L. Lukridge 
Ms. Mary E. Lumley 
Mr. Thomas Lumley 
Ms, Meredith S. Lummus 
Mr- and Mrs. William F 

Lummus, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Lumpkm 
Mr and Mrs. J. L, Lundberg 
Mr. Jack D. Lunnen 
Mr. John Jacob Lunnen 
Mrs. Karen Lunnen 
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Lupisella 
The Rev, Dr. and Mrs. Paul 

E. Luthman 
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Lyda 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Lyday. Jr. 
Lydia Presbyterian Church, 

Clinton, SC 
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Lyles IV 
Mr. and Mrs, Oby G, Lyles 
Mrs. Rebecca G-UTich 
Mr and Mrs. Rivers F L\Tich 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard F L\T\en 
Mr. Robert D Lynn. Jr. 
Lyrui Cooper. Inc., Clinton, SC 
Ms. Betty W Lyon 
Ms. Kaylor L. Lyon 

n Liberal Uaniiit;^ D Sen-ice G V'^or 

□ Christiati Faith □ Hoiwr G Comtmwiti/ 


^eChallenge 1 

2002 2007 

' 1 

Mr. and Mrs. LawTCnce A. Lyon 

Mr. David E. Majeski 

Mr. and Mrs. Berry R. Manin 

Mrs. Cathenne A. Matthews 


Mr. Robert J. Lyon 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Majeski 

Mrs. Carolyn Martin 

Dr. Donald R.Mardiews, Jr. 


Lyon College, Batesville, .^R 

Mr. and Mrs. George J. Maky 111 

Dr. and Mrs. Carter W Martin 

Ms. Emily L. Matthews 

The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. 

Mr. John W. Lyons 

Ms. Laura P. Maky 

Mr. and Mrs. John K.Martin III 

Mr. and Mrs. Jody W. Matthews 

Robert H.McBride.Jr 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. 

The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. 

Mr. and Mis. David H. Martin 

Dr. Josiah S.Matthews III 

Mrs, Dorothy McCam 

Lyons, Jr. 

Cyrus S. Mallard, Jr 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward K. 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Matthews 

Mr Arthur CMcCall, Jr. 

The Rev. Mr. and Mis. 

Mr. and Mis. John B. Mallard 

Mamn, Jr. 

Mr. and Mis. William M. 

The Rev Dr. and Mrs, G. 

William ELytch 

Mr. and Mrs. James R.Malley 

Ms. Ele.mor Kelsey Martin 

Matthews, Ji. 

Daniel McCall, Sr. 

Mr. Charles H.Lytle, Jr. 

Mallinckrodt Specialty 

Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher Martin 

Mr. and Mrs. William M. 

Mr, George E, McCall 

M & L Distriburing, 

Chemicals Company, 

Mr. and Mrs. Gean W Martin 


Mr. and Mrs. Monte McCall 

Zimmerman, MN 

St Louis, MO 

Mr. and Mrs. George C. Marrin 

Mr. Zachary H. Matthews 

Mr. Travis Len McCall 

M.S. Bailey & Son, Bankets, 

Mis. Chailotte R Malone 

Mr. and Mrs. George W. Martin 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. 

McCall Foundation, 

Clmton, SC 

Dr. and Mis. Thomas A. Malone 

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Martin 

Mattison, Jr. 

Greenville, SC 

Mrs. Mamie J. Mabery 

Mrs. Banna Maloney 

Mr. and Mrs. Jerr^' L. Martin 

Mi. and Mrs. Joe E Mattison 

Mrs. Lynn S. McCalla 

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Mabie 

Mr. Kevin C. Maloney 

Mr. Jon S. Martin 

Ms. Libba Kay Mattison 

Mr. Carey B. McCallum 

Mr. and Mrs. Emory S. Mabry 111 

Mr. and Mrs. Christian M. 

Ms. Julianne Martin 

Mr. Scott Mattison 

Mr. and Mrs. James W. 

Dr.andMr.. FredH.Mabry.Jr. 


Mr Kennedi C. Martin 

Mr. and Mrs. Vance R Mattison 


Mr. Frederick H. Mabn' 111 

Mr. and Mrs. Byron Manderson 

Mr. Kennedi L. Martm 

Deborali L. Mauk, PhD 

The Rev Mr. and Mrs. 

Mr. and Mn>. Johnny E, Mabr\' 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Maner 



John K. McCallum, Jr 

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Mac 

Maner Builders Supply Co., 

Mr. Larry A. Martin 

Mr. Jeremy C. Mauldin 

Mr. Mark R. McCallum 


Augusta, GA 

Mr. and Mis. Michael P Martin 

Mr. and Mrs. Steve G. Ma.\ie 

Mr. and Mrs. James G, 


COL and Mrs. Albert J. Mangan 

Dr. and Mrs. Lee A. Martm, Jr. 

COL Arthur Maxwell, Jr. and Dr. 


Mrs. Louise P. Mace 

Mt. and Mrs. Albert M. Mangin 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Martin 

Dariene Maxwell 

Mrs. Jean McCartet 

Machine Design, Inc., Wesr 

Mr. and Mrs. Harleigh Mangum 

Mr. and Mrs. Marshall B. Martin 

Douglas C.Ma.\-well,DMD 

Ms. Eli:abedt McCarthy 

Columbia, SC 

Mr. and Mrs. George C. Manley 

Mrs. Mary R. Martin 

Mr Edward L. Ma-\well 

Mr. and Mrs. Sean P McCarthy 

Mr. & Mrs. Jamej E Mack 

Ms. Ellison C. Manley 

Mr. and Mrs. Patnck W. Martin 

The Rev. Mr. Herbert S. Ma.Nwell 

Mrs. Celia McCarty 

Mr. Robert M. Mack 

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew C. Manley 

Mr and Mrs. Rawlinson E. Martin 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T Maxwell 

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Mackenzie 

Mr. and Mrs. C. Arthur Mann 

Mr. Roy E. Maitm IV 

Mr Nacomma A. Maxwell 

McCaskiU IV 

Ms. [)aisy V. MacLean 

Mr. and Mrs. .Austin R. Mann 

Mis. Susan H. Martm 

Mr and Mrs. Dennis May 

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. 

TKe Rev Mr. James Burt 

Mr. Edward L. Mann 

Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Manin 

Mr James W. May 

McCaskill 111 


Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Mann 

Mr. and Ms. W R. Martin 

Mr and Mis. Scott May 

The Rev. Mr. and Mis. 

Dr. and Mrs. Douglas K. MacLeod 

Ms. Marcella E. Mann-Clark 

Mr. and Mis. William J. Martin, Jr 

Mr, Charles R Mayers 

Ralph E. McCaskill, Jr. 

Mrs. Jean C. MacLeod 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Maimers 

LTC and Mrs. Gerald B. 

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Mayes, Jr 

Dr. and Mrs, Robert I. McCaslin 

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher K. 

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Manney 

Martino, Jr. 

Mr. Charles S. Mayfield 

Dr, and Mrs. Billy McCadrem 


Mr. Henry A. Manning. Jr. 

Mr. and Ms. Robert M. Mar\in 

Mr Edward W. Maytield 

Dr, James E McCIary 

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin W. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Frank 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Masche 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Maytield 

Mr. and Mrs. James FMcClar>' 


Manning, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Leif Maseng 

Mr and Mrs. Robert E. Maytield 

Mi^. Sharon B.McClary 


Ms. Maijorie E Manning 

Mr. and Mrs. Brad R. Mason 


Mr. Richard TMcClellan 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Marming 

Mr. and Mrs. Calvm E. Mason 


Mr. and Mrs. George E. 


Mr. Srephen G. Manning 

Mr. and Mis. Hank W.Mason 

Dr. and Mrs. John G. Maynard, Jr. 

McClenaghan, Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Patrick C. MacRae 

Mannmg Properties, 

Ms. Helen R. Mason 

Mr. and Mrs. Rex Maynard 

Mr. John D McClmtock 

Mr. Scott A. MacRae 

Marietta, GA 

Ms. Megan E. Mason 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Maynard 

Mr. and Mrs, Donald H, 

Mr. Alan C. Mactaggart 

Manor Properties, Clinton, SC 

Mr. and Mrs. W G. Mason, Jr. 

Mr and Mrs. Waiter M. Maynard 


Mr. and Mrs. William K.Macy 111 

Dr. and Mrs. Terry L. Maple 

Mr. Willie L. Mason 

Mrs. .Amanda M. Maynor 

Mr. Robert T. McCombs 

Mr. Bryan Madden 

Ms. Mary W. Marchant 

Dr. and Mrs. Clinton E. Ma&sey 

Mr Andrew S. Mayo 

Mr and Mrs. David C. 

Mr. and Mrs. Sean B. Madden 

Mr Jonathan R. Marefat 

Mr. and Mrs. David S. Massey 

Ms. Suzarmah L. Mayo 


Mrs. Jean R Madden 

Mr. and Mrs. Kouiosh Marefat 

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Massey 

Ms. Allison J. Mays 

Mr. and Mrs. Heyward R. 

Matdiew Brooks Madden, MD 

Mr. Benjamin E. Marett 

Ms. Julie E. Massey, MD 

Ms. Anne Hunter Mays 


Mr. Matthew Thomas Madden 

Marion R. Cook &t Associates, 

Ms Maddie Massey 

Mr. Calhoun Mays, Jr. 

Jack B. McConnell, MD 

Dr. Rickey H. Madden 

Inc., Laurens, SC 

Mr. and Mrs. Urry W Massey 

Mr John W. Mays 

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan K. 

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. 

Ms. Karen E. Markham 

Mr. Richard S. Massey 

Mr and Mrs. W E. Mays 



Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence W 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. 

Mr Richard Grey Mayson, Sr. 

Mrs. Anna B. McCord 



Massey III 

Mr Richard Grey Mayson, Jr. 


Mr and Mrs. Dennis S. Maeger 

Mr. Howard Markman 

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas N. 

Miss AbKirt Thomsen Mayton 

Mr. Matthew J. McCord 

LTC (Ret.) Thomas B. Maertens 

Mrs. Sally G. Marb 

Massey, Jr. 

Ms. CaryAnn Ecken Mayton 


Mr. and Mrs. James R. Magbee 

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Marquess 

The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. 

The Rev Mr. and Mrs. 

Mis. Olea M. McComlick 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Magdic 

Dr. and Mrs. John M. Mart 

Daniel W.Massie 

Wallace H. Mayton 111 

Mr. and Mrs. James E. McCosh 

Mr. Ryan Gabriel Magee 


Ms. Susan Masson 

Mr. Donald Lee McAbee,Jr 

Ms. Lois G. McCosh 


Ms. Louise Marra 

Dr. and Mrs. Albert E Masters 111 

Mr John F McAfee 

Mr. and Mrs. Louis E. McCosh 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter T Magee, jr. 

Ms. Angela Marsh 

Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Masters, Jr. 

Mr and Mis. Allen K. 

Mr. and Mrs. James C. 

Mr. and Mrs. William W Magee 

Dr. and Mis. Calverr R. Marsh, Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. James H.Mathes 

McAlister, Sr. 

McCoun, Sr. 

Ms. Stella EMagliolo 

Ms. Rachael H. Marsh 

Mr. and Mrs. Bob R. Mathews 

Mr. .Allen Keith McAlister.Jr 

Mr. James Corbly McCoun, Jr. 

Magnolia Market, Eatonton, G.A 

Dr. Samuel J. Marsh 

Mr. and Mrs. Candler 0. 

Mr. Russell L. McAlister 

Mrs. Thomas B. McCoun, Jr 

Mr. R. G. MagTuder 

Mr. and Mrs. Shepherd R. Marsh 

Mathews, Jr. 

Mr and Mrs. Stuart A. 

Mr. and Mrs. E. B. McCown 

The Chesley G. Magruder 

Marsh & McLennan 

Mr. and Mrs, David K. Madus 


Mr James L. McCown 

Foundation, Inc., 

Companies, Inc., New York, NY 

Mr. George O.Mathis 

The McAlister Foundation, 

Dr. and Mis. Gaiy S. McCoy, 

Orlando, FL 

Mr. George O. Marshall, ]i. 

Mrs. Kathy Madiis 

Uiurens, SC 


Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Mahan 

Mrs. Mary Patricia Marshall 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Mathis 

The Mc.Mitster Foundation, 

Mr and Mis. Robert S. 

Maheras Restaurant &. Catering, 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L- 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Mathis 

Liurens, SC 

McCoy, Jr. 

Laurens, SC 


Mrs. Cynthia L. Matteson 

Mr Billy L, McAllister, Jr. 

Mr. Steven Patnck McCoy 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas G. Mahon 

Ms. Peggy H. Maishall 

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert R. 

McAllister Motors, Inc., 

Mr and Mrs. James B. 

Mrs. Kara Mahon 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald K. Marshall 

Matthews, Jr. 

Cades, SC 


Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mahon 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel G. Marshall 

BG(Ret.) and Mrs. Bobby L. 

Mr. and Mis. Laurens E. 

Mr. and Mrs. Dermis A. 

Ms. Mary Gray Mahon 

Ms. Virginia L. Marshall 




Mr. Thomas W Mahoney 

Mr. William Gregg Marshall 

Mr. John A. McAllister, Jr. and 

Mi. and Mrs. Clarence A. 

Ms, Keshia A. McCrary 

Mr. Frank H. Maier III 

Marshall Family Partnership, 

Mrs. Carolyn C. Matthews 

Mc Arthur, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Allen D. McCra\7 

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Mairs 

Rock Hill, SC 

Mr. and Mrs. Carson H. B. 

Mr. Clarence A. McArthur 111 

Mr. Jason W.McCraw 

Mr. and Mrs. J.imes Maisch 

Mrs. Ann R Martin 

Matthews, Si. 

Mr. and Mrs. Leigh R McArthur 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary McCray 

This cam 

Migyj is about our future studen 

ts. We need to build - on our so 

lid foundation - a college that 

has the ca 

pabilities to prepare these stude 

ifs to be leaders in a world that 

desperately needs PC values. 

To do tha 

, we need to attract and retain t 

le best and brightest students a 

jd faculty. 

2002 2007 

Ms. Rachel B. McCray 

Mr. and Mrs. Mack M. McGahee 

Mrs. Rosie Lee McKeora 

Mr and Mrs. Steven W. 

Ms. Kabrina S. Means 

Mr. Roben P. McCredie 

Mr. Andrew D. McGaughey III 

McKesson Foundation, Inc., 


Mr and Mn,. Guy M. Meares III 

Ms. Sara Catharine McCue 

Ms. Andrea L. McGavin 

San Francisco, CA 

Mr. James P McMillan III 

Dr. .ind Mrs. John S. Mebane 

Ms. Virginia A. McCuen 

Mr. and Mrs. Brent L. McGee 

Mr. and Mrs. Alan R. McKie 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. McMillan 

Mr and Mrs. Ralph Mechling 

Mr. and Mrs. Zack McCullen 111 

Dr. and Mrs. Edgar M. McGee 

Mr. C. D. S. McKinney 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. 

Mr .ind Mrs. Randy M. Medford 

Mr. and Mrs. Neal A. 

Mis. Ekabeth M. McGee 

Mr. and Mrs. Clifton R. 


Mr and Mrs. R. O'Neil Medford 


Mr. and Mrs. Francis K. McGee 


Mr. and Mrs. William C. 

The Medicine Cabinet of 

Mrs. Sharon McCullough 

Mrs. Mary L. McGee 

Mr. Frank E. McKinney 


Lake City, SC 

Mr. Wayne D. McCullough 

Mr. .md Mrs. William R. 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary C. McKinney 

Mr. and Mrs. William 1. 

MedLeaming, Inc., 

Mr. md Mrs. Clarence B. 

McGee. Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. 

McMillan, Jr. 

Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 


The Rev Mr. Michael L. 


Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie S. 

Mr Angus G.Medlin,Jr 

Mr. Robert A. McCully 


Mr. Daniel P McKinnon 

McMiUian, Jr. 

LTC(Ret.) Lawrence N. Medlin 

Dr. and Mrs. Gwyn G. 

Mr. Robert L McGeorge 

Mr. iUid Mrs. Graham 

Mrs. Martharene McMiUin 

Mr and Mrs. Richard S. 


Mr.mdMrs.JohnB. McGlU 

McKinnon IV 

Dr. Clarence M. McMumiy 

Medlm III 

Mr .Mid Mrs. Luther O. 

Mr. Paul Bryan McGill 

The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. 

Mr. .ind Mrs. William H. 

Mrs. Shem' K. Medlin 

McCutchen 111 

Ms. Kadiryn B. McGinley 

William P McKinnon 

McMurrav, Jr. 

Ms. Stephanie Medlin 

Mis. Eli:abeth McCutcheon 

Ms. Mart' R. McGinn 

Mr. Donald L. McKinsey, Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. James A. McMuma 

The Medtronic Foundation, 

Mi. and Mrs. Ricky V. 

Mi. and Mis. Woods M. 

Mr. A. Fostei McKissick III 

Mr.RobenE. McNair.Jr. 

Minneapolis, MN 



Dr. and Mrs. John McKissick 

Mr. and Mis. James L.McNair III 

Ms. Kathryn M. Meehan 

Mr. Steven H. McCutcheon 

Mi. and Mis. John E McGinnis 

Mr. Robert Q.McKissick 

McNair Uw Firai, PA.. 

Ms. Suzanne G. Meehan 

Mr. and Mrs. Connor McDaniel 

Mi. and Mis. Lamai S. 

Mi. and Mis. Mason H. 

Charleston, SC 

Dr. M. Paige H. Meeker 

Dr. and Mrs. W.Jason 

McGinn IS 

McKnight 111 

Mi. and Mrs. Ralph S. McNatt 

Mrs. Carrie B. Mega 

McDaniel, Jr. 

Mi. George Harold McGirt 

Mi. Ronald K. McKnight 

Ms. Mary Claire McNaught 

Dr. Tiffany M. Megary 

The Rev. Mr. Fred Wilson 

Mr. Samuel H. McGiit 

McKnight Fiampton .And Co., 

Mrs. Margaret M. McNeely 

Mr James S. Meggs 

McDaniel. Jr. 

Mr. Ronald D. McGlamr\' 

PA., Charleston, SC 


Mrs. M.irjorie Meisky 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. 

Mr. Bobby D. M. McGlohom 

Ml. Roderick G.McUin 

Mr Donald T McNeill 

Mr Eric V Melching 


The Rev. Mr. Joseph M. 

Ms. Margaret C. McLarty 

Mr and Mrs. Jeffrey P McNeill 

Dr. and Mrs. David L 


Dr. and Mrs. E. Lynn McLarty 

Mr and Mrs. J. Allen McNeill 

Mr md Mrs. Bill C. Melton 


Ml. Frank C. McGregor 

Mr. and Mrs. James C. 

Mr and Mrs. Rory McNicholas 

Mr and Mrs. Donald R. Melton 

Mr. Foster McDonald 

Mr. and Mrs. H. D. McGregor 


The Rev. Mr and Mrs. 

Dr. and Ms. George E. Melton 

Miss Hannah McDonald 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel G. 

Mr. and Mrs. Larry 

Thomas B. McPhail 

Mr and Ms. George E. Melton 

Mr. and Mrs. Jack McDonald 


McUughlin 111 

COL and Mrs. Elben McPhaul, Ir 

Mr and Mrs. Timothy W. Melton 

Mrs. Janet McDonald 

Mr. Layton M. McGugan 



Ms. Lisa M. Menende: 

Mr. and Mrs. Doug McRinald 

Mi- and Mis. Charles C 

McUughlin IV 

Martha D. McPherson 


Mr. and Mrs. Lewis E. 


Mr. Jeffrey M. McUughIm 

Mr and Mn.. Arthur H. 

Ms. Phyllis M.Menke 


Mi. James A. McGuire 

Mr. Hugh M. McLaunn III 

McQueen, Jr 

Mrs. Sarah M. Mennmg 

Mrs. Linda McDonald 

Mr. and Mrs. Terence F 


Mrs. Diane McQueen 

Mis. Viiginia A. Menzi 

Miss Margaret McDonald 


Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. 

Dr. Sandra M. McQueen 

Mrs. Carrie A. Mercer 

Dr. and Mrs. William M. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. 


Ms. Christina McRae 

Mr Clay C. Mercer 



Mr. John D. McLaunn 

Mr and Mrs. Jacbon L. McRae 

Mrs. Frances A. Mercer 

Ms. Helen L. McDonnold 

Mr. John J. McHarg 

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. McLean 

Dr. and Mrs. Jon M. McRae, Jr 

Mr and Mrs. Joseph J. 

Mrs. Jane McDonnold 

Mr. and Mrs. James M. 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. McLean 

Mr O.J. McRae 

Mercer Jr 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen K. 


COL and Mis. amald E. McLean 

Ms. Patricia D. McRae 

Ms. Juanita B. Mercer 



Mrs. Eleanor M. McLean 

Jon McRae &. Associates, Inc., 

Ms. LoidaJ. Mercer 

Mi. and Mrs. Douglas C. 


Ms. Eli;abeth Ann McLean 

Atlanta, G.A 

Mr and Mrs. Kevin E. Meredith 

McDougald, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. 

Mrs. Elizaberh McLean 


Mr and Mrs. Addison H. 

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse E McDougald 


Mr. and Mrs. James B. McLean 

Di. and Mis. J. Browning McRee 


The Mcftiugald Funeral Home, 

Mr. John W. Mcintosh 

Ms. Melissa C. McLean 

Ms. Sara E. McRee 

Mr and Mrs. Charles A. 

Anderson, SC 

Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Mcintosh 

Mr. and Mrs. Roben T 

Mr and Mis. Richard K. 

Meriwether Jr 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. 

Mcintosh, Sherard. and Sullivan 

McLean. Sr. 




Attorneys at Law, 

Mr. Robert T McLean. Jr. 

The Rev Dr. Paige M. McRight 

Mr and Mrs. Kent Menell 

Mr. and Ms. John W. McDowell 

Anderson, SC 

Mrs. Sue McLennan and Mr. 

Mr and Mrs. Glenn D. 

Ms. Elise Meiriam 

Mr. and Mrs. James S. 

Mi. and Mis. Arthur C. MclntyTe 

Jim Laughlln 


Mr and Mis. Chailes Memck 

McEachem III 

Mrs. Judith A. Mclntyre 

Mr. Marion E. McLeod. Jr. and 

Ms. Marsha L. McSpadden 

Ms. Mary 0. Memck 


Mr. Kyle H. MclntyTe 

Dr. Anita R. McLeod 

Mr William J. Harvey and Ms. 

Ms. Julie K.Memll 

The Rev. Mr. William 

Mr. Dwight E. H. Mclnvaill 

Ms. Bettie R. McLeod 

Gayla S. L. McSwain 

Mr and Mis. Jeffiey T Merrill 

Edward McElveen 

Mi. and Mis. Calvm D. McKay 

The Rev. Mr. .and Mrs. Cliff H. 

The Rev Dr. and Mis. 

Memll Lynch & Co. 

r>r. and Mrs. Mayes A. McEntife 

Mi. and Mis. James E McKay 


Allen C.McSween,Jr 

Foundation. Inc.. 

Mr. and Mr^. Samuel G. 

The Rev Mr. Sherwood 

The Rev Dr. and Mis. 

Mrs. Frances W McSween 

Princeton. NJ 


Campbell McKay. Jr. 


Mrs. Irene D. McSween 

Memll Lynch, Pierce, Fenner 

Ms. Betsy R. McEwen 

Mr. John Paul McKee 

Mr. and Mrs. John E McLeod, Jr. 

The Rev. Ms. Jean Louise 

& Smith Inc. MG 

Mr. Samuel Robert McEwen, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. McKee 

Mrs. Margaret McLeod 


Foundaticin, Jackonsville, EL 

Ms. Helen McFadden 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. McKee 

Mi. and Mis. Jason L. McLeskey 

Mr and Mrs. Lanv D. McSween 

Mr and Mis. Jack L. Memtt 

Mr. Richard N. McFadden, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Carlton McKee 

Mi. and Mrs. Mont: R. 

Mrs. William C. McSween 

Mr and Mts. Charles W Memtt 

Mr. md Mrs. William H. 

Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm L. 

McMahan, Jr. 

Ms. Sarah McSweeney 

Mr and Mrs. Charles Memtt 


McKeidian. Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Christophei J . 

Mr Warten McSweeney 

Mr and Mis. Floyd T. Menitt, Jr 

Mr. Duncan Brown 

Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. McKelvey 


Mr and Mrs. Nixon M. 

Dt. and Mis. Woodrow 

McFadyen 111 

Mr. and Mrs. Craig S. McKeme 

Mi. and Mis. Harold S. McManus 


W Mertitt 

Mr. and Mrs. James L. 

Dr. Michael E. McKenzie 

Mr. and Mrs. James H. McManus 

Dr. and Mrs. William R. 

Mr Pierce Merry. Jr 


Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. McManus 

McWilliams, Jr 

Mr and Mrs. Edward D. Messer 



Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. McManus 

Ms. Joan B. Meacham 

Mr and Mrs. Willard A. Metcalf 

Mr. and Mrs. Jim McFarland 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. 

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin R. McManus 

Mr and Mrs. Robert T Meade 

MetLife Foundation, Long 

Mis. Louise Aubrey McFarland 


Ms. Leigh Allison McManus 

Mr and Mis. Jeffrey S. Meadois 

Island City. NY 

Ms. Melanie R. McFarland 

Mr. Thomas CMcKeraie 


The Rev Jeffrey W. Meadowcroft 

Metropolitan Life Foundation. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. 

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin B. McKeown 

Mr. and Mrs. E. G. McMeekin 

Mr E. H. Meadows 

New York, NY 


Mrs. Robert Christopher 

Jule and Barbara McMichael 

Ms. Julie M. Meadows 

Master Dillon MetLs 

Mr. James R.McFayden 


Mr. and Mrs. Alvin B. 
McMillan, Jr. 

Mr Anthony J. Mealor 
Mr and Mrs. Dan E. Mealor 

Mr and Mrs. David Melts 

D Liberal Uarnmg C 

J Seri'ii-L- D Vigor 

□ Oiristian Failh [ 

] Honor [^ Coiriiriuiiltif 

' TliePiomise«4^fheCha]lenge | 

i 2002 2007 


Miss Rachel Metts 

Ms. Jennifer A. Miller 

Dr. and Mrs. Douglas P Mitchell 

Mr. and Mrs. Donnie Moore 

Ms. Margaret E. Morris 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Metske 

Mr. JerroldL Miller 

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Mitchell 

Mr. Edwin N. Moore 

Ms. Mary Moms 

Mr. Daniel R. Meyer 

Mis. JoAnn Miller 

Mr. and Mrs. Tomkies H. 

Mr. Elliott D. Moore III 

Ms. Rachel E. Moms 

Mrs. Betty Meyeis 

The Rev. Dr. John Michael 


Ms. Frances Moore 

Ms. Rebecca K. Morris 

Mr. and Mrs. Emil G. Meyers 


Mr, and Mrs. William C. 

Mr. Gregory T. Mcmre 

Dr. Robert E. Moms 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. 

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan A. Miller 

Mitchell, Jr. 

CPT and Mrs. James M. Moore, Jr. 



Mr. and Mis. Joseph R.Miller 


Mis. Jane B. Moore 

Sara R. Monis 

Ms. Laura E. Meyers 

Ms. Katherine B. Miller 

Mr. Tyler R. Mitton 

Mr. JetfreyL Moore 

Mr Roben L. Moms 

Mr. and Mrs. Noland Meyers 11 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold L. Miller 

Mr William Dean Mixon 

Ms. Jessica R. Moore 

Mr and Mrs. Ronald B. Moms 

Mr. and Mrs. Waldemar E 

Ms. Kelley S. Miller 

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Mixson 

Mr. and Mrs. John M.Moore 

Mr and Mrs. Cecil Moms 


Mr. and Mrs. Larry G. Miller, Jr 

COL Marion C.Mixson 

Mis. Judy D. Moore 

Ms. Amy K. Morrison 

M-1 Drilling Fluids LLC, 

Mr. and Mis. M.K. Miller. Jr. 

MMC Matching Gifts Program, 

Ms. Katherine M. Moore 

Ms. Bonnie S. Momson 

Houston, TX 

Mrs. Margaret J. Miller 

Princeton, NJ 

Ms. Kingsley E. Moore 

Dr. David M. Momson 

Dr. and Mrs. Douglas W. 

Mr. and Mrs. Marion D. Miller 


Mr. and Mis. Luther T. Moore 

Mr. James E Monison 


Ms. Mary A Miller 

Mr. and Mrs. Lany W Mobley 

Mrs. and Mr. Jean A. Moore 

Mr. and Mrs. John H. 

Ms. Elizabeth M. Michael 

Mr. and Mis. Matthew C. Miller 


Mr. Paul D. Moore 

Momson, Sr. 

Mr and Mrs. Albert G. 

Mr. Michael Moss Miller 

Mcidem Supply Sers-ice. 

Mr. Richard T Moore, Sr. 

Mr and Mrs. John H. 


Mrs, Panke M. Miller 

Williamston, SC 

Mr. Samuel W. Moore 

Morrison, Jr. 

Michelin Americas Research & 

Mr and Mrs. Parker D, Miller 

Ms. Allison L Moeller 

Mr. and Mis. Steven M. R. 

Ms. Margaret M. Morrison 

De\'elopment Corp., 

Mrs. Patricia L. Miller 

Mr John H. Mole 


Mr and Mrs. Oscar Momson 

Greer. SC 

Mr. Robert A. Miller 

Mr Scott A. Mollei 

Mr. Scott E. Moore 

Dr. Roben R. Momson 

The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Miller 

Mr. and Mis. J. William 

Mr and Mis. Stephen J. 

Dr. and Mrs. Beecher E. 

Bryan H.Mickle 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Miller 

Molony 111 

Moore, Sr. 

Morton, Jr 

Mrs. Andrea D.Micklon 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G.Miller 

Ms. Jody Moluf 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. 

Mis. E. D Morton 

Microsoft Matching Gift, 

Dr. Ronald E. Miller, Jr. 

Mrs. Barbara Moncnef 

Moore, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. James T, Morton 

Princeton, NJ 

Ms. Rosemary Miller, PhD 

Mr. and Mrs. John H, Monk, Jr, 

Dr. Victor A, Moore 

Ms. Rebecca G. Morton 

Mid - State Pools and Spas, 

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Miller 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard H, 

Mr. .ind Mis. Wilfred V.Moore 

Mr Robert A. Morton 

Macon, Inc., 

Mr. and Mrs. Jim W Miller. Jr. 


The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. 

Mr Ron Morton 

Warner Robins, GA 

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Miller 

Ms. Amy E. Monroe 

William O.Moore, Jr. 

Mr Harry Moscoso, Jr. 

Mr. Christopher T. Middendort 

Mr. William G. Miller 


Dr. and Mrs. Zane M. Moore 

Mrs. Carla G. Moses 

Dr. .ind Mrs. Wayne E 

Ms. Patricia C.Millichap 


Moore & Symons, Inc., 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Moses 


Milliken & Company, 

Dr. James G. Monroe 

Roswell, GA 

CPT and Mrs. Jameison W. Moses 

Mr, .Arthur 1. Middleton 

Spartanburg, SC 

Ms. Martha A. Monroe 

Moore, Taylor & Thomas, PA. 

Mr. and Mrs. Colby Mosier 

Mr, and Mrs. Cordia L. 

Milliken Foundation, 

Mr. and Mrs. William J. 

Artomeys at Law, West 

Dr. and Mrs. Herbert A. 

Middleton III 

Spartanburg, SC 

Monroe, Jr. 

Columbia, SC 


Mr. and Mrs. Gordon D. 

Mr. Alex S. Mills 11 

Monsanto Fund. St L")uis. MO 

Dr. and Mis. David R. 

Ms. Amy Leigh Mosley 


Mrs. Anna K. Mills 

Mr. Kelvin J. Montague and Dr. 

Moorelield, Sr. 

Ms. Susan D. Mosley 

Staff Sergeant and Mrs. Ryan M. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ellis W.Mills 111 

Jennifer Montague 


Ms. Eden E. Moss 



BG and Mrs. Daniel L. 

Mr. John R. Moorer, Jr. 

Ms. Faryl S. Moss 

UrC and Mis. Thomas C. 

Ms. Gloria Y. Milk 


Mrs. Melanie E. Moorer 


Middleton, Jr. 

Ms. Jennie W.MilU 

Mrs. Elizabeth M. Montgomety 

Ms. Elizabeth N.Moorhead 

Moss Phannacy. Horence, SC 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles P 

Mis. Maltha Legrand Mills 

James A. Montgomery. DMD 

The Rev. Dr. James Albert 

Mr and Mrs. Gregory S. Motley 


Mr. Michael A. Mills 

Dr. and Mrs. James H. 


Motorola Foundation, 

Midway Elementary' School, 

Ms. Rachel A. Mills 

Montgomery 11! 

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Moran. Jr 

Schaumburg, IL 

Lexington, SC 

Dr. and Mis. William P Mills 

Mr. and Mrs. James L 

Mrs. Holly L. Moranos 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. 

Midway Presbyterian Church, 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Milner 


Mr and Mrs. Scott A. Moranos 


Decatur, GA 

Mr. and Mrs. Edgar B. Milton 

Mr. John A. Montgomery, Jr. 

Mr and Mrs. Biyan Morath 

Mount Olive AME Church, 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. 

Mr, and Mrs. Thomas H. Milton 

Master Jotdan Montgomery 




Mr, Timothy B, Milton 

Mr Josh Montgomery 


Mount Pleasant Presbyterian 

Mr. 1. Jenkins Mikell 111 and Dr. 

Mrs. Jean Mimnaugh 

Ms. Lisa Montgomery 

Mr. Michael R. Morelock 

Church, Mount Pleasant, SC 

Julia K. Mikell 

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin L, 

Mr and Mrs. Robert M. 

Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson D. 

Mount Zion Missionary Baptist 

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Mikels 

Mims 111 



Church, Laurens, SC 

Mrs. Doris Milam 

Mr. Harry M. Minis, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael 

Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Morgan 

Mountain Retreat Association, 

Ms. Evelyn V. Milam 

Mr. and Mis. Parker B. Mims 


Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. 

Inc., Montreal, NC 

Mrs. Marjorie E Milam 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace M. 


Mountain Side Garden Club, 

Mr. and Mrs. William H. 

Minton, Jr. 

Montgomery, Jr. 

Ms. Etta M. Morgan 

Greenville, SC 

Milam, Jr. 

Mrs. Nancy T. Miranda 

Mr. and Mis. William 

Mr. and Mis. John B. 

Ms. Elizabeth W. Mowei 

Mrs. Elizabedi P Miles 

Ms. Rebecca A. Mischuck 


Morgan, Jr. 

Mr and Mis. Geotge L. Mowet 

Mr. Erie W. Miles, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Mischuck 

Monticello Piesbytenan Church, 

The Rev. Mr John B, 

Mr and Mrs. Steve Mowery 

Mrs. Joan N. Miles 

Ms. Menitt Katharine Misnei 

Monricello, G.A 

Morgan III 

Mrs. Mary L. Mowry 

Ms. Kelly Anne Miles 

Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Misner 

Dr. and Mrs. Christophet S. 

Mr and Mrs. John H. Morgan 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Moyano 

Ms. Rebecca Miles 

Mr, Wilson BMitcham 111 


Mr iind Mrs. Sidney J. Morgan 

Mr. and Mis. Ben R. Moye 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Miles 

Ms. Barbara J. Mitchell 

Montreal High Youth 

Mr. and Mis. Blake L. Morgan 

Mr. Bnan Moye 

Commander and Mrs. Charles 

Mr. Benjamin R. Mitchell 

Conference, Montreal, NC 

Dr. and Mis. S. Joseph 

Mr and Mrs. Paul E. Moye 

A, Miletich 

Mr. Benjamin Roben Mirchcll 

Mrs. Tracey L. Monti 

Morgan, Jr 

Ms. Sarah Moye 

Mr, and Mrs. C. Andrew Millard 

Mr. Cody Tarlton Mitchell 

Mr Joseph M. Moody 

Mr. and Mrs. Tony M. Morgan 

Mr. md Mrs. William C. Moye 

Ms. Lora Ocain Millard 

Mr. Corey D. Mitchell 

Mr. Robert A. Moomaw 

Dr. and Mrs. WalteiH. Morgan 

Mrs. Broy S. Moyer 

Ms. .Abbey J. Miller 

Mr. and Mis. James P Mitchell 

Dr. and Mrs. David W Moon 

Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & 

Mr. Eugene U. Moyer 

Mr and Mrs. Benjamin E Miller 

Dr. and Mrs. Jamie A. Mitchell 

Mr. Robert D. Main 

Co., Atlanta, G.A 

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Moyer 

Miss Christina Millet 

Ms. Jane W.Mitchell 

Mf. and Mrs. Burgett H. 

Mr .ind Mrs. Alan R. Moms 

Mrs. Bettylme R Moylan 

Master Christopher Miller 

Mr. and Mis. Frederick R. 

Mooney III 

Mr B. Ronald Moms 


Ms. EliziibethB. Miller 


Mrs. Fran B. Mooneyham 

Mr Billy Moms, Jr. 

Mr Scot H. Mozingo 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Miller 

Mr. and Mis. Lewis M. Mitchell 

Mr. Joseph A. Mtxineyham 

Mr Cecil B. Morris 111 

Mr and Mrs. Roger W.Mudd 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. 

Mr. and Mrs. Danen Mitchell 

Mr. Albert Mitchell Mixite 

Mr and Mrs. David T. Moms 

Mr William EMudd 

Miller 111 

Mr. Patrick G. Mitchell 

Mrs. Betty S. Moote 

Dr. H. A. Moms 

Mr and Mis. Lawtence RMulhall 

Mr. and Mis. James H.Miller 111 

Mr. and Mrs. Percy B. Mitchell 

Mr. and Mrs. Cary P Moore 

Mr and Mrs. Joel T Moms 

Mrs. Karen Diane Mull 

Mrs. Jeanette W.Miller 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Mitchell 

Mr. Chase A. Moore 

Mr and Mrs. J. Allen Moms, Jr 

Mr. imd Mrs. D. C. Mullen 

Mis. Ruth R. Mitchell 

Mr and Mrs. Robert J. Morris 

Mr and Mis. James M.Mullen 

Tliis canii 

mign is about our future studen 

ts. We need to build - on our so 

'id foundation - a college that 

has the ca 

^abilities to prepare these stude 

its to he leaders in a world that 

desperateli/ needs PC values. 

To do tha 

, zee need to attract and retain t 

le best and brightest students a 

td faculty. 

2002 2007 

Mr. Wade MullinnLX 

Mr. and Mis. Michael Navarro 

New Bethel Eastern Stat ^195 

Mr and Mrs. biwton H. Nisbet 

Mr and Mrs. Sam Nunn 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Mulllns 

Mr Matthew L. Navatro 

O.E.S., Clinton, SC 

Ms. Susan E. Nish 

Mr William Weston Nunn 

Ms. Beth D. Mullis 

Mr Nicholas J. Navarro 

New Bethel Lodge =266, 

William A. Nish, MD 

Mr and Mrs. Daniel R, Nunnery 

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Mullner 

The NCR Foundation. 

Clinton, SC 

NiSource Charitable 

Mr and Mrs, William S. 

Mr. Jerome A. Mullner 

Dayton, OH 

New England Electric, 

Found.ition, Merriville, IN 


Mr Joseph S. Mullner 

Ms. Mary Douglas Neal 

Westborough, MA 

Dr. Elgie Nissen 

Mr and Mrs. Bernard J. 

Mr-Justm A. Mullner 


New Harmony Presbytery, 

Mr and Mis. John T. Nissen 


Mr. Steve J. Mullner, Jr. 

Mr and Mrs. Rutheitoid 

Florence, SC 

Mr Scott M. Niswonger 

Oak Grove Presbyterian Church, 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. 

D. Neal 

New Hope Baptist Church, 

The Honorable Mr and Mrs. 

Prosperity, SC 


Mr and Mrs. W. R. Neal 

Cross Anchor, SC 

Kenneth O. Nix 

Mrs. Ellis L. Oakes 

Mr. and Mrs. Bnice Mundy 

Mr and Mrs. William C. 

New Jersey Bell Telephone 

Mr and Mrs. Kevin C. Nix 

Mr and Mrs. Barney J. Oakes 

Ms. Jean C. Mundy 


Company, Newark. NJ 

Mr Bryant Nixon 

Oakview Elementary School. 

Mr. and Mrs. Howell R. Mundy 

Mr and Mrs. William C. 

New Monmouth Presbyterian 

Mrs. Kristin Smith Nixon 

Simpsonville, SC 

Mr. .md Ms. Luther M. Mundy 


Church, Lexington, V.A 

Mr and Mrs. David Nixon 

Mr and Mrs. Michael J. Oana 

Mr. and Mrs. Marion B. Mundy 

Neal Prince &. Partners 

Mr and Mr. Paul M. 

BG(Ret.) and Mrs. Joseph 0. 

Ms. Caroline R. Oates 

Mr. and Mrs. W. Thomas 

Architects, Inc., 

Newell, Sr 


Mr William L. Oates 111 

Mundy, Jr. 

Greenville, SC 

Mr Paul M. Newell, Jr 

Mis. Eli:abeth B. Noble 

Mr and Mrs. Greg O'Bradovich 

Mr. Trent Weable and Mts. 

Dr. and Mrs. Rjuglas H. Neale 

Mr and Mrs. William W. 

Mr and Mr. John R. Noble, Sr 

Mr Cecil D.O'Bryan 

Beverly K. Mundy Weable 


Newman, Jr 

Mr and Mrs. Joe Noble 

Mr Christopher Jim O'Brj'ant 

Mr. Dan D. Mungo 

Mr Waldo N. Nease 

Mr Andre M. Newman 

Mr John C. Noble 

Mr and Mis. B. W. O'Cain 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Mungo 

Mr and Mrs. Carl A. Necaise 

Mr Franks. Newman, Jr 

Mr and Mrs. Gary H. Nobles 

Mis. Penny P. O'Callaghan 

Mr. and Mrs. James LMunkers 

Mr and Mrs. Mark A. Necaise 

Mr Mar\'in Cecil Newman 

Mr and Mr. Randal S. Noe 

Ocean View Venmres, 

Mr. and Mrs. T N. Munn 

Dr. and Mrs. David C. Needham 

Dr. and Mrs. Richard E. 

Ms. Janice Noffe 

Myrtle Beach, SC 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Munn 

Ms. Wanda CNeedham 


Mr and Mrs. Eugene F Nolan 

Oconee Interiois. LLC, 

Munsey Memorial United 

Needw,Tod Middle School, 

Newnan Presbyterian Church, 

Mr Jeffrey PNold 

Eatonton, GA 

Methodist Church, 

Bran.swick, GA 

Newnan, GA 

Mr ..nd Mis. William ENold 

Oconee Mototspoits, Inc., 

Johnson City, TN 

Mr and Mrs. William B. 

Mr and Mrs. James L. Newsome 

Mr and Mrs. Eberhard A. Noll 

Eatonton, GA 

Mr. and Mrs. James S. 

Neely HI 

Mr and Mrs. John P. Newsome 

Mr Ryan G. Noll 

Mr and Mrs. Daniel R. 


Mr and Mrs. James R. Neely 

Mr and Mrs. John W. Newsome 

Mr and Mrs. William M. 


Mr. Brennan S. Murdock 

Mr James T Neely 111 

Mr Michael A. Newsome 


Mr Rick O'Connor 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald S. 

Mr and Mrs. Jen^' Neely 

Mr and Mr;. Derik S. Newton 

Ms. Alice I. Nolte 

Karen O'Connor-Homan and 

Murdock, Jr. 

Mrs. Kasey E. Neely 

Mr and Mrs. John S. Newton 

Mr and Mrs. Isaac A. Nooe 111 

Mats Floman 

Mr. Harr\' S. Murdock 

Mr and Mrs. Walter D Neely 

Mr and Mrs. John W Newton 

Norbord South Carolma Inc.. 

Ms. Ashley Susan O'Daniel 

The Honorable Mr. and Mrs. 

Mr and Mrs. Car>' D. Negley 

Mr Randall D. Newton 

Kinards. SC 

Mr and Mrs. Dvvight 0'1>11 

Jamie L Murdock, Jr. 

Mr Joseph W.Negley.Jr 

Mr Taylor S. Newton and 

Nordson Corporation, 

Ms. M.irgarct D. O'Dell 

Dr. and Mrs. David W Murphy 


The Rev. Mrs. Susan 


Mr William M. O'Dell 

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Murphy IV 



Norfolk Southern Foundation, 

The O'Dell Corporation, 

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Murphy 

The Rev. Mr and Mrs. 

Mr Willie D Newton, Jr 

Roanoke, VA 

Ware Shoals, SC 

Mr. Kemiit L. Murphy 

Marshall B. Neil 111 

Nexsen Pruet Jacobs &. Pollard. 

Mr and Mrs. Jetfery S. Noraian 

Mr and Mrs. Alexander B. 

Ms. Uune Holladay Murphy 

Mr Paul E. Neil, Jr 

LLP, Columbia, SC 

Mr and Mrs. Joe M. Norman 


Mrs. Melahn Murphy 

Mr and Mrs. David A. Neisler 

Nexsen Textiles, Inc. and Final 

Mr and Mrs. Kenneth G. 

Ms. Kathetine Anne Odom 

Ms. Valynda S. Murphy 

Mr Ethan H, Nelms 

Reduction, Roebuck, SC 


Mr .md Mrs, Phillip Odom 


Mr and Mrs, Stephen L. Nelms 

NGM Insurance Company, 

Mr and Mrs. Ralph W 

Mrs, Sarah Odom 


Mr .ind Mrs. Harry V. 

Keene, NH 

Nomian 111 

Mr and Mis. Thom.)s M. 

Mr. Matthew Justin Murrah 

Nelson IV 

Mr and Mrs. Vu Nguyen 

Mr and Mrs. Ralph W 


Mr. Robert L. Murray 

Mr and Mrs. Craig L. Nelson 

Mr and Mrs. Gregory L. Ntbert 

Norman. Jr 


Musgrove Mill Golf Club, 

Mr Daniel J. Nelson 


Mr. BrendaN.Non-is 

Mr and Mrs. Patrick H, Oeser 

Chnton, SC 

Mr David S. Nelson 


Mr Edgar M. Norris 

Dr. and Mis. William S. Ogden 

Mr. and Mrs. Neil E. Myer 

Ms. Dianne E. Nelson 

Mr and Mrs. Charles A. Nichols 

Mrs. Gayle Cochrane Nonis 

Ms. Elizabeth Ann Ogorek 

Mr. & Mrs. Karl B. Myers 

Mr and Mrs. James H. 

Mr and Mrs. EG. Nichols 111 

LTC James C. Nonis 

Mr and Mrs. Richard W. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Myets 

Nelson, Jr 

Mr and Mrs. Harold E. 

Ms. Jessica Brooke Nonis 


Ms. Sue O.Myers 

Dr. and Mrs. Michael E. Nelson 

Nichols, Jr 

Mr and Mrs. Robert O. Nonis 

Mr and Mis. Brian R O'Gonnan 

Mr. ;md Mrs. James C. 

Ms. Holly C Nelson 

Ms. Margaret A. Nichols 

Mr. Shelby J. Norris 


M>Tiatt, Jr. 

Mr Lewis R.Nelson 

Mr md Mrs. Michael L. Nichols 

Mr Thomas R. Nonis 

Ms. Shannon M. O'Hara 

Dr. and Mrs. Grover C. Nabors 

Mr Ron E. Nelson and The 

Nichols Automotive, Inc., 

NORTEL Network, 

Mr and Mis. D. H, Ohiandt. Sr 

LTC and Mrs. Eric K. 

Rev. Mrs. Lisa Nelson 

Clinton, SC 

Brampton, ON 

Mr Karl F Ohiandt 


Ms. Lynda D. Nelson 

Mr and Mrs. Laurens C. 

Mr Thomas G. Nonhcutt 

Mrs, Guy R. O'Kelly 

Mr. and Mrs. Kirit Naik 

Mr and Mrs. Mark T Nelson 


Nonheast Geotgia Presbyterv', 

Mr and Mrs, Chariest 

Mr. George Weston Nalley 

Dr. Michael A. Nelson 

Mr .md Mrs, George S. 

Athens, GA 

Okey IV 

Mrs. Lisa Nalley 

The Rev. Mr Richard M. 

Nicholson III 

Northndge Presbyterian 

Mr, Marguerite Old 

Mr. and Mrs. C.T Nalley 


Mr and Mis. John C. Nicholson 

Church, Dallas, TX 

Dr, and Mr. Douglas W. 

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher E. 

Mr and Mrs. Ricky C. Nelson 

Ms. Ruth Anne Nicholson 

Northrop Grumman 



Mr and Mrs. Robert B. Nelson 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. 

Foundation, Los Angeles, CA 

The Rev Mr Timothy 

Mr Michael R.Napior 

Ness Company Of QMumbia, 


Northside Middle School, West 

Jason Olds 

The Rev. Mr David 

Inc., Columbia, SC 

Mr and Mrs. A. S. Nickles 111 

Columbia, SC 

Mr and Mr. Robert C.O'Leary 

William Nash, Sr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Harry H. Nettles 

Mr and Mrs. A. S. Nickles 

Northwestern Mutual 

Mr. Virginia Lee Oleson 

National Christian Charitable 

Dr. and Mrs. Clifford K.Netzler 

MrandMrs. PeterA.Nicol 

Foundation, Princeton, NJ 

Mr. Dorothy C. Oliver 

Foundation, Inc., 

Ms. Jill M. Neumann 

Mr and Mrs. Keith j.Nicolosi 

Mr ,ind Mrs. Troy J. Nonon 

Mr Eddie L. Oliver 

Atlanta, GA 

Mr and Mrs. Joseph Neumarm 

Mr Gary W. Nicosia 

Mr Ben K. Nonvood 

Mr and Mr, John E Oliver 

National Collegiate Athletic 

Mr Henry T Neville 

Mr and Mrs. Kurt Nielsen 

Novartis US Foundation 

Mr, Gail A. Oliver 

Association, Indianapolis, IN 

Mr and Mrs. Kevin C. Neville 

Mr and Mrs. Roben D. Niles 

Matching Gift Program. 

Mr and Ms. J, M- Oliver. Jr 

National Enterprises, Inc., 

Mr Lamar Neville 


Smart, FL 

TTie Rev Dr. and Mr. 

St Louis, MO 

Ms. Colette A. Nevius 

Nimmons & Malchow , P G. 

Mr and Mrs, Gerald Novelli 

LonnieJ. Oliver 

Mr and Mrs. J. M. Nations 

Mr and Mrs. Dustin A. New 

Attorneys At Law. 

Mrs, Elisabeth K. Nowell 

Ms. Lucille Oliver 

NationsBank, Atlanta, GA 

Ms. Mary S. New 

Augusta, GA 

Ms. AmyJ.Nunamakei 

Mr Richard A. Oliver 

Nationwide Foundation, 

New Bethel AME Church, 

Mr and Mrs. John L. Nipe 

Mr and Mrs. James B. Nutm III 

Dr. and Mr. Robert W 

Gilumbus. OH 

Clinton, SC 

Ms. Dorothy L. Nisbet 

Mr and Mrs. Michael M. Nurm 

Oliver Jr 

1 Liberal Learning L 

] Service [j Vigor 

□ Christian Faith [[ 

] Honor G Cornmuniti/ 

Thniik i/oii ... 

... for supporting Presbyicrian College's 
many service projects, inchidiiig 
construction of a Habitat for Humanity 
house i)i Clinton, "Waves of Mercy" 
Hurricane Relief Special Olympics, Breast 
Cancer Aioareness, and a host of others. 

Mr. Tom Oliver 

Mrs. Cynthia S. OUey 

Master Austin OIlis 


Master J imOllis 

Master Jordan OUis 

Ms. Naomi Lauren Ollis 

Mr. and Mrs. Henley M. Olmert 

Mr. Robert F. Olmert 

Mrs. Pamela J.Ols 

Mr. and Mrs. Dallas S. Olson, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Dallas S. Olson, Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Timotliy M. Olson 

Dr. Julie E. Olson Wehman and 

Dr. Michael J. Wehman 

Omnova Solutions Foundation, 

Fairlawn, OH 
Dr. and Mrs. Welton O'Neal, Jr. 
Mr. Robert V. Onorato 
The Open Dovir Community 

Center, Atlanta, GA 
Mt. William L. Oppenheimer 
Ore ARP Church, 

Gray Court, SC 
The Orchard Inn, Saluda, NC 
Mr. and Mrs. Jobin S. Orck 
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Orders III 
Mr. Adam D. Orkm 
Ms. Meredith L. Orland 
Mr. and Mrs. J.K. On 111 
Mrs. Janice Jarreti Orr 
Dr. Kenneth B. Otr 
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Orred 
Orthopedic Surgery Flower 

Club, Spartanburg, SC 
Ms. Elizabeth Ann Ortstadt 
Mr and Mts. Jay L. Osborne 
Mr. itnd Mrs. Carl E abome III 
Mr. and Mrs. James N. Osborne 
Mr. and Mis. Ted Ostrander, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. ir^stiom 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Oswald 
Mr. Matthew B.Oswald 
Oswald Law Firm, 

Billy Oswald and Associates, 

West Columbia, SC 
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. 

Wilbur R. Otey III 
Mr. Funnan E. Ott, Jt. 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Ott 
Dr. Walter R. Ott 
Mt. and Mrs. John L. Otten 
Dr. and Mrs. William S. 

Mr. Alexander K. Ottley 
Mr. David Ouderkitk and Dr. Mrs. 
Can L. Ouderkirk 
Mr. Arthur B. Out: III 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Ouzts 
Mr. and Mrs, Matthew T 

Mr. Claude B.Owen, Jr. 
Mr. md Mrs, Franklyn D. 

CHven 111 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. CHven 
Mr. and Mrs. Ross L. Owen 
Mt. and Mrs. Frank C. 

Owens 111 
Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Owens 
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence J. Owens 
Mr. Frank C. Owens, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Owens 
Mr. James King Owens IV 
Mrs. Julaine S. Owens 
Mr. Lawrence F Owens 
Mr. Mark Edward Owens 
Ms. Megan Elizabeth Owens 
Mr. Michael H. Owens 
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Owens 
Ms. Shelley Moorer Owens 
Ms. Sonja M. Owens 
Mr. Stephen T. Owens 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. 

Mr. Tench Pool Owens 
Dr. and Mrs. Tommy L. Owens 
Mr. and Mrs. William F Owens 
Mr. and Mr?. William R. Oweirs 
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew C. 


Mr. Matthew C. Owings 
Ms. Arme Owusu 
Ms. Margaret E. Oxtotd 
Mr. and Mrs. W E. Oxford 
Oxford Advisory Associates, 

Inc., Motehead City. NC 
Mr. and Mrs. William TOzmint 
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Pace 
Mr. and Ms. Michael K. Pace 
Pace Foundation, Itmo, SC 
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley M. 

Pack, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Padgett 
Mt. and Mrs. Lee J. Padgett 
Mt. and Mrs. Russell A. Padgert 
Padgett & Company, 

Bogan, GA 
Dr. and Mrs. Paul E. Pafford 
Mr. Edward E. Page and The Rev. 
Mrs. Ansley G. Page 
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Page 
Dr. and Mrs. James B. Page 
Mni. Krisrine K. Page 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O. Page 
Mr. William N. Page 
Mr. and Mrs. David Paintet 
Master Jonathan Painter 
Mr. Robert D. Painter 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Painter 
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Painter 
Ms. Gertrude C. Paller 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Palm 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Palmer 
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene F Palmer 
Mr. & Mrs. H. B. Palmer 
Mr. James Thaddeus Palmer 
Ms. Jennings .A. D. Palmer 
Mrs. Martha T. Palmer 
Mrs. Mollie K. Palmer 
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Palmer 
Mr. and Mrs. Scott C Palmer 
The Palmetto Bank, 

Clinton, SC 
The Palmetto Bank, 

Laurens, SC 
Palmetto State Bank, 

Bluffton, SC 
PalmettoPride, Columbia, SC 
Mrs. Loretta A. Palmote 
Mt. Evan B. Pamplin 
Mr. and Mrs. William Panick 
Mr. and Mrs. Chuck H. Paninski 
Ms. Lisa M. Pantaze 
Mrs. Phyllis K.Papka 
Ms. Christina R. Pappas 
Ms. Ana T. Parajon 
Ms. Gay B. Pardee 
Mrs, Betsy B. Parducci 
Mrs. Anna M. Parham 
Mr. and Mrs. James C. 

Parham, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Parham 
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick M. Paruse 
Mts. Alice R. Park 
Major James W. and Dr. 

Karen Park 
Mr. Stephen W Park 
Mt. and Mrs. William J. Park 
Park At West Mam, 

Laurens, SC 
Park Circle Presbyterian 

Church, North 

Charleston, SC 
Mr Benn R.Parker 
Mr. and Mrs. Elton L. Parker 
Mr. Fred E. Parker 
Mr. and Mrs. Harold C Parker 
Mr. and Mrs. Hany Parker 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Parker 
Dr. and Mrs. John E. Parker 
Ms. Kathryn R. Parker 
Ms. Mary Alice Parker 
Ms. Mar\' Anne Parker 
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Parker II 
Mr. Melvin L. Parker 
Mr. and Mrs. Mirchell C. Parker 
Mr. and Mrs. Dee Parker 
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne B. Parker 
COL and Mrs. William 

J. Parker, Jr. 
Mr. Henry B. Parb 
Dr. and Mrs. H. K. Parb 

Dr. William R. P.wb 
Parkway Presbyterian Church, 

Knoxville, TN 
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Parlato 
Ms. Alicia Arme Parmenter 
Mr. Richard Lee Fanner, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C 

MG(Ret.) and Mis. Danell 

W. Pamell 
Mr. and Mis. Henry L. Pan, Jr. 
Mrs. Louise E. Pan 
Mr. Dean F Panish 
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Parrish 
Mr.andMrs.RobinJ. PaiTish 
Mr. and Mrs. Royce Parrish 
Ms. Shiiley Arm Parrish 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R, Panish 
Mrs. Betty Lou Panott 
Di. and Mis, Lairy Parron 
Mr. Charles A. Parsons II 
Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Parsons 
Mrs. E. L. Parsons 
Mrs. Elizabeth G. Parsons 
Ms. Eileen Parsons 
Mr. Gar\' M. Parsons 
Mrs. Monte N. Paisons 
Ms. Rachel Erin Parsons 
Mr. Randall A. Parsons 
Mr. and Mrs. Bradford D. Parton 
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Paschal. Jt 
Mrs. Emma L. Paschal 
Dr. Sarah Paschal 
Past Masters Council of Laurens 

County, Clinton, SC 
Mr. George T. Patat 
Ml. and Mis. Bobby C. Pate 
Ml. and Mis, Frank Pate 
Ml. James L. Pate IV 
Mi. and Mr. James L. Pate 111 
Ml. and Mis. Joseph A. Pate III 
Mi. and Mis. Joseph A. Pate IV 
Ms.NehaS. Patel 
Patient Caie Phaimacy. Inc.. 

Lexington. SC 
Alexandei M. Patnck, MD 

/( has alimi/s been clear witat PC was about. Through limes of great growth and change, we never lose sight of who we ar, 
and from zohere we came. We remain focused on six core vales that ground us in the past and serve as our guide for the future 
Wltcther graduating in 192S or 200S we will ahvays be unified by these values. 

2002 2007 



Mr. BraJv James Patrick 

Dr. and Mrs. Don R. Pearson, Jr. 

Ml. and Mis. James W. 

Mr. and Mrs. John P Pinson 

Ms. Carolyn M. Porter 

Mr. Damian S. Patrick 

Ms. Elizabeth A. Pearson 

Peterson, Ji. 

Mr and Mrs. Tommy L. Pinson 

Ms. Chastity D. Ponei 

Ms. Elizabeth L. Patrick 

Mr. ;uid Mrs. George E Pearson 

Mi. William P Peteison 

Pioneer Timber Inc., 

Mi^. Doiothy M. Poftet 

Mr. Geraldine A. Patrick 

Mr. J.Kkie Pearson 

Ml. Joshua R. Petit 

Alpharetta, GA 

BG and Mis, Ernest E. Ponei 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. 

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Pearson 

Mi. and Mrs. Michael Petto 

PIP Printing, Anderson, SC 

Mr Keith Allen Porter, Sr 

Patrick, Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Lennart Peaison 

The Rev Di. and Mis. 

Mrs. Cyndiia D. Piper 

Mr and Mrs. Kenneth E Poitei 

Mr.andMre. Kevin L. Patrick 

The Peat, Manvick, Mitchell 

Bobby E. Pettit 

Mrs, Nancy Piscatella 

Mr Louie T Potter Sr 

Mr.andMrs.RenoG. Pamck 


Mis. Lee A. Peyton 

Mrs, Elizabeth Pitman 

Major and Mrs. Louie T 

Mrs. Teresa Patrick 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Jay Peay 

Ml. and Mrs. Thomas A. Ptaffl 

Pimey Bowes, Stamfoid, CT 


Patrick Family Foundation. Inc., 

Mr, Jim Peck 

Pfizer Foundation Matching 

Mr and Mis. E. Henrv Pittman 


Decatui, GA 

Dr. and Mrs. Herschel Q. 

Gifts Program, Pnnceton. NJ 

Dr. and Mrs. John 0. Pittman 

Mr and Mrs, Millard E, Porter 

Mis. Rebecca Patte 


Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Phail 

Mr and Mrs. Benjamm T PitLs 

Mr and Mrs. Robert W. 

Mis. Pamela V. Pattee 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel R. 

Ms. Margaret TPhares 

Mr and Mrs. David A. Pitts 

Porter Jr 

Mrs. Faye Parteison 


Mr. Christopher R.Phelps 

Mr David Pitts 

Dr. William G. Porter 

Mr. Frank M. Patterson III 

Mrs. Greeta G. Peden 

Mr. and Mis. Haivey Phelps 

Mr and Mis. Ted Pitts 

Mr and Mrs, Charles Shirley 

Mrs. Jean Patterson 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P 

Mi. David R. Phenix 

Mr Gerald B. Pitts and Mis. 

Mrs. Kathy W. Poss 

Ml. and Mis. K. K. Patterson 



Jennifer R. Bartless 

Ms. Jolene S. Postol 

Mis. Laura Patterson 

Pee Dee Isotopes. Inc., 

Mi. and Mis. John E. Philei 

Mr and Mis. James Y Pitts 

Mr and Mrs. Clifford C. Paston 

Ml. and Mis. Lawrence L. 

Floience, SC 

Mt. and Mis. John H. Philei 

Ms, Janice M. Pitts 

Mrs, Linda S. Poston 


The Rev. Mi. and Mis. 

Philip Moms Companies, Inc., 

Ms. Judith Pitts 

Mr and Mrs. Paul H. Poteat 

Mi. and Mis. Walter B. 

Lawrence M. Peebles 

Princeton, NJ 

Miss Katrine M. Pitts 

Dr. and Mrs. Tony S. Poteat, Jr 

Patteison, St. 

Dr. and Mrs. Mills J. Peebles 

Dr. and Mis. J. Davidson Philips 

Dr, and Mis. Michael W. Pitts 

Mr and Mrs. E.Guice Potter Jr 

Mrs. Leonaid H. Patterson 

Mr. and Mrs. Russell D. Peek 

Ms. Ann B. Phillip 

Mr Rocky Pitts 

Mr Scott A. Pottei 

Mr. Ralph E Patteison, Jr. 

The Rev. Dr. .'Xmanda 

Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Phillips 111 

Mr and Mrs. Timothy D. Pitts 

Dr. David W Potts and Dr. 

Mr. Russell G. Patterson 

Lorie Peele 

Mr. Christ.iphei L, Phillips 

Mr W. Wade Pitts 

amna Millar 

Mr. and Mrs. Smith Patterson 

Mrs, Isobel 

Mi, Corey E, Phillips 

The Pittsbutgh Conference, 

Mr and Mrs. James B. Potts 

Mrs. W. L. Patterson 


Dr, and Mrs, Donald K, Phillips 

Pittsbuigh, PA 

Mr and Mr. Paul J. Potts. Jr 

Mr. and Mrs. Waltei M. 

Ms. Margaret H. Pellett 

Ms, Edith A. Phillips 

LTC Waltei Pjetrai 

Mastei Alec Powell 

Patterson ill 

Ms. Marj' E. Pence 

Mr. and Mrs. G. Patnck Phillips 

Mr and Mis. Randall J. Plank 

Dr. and Mrs. Alexander C. 

Mr. William M. Patterson 

Ms. Margaret E. Pender 

Ms. Grace M. Phillips 

Ms. Saia M. Plank 


Patterson Developers Of Lyman, 

Mr. Preston P Pender 111 

Ms. Hannah P Phillips 

Planteis Warehouse of 

Mr and Mis. Chariest Powell 

Inc., Lyman, SC 

Mrs. Tamara Mayes Pendley 

Mr. and Mrs. James L. 


Mr and Mrs. Christopher A. 

Mr. James G.Patton 

Mr. and Mrs. David T Penland 

Phillips, Jr. 

Mr James W. Piatt and Dt. 


Mr. and Mrs. Brian M.Patton 

Mr. and Mrs. J. R, Pennell 

Mr. and Mrs. Brad E. Phillips 

Leslie Olivet Piatt 

Ms. Donna Chasrain Powell 

Mr. Kevin Patton 

Ms. Rose C. Pennington 

Mr. and Mrs. Kent V Phillips 

Mr and Mis. William B. Pla.Mco 

Mrs. Elizabeth Powell 

Mr, and Mis. John T. Patton 

Penrod Ser\'ices, LLC, 

Mr, Manin A, Phillips 

Mr, and Mrs. David M. 

Mr and Mrs, Ernest W. 

Mr. and Mis. Theodoie E. 

Mauldin, SC 

Mr, Pratt D, Phillips IV 


Powell. Jr 


The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. 

Ms, Robin M, Phillips 

Ms, Leslie Plesac 

Mr and Mis. James E, Powell 

Ms. Amy L. Paul 

Victor D. Pent: 

Ms, Stacy S, Phillips 

Mr and Mrs, Ronald M, Fletcher 

Mr .tnd Mis. Joe C. Powell 

Mr. Caleb H. Paul 

Mr. and Mis. Randy Pepe 

Dr. Stephanie A. Phillips and Dr, 

The Rc\', Mr and Mrs, 

CPTJonathan D.Powell 

Mr. and Mrs. James M.Paul 

Ms. Mananne W Pepper 

Jeffrey M. Phillips 

.•\ndralB, Plexico.Jr 

Mr and Mis. James H. Powell 

Mr. and Mrs. R. Dana Paul 

Pepsi Cola Bottling Company ai 

Mr. Tommy Howard Phillips, Jr. 

Mrs. Helen R.PIexico 

Mr Leo Vernon Powell 

Mr. Sampson L. Paul, Jr. 

Gieenville. Greenville, SC 

Phillips Petroleum Foundation, 

Mrs. J. Douglas Plowden 

Mr and Mrs. Lewis P Powell, Jr 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Paul 

PepsiCo Foundation, 

Inc., Bartlesville, OK 

Mr and Mrs. Donald L. Plunkett 

Mr Marcus LPowelLJr 

Paul J. Neal, Jr., Attorney At 

Purchase, NY 


MrAlvisB. Poe.Jr 

Dr. and Mr,. Randall W Powell 

Uw, Woodstock, VA 

Mi. and Mis. Tommy G, Pequeno 

Mr. and Mrs. James A. 

Mr and Mrs. Frank S. Poe 

Master Robert Powell 

Mr. Edward R. Paulling 

Mi. Phillip D. and The 

Philpott, Jf. 

Mr and Mrs. Mitchell B. Poe 

Ms. Srephanie Lynn Pciwell 

Mr. and Mrs. Moultrie B. 

Rev Di. Jen Perkins 

Mt. and Mis. James H. Philpott 

Mr Jeremy R. Poirier 

Ms. Thelma B. Powell 


Mr. itnd Mrs. Bradley L. Perkins 

Mt. and Mis. R. Allison Phinney 

Mr and Mrs. Dave Polkxk 

Mrs. Virginia C. Powell 

Mr. and Mrs. Brent Pa.\ron 

Mr. and Mrs. Leo J. Perreault 

Dr. and Mis. Joseph L.Pickaid 

Mr Elton L. Pollock, Jr and Dr. 

Mr William 1. Powell 

Dr. and Mrs. John H. Paylor 

Mr. aion R. Pencil 

Mt. and Mis. Benjamin R. 

Karen Pollock 

Mr and Mrs. Danny L. Power 

Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Payne 

CFT and Mrs. Fred E.Pemll, 

Pickens, Jr. 

Mr and Mrs. Ralph D. Poison 

Mr and Mrs. Lewis H. Power 

Dr. Christina E. Payne and Or. 

USN (Ret.) 

Ms. Margaret T, Pickens 

Ponce De Leon Music Centei 

Mr and Mrs. Lewis Power 

John E Payne 

Mr, and Mrs, Edward P Perrin 

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Pickett 

Inc, Gumming, GA 

The Rev Mr Daniel P 

CPT Christopher W.Payne 

Mr, and Mrs, Kenneth Penme 

Mr. William C.Pickett 

The Pcxil Depot, Inc., 


Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Payne 

Ms, Velma Elizabeth Pemne 

Piedmont Conference WMS, 

Athinta, GA 

Mr David J. Powers 

Ms. Peggy Lee Payne 

Mr, and Mrs, Alden T Perry 

Simpsonville, SC 

Ms. Amy Marie Poole 

Mr and Mrs. Dennis L. Powers 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Payne 


Piedmont Pulp, Inc., 

Mrs. Ida G.Poole 

Mrs. Helen A. Powers 

Mrs. Ruthanna B. Payne 

Mr, David L. Pen^' and Mrs. 

Laurens, SC 

The Honorable Mr and Mis. A. 

Ms. Lockey Boyd Powers 

Mr. Shaun C. Payne 

Kathleen A. Meier 

Mrs. Elizabeth E. Piephoff 

Giegoiy Poole 

Ms. Melinda K. Powers 

PeaKxIy Heights Piesbyteiian 

Dr. Frank L. Perry, Jr. 

The Rev Mr. Robert P 

Mr and Mrs. Richard B. Poole 

Mr Richard J. Powers 

Chuich, Eastman, GA 

Mr. John E Perry 

ressley Piephoff 

Mrs. Fannie R. Pooley 

Mr Timothy E. Powers 

Peachtree Presbyterian Church, 

Mrs. Patiicia P Peny 

Mr. and Mis. ManinJ. Piepoli 

Mr and Mrs. Andrew W. Poor 

Mr and Ms. William B. Powers 

Atlanta, GA 

Ms. Rebecca E. Pern- 

Ml. and Mis. Kenneth Pierce 

Mr Christopher O'Neal Pope 

Mr Stan Pozega. DDS 

Peachn-ee Road United 

Mi. Roben L. Petty 111 

Mi. and Mrs. Howard R. Pierce 

Mr and Mrs. Edward B. Pope, Jr 

PPG Indusmes Foundation. 

Methodist Church, 

Mi. and Mis. Wade B. Peny. Ji. 

Mr. and Mr>. Richard A. Pierce 

Mrs. Eleanor Pope 

Pittsburgh, PA 

Atlanta, GA 

Ms. Elizabeth Lloyd Penisse 

Mr. and Mrs. Kirk I. Pierce 

Dr. L. B. Pope 

Mr and Mrs. Nikhil R. Prabhu 

Mr. and Mrs. Irvin E Peak 

Ml. and Mis. Woltgmg Pestei 

Mr. Norman B. Pigeon 

Mrs. Marjorie I. Pope 

MrBrianJ. Prahl 


Mi. and Mis. Robert E. Peterka 

Ms. Julia M. Pilgrim 

Mr Shelby J. Pope, Jr 

Mr and Mrs, John E, Prahl 

Ms. Anne W Pearce 

Ms. Tina L. Peterka 

Martha Susan Pilgrim, PhD 

Mr Timothy E. Pope 

Mr and Mrs. Bharrat D. Prashad 

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene L. Pearce 

Mi. and Mis. Hany E 

Mr.EliasH. Pinckney,Jr. 

Pope Brothers Fami, Inc. 

Mr and Mrs. Ravin C. Prashad 

Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Pearce 

Petersen IV 

Mr Heyward H. Pinckney, Jr 

Clinton, NC 

Dr. Neal B. Prater 

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Pearce, Jr. 

Mi. and Mis. Bnice Peteison 

Mr and Mrs. Michael C. 

Pope Funeial Home. Inc., 

Ms. Cecelia A. Prather 

Mrs. Ramona W. Pearce 

Ms. Carol G. Peteison 


Winnsboro, SC 

Mr David E. Pran 

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony C. 

Mi. Clayton Peteison 

Ms. Sarah L. Pinckney 


Mr and Mrs. James B.Pratt 

Pearson 11 

Ml. and Mis. Robert P Peteison 

Mr and Mrs. Ryan L. 

Mr Brantley T. Ponei 

Dr. Samuel N. Pratt, Jr 

Mr. and Mrs. Price Pearson 

Ms. Alyssa B. S. Pinkerton 

Mr Brett A. Porter 

! 1 Liberal Learning L 

1 Sert'ice D Vigor 

[] Christian Faith [ 

J Honor QH Community 

TheProniBc ^'TlieChallengc 

2002 2007 

Presbyterian Church (USA) 

Foundation, Jeffersonville, IN 
Presbyterian Church (USA), 

Louisville, ICV' 
Presbyterian Church of the 

Redeemer, Lithonia, GA 
Presbyterian College 1999 Men's 

Soccer Team, Clinton, SC 
Presbyterian College 

Admissions and Financial 

Aid Statf, Clinton, SC 
Presbyterian College Alpha 

Delta Pi Sorority, 

Clinton, SC 
Presbyterian Oiliege American 

Chemical Society, 

Clinton, SC 
Presbyterian College Block P 

Presbyterian College Blue Hose 

Baseball Camp, Clinton, SC 
Presbyterian College Blue Hose 

Baseball Team, Clinton, SC 
Presbyterian College Class of 

1970 Victory Bell Project 
Presbyterian College 


Administration, Clinton, SC 
Presbyterian College 

Foundation, Clinton, SC 
Presbyterian College Kappa 

Alpha Fraternity, Clinton, SC 
Presbyterian College Kappa 

Delta Pi - Alpha Gamma Xi 

Chapter, Clinton, SC 
Presbyterian College 

Multi Cultural Student Union, 

Clinton, SC 
Preshytenan College 

Ofhce of die Chaplain, 

Clinton, SC 
Presbyrerian College Omicron 

Delta Kappa, Clinton, SC 
Presbyterian College Order ot 

Omega, Clinton, SC 
Presbyterian College Senior 

Hall Council, Clinton, SC 
Presbyterian College Sigma Nu 

Fraternity, Clinton, SC 
Preshytenan College Sigma 

Sigma Sigma Sorority, 

Clinton, SC 
Presbyterian College Society for 

Advancement of 

Management, Clinton, SC 
Presbyterian College Society 

ofPhysics Students 2007, 

Preshytenan College Student 

Government Association 
Presbyterian College Student 

Volunteer Services 
Presbyterian College Theater 

Department, Clinton, SC 
Presbyterian Ciillege Ultimate 

Frisbee, Clinton, SC 
Presbyterian College Zeta Tau 

Alpha Sorority 
Presbyterian Home of South 

Carolina, Clinton, SC 
Presbyterian Women of 
Presbyters', Charleston, SC 
Presbyterian Women of First 
Presbyterian Church, 
Sumter, SC 

Presbyterian Women oi 

Foothills Presbytery, 

Easley, SC 
Presbyterian Women of Lisbon 
Presbyterian Church, 

Mountville, SC 
Presbyterian Women of 

Providence, Lancaster, SC 
Presbyterian Women of Trinity 
Presbytery, Columbia, SC 
Preshytenan Women, 

Anderson, SC 
Presbyterian Women, 

Columbia, SC 
Presbyterian Women, First 
Presbyterian Church, 

Clinton, SC 
Presbyterian Women, 

Spartanburg, SC 
Presbvtery of The James, 

Glen Allen, VA 
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Fresher 
Ms. Cara L. Presseau 
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey G. Presseau 
Tbe Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Jack 

R. Presseau 
2LT Ms. Janice B. Preston 
Ms. Lesley J. Preston 
Mr. AaronJ.Pretulak 
Mr .md Mrs. David M. Pretulak 
Mr. Div.d Prezioso 
Mr and Mrs. John W. 

Mr. Brandon L. Price 
Mr James W. Price 
Mr. Nathan Alexander Price 
Mr, Noel B. Price, Jr. 
Mr. Dean Price 

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Price 
Mr. ,md Mrs. William L. 

Pnckett, St. 
Mr. Dan Pridgen 
Mr. and Mrs. James W.Pridgen 
Dr. and Mrs. Ramon R. Priestino 
Ms. Cynthia M. Prince 
Miss Emily Prince 
Mrs. Lsther Heath Prince 
The Rev. Mr. Harold B. 

Mr. and Mrs. Marcus B. 

Prince IV 
Miss Mary Elizabeth Prince 
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel W. Pnnce 
Ms. Sarah Eliabedn Prince 
Printers Associates, Inc., 

Clinton, SC 
Ms. Viinilisa Printup 
Mrs. Linda Prior 
Mr. Thomas S. Pritchard 
Mrs. Joan Watt Privette 
Mr. and Mrs. James B. 

Privette, Jr. 
Mr Michael Prochaska 
Procter and Gamble Fund, 

Cincirmati, OH 
Professional .Advisory Resources, 

LLC, Roswell, GA 
Progress Energy Matching Gifts 

Program, Raleigh, NC 
Propp Drugs, Inc., 

Anderson, SC 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. 

Propst, Sr. 
Mr. Charles S. Propst, Jr. 
Ms. Amy B. Prosser 

Mr. Kenneth M. Prosser, Jr. 

Mrs. Juliana W Protiva 

Providence Presbyterian 

Church, Hilton Head 

Island, SC 
Providence Presbytery, 

Rock Hill, SC 
Provident Life & Accident 

Insutance Company, 

Chattanooga, TN 
Mr. Ernest R. Prow III 
PRT Communications, LLC, 

Laurens, SC 
Prudential Insurance Company 

of America, Princeton, NJ 
Dr. Albert B. Pmitt 
Mr. David Randall Pmitt 
Mr and Mrs. John L. Pmitt 111 
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Pniitt 
Mrs. W H. Pmitt 
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan L. Pry- 
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas 

PSARAS Foundation, 

Columbia, SC 
Psi Chi Honor Society, 

Clinton, SC 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward D 

Puckett III 
Mr. Edward Douglas Puckett IV 
Mi. and Mrs, John C. Puckett 
Mrs. Pamela A. Puckett 
Mr. .ind Mrs. Charies L. Pue 
Ms. Shirley D. Puett 
Mr. William J. Pugh 
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Pullen 
Mr. and Mrs. Gary K. Pulley 
Mrs. Susan PuUiam 
Mr. and Mrs. James C.Pullin,Jr 
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Purcell 
Master Jay Purcell 
Mr. and Mrs. Brian S. Purcell 
Master Will Purcell 
Mts. Catherme C. Pursley 
Ms. Catherine C. Pursley 
Mr. Norman Bnindage 

Pursley, Jr. 
Mr. Flynt G. Purvis 
Mr. and Mrs. Chariton R. Purv is 
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Purvis 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Purvis 
Mr. and Mrs. Olin L. Purvis 
Dr. William P Putman 
Mrs. Rosa B. Putnam 
Ms. Margaret S. Pyle 
Mr. .and Mrs. Charles D. Pyles 
Ms. Anna Elizabeth Pynes 
Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Pynne 
Mr. and Mrs. Edw^Ti B. Pyron 
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy A. Pysell 
Mr and Mrs. James B. 

Quantz, Sr. 
Mrs. Sally Quant: 
James D. Quarles, DDS 
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas G. 

Queen Mary Chapter 214 

OES, Clinton, SC 
Queen's Garage, York, SC 
Mr .ind Mrs. G.Richard Query 
G. Richard & Susanne L. Query 
Foundation, Inc., Mt. 
Pleasmt, SC 
Mt. Gordon R. Quick and Ms. 

Margaret Q. Sudderth 
Mr and Mrs. James M. Quigley 
Mr.andMrs. BobbyJ.Quillen 
Mr. and Mts. Richard TQuillen 
Mrs. Catharine Quinn 

Ma|or and Mrs. Thomas 

G.Quinn, Jr. 
Quinn Builders, Inc., 

Oxford, GA 
Mr Lawrence H. Quist 
R.Preston Clark. CPA, PA, 

Dr. and Mrs. Donald R.Raber II 
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Radford 

Ms. Helen Rae 
Mr. and Mrs. Steven B. Ragan 
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Ragin 
Ms. Monica Yvette Ragin 
Mr Claude H. Ragsdale III 
Ms. Marilyn A. Raich 
Mr and Mrs. Charles E. 

Raines, Jr. 
Major ClendonP Raines 
Ms. Man E. Raines 
Ms. Susan B. Raines 
Mr. and Mrs. Hal G. Ramey 
Dr. and Mrs. Dale O. Rains 
Mr. and Mrs. Albert A. 

Ramage IV 
Mr and Mrs. David F 

Ramage, Jr 
The Ramage Agency, Inc., 

Clinton, SC 
Ms. BrendaRamer 
Dr. Margarita M. Ramirez 
Mr and Mrs. Edmund A. 

Ramsaur, Jr. 
Mr and Mrs. Jonathan E. 

Ramsden, Jr. 
Mr and Mrs. John H. Ramseur 
Mrs. Ann-Marie Ramsey 
Mrs. .Ashley E. Ramsey 
Dr and Mrs. George W Ramsey 
Mr and Mrs. Neal D. Ramsey 
Mr Wendell R. Ramsey II 
Mr and Mrs. Comer H. 

Randall, Jr. 
Mr and Mrs. Comer H. 

Randall III 
Mr and Mrs. James Randall 
Ms. Kelley M. Randall 
Mr and Mrs. L. S. Randall, Sr. 
Ms. Lyn Randall 
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice P. Randle 
Ms. Sandra Randleman 
Mr and Mrs. Gary Randolph 
Mrs. Leigh P Rankin 
Mr and Mrs. Jeremy B. Ransom 
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Ransom 
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Rasor, Jr 
Mr and Mrs. David M. Ratclifte 
Mr and Mrs. Donal R. Ratigan 
Mr. and Ms. Jake A. Rauch 
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Rauh 
Miss Abigail Caroline Rauton 
Miss Ansley Claire Rauton 
Master Jack Rauton, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. 

Rauton, Sr. 
Mr. .and Mrs. Wilbur Ravenhorst 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Rawers 
Mr. James A. Rawl, Jr 
Ms. Chnstine A. Rawlins 
Mr and Mis. Donald A. Rawlins 
Mr .and Mis. David L 

LTC and Mis. John L. Rawls 
Mr and Mrs. Kevin W Rawson 
Mr Albert Bartow Ray III 

Mr C. N. Ray 

Mr and Mrs. Charles E.Rtiy 

Ms, Diana Y.Ray 

Mr and Mrs. Elijah Ray 

Mr and Mrs. Jeffrey W.Ray 

Mr Wayne W. Ray 

The Rev. Mr Edwin 

Hodges Rayfield 

Mr and Mrs. Jonathan W. 

Mr and Mrs. Jeffrey H. Raymond 
Mr. Robert Raymond 
Mr Andrew Scott Raynal 
Tlie Rev. Dr. and Mrs. 
Charles E. Ra^Tial III 
Mr and Mrs. Gordon Ra>Tial 

Mrs. LaetitiaJ. Raynal 
Dr. and Mrs. Leighton A. 

Raynor, Jr 
Mis. Patricia M. Raynor 
Mr. George E. Rea 
Mr. and Mis. James G. Rea 
Mr John H.Reading 
Mr and Mrs. Theodore H. 

Reading II 
Mr and Mrs. Clifford L. Ready 
Mr and Mrs. Billy N.Reames 
Mr and Mrs. Jody R. Reaves 
Mr and Mrs. George G. Reaves 
Reconciliations Ltd Inc, 

Buford, GA 
Red Cross Lodge 223, 

Laurens, SC 
Mis. Sarah Redd 
Mr Ertol L. Reddick 
Mr. Evelyn P Reddick 
Ms. Linda E. Redding 
Mr and Mis. Ronald B. Reddini; 
Mr and Mrs. William T 

Mr and Mrs. Zenon Redkevitch 
Mr ,md Mrs. Charles H. 

Mr. .md Mrs. Dave B. Redmond 
Mr and Mrs. William L. 

Redmond, Sr 
Mrs. Patricia M. Reece 
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Reece 
Mr and Mrs. Alan C. Reed 
Mr Calvin H. Reed 
Mr .ind Mrs. Donald W Reed 
Mr Erskine A. Reed 
Mr R.«:kv Liwton Reed 
Mr Rassell F Reed 
Mr Thomas J. Reed 
Mr Tyler Duke Reed 
Mrs. Mabel D. Reeder 
Mrs. Parncia Reese 
Mr. .uid Mrs. Ron Reese 
Mr Ryan M. 
Ms. Karen A. Reetz 
Mr and Mrs. Boone Reeves 
Ms. Dorothy A. Reeves 
Mr and Mrs. Chip Reeves 
Mr and Mis. John E. Reeves. Jr 
Ms. Mar\' Settle Reeves 
Mi. and Mis. Michael C. Reeves 
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. 
Thomas J. Reeves 
Mr. and Mis. Walter C. Regner\- 
Rehabilitation Services of 

Tifton, Inc., Tifton, GA 

/( has always been clear zohat PC urns about. Through times of great grozoth ami change, we never lose sight of who we are 
and from where we came. We remain focused on six core vales that ground us in the past and serve as our guide for the future. 
WInHher graduating in 192S or 2008 we <vill abcaifs he unified by these values. 

RehoKith Presbyterian Church, 

Decatur, GA 
Mr. Carl Reid 
Mr. David F. Reid 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Reid 
Mr. and Mr^. George A. Reid, Jr. 
Dr. and Mrs. H. Stanley Reid 
Ms. Jeanette L. Reid 
Mr. and Mr^. Joseph R. Reid, Jr. 
Dr. Major D. Reid, Jr. 
Mr, and Mrs. Ryan C. Reid 
Reid Memorial Presbyterian 

Church, Augusta, G.A 
Mr. Ralph R. Reinhart 
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy A. Reinhold 
Mr. Richard A. Reinhold 
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard T. Reiser 
Mr. B. Thomas Reiser, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Reiser, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Reit; 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Renck 
Ms. Elizabeth B. Rent: 
Ms. Kathleen Neeley Rent: 
Mr. md Mrs. Richard D. Rent: 
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald H. Rent: 
Tbie Rev. Dr. and Mrs. David 

A. Renwick 
Mr. and Mrs. Eltoria Renwick, Sr. 
Mr. and Mrs, G. Wayne Renwick 

Mrs. Harold M. Renwick, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen K. Replogle 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald K. Replogle 
Mr. and Mrs. Don Revis 
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney K. Revis 
LTC and Mrs. Joel Rexford 
Mr. and Mrs. Chance Reynolds 
Dr. and Mrs. David W. Reynolds 
Mr. and Mr. Edward H. 

Reynolds 111 
Mr. and Mrs. Harry G. Reynolds 
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey G. Re^Tiolds 
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Reynolds 
Mr. Michael S. Reynolds 
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Reynolds 
Mr. Robert A. Reynolds 
Mr. Roy Reynolds 
Mr. and Mrs. John R. 

Reynolds, Jr. 
Ms, Susan Carson Reynolds 
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac T. 

Reynolds HI 
Mr. and Mrs. Williams. 

Reynolds III 
The Christopher Reynolds 

Foundation, Inc., New 

York, NY 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Rhame 
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua R.Rhoden 

Mr. and Mr.. Cecil D. Rh>ides III 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Rhodes 
Mr. and Ma. James R. Rhodes, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Rhodes III 
The Rev Mr. Jan Mcafee Rhodes 
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Rhodes 
Mr. Robert S. Rhodes, Jr. 
Mrs. Ruby M. RhtJes 
Mr. W.David Rhodes 111 
Mr. and Mrs. William D. 

Rhodes, Jr. 
Mr. William S. Rhodes 
Mrs. Coleen M. Rhyne 
The Rev. Mr. Henry 

Carson Rhyne, Jr. 
Ms. Caroline Rice 
Mr. and Mrs. Don Rice 
Mr. and Mrs. Earl C. Rice 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank T. Rice, Sr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Rice 
Ms. Linda E Rice 
Mr. Russell D. Rice 
Mr. and Mrs. Scott R. Rice 
Ms. Susan M. Rice 
Mr. W A. Rice 
Mr, and Mrs. William B. Rice 
Dr. and Mrs. Chesley L, Richards 
Dr. James T Richards 
Ms. Mary N. Richards 

Thank you ... 

... for creating new scholarships for 
students at Presbyterian College and 
securing future generations of servant 


Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Richardson III 

Mrs. Frances Richardson 

Mrs Helen B..d«-n Richardson 

Mr lohn I Rkh.irdson 

Mr and Mrs. John R. Rich,irdson 

Mr. and Mrs, Keith E Richardson 

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew 

Mr. and Mrs. Otis Richardson 
Mr. and Mrs. Todd A. 

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Richardson 
.Mr. Francis L. Richbourg 
Mr, and Mrs. Brian J. Richie 
Mrs. Patsy R. Richie 
Mr. Themian L. Richie II 
Kkl-ilm,! 1,'ounry Bar 

■\-~.^Mtion, Columbia, SC 
RiJiloom Home Fashions, 

Clinton, SC 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Rickett 
CPT and Mrs. Kevin J. 

Ms. Amy Paige Riddle 
LTC and Mrs. Clark O. Riddle, Jr. 
Mr and Mrs. Bry.inR. Riddle 
Ms, Sophie G. Riddle 
Mr. William M. Riddle, Jr. 
Mr. David L. Ridenour 
Mr .ind Mrs. Henry B. Ridge 
Mr. and Mrs. Walter W 

Mn^. R. Riggle Ridgeway 
Mr. Bryan G.Ridgley 
Mr. and Mrs. David G.Ridgley 
Mr. and Mrs. Brian C. Ridgway 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. 

Ridgway, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. William L Ridinger 
Mrs. and Ms. William Ridings 
Mr. Bradley Allan Ridlehoover 
Mr. md Mrs. Luther S. 

Mr. Kevin Riggs 

Mr, and Ms. David L. Rihtarchik 
Mrs. Charles W.Riley, Jr. 
Mrs. Mar>- W. Riley 
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Riley 
Mr, and Mrs. Bill Riley 
Mr. Patrick TRiIey 
Mr. and Mrs. SheltonJ. Rimer 
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Rimler 
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Ringley 
Master Jackson Ringley 
Miss Julia Ringley 
Dr .indMrs. Mich.relO. 

Risky Business Inv. 

Gainesville, GA 
Mr.andMrs.J, R,Rit 
Mr. David M, Ritchie 


Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Ritchie 
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Ritchie, Jr. 

Mr I--I.11K. 


I K. Ritter 

Mich,iel D. Ritter, ; 

Mr. and Mrs. Willia 

Mrs. Lynn B. Rivera 

Mr. Wilfredo Rivera, Jr. 

Mr. Jason 1. Rners 

Mr. John M. Rivers, Jr, 

Riverside Presbyterian Church, 

Jacksonville, R 
Mr. William J. Rives 
Mr. and Mrs. Jettrey Rizer 
Mr. Edward L. Riz:o 
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Roach 
Roanoke Cement Company, 

Troutville, VA 
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Roark 
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. 

John H. Roark 
Mr. Tliomas R. Roark 
Ms. Amy S. Robbins 
Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Robbins 
Mr and Mrs. David M. Robbins 
Ms. Margaret C. Robbins 
M,s. Mary Jo Robbins 
Mr. and Mrs, Paul E, Robbins, Jr. 
Ms. Claudia S. Roberson 
Ms. Gwen Roberson 
Mr. A. Keith Roberts 
Mr. Albert H. Roberts 
Ms. Christina Meredith Roberts 
Mr. ,rnd Mrs, Clayton L. 

Roberts, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Roberts 
Mr. Daniel Albert Roberts 
The Rev. Mr. Daniel M. 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. 

Roberts, Sr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Lee F Roberts 
Mr. and Mrs. James H. 

Roberts, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. James K. 

Roberts, Jr. 
Mr and Mrs. James A. Roberts 
Ms. Kinsey D. Roberts 
Mt and Mrs. Donald R. 

Roberts, Jt 
Ms. Mary Joan Roberts 
Mr and Mrs. William C. 

Commander and Mrs. Wilson 

J. Roberts 
Mt and Mrs. Alfred R 

Ms. Anne Peden Robertson 
Mr Antonio B. Robertson 
Mt and Mrs. Thomas B. 

Mt James Gordon Robertson 
Mt and Mrs. James V. 


I 1 Liberal Learning 

Q Christian Faith 

□ Sema- 
I I Honor 



Tha)ik \/ou... 

...for endowing new professorships to ensure 
that Presbyterian College's faculty remains 
second to twne. Six South Carolina CASE 
professors of the year ami counting! 

Mr. and Ms. John p. 

Mr. and Mrs. John r. 

Robenson III 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. 

Mr. and Ms. Virginjus 

Robertson 111 
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce G. Robinson 
Mrs. Betr>' R. Robinson 
Ms. Frankie E. Robinson 
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh G. Robinson 
Mr. James B. Robinson, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. John R. 

Robinson, Sr. 
Mr. Robert C. Robinson 
Mr. and Mrs. Eric D. Robinson 
Ms. Sarah L. Robinson 
The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. 
William B. Robinson 
Mr. William C. Robinson, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. William P. 

Mr. and Mrs. William S. 

Mr. and Mrs. Shep Robinson 
Mr. William A. Robison,Jr 
Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Roche 
Mr. and Mrs. William G.Roche 
Roche Pharmacy, Inc., 

Whitmire, SC 
Mr. Samuel B. Rochester, Jr. 
Mrs. Elijaheth Rock 
Rock Spring Presbyterian 

Church, Atlanta, GA 
Ms. Elizabeth Marie Riicker 
Mr. and Mi5. William J. Rocker 
Mr. and Mrs. Medford 

Rocky Springs Presbyterian 

Church, Laurens, SC 
Ms. Judith L.Rodda 
Mr. and Mrs. Randy L. 

Mr. and Mrs. .Alan L. 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Rodes 

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin H. Rodgers 
Ms. Catherine I. Rodger^ 
Mr. and Mrs. Shane L. Rodgers 
Ms. Mildred Rodgers 
Mr and Mrs. George M. 

Mr. and Mr^. Thomas E. 

Mr. and Mrs. Sha™ H. Rodwell 
Mr and Mrs. Can-oil H, Roe, Jr 
Ms. Laura P. Roe 
Mrs. Nancy Roebuck 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald P 

Roeder, Sr. 
Mr. and Mrs. James O. Roeder 
Mr. and Mrs. Todd A. 

Mrs. Almeda Rogers 
Ms. Christina Marie Rogers 
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Rogers 
Mr. E Edmund Rogers 
Mr Jack B. Rogers 
Michael B. Rogers, DDS 
Mr. and Mrs. R Jay Rogers 111 
Dr. and Mrs. Richard C. Rogers 
Mr. William A. Rogers 
Ms. Zorradah B. Rogers 
Mr and Mrs. William C. Roland 
Mr. and Mrs. Carl P. Rollins 
Mr. David N. Rollins and The 

Re\v Mrs. Libby M. Rollins 
Mr Ma,x L>mian Rollins 
Mr Wanen E Rollins III 
Mr and Mrs. Fred N. 

Rolls-Royce Corporation, 

Indianapolis, IN 
Mr. and Mrs. Steven H. Romani 
Mr and Mrs. Mark Ronek 
Dr. Paul D. Roof and Dr. Karin 

W RlxiI 
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Q. Rooker 
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver W. 

Mr. Gary Root 
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Roper 

Mr. R. B. Roper 

Mrs. Sara Frances Ropp 

Ms. Sarah C. Ropp 

Mr. Toby Rose and Dr. Kristie M. 

Rose, PhD 
Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. Rose, Jr 
Mr. Benjamin R. Rosebrock 
Mr and Mrs. Robert H. 

Dr. and Mrs. M. K. Roselield 
Mr and Mrs. Richard B. Roshto 
Mr Mike Rosolino 
Mr. Ben Ross 111 
Mr Dexter L. Ross 
Dr. and Mrs. Harold E. Ross 
Mr. and Mrs. John Ross 
Dr. Julie R.Ross and Mr. 

William A. Ross 
Dr. Karen D. Ross 
Ms. Katherine A. Ross 
Mrs. Katrina Weaver Ross 
Mr. and Mrs. Rick S. Ross 
Mr and Mrs. Thomas E. Ross 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rosser 
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert J. Rossie 
Roswell Presbyterian Church, 

Roswell, GA 
Rotary Club of Clinton, SC 
Rotary Club of Laurens, SC 
Ms. Edith Rorfi 
Miss Ehrabeth Roth 
Master Garrett Roth 
Mr and Mrs. Lawrence B. Roth 
Mrs. Nancy Roth 
Mr .ind Mrs. Ronald D. Roth 
Mr Ru.ssell Henry Rothar 
Mr and Mrs. William J. Rotlwr 
Mr. R. Erik Rothwell 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Rou 
Ms. Elizabeth B. Rouse 
Mr John Rouse 
Mr and Mrs. Robert H. Rouse 
Mr Roben S. Rouse 
Mr. and Mrs. William A. 

Rouse, Jr. 
Mr. David B. Rousey 

Mr .and Ms. Bill Routh 
Mr Albert A. Rowe 
Mr ,ind Mrs. Joseph H. 

Rowland 111 
Mr & Mrs. Ruius Allen 

Mr and Mrs. R. Roy 
Mr and Mrs. William H, 

Mrs. Martha V. Royster 
Mr and Mrs. James E. Rozier 
RSUI Group, Inc., Atlanta, GA 
Ruby Wines, Inc., Avon, MA 
Mr. and Mrs. Byron K. Rucker 
Mr. and Mis. Wylie Rucker 
Mr. Chns Rudolph 
Mr and Mrs. Robert W Ruf 
Mr. Raymond H, Ruft 111 
Mr Matthew Elliott Ruttner 
Ms. Kathy Rumsey 
Jack Runnion, LTD, 

Greenville, SC 
Mr. and Mis. Cyril B. Rush, Jr 
Mr and Mrs. Archie L. Rush 
Dr and Mrs. Paul E Rush 
Mr and Mrs. Roberr R. Rush 
Mr Gil Rushton 
Mr. and Mis. James S. Russell 
Mr and Mrs. Kevin L. Ru,ssell 
Ms. Sandra C.Russell 
Mr William L. Russell, Jr 
Dr. ,md Mrs. Wilson G. Ru.s.scll 
The Rus.sell Charitable Tnist, 

Columbus, NC 
Mr and Mrs. Rinald T Russo 
Miss Emily Katherine Rutkowski 
Mr and Mrs. Gary C. Rutkowski 
Mr and Mrs. Charles C. 

LTC and Mrs. Hugh M. 

Rutledge, USA (Ret.) 
Miss Katie Rutledge 
Mr and Mrs. Rion M. 

Rutledge, Jr. 
Mr and Mrs. Scott S. Rutledge 
Master William Rutledge 
Mt. and Mrs. John L. Rutschow 

Ms. Melinda Ann Ryals 
Mr. G. Michael Ryer 
Mrs. Janice Cagle Ryer 
S. Tracy Ferguson Real Estate, 

Inc., York, SC 
S.C. Association of School 

.Adminstrators, Columbia, SC 
Mr Shicbe A. Sabbagha 
Mr and Mrs. Charles H. 

Dr. Suzanne Saccente and Mr. 

Michael Saccente 
Mr. .ind Mrs. Brian J. Sacco 
Mr and Mrs. Edgar O.R.Sadler 
C)r. Walter M.Hughes, Jr. and Dr. 
Patricia E. Sadler 
Dr. and Mrs. Ruhis E. Sadler 
Sadler-Hughes Apothecary, 

Clinton, SC 
Safe-Way Storage, 

Black Mm, NC 
Mr James L. Sain 
Saint .Andrews Presbyterian 

Church, Charleston, SC 
Saint Giles Presbyterian 

Church, Orange Park, FL 
Saint Matthew United 

Methodist Church, 

Greenville, SC 
Mr Charles G. Saitz 
Ms. Pamela W. Salas 
Mrs. William E. Saleeby 
Mr. and Mrs. William Z. 

Sallie Adair Women's 

Missionaries, Clinton, SC 
Mr .ind Mrs. Aaron M. Salmon 
Mrs. Lucinda Y. L. Salmon 
Mr. George A. S.alvo 
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby J. Salyer 
The Rev Mr. and Mrs. 

Carson Salyer 
Mr and Mrs. Roberi Sams 
Mr and Mis. Walter A. Sams 111 
Mr. and Mis. Caron O. Samuel 
Samuel Freeman Chantable 


/( has always been clear what PC zoas about. Through times of great growth and change, we never lose sight of who we are 
and from cohere we came. We remain focused on si.\ core vales that ground us in the past and serve as our guide for the future. 
Whether graduating in 192S or 2008 rcc wilt alivays he unified by these values. 

2002 2007 



Mr. anj Mr.. Michael E. 

Mr and Mn.. R.indall J. Sawyer 

Mr and Mrs. Harry A. Schulc 

Ms. Eliiabedi Amanda Self 

Mr and Mrs. Thomas E. Sharp 111 


Sawyers Produce, RtKk Hill, SC 

Mrs. Amelia N. Schumaier 

Mr and Mrs. Randall W. Seif 

Mr James M.Shanock 

Ms. Dons D. Sandherg 

Saxe Gotha Presbyterian 

The Schwab Fund for 

Mr and Mrs. Erik Seifert 


Mr. and Mrs. Terry Sanderlin 

Church, Lexington, SC 

Chantable Giving, 

Ms. Emily Carrigan Seigler 

Mr Michael D. Shavo and Dr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Sanders 

Ms. Pamelor Saylor 

San Francisco, CA 

Mr Thomas E. Seigler Jr 


Mr. Conrad Wienges Sanders III 

SC Commission on Higher 

Mr Emoiy A. Schwall 

Mr Ronald LSeiple 

Mr and Mrs- Burgess G. Shaw, Jr 

Mr. and Mrs. Riuglas J. Sanders 

Education, Columbia, SC 

Mr and Mrs. Joseph V. Schwan 

Select Venmres, LLC, 

Mr and Mrs. Elbert G. Shaw, Jr 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sanders 

SC Healthcare Recruitment & 

Mr and Mis. Joseph V. 

Douglasville, GA 

Mr and Mrs- Harvey Shaw, Jr 

Mr. and Mrs. G.J. Sanders, jr. 

Retention Centet, 

Schwan II 

Mr Edward Milton Selfe 

Mr and Mrs. James C. Shaw, Sr 

Ms. Gail Sanders 


Dr. and Mis. Maunce E. 

Mr and Mts. Bobby CSellars 

Mr James C. Shaw, Jr 

Mr. Jason Br^an Sanders 

SCANA Cotporation, 



Ms. Jane Bums Shaw 

Mrs. Margarer Sanders 

Columbia, SC 

Mr and Mis. Roberr C. 

Miss Eliabedt Sellers 

Mr and Mrs. William D. Shaw 

Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Sanders 

Mr and Mrs. Norman M. 

Schwarti, Jr 

Mr and Mrs. Jason D Sellers 

Mr and Mrs. Robert E. Shaw 

Mrs. Margaret C. Sanders 



Mr and Mrs. Rader J. Sellers 

H.M.Sh,,w,Sr, Charitable 

Mrs. Mary- W. Sanders 

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Scarborough 

Mr William LScobee 

Dr. Roben H. Sellers 

Tmst, Clinton, SC 

Mr. Samuel Jackson Sanders 

Mr. Troy B. Scarbrough 

Mr and Mrs. ArthurJ. 

Miss Sarah Kate Sellers 

Patricia Watson Shaw Trust. 

Ms, Sandra Sanders 



The Rev. Mr and Mts. 

St. Simons Island, GA 

Ms. Stephanie Llewellyn 

Ms. Julie C.Schaaf 

Mr Michael J. Scomavacca 

Frank R. Sells 



Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Schaaf 

Mr Andeison H. Scott 11 

Mr Samuel J. Sells 


Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. 

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Schaberg 

Ms. Becky Michele Scott 

Ms. Susan W. Selman 

Mrs. Dallas J. Shealy 


Ms. Sara M. Schack 

Dr. and Mrs. William B. Scott 

Mts. Margie L. Semanchik 

Dr. Emest G. Shealy 

Mr. Thomas T Sanders 

Dr. Stephen G. Schaeffer 

Mr and Mrs. George F Scott 

Mr and Mrs. Michael A. 

Ms. Gwendolyrtn L. Shealy 

Ms. N. A. Sanderson 

Mr. and Mrs. William L. 

Master Jay Scott 

Semanchik 111 

Mr HemianL. Shealy 

Mr. and Mrs. Enc Sanderson 


Mr Jeffrey Biadfoid Scott 

Seneca Presbyterian Church, 

Ms. Laura Wise Shealy 

Mrs. Shanler Sanders-Wooley 

Mrs. Minda F Schafer 

Mr and Mrs. Jerry C. Scott 

Seneca, SC 

Mr and Mrs. M. B. Shealy 

Mr. D. Allen Sanditer 

Mr. and Mrs. William L 

Mr John D.Scott 

Mr Charlie Senn 

Mr Thomas A. Shealy 

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Sandlin 

Schafer 111 

Mr Louis A. Scott 

Mr and Mrs. Louie H. Senn 

Mr and Mr,. Walter D. 

Sandy Spnngs United 


Miss Maddie Scott 

Mr and Mrs. James K. 

Shealy 111 

Medrodist Church, 


Ms. Marie M. Scott 


Mr William Russell Shealy 

Laurens, SC 

Mr. and Mrs. Dean Schell 

Mr and Mis. Michael R Scott 

Sequoyah HilU Presbyterian 

E. Shealy Photography, 

Mr. Stewan 0. Sanford 

Mr. and Mrs. William E. 

Mr Paul J. Scott 

Church, Knoxville, TN 

Clinton, SC 

Sanofi-aventis, Shawnee 


Mr and Mts. Romney E. Scott 

Mrs. June B. Sereque 

Mr and Mr. Patrick Shearer 

Mission, KS 

Schenng-Plough Foundation, 

Mrs. W.J. Scott 


Master David Patrick Shearer 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel N. 

Inc., Madison, NJ 

Mr and Mis. William H. 

Mr and Mrs. Steven Setier 

Mr and Mrs. Patrick E. Shearer 


Mr. and Mrs. William E. Scheu 

Scott III 

TTie Rev. Mr and Mrs. 

Mr and Mrs. Todd W. Shearer 

Ms. Rebecca R. Sansbur>- 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. 

Mts. William Scott 

John L. Setzler 

Mr and Mrs. William B. 

Santee Presbytenan Church, 



Seven Oaks Presbyterian 

Shearer Jr 

Santee, SC 

Mr. Jeffrey Lawrence Schill, Jr. 

Scniggs, Jr 

Church, Columbia, SC 

Master William Embry Shearer 

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Santora 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary- Schimmer 

SCS Healthcare Marketing, 


Ms. Knstal M. Sheets 

Ms. Kendall A. Sapp 

Ms. Christine Schlecht 


Mr Carl J. Sexton 

Mr Charles E. Shefelton and The 

Sara Lee Foundation, 

Ms. Rita Schlecht 

Mr and Mis. James TScuddei 

Mr and Mrs. David M. Sexton 

Rev. Mr., Barbara Shefelton 

Princeton, NJ 

Mn.. Sheryl Schlegelmilch 

Mr and Mrs. Dennis W. Scully 

Mr and Mrs. Keith M. Seymout 

Mr Clifford C. Sheffield 111 

Mr. and Mrs. Carter K. 

Mr and Mrs. Edward Schlein 

Mr .ind Ms. Ralph T Scuny 

Ms. Wendy S. Seymout 

Ms. Jenny N Sheffield 

Sargent, Sr. 

Tlle Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Carl 

D. L. Scurry Foundation, 

Mrs. Elobeth Shackelford 

Michael A. Sheffield, MD 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Sargent 


Columbia, SC 

Mr and Mrs. Samuel B. 

Dr. and Mrs. Courtney W. 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sarkowski 


Sea Island Presbyterian Church, 

Shackelford 111 


Dr. and Mrs. Robeno .A. 

Mr. and Mrs. James L. 

Beaufort, SC 

Mr and Mn>. Samuel B. 

Dr. and Mts. Jack L. Shelburg 



Seaboard Farms, Athens, GA 

Shackelford 11 

Mr and Mrs. Lesley B. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. 

Dr. and Mrs. Mark .A. Schmidt 

Seaco. Inc./Colprovia Asphalts, 

Ms. Kelly E. Shackelford and 


Sasser 111 

Ms. Meredith Brooke Schmidt 

Columbia, SC 

Mr Enc Clumb 

Mr and Mis. William M. 

Mn,. Robbielee Sasser 


Mr Robert B.Seagraves,Jr 

Ms. Sara R. Shackelford 


Ms. Harriet Bess Satcher 

Ms. Jetmy E. Schmit: 

Sea-Land Service, Inc., 

Mr and Mrs. John C. 

Mr and Mr. Thomas D. 

Dr. Bryan H. Satterfield 

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Schmic 

Washington, DC 

Shackelford, Jr 


Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. 


Sealed .Air Corporation, 

Mr and Mrs. William H. 

Mr and Mrs. Michael Sheley 


Mr and Mrs. Lloyd B. Schnuck 

Saddle Brook, NJ 


Shell Oil Ctimpany Foundation, 

Mr. and Mrs. James D. 

Mn and Mrs. Hany F Schoen 111 

Mr and Mrs. Daniel B. 

Mr and Mrs. Janett Shadday 

Prmceton, NJ 


Ms. C. M. Schoheld 

Searcy 111 

COL and Mrs. David G. Shaddri-X 

Mr and Mrs. William H. 

Mr. James E. Satterfield 

Mr and Mrs. Robert 

Mr George Heyward Sease 

Ms. Marianne F Shaddrix 


Mr. David M. Saunders 11 


Mr and Mrs- Thomas M. 

Mr and Mts. Alexander M. 

Mr and Mrs. Roy Shelton 

Mr. and Mrs. Fredenck F. 

Mr and Mrs. William C. 

Sease, ]r 


Ms. Courmey Barron Shelton 

Saunders, Jr. 


Mr and Mrs. Charles E. 


Ms. Gayle Shelton 

Mr. and Mrs. Marc L. Saunders 

The Scholarship Foundation of 

SeastrurJc III 

Shady Grove Presbytenan 

Mr and Mrs, James T Shelton 

Mr. Thomas A. Saunders, Jr. 

Cherry Hilll, NJ 

Mr and Mrs. Charles E. Seaton 

Church, Clmton, SC 

Mr and Mrs. Landon Shelton 

The Honorable Mr. WyattT 


Ms. Kristen R. Seaver 

Mr and Mis. James CShafe 

Ms. Laura K. Shelton 

Saunders, Jr. 

Ms. Tamara L. Schomber 

Mr and Mrs. David L. Seavey 

Mr and Mts. James E. 

Ms. Nellie R. Shelton 

Ms. Ella Savage 

Mr David Edward SchixiWeld 

SED of die AME Church, 


Mr and Mrs. Richard Dean 

Mr. and Mrs. Josh Savage 

Mr and Mrs. Victot G. 

Columbia, SC 

Shallowford Presbytenan 


Savannah Korean (NCD) 


Mr and Mrs. Peter H. Seed 

Church, Atlanta, GA 

Mr and Mrs. Ector D. Shepard 

Presbytenan Church, 

Mr and Mrs. T. H. Schoonover 

Ms. Sarah Elizabeth Seegars 

Dr. and Mrs. F M. Shami 

Ms. Laurie Shepard 

Savannah, GA 

Mr and Mr^. Lawrence B. 

Ms. Mabel B. Seel 

Dr. Gregory K, Shamrock 

Mr and Mrs. Stephen B. 

Savannah Presbytery, 


Ms. Cyndiia L. Seeliger 

Shandon Presbyterian Church, 


Brunswick, GA 

Mr and Mrs. Gary A. 


Gilumhia, SC 

Shepherd Foundation, Inc., 

Mrs. Pamela F Savetance 


Mr and Mrs. Stephen L. Segall 

Dr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Shartnon 

Atlanta, GA 

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander F. Sawyer 

Ms. Krisrin E. Schrenk 

Mr Stuan .A. Segall 

ShareCom, LLC, Schaumburg, IL 

Ms. Anna M. Sheppard 

Mr. Dell F Sawyer 

Mrs. Lynn P Schroder 

Mr and Mrs. Ernest B. Segars 

Sharon Hardware, Inc., 

Mrs. Anne T Sheppard 

Ms. Erin L. Sawyer 

Ms. Lynn Alison Schueneman 

Mr and Mrs. William C. Segars 

Shanm, SC 

Mr and Mrs, Donald 0. 

Mr and Mrs. Michael 0. Sawyer 

Mr .md Mrs. William A. Schuh 
Ms. Kathenne M. Schuler 

Mr Jacob Brandon SegeR 

Ms. Alice M. Sharp 

Sheppard, Jr 

1 ! Libernl Learning L 

J Service G Vigor 

□ Christian Faith [ 

I] Honor Q Community 


r^heChallenge 1 

'• 2002 2007 

' r- 

Mr. and Mrs. James E. 

CFT and Mrs. Kyle E. Simmers 

Ms. Emily Norvell Skinner 

Mr. Eric Smith 

Ms. Sarah B. Smitll 

Sheppard, Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Marvin L. Simmers 

Dr. and Mrs. James L. 

Dr. Erika L. Smith 

Mis. Satah L. Smidi 

Mr. Timothy D. Sheppard 

Mr. and Mrs. Bobby D. Simmons 

Skinner 111 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick P 

Ms. Sarah Rachel Smith 

Mr. Marshall P. Sherard, Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. David E. Simmons 

Mr. James L. Skinner IV 

Smith. Ji. 

Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson V. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ma\ Sherhert 

Mr. and Mr. Frederick R. 

Mr. Roy G. Skinner 

Mr. Gary M. Smith 

Smith. Jr 

Mr. and Mrs. Joe T. Sherhert 

Simmons, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Skinner 

Mr. and Mrs. Greg B. Smith 

Mr. Scott E. Smith 

Sherer Body Shop, Laurens, SC 

Mr. Harold W. Simmons 

Mr. and Mrs. Talmage B. 

Mr. Guy G. Smith, Jr. 

Mr and Mis. Sentet R. Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. 

Mr. and Mis. Henry A. 

Skinner, Jr. 

Ms. Hannah Margaret Smith 

Dr. Shirley Smidi 



Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F Skinner 

Mr. Harold H. Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Smart L. Smidi 

Sheridan Sports, Inc.. North 

Mrs. Martha B. Simmons 

The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. William 

Mr. Harv'ey L. Smith. Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Smith 

Augusta, SC 

Mr. and Mrs. Roy C. Simmuas 

W. Skinner 

Mr. and Mis. Colin S. Smith 

Mi. and Mts. Steven M. Smith 

Ms. Aimee Leigh Sherman 

Mr. and Mrs. Gil C. Simonds 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. 

The Rev Mr. Henry L. Smith 

Mr. Steven R. Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Ashley D. 

Ms. Mary-Locke Simons 


Dr. and Mrs. Henry M. 

Mr. Stewart P. Smith 


Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Simons 

Ms. Rebecca Anne Slagle 

Smith. Jr Temple Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew T. 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Simonton 

Mr. George M. Slappey 

Mr. Houston D. Smith. Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. 


Mr and Mrs. Joseph S. Simpson 

Mr and Mrs. Kenneth J. Slater 

Mr. and Mis. James D. Smith 


Shennan Constmction Co. Inc., 

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Simpson. Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Slatet 

Mr. James Dale Smith 

Mr. Trenton M. Smidi 

Greenville, SC 

Ms. Carolyn E. Simpson 

Mr. and Mrs. David Slaydon 

Mt. lames H. Smith 111 

Mr. Traman Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Hem F Shemll 

Mrs. Dana Simpson 

Mr. and Mrs. Drew Slayton 

The Rev Mt. James Hoge 

Mt. and Mis. Wendell K.Smidi 

Mrs. Nancy N.Shemll 

Mr. and Mrs. David T. Simpson 

Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Sledge 


Mr. Will D. Smith 

Mr. Stephen B. Shemll 

Mr. and Mrs. Graham B. 

Dr. and Mis. Jerry K. Slice 

Mr. James J. Smith 

Mi. and Mrs. William J. 

Ms. Sally Renee' Sherrin 


Ms. Lindsay E. Slice 

Mr. and Mrs. James M.Smith 

Smith. Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charies A. 

Dr. James Gaston Simpson 

Slice of Life, LLC 

Mr. James M. Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Willis R. Smith 


Mr. and Mis. Joe P. Simpson 

Greenville, SC 

Mr. and Mrs. FV Smith. Jr 

Smith Chevfolet-Pontiac- 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Shick 

Mr. and Mrs. Joe P. Simpson, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Albert F Sloan 

Ms. Jean-Mane C Smith 

Cadillac-Geo, Inc.. 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Shields 

Mr. Joe Simpson III 

LTC and Mrs. Charles W Sloan 

Ml. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Smith 

Lautens, SC 

Mrs. Alice Shillinglaw 

Ms. Juliette Simpson 

Ms. Courtney Laura Sloan 

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Smith 

J M Smith Foundation. 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Shilts 

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Simpson 

Mr. Edwin G. Sloan 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Smith 

Spartanburg. SC 

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin S. 

Ms. Nancy L. Simpson 

Mrs. Helen Sloan 

Ms, Jennifer J. Smith 

John 1. Smith Charities, Inc.. 


Ms. Sara R. Simpson 

The Rev Dr. and Mrs. 

Ms. Jennifer LSmirfi 

Dr. and Mrs. Duncan Shirley 

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Simpson 

John B. Sloan 

Mr. Joel H. Smith and Mrs. 

The Wilbuf S. Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Shirley 

Simpson Foundation. 

Mrs. Lucille L Sloan 

Pamela J. Roberts 

Foundation. Columbia. SC 

COL William H.Shivar 

Greenville. SC 

Mr. and Mrs. David H.Sloan 

Master Jonas Lee Smith 

Ms- Lauta L. Smithennan 

Mr. and Mrs. Jason G. 

Dr. and Mrs. James R. Simril 

Mr. Robert M. Sloan 

Mr. Jonadian C.Smith. PhD 

SmithKline Beckman 


Mr. and Mrs. Bradford L. Sims 

Mr. Thomas R.Sloan 

Mr. Justin Smith 

Foundation. Philadelphia, PA 

Mr. and Mrs. Rohen W. 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold H.Sims, Jr. 

Mr. .and Mis. Jerome W 

Mr. .ind Mrs. Jack D. Smith. Jr. 

Dr. Thomas A. White. Jr and Dr. 

Shoemaker, Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. James K. Sims 111 


Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Smith 

Su,s<in J. Smith- White 

Dr. James H.Shoptaw 

Dr. Lisa R.Sims 

The Rev. Mis. Lyndsay 

Mr. Lionel Smith 

The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. 

Mr. and Mis. Nathan J. Shores 

Mr. Clark E. Sinclair 

G. Slocum and Mr. Scott 

Mr. and Mrs. Tommy J. Smith 

Daniel L. Smoak 

Ms. Pennie J. Shortridge 

Mr. William R. Sinclair 


LTC(Ret.) and Mrs. James M. 

Master David Smunk 

Mr. Ralph M. Showers 

Mr. and Mis. G. R. Singeltar^' 

Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Slough 


Mr. & Mrs. William H. Sm^l 

Mrs. Rosalyn M. Shrader 

Mr. Donald G. Singer 

Mr. and Mrs. HymanJ. Small 

Ml. and Mis. G.M. Smith, Jr 

Mr and Mrs. Andrew T Smvth 

Mr. and Mrs. Harley F. 

Mr. and Mrs. Dirk Singer 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Small 

Ms. Margaret E. Smith 

Mr and Mis. Edwaid K. 


Mr. and Mis. James M. 

Mrs. Cheryl Smart 

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Smith 

Snead 111 



Mr. John R. Smartt 

Mr. Mark S. Smith 

Mis. Tabitha G. Snelgrove 

Mr. and Mis. Joseph C 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E Singleton 

Ms. Lisa M. Smathers 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Smith 

Mr. John Nathan Snellings 


Ms. Shonia Singleton 

Ms. Abigail L. Smith 

Miss Mary Grace Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Wade T Snider 


Dr. and Mrs. Bryan L. Sink 

Mr. and Mrs. Abney ,'\. Smith, Jr. 

Mr. Matthew D. Smith 

Ms. Kellie L. Snipes 

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory F. Shuler 

Mr. and Mrs. Uwrence M. 

Mr. and Mis. Alan R. Smith 

Ms. Megan M. Smith 

Mr. Robert P. Snipes 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. 


Mr. Allen E. Smith 

Mr .md Mrs. Michael E. Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P Snipes 

Shuler, Jr. 

Mr. Zachary Michael Sinkuler 

Ms. Allison S. Smith 

Mi. and Mis. Michael G. Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. William B. 

Master Joseph Clinton 

Ms. Kelly Tyler Sisson 

Mr. Alton Kevie Smith, Jr. 

Mr. and Mis. Michael 0. Smith 

Snipes, DMD 

Shuler IV 


Mr. and Mrs. Matthew C. Smidi 

Mt. Michael R. Smith 

Mr. Joseph L. H. Snitzer 

Mrs. Mary Shuler 

The Rev. Mr. William C 

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew R. Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Smith 


Mr. Andrew R. Shull 

Sistar, Jr. 

Mrs. Anne D. Smith 

The Rev Ms. Miriam Joy 

Dr. and Mrs. Milron R. Snow 

Mr. George H. Shull 

Sisters of Charity Foundation of 

Mr. and Mis. Hugh B. Smith 


Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Snow 

Mr. and Mis. Kenneth A. Shull 

South Carolina. 

Ms. Anne W Smith 

Mr. and Mis. Mortimer F Smith 

Mr. Clarence P. Snowden. Jr 

Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Shull 

Columbia, SC 

Mr. and Mrs. Scott C. Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Murtay W. Smith 

Snowtlake Uxlge 230, 

Mr. and Mrs. Lan>' J. Shumate 

Mr. and Mrs. Kent B. 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Smidi 111 

Dr. Wayne A. Smith and L>, 

Clinton, SC 

Ms. Melissa A. Shumway 

Sizemore, MD 

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan H. Smith 

Suzanne J. Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. David K. Snyder 

Mr. and Mrs. Neil Shurley 

Mr. and Mrs. Lamar 

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin L. Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Todd E. Smith 

Dr. Michel A. Snyder 

Mr. James M. Siblev 

Sizemore, Jr. 

Mrs. Betty Y. Smith 

Mr. OlusemVasio Smith 

Mrs. Violet Snydei 


Mr. William E. Sizemore, Jr. 

Miss Chelsea Smith 

Mrs. Peggy Mortis Smith 

Mr Willard A. Snyder 

Mr. and Mi5.KevmO. Sides 

Mr and Mrs. Daniel W. Si:er 

Ms. Courtney Chapman Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Peny L. Smith 

Dr. Williard A Snyder 

Mr. and Mis. Scoti W. Sides 

Mr. and Mrs. Jav R. Sjoholm 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Smidi 

Mr. and Mis. Raymond B. Smith 

Mr and Mrs. Winsron Snyder 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Sightler 

Dr. and Mrs. P M. Skaliy 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. 

Mr. and Mrs. Vaughan P 

Mr. John F. Sigman 

Mr. Clifford A. Skank 

Mr. and Mrs. Dander E. 

Smith. Jr. 


Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Sigman, Jr. 

Mr. and Mis. James WSkardon 

Smith. Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Victor G. Smith 

Sodexho Inc. & Affiliates, 

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence S. Sikes 

Skatell's Jewelers, 

Mr. and Mrs. David E. Smith 

Mr Richard Bradley Smith 

Buffalo, NY 

Ms. Anna L. Sill 

Spartanburg. SC 

Dr. and Mrs. David K. Smith 

Mt. Rob E. Smith 

The Rei'. Mr. John 

Ms. Bedi A. Sill 

Mr. James Reeves Skeen 

Ms. Delisa M. Smith 

Dr. and Mis. Robert B. Smith 

Nottingham Somerxillc 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Silva 

Mr. and Mrs. James H. 

Mrs. Donna E Smith 

The Rev Dr. and Mis. 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter G. 

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Silvers 


Dr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Smidi 

Robert E. Smidi. Jr. 

Somerville, Jf. 

Mr. and Mis. Edward Simeriy 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Skelton 

Mr. Drew T Smith 

Master Robert W.Smith 11 

Mt. and Mts. Donald R. Songer 

Major and Mrs. Keith A. 

Mr. and Mrs. James M. 

Ms. Eleanor L. Smith 

Mr. Roger V. Smith 

Sonoco Products Company, 



Ms. Emily B. Smith 

Mr. Rush S. Smith. Jr 

Hartsville, SC 

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin S. Simmers 

Ms. Emily B. Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W Smith 

Mr and Mrs. John S. Sosnowski 

This cam, 

Mtgn is about ourfitlmc -.tiutcn 

.s- IVi' need to hudd - on our so 

'id foundation - a college that 

has the ca 

pabilities to prepare llic--c -clinic 

il-^ to be leaders in a world that 

desperately needs PC values. 

To do tha 

, we need to attract and ictani t 

ic best and brightest students a 

id faculty. 

2002 2007 

Ms. El[:abeth Mane Soult 


Mr. ,inJ Mrs. Richmond 1. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Steele 

Dr. and Mrs. Walter E. Stewart 

Mr. and Mrs. BradlorJ L. South 

LTC and Mis. Brad Speamian 

Stacy III 

Mr. .ind Mis. Tliomas W.Steele 

Mr. and Mrs. Carey Stewart 

South Aiken Presbyterian 

Ms. Joanna L. Spearman 

L>. and Mrs. William K. Stacy 

Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Steele, Jr. 

Mr. William Charles Stewart 

Church, Aiken, SC 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Speamian 

Mr. Geoffrey R. Stafford 

Mr. Keith M. Steen 

Mr. George D. Sticknev, Jt. 

South Atlantic Conference, 

Miss Taylor Lee Speannan 

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald R. Stafford 

Mr. Timothy Brandon Steen 

l>. .Ann B. Stidham 

RcKk Hill, SC 

Mr. and Mis. William E. 

Ms. Li::ie E. Stagss 

Mr ,ind Mrs. Edward Stehmeycr 

Dr. James D. Stidh.iiii 

South Carolina Automated 

Speannan III 

Mr. Heni^: W. Stately 

Mr Bcn|amin ]. Stein ,ind Ms. 

Mr. ,ind Mrs. Thad Stidham 

Clearing House .'Kssoc.. 

Mi. William M. Speamian 

Thomas F Staley Foundation, 

Alex.indra Denman 

Mi. ,Alan Stiff 

Columbia, SC 

CFT.ind Mrs. William R. 

Uirchmont, NY 

Ms. Barbara Douglass Stelling 

Mr. Joseph A. Stillwell 

South Carolina Independent 


Mrs. Ed«ardH. Stall, St. 

Mr, ,ind Mrs. Donald E. Stelling 

Ml. and Mrs. Ronald K. Stillwell 

Colleges and Universities. 

Mr. .ind Mrs. Shane A. Spears 


Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R Slender 

Mr. and Mrs. Ham' B. Stiltner 

Inc., Columbia, SC 

Dr. .ind Mis. James 0. Speed 

Mr. Richard B. Stall 

Mr. Andrew C. Stephan 

Mr. Robert M. Stimson 11 

South Carolina Vocational 


Mr. and Mrs. Uiny W. Stallings 

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald H. Stephan 

Mr. .ind Mrs. Stephen E. Stine 

Rehabilitation Depattment, 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Speir 

Mr. and Mrs. .A. Gray Stallworth 

Mr. Andrew F Stephen 

Mr. and Mrs. W.Stinnette 

West Columbia, SC 

Mr. and Mrs. James O.Spence 

Mr. and Mrs. .Anthony L. 

Mr. and Mis. Bmce .A. Stephen 

Mr. and Mrs. Myron W. Stockm,an 

South Central Bell, 

Mr. J. Kyle Spencer 


Mrs. Ami P Stephens 

Mr. and Mrs. Roy T. Stockman 

Birmingham, AL 

Ms. Janet Schilling Spencer 

Mr. H,mk W. Stallworth 

Ms. Can-ie D. Stephens 

Mr. and Mrs. Norman W 

South Columbus High School, 

Ms. Margaret Spencer 

Mis. Mar\ Stallworth 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. 


Tabor Citi,NC 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard P Spencer 

LTC Stephen G. Stalvey 


Mrs. .Ann Roberts Stoddard 

The South Financial Group, 

Mr. and Ms. Roger C. Spencer 

Dr. and Mrs. Mark C. Stamey 

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Stephens 


Greenville, SC 

Mrs. Mary Speth 

Mr. Donald Mark Stamper 11 

Ms. Lana S. Stephens 

Mr. and Mrs. George P. Stogner 

Southeast Orthopaedics & 

Mrs. Karen A. Spillane 

Mr. Curtis P Stamps 

Dl. .and Mr. Louis M. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Stokely 

Sports Medicine RA., 

Ms. Lindsey Jordan Spires 

Mt. md Mrs. Anhur H. 

Stephens, Sr. 

Ms. Ediel H. Stokes 

Clinton, NC 

Mr. David W Spivey 


Ms. Rubylene T. Stephens 

Ml. and Mis. James P Stokes 

Southeast Region .^PCE, 

Mr. and Mis. Victor Z. SpcKiner 

The Rev. Mr. James Burton 

Mr. .ind Mrs. Thomas K. 

Dr. and Mrs. James P Stokes 

Albany, GA 

The Sportsman's Shop, Inc., 

Stanfotd III 


Ms. Jessica Ann Stokes 

Southeast Yams, Inc., Lithia 

Charleston, SC 

Mr. and Mrs. John O. Stanford 

Mr. Albert T Stephenson 

Mr. and Mrs. Johnny M. Stokes 

Springs, GA 

Mrs. Jill S. SpotLs 


Mrs. H.. R.Stephenson, Jr. 

Mt. and Mis. Joshua P Stokes 

Southeastern Freight Lines, Inc., 

Mt. .ind Mis. Julius 0. 

Stanford, Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. John M. Stephenson 

Ms. Laura E. Stokes 

Columbia, SC 

Spradley, Jr. 

Mr. Stephan R. Stankewich 

Mt. and Mis. Lewis Voyne 

The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. 

Southeastern Gas Association, 

Mr. and Mrs. James W.Spradley 

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Stankus 

Stepp, Jr. 

Martin L. Stokes 

Dallas, TX 

Mr. and Mrs. Louis E. Spradlin 

Mr. Daniel Patrick Stankus 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Stepp 

Ms. Mary Efcabeth Stokes 

Mr. and Ms. J. R Southerland 

Ms. Lalla Lee Spratt 

Mr. .A. Roland Stanley 

Mt. and Mrs. .ALston Sterling 

Mis. Mary G. Stokes 

Mr. and Mis. Jack E. Southern 


Mr. David T Snuiley 

Mr. James Wade Stetson 

Dr. and Mrs. David K. Stokes. Jr. 

Southern Bell, Atlanta, G.A 


COL and Mis. Frederick J. Stanley 

Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Stevens 

Stokes - Trainor Chevrolet 

Southern Belles, Inc., 

Ml. James T. Spring 

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L. 

Ms. Connne M. Stevens 

-Pontiac- Cadillac -Buick. 

Mt Pleasant, SC 

Ms. Lindsey C. Spring 

Stanley. Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Stevens 

Newbeny, SC 

Southern Company Services, 

Spring Valley Atr Conditioning, 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. 

Mr. and Mrs. James B.Stevens 

Stokes Regional Eye Center, 

Inc., Atlanta, GA 

Columbia. SC 

Stansberry 111 

Dr. and Mrs. Jason Stevens 

Florence, SC 

Southetn Crane & Tractor, Inc., 

Spring Valley Presbyterian 

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Stansbuiy 

Mr. and Mis. Joseph R. Stevens 

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander M. 

Walterboro, SC 

Church, Columbia, SC 

Mr. and Mis. Blake H. Stansell III 

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip C. Stevens 


Southern Nuclear Operating 

Spnngdale United Methodist 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. 

Mr. Maurice R. Stevens, Jr. 

Ml. David R. Stone 

Company, Bimiingh-im, -AL 

Church, Clinton, SC 

Stansell. Jr. 

Mt. and Mis. Robert C. Stevens 

Mr. and Mn>. Kenneth A. Stone 

Southern Orthopaedic Sports 

Spnngheld Baptist Church, 

Mr. and Mis. William E. Stanton 

Mr. and Mrs. Rodger C. Stevens 

Mr. and Mrs. James T. Stone 

Medicine, Columbia, SC 

Laurens, SC 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Staples 

Dr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Stevens III 

Mr. Eugene E. Stone IV 

Southern Tennis Association, 

Springs Industries Inc., 

Ms. Nell C. Staples 

Ml. William J. Stevens 

Dr. Halsted M. Stone 

Inc., Norcross, GA 

Ft Mill, SC 

Mr. and Ms. Morgan L. Stapleton 

Ms. Anna C. Stevenson 

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Stone 

Mr. Marshall Evan Sowell 

Mr. JefferyW. Sprinkle 

Ms. .Annalisa Staicher 

Mr. Don J. Stevenson 

Mt. and Mrs. Thomas E. Stone 

Mr. and Mrs. Marshall L. Sowell 

Mr. Michael Edward Spmell 

Mr. George R. Stames 

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P Stevenson 

Mr. and Mrs. Martin R. Stone 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomwcll E 

Mr. Rodman Spruill 

Dr. and Mrs. Henry C. Stames. Jr. 

Ms. Martha M. Stevenson 

Mr. and Mrs. Kirk L. Stone 

Sowell 11 

Major L\nn V. Spurlm 

Mr. and Mni. J. W. Stames 

Mrs. Patricia R Stevenson 

Mr. Robert L.Stone, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomwell E 

Mrs. S. Elizabeth Spurr 

State Board of Financial 

Ms. Salley Stevenson 

Mr. ,ind Mrs. Ward S. Stone, Jr. 

Sowell 111 

Mr. Robert N. Spurrier 

Institutions. Columbia. SC 

Di. and Mis. Travis B. 

Mr. .md Mrs. William L. Stone 

Mr. Chad Anthony Spain 

Dr. and Mrs. Michael G. 

State Farm Companies 


Stone Mountain Y.uth Soccer 

Mf. and Mrs. Richard G. Spain 


Foundation. Pnnceton. NJ 

Mr. William H.Stevenson, jr. 

A.ssiKiation, Stone Mm, GA 

Ms. Michelle D. Spangler 

St. Andrews Presbyterian 

State Farm Insurance Company, 

Mr. Warren A. Steveison 

The Rev. Mt. J. William 

Master Pierce Spangler 

Church, Tucker, GA 

Laurens, SC 

Ms. .Ansley Eli:abeth Stewart 


Mrs. Ruth M. Spangler 

St. Andrews Society of 

State Farm Insurance, 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E Stewart 

Mr. and Mrs. Craig B. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E, 

Savannah, Savannah, GA 

.Ann Arbor. MI 

Mr. Darrell K. Stewart, Sr. 



St. Giles Soccer Club, Inc., 

State of South Carolina. 

Mr. and Mrs. Davis C. Stewart 


Mr. and Mrs. William R. 

Greenville, SC 

Columbia. SC 

Mr. and Mis. James H. 

Dr. and Mrs. Rand L. 


St. James Presbytetian Church, 

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy R. Staten 

Stewart III 


Mr. and Mrs. Emmett B. Sparui 

Charleston, SC 

Master Alex Staton 

Mr. and Mrs. James S. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W Storey 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Spann 

Mrs. Dorothy 0. St. John 

Mrs. Dorothy Staton 

Stewart, Sr. 

Mr. B. J. Stoudenmire 

Mr. J. H. Spann 

Mr. Steve Lislenski and Ms. 

Master Drew Staton 

Mr. and Mrs. James T. Stewart 


Mr. and Mrs. James S. Spaim, Jr. 

Jonelle S.St. John 

Mr. and Mis. Robert E. 

Mr. James W. Stewart 

COL and Mrs. Raybum C. Stovall 

Mr. and Mrs. James D. 

St. John's Lutheran Church, 

Staton. Jr. 

Mr. J. Watt Stewart 

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Stovei 

Sparkman 111 

Clinton, SC 

Ms. Laura W. Staton 

Mrs. Lane J. Stewart 

Mr. E. H. Strain 

Ms. Mary Kathet ine Sparkman 

St. Luke's Presbyterian Church, 

Ms. Lindsay E. Staton 

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Stewart IV 

Ms. Janet P. Strange 

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Spanow 

Dunwoody, GA 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Staton, St. 

Mr. Jim Stewart and Mrs. 

Mr. and Ms. Russell L. Sttange 

Mr. John Wesley Span^ow, Jr. 

The St. Paul Companies, 

Mastet Trey Staton 

Malgot Dupuy Stewart 

Ml. and Mis. Rus.sell L. Strange 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel E Sparrow 

St Paul, MN 

Ms. Alma D. Steading 

Mr. Mark E Stewart 

Mt. and Mis. Joel S. Strangis 

Sparrow tSi Fair Tractor 

St. Simons Presbyterian Church, 

Mr John B. Steams 

Mt. and Mrs. Paul R. Stewart, Jr. 

Mr. Nicholas Joel Strangis 

Company, Inc., Scranton, SC 

St. Simons Island, GA 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Steams 

Dr. Rachel W Stewart 

Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Strasburger 

The Spattanburg County 


Mr. and Mrs. Roland Stebbins 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas K. Stewart 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Strasburger 

Foundation, Spattanburg, SC 


Ms. Jean M. Steele 

Mis. Vondell S. Stewart 

Mr. David C. Stratton 

Mr. Thomas W. Spaulding 

Natalka Dana Stachiw, MD 

Dr. and Mrs. John T. Steele 

Mr. Wade P Stewart 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F Stratton 

D Liberal Uarnmg C 

] Service (H Vigor 

Q Christian Faith Q 

J Honor Q Community 

' ThePronuse^'flieChaUense 1 

2002 2007 


Mr. and Mrs. Mark G. Streeter 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Sullivan 

Mr. and Mrs, Richard 

The Rev. L>, David R, Taylor 

Mr and Mis. Alan M. 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Strengrh 

Mr. Francis Mason Sullivan 


and The Rev. Mrs. Tandy 


Mr. Robert B. Stresen-Reuter 

Dr. Francis S. Sullivan and Dr. 

Ms, Juliana H. Swetman 


Textile Hall Cotporation, 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Stre.s.ser 

Josephine Sullivan 

Mr. and Mis. Shannon H. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edgar C. Taylor 

Greenville, SC 

Mr. and Mns. James W.StriHmg 

Mr. and Mrs. George P 


Ms, Elizabeth H. Taylor 

Mr and Mrs. Bradley D. 

Mr. and Mrs. Billy R. Strickland 

Sullivan, Sr. 

Mr. Thomas P Swift, Jr. 

Ms, Elizabeth Taylor 


Mr. and Mrs. David Strickland 

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald V. 

Mr. William E Swift, Jt. 

Mr, imd Mrs. George G. 

Mr and Mrs. Thomas V. 

Mr. and Mis. Henry C. 

Sullivan, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. James W. 

Taylor, Jr. 

Thain III 

Strickland III 

Mr. Harold V.Sullivan 111 


Mr and Mrs. J. R Taylor 

Mr John F Thames 

Ms. Margaret Powers Strickland 

Mr. and Mis. Hany B. Sullivan 

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur L. Swinton 

Ms, Janet M. Taylor 

The American Legion/Frank 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Strickland 

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Sullivan 

Mr. Artie R. Swinton 

Mr and Mrs. Jeffery G. Taylor 

Roach Post, Rock Hill, SC 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. 

Ms. Maxine Sullivan 

Paul Kent Switzer, Jr., M.D. 

Mr and Mrs. Jeffrey E. Taylor 

The Ayco Charitable 

Strickland, Sr. 

Ms. Meredith Paige Sulliv;in 

Mrs. KatherineC, Sword 

Mr. and Mrs. Joe R, Taylor, Jr 

Foundation. Clifton Park, NY 

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Strickler 

Mr. and Mis. Oren E. Sullivan, Jr. 

Mr. Richard G. Synman and Mrs. 

The Rev, Mr. and Mrs. J 

The Blood Connection, Inc.. 

Mr. Mark E. Strickler 

Ms. Sophia E. Sullivan 

Martha livemran 

ohn G. Taylor, Jr. 

Greenville, SC 

Mr. Michael Lynn Strickler 

Mr William M.Suraerel, Jr. 

Synod Of Soudi Atlantic 

Mr and Mrs. Ricky L. Taylor 

The Century Club of 

Master Satn Stringer 

Mr, and Mrs. Tom Summerlord 

Presbyterian Women, N 

Mr. L J. Taylor 

Clinton, SC 

Mr. and Mrs. Horace 

Tlie Rev. Mr. Peny R. 

Charleston, SC 

Mrs. Linda Taylor 

The Dhamia Company, 

Stringfellow V 

Summerlin, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Syre 

Ms. Melissa J. Taylor and Mr 

Ch.ipin. SC 

Mr. and Mrs. James M. 

Mr. and Mrs. Brice W Summers 

Dr. Richard Syre, Sr. 

Aaron W Mans 

Tlic Dinner Club, 


Mr. and Mrs. James M. Summers 

TOP- Builders, Uurens,SC 

Mr and Mrs. Robert S. Taylor 

Columbia, SC 

Mr. and Mrs. Horace 

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Summers 

T V Howie Realty, 

Mr and Mrs. Phil Taylor 

Tlie Home Depot, Atlanta, GA 

Stnnglellow IV 

Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Summers 

Greenville. SC 

Ms. Stephanie Y. Taylor 

The Horton Company, Inc, 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. 

Mr Tyson J. Summers 

Ms, Mamy E, Taber 

Ms, Tar\'n Leigh Taylor 

Columbia, SC 


Ms. Sylvia Summerville 

Tabernacle Baptist Church, 

Mr Thomas E, Taylor 

The McNeill Company, Inc., 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Strock 

Summenille Presbyteriiin 

Augusta, GA 

Mr .ind Mrs, William T Taylor 

McDonough, GA 

Mrs. Hildreth G. Strom 

Church. Summerville, SC 

Dr, and Mrs. Leiv M, Takle 

Mr Dan M, Thompson and 

The Meligram Club. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Strom 

Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Summey 

Mr, and Mrs, Urry L, Talbert 11 

Mrs, Lenora Taylor- 

Clinron, SC 

Ms. Carol Ann Strong 

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur D. Sumner 

Mr. Keon D. Talbert 


The Panhellenic Council, 

Mr. R. B. Strosnider 

Mrs, EliiabethJ. Sumowski 

Dr. and Mrs. William H. Talbot 

Mr, and Mrs, Alan W Teague 

Clinton, SC 

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Strother 

Mr and Mrs. James G.Sumrell 

Mr. and Mrs, Gregory 1, Tallant 

Mr Brad M, Teal 

The Peoples Bank, Iva, SC 

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Stroud 

Mr James K.Sumrell 

Mr, and Mrs, Clifford L, Talley 


The Pullin Company, 

Structural Engineering Services. 

Sun Bonnet Garden Club, 

Mr, James BTilley.Jr 

Mr and Mrs, Leland Teal 

McDonough, GA 

PLLC, Lexington, KY 

Clinton, SC 

Mr, and Mrs, Robert E, Talley 

Ms, Allison Mae Tebbe 

The Xerox Foundation, 

Dr. and Ms. Floyd J. Smipe 

Sun Tmst Bank of Central 

Mr, and Mrs, Jeffrey D, Tallman 


Stamford, CT 

Dr. and Mrs. William R. Smart 

Florida, Orlando, FL 

Mr, and Mrs, Louis D, Talmadge 

Mr and Mrs. George R. Tehbetts 

Mr and Mrs. Steven M. Theg 


Sun Tmst Mid - Atlantic, 

Ms, Deborah Ann Tamosaitis 

Mr and Mrs. Matthew Tehbetts 


Mr William P. Stubbs 

Richmond, VA ■ 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. 

Mr and Mis. Ralph N. Tedards 

Mr and Mrs. James J. 

Mr. and Mrs. Brook Stuckey 

Ms. Caroline W Sundberg 


The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. 


Mr. and Mrs. Hal Stuckey 

Sundstrand Corporation 

Mr. and Mrs. Carey J. 

Dennis R. Tedder 


Mi5. R. D. Stuckey 

Foundation, Rockford, IL 

Tankersley, Jr. 

Mr Donald L. Tedder 

COL and Mrs, Albert R 

Presbyterian College Student 

The Sunshine House, 

Mr. G. J. Tankersley, Jr. 

Mr Drew Tedder 

Thomas, Jr 

Union Board 

Greenwood, SC 

Ms. Kelley L. Tankersley 

Master Josh Tedder 

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Thomas 

Chief Justice Dr. Joseph T. Stukes 

Sunshine O.E.S Chapter *62, 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark R, Tankersley 

Mr and Mrs. Roland R. 

Ms. Cheryl L. Thomas 

Mis. Karen E. Stull 

Ridge Spring, SC 

Ms. Mollie Tankersley 


LTC (Ret.) and Mis. Cleveland 

Mr and Mrs. Aaron Smlts 

SunTmst Bank, Atlanta, GA 

Mr. and Mrs. William L, 

Mr and Mrs. John G. Teltsch 


Mr Berthold G. Stumberg 

SunTmst Carolinas Group 


Mr. Robert B. Temples 

Mrs. Elaine Thomas 

Foundation, Inc., 

Mr and Mis, Douglas C, Tanner 

Mr. and Mrs. S. Frank 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Thomas 

Ms. Jane Srurgeon 

Spartanburg, SC 

Mr, Fred M, Tannery 


Mr and Mrs. Richard C. 

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip A. Sturkie 

Mr James H. Sunett 

Tapesrry, Inc, Clinton, SC 

The Rev, Ms, Elizabeth 


Mr. and Mrs. Charles E, 

Mr Jones E. Sutherland 

Mr. and Mrs. Willi.™ FTapp, Jr. 


l>, and Mis, Gill Thomas 


Ms. Mary H. Sutherland 

Mrs. Mar>' Lou Tapp 

Mr Frank M. Templeton III 

Mr .and Mis. Gillis Thomas 

Mr. Robert Eugene Smtts 

Ms. Samantha Sutherland 

Ms- Kristma D, Tarallo 

Mr, and Mrs. J. Warren 

Mr .rnd Mrs. James G. Thomas 

Mr Robert P. Stutts, Jr. 

The Rev. Mr. Teny M. 

Dr, .rnd Mrs, Foard H. 

Templeton, Jt. 

Mr John L, Thomas 

Mr. W.Brooks Styles 



Ms. Nickie Leigh Templeton 

Dr, and Mrs, Joseph D, Thomas 

Mrs. Amanda Suarez 

Mr and Mrs. Frank C. Sutton 

Mr. and Mrs. Bradford E. Tarbert 

Mr and Mrs. Russell W. 

Mr Josh Thomas 

Dr. and Mrs. Randall S. Suare: 

Ms. Wendy M. Sujman 

Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Tarlton 


Ms, Kimherly M. Thomas 

Mrs. Hattie S. Suber 

Mis. Lucille Quattlebaum 

Mr and Mrs. David P Tarwater 

Mr and Mrs. Samuel J, 

Mr. and Mrs, LP Thomas, Jr 

Mis. Roy B. Suber 


Ms. Geraldine Tata 


Mr, Marion E, Thomas 

Subway of Upstate SC, Inc., 

Swaim Brown, Elliott, PA, 

Mr and Mrs. David E. Tate 

Tenet Healthcate Foundation, 

Mr .md Mn^, Mark W, 

Clinton, SC 

Clinton, SC 

Mr and Mrs. Donald E. Tate 

Dallas, TX 

Thomas III 

Mr and Mrs. C. Steven Sudbur\' 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. 

The Rev. Mr. Manson B. Tate 

Mr and Mrs. Kyle M. Tennant 

Ms, Mary E, Thomas 

Mr. Joshua James Sudbury 


Mr. Ted R. Tate 

Dr and Mrs. John B. 

Mr and Mrs. Madiew L. 

Mr. and Mrs. E T. Sudderth 

Mrs. Mary G. Swan 

Dr. and Mrs. Lee D. Tatro 

Tennant, Jr. 

Mr. Philip Lawton Thomas 

Ms. Ashlee V. Suddeth 

Mr, and Ms, Stephen W 

COL and Mrs. Leo F Tatro 

Tenneco Inc., Spring, TX 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Thomas 

Mr. and Mrs. B. N. Suddeth 

Swan, Jr. 

Mr. Don E. Tatum 

Tennessee Wildlife Resources 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. 

Mr. J. Michael Sudduth 

Ms. Victoria B. Swank 

Mr. Russell J. Tatum, Jr 

Agency, Nashville, TN 

Thomas, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick L. Sudduth 

Mr Robert E Swann 

Mis. Cher Tauscher 

Mr Wilson R.Tennille, Jr. 

Mr and Mrs, Robert W. Thomas 

Ms. Ashley Reynolds Sugg 

Mr and Mrs. Eric 0. Swanson 

Tavares Dental Laboratory. 

The Rev Mr. and Mrs. 

Mr and Mis. WE Thomas 

Mr D. B. Suggs 

Mr and Mrs. Nelson W. 

Mt Dora, a 

Kenneth J, Terrell 

Mr and Mrs. Jeff Thomason 

Mr. and Mrs. Forest D. Suggs, Jr. 


Mr and Mrs. Kurt Tavemier 

Mr Kevin L. Tenell 

Mrs. Dot Thomason 

Dr. and Mrs. James I. Suit 

Mrs. Margaret Swearingen 

Mr. and Mrs. Bany V. Taylor 

Mr. Patrick A. Tenell 

Mrs. Georgia B, Thomason 

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Suits 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Sweat 

Mr. and Mrs. Blake E. Taylor 111 

Mis. Sandra R Tenell 

Mr Hampden Thomason 

Mr, and Mrs. Thomas H. Suirt, Jr. 

Ms. Amanda G. Sweatt 

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde 0. Taylor 111 

Mr. and Mrs. Joshua L. Tenell 

Mrs, James Robert Thoimison 

Mr. and Mis. Andrew S. Sulewski 

Mr. and Mis. Robert W. 

Dr. Cherilyn Yvette Taylor 

Ms. Mary Elizabeth Terry 

Mrs, Patricia Thomason 

Mr. and Mrs. James R. 

Sweatt, J r 

Mr. and Mrs. Mikell W. Taylor 

Ms. Rosalynn F Terry 

Mr and Mrs. Thomas L, 

Sullenberger, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Sweitzer 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Taylor 
Mr. Curtis L, Taylor 

Mrs. Leighron H. Tesche 


This cam 

^aign is about our future studen 

fs. We need to build - on our so 

lid foundation - a college that 

has tlie ca 

pabiiities to prepare tiiesc studc 

Its to be lenders in a ivorld that 

desperately needs PC values. 

To do tha 

, loe need to attract and retain t 

le best and briglitest students a 

^d faculty. 

2002 2007 

Mr and Mrs^ William B. 

Mrs. Patricia Thurston 

Mr and Mrs. Bill Tomlinson 

Mr and Mrs. Panick E. Tritt 

Mr William C. Twitty, Jr 



Ms. Gail R. Tomlinson 

Mr .ind Mrs. Jonathan Z. 

Tyco Healthcare, Princeton, NJ 

Eiirl Thomason Jewelers, 

Mr Todd L Tidwell 

Dr. William H. Tomlinson, 


Mr and Mrs. Kevin E. Tyer 

Clinton, SC 

Tietex Corporation, 


Tropical Flonda Presbytery, 

Mr ,ind Mrs. Herbert D. Tyler Jr 

Ms. Anne E. Thompson 

Spartanburg, SC 

Mr and Mrs. Raymond S. 

Pompano Beach, FL 

Mr Liwrence R. Tyler 

Mr. and Mrs. Archie Thompson 

Mr and Mrs. Bill Tiller 


Mv E\on .Adams Trotter 

Mr and Mrs. lamie R.Tyler 

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Thompson 

Mr and Mrs. Randolph M. 

Ms. Melissa D. Toner 

Mr and Mrs. H.iward L. Trorier 

Ms. Mildred S. Tyler 

Mr. Bnice M. Thompson 

Tiller III 

Mr and Mrs. Charles G. Toney 

Ms. Elaine K. Trout 

LTC Thomas H.Tyler 

Ms. C'atherine Suzanne 

Mr and Mns. Martin B. 

Mr Bill D. Toole 

Mr and Mrs. L. L. Tmesdalc 

Tvler's Omnifaruius 


Tiller Sr 

Ms. Kathleen Shannon T(K)le 

Mr and Mrs, Clifford M. Tuck, Jr 

Photography, Clinton, SC 

Mr. and Mrs. D. G. Thompson 

Mr and Mrs. MartmB. Tiller Jr 

Dr. and Mrs. William B. Toole 

Mr .ind Mrs Philip S. Tuck 

Mr A. David Tyre 

Mr. and Mrs. David N. 

Mr and Mrs. Joel E. Tillirson 

Dr. and Mn>. Stuart J. Toporoff 

Mr, ,ind Mrs, Bill L, Tucker 

Mr .ind Mrs. William B. Tyson IV 


Mr Diniel L. Tillman 111 

Mr and Mrs. David A. Torrey 

Mrs, Dolliiie D, Tucker 

Mr and Mrs. William B. Tyson 111 

Mr. Donald Thomp.son. Jr. 

Ms. Julia K. Tillman 

Ms. Erika L. Toney 

Mr Joseph Daniel Tucker 

LTC William E.Tyson 

Mr, and Mrs. Ernest T ' 

Ms. Lksa A. Tillman 

The Tomngton Company, 

Ms. Laura B. Tucker 

Mr and Mrs. Stanley Ulman 

Thompson III 

Mr and Mrs. William M. 

Clinton, SC 

Mr and Mr. Michael L. Tucker 


The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. 


Total Health Products Inc., 

Judge Kimhrell Kelly Tucker and 

Mr ,ind Mrs. Dennis R. Ulmer 

Ernest T. Thompson, Jr. 

Timken Foundation of Canton, 

Bloomfield, NJ 


Mr and Mr,. Phillip R. Ulrich 

Mr,. Fylma W. Thompson 

Canton, OH 

Dr. and Mrs. Vincent S. 

Ms. Vonda R. Tucker 

Mrs. DeKirah M. Ulstad 

Mr, and Mrs. Harold D 

Mr and Mrs. Edward L. 


Tucker Industrial Sen-ices, 

Mr and Mrs. Calhoun W. 



Mr Daniel O. Towler Mm, GA 


Dr. Harold D. Thompson, Jr. 

Ms. Mary J. Timmerman 

Mr Thomas S. Towler 

Mr Phihp A. Tukey 

Dr. Joseph M.Unanue.Jr 

Mr. Henry W. Thompson 

Mr W. Price Timmemwn IV 

Ms. .Anne B. Townes 


Mr and Mrs. Aliio Undan 

Mr. and Mrs. Isaac M. 

Mr and Mrs. Grover O. 

Mr Patrick John Townes 

Foundation, Atlanta, GA 

Mr and Mrs. Peter N. Undati 

Thompson III 


Mr and Mrs. James W 

Mr Thomas H. Tully 

Mr and Mrs. David R. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Thompson 

Ms. Laura L. Timmons 


Mr and Mrs. Jeffrey W 


Mr. and Mrs. Jacob M. 

Mr and Mrs. John R. 

Mr and Mrs. Richard T 


Mr and Mrs. J. Claude 

Thompson II 

Timmt)ns, Jr 


Mr Guy .A. Tumblin 

Undenvood, Jr 

Dr. James J. Thompson 

Dr. and Mr. James M. Timmons 

Mrs. Sarah L. Toye 

Mr Troy D. Tummond 

Mr and Mrs. Tony Undenvixid 

Mr. James M. Thompson 

Mrs. Ruth S. Timmons 

Mr and Mrs. Matthew L. Tracy 

Mr Christopher A. Turco 

Union Camp Corporation, 

Mr. and Mrs. James R. 

Mr and Mrs. Robert J. Timms 

Tracy's Logging, Leesville, SC 

Mr and Mrs. Peter J . Turco, J r 

Memphis, TN 

Thompson, Sr. 

Mr and Mrs. William E. Tims 

Mr Andrew N. Trammell 

Ms. Lynne P Turman 

Union-PSCE, Richmond. VA 

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffety M. 

Mr and Mrs. William K. Tims 

Mrs. Elizabeth Trammell 

Mr and Mrs. Bart A. Turner 

The United Agency, Inc., 


Mr Darnell J. Tincher 

Ms. Tammy T Tran 

Mr and Mrs. Brett A. Turner 

Laurens, SC 

Mr Jilt- G. Thompson 

Mr and Mrs. John E. Tincher 


Mr David E. Turner 

Unity Presbyterian Church, 

LTC.ind Mrs. Kenneth R. 

Mr and Mrs. David E. Tinga 

Mrs. \nm R Traub 

Mr and Mrs. David N. Turner 

Fort Mill, SC 


Mrs. Patricia M. Tinga 

Mr Michael H. Traveline 

Mrs. Delores F Turner 

Universal Health Services, Inc. 

Ms. Mary Lonck Thompson 

Ms. Emily V. Tingle 

Mr and Mrs. Joseph W Traxerse 

Mr and Mrs. Earl H. Turner 


Master Mills Thompson 

Mr David K. Tinkler and Dr. 

Mr and Mrs. Jeny W. Traynham 

Ms. Elizabeth Ann Turner 

Ms. Louise Foster Unti 

Ms. R. Elizabeth Thompson 

Brigid A. Tinkler 

Mr Ratael D. Tra^-num 

Mr and Mis. Ian M. Turner 

UNUM Corporation, 

Master Ramie Thompson 

Dr. and Mrs. Jason C. Tinlev 

Ms. Elizabeth C. Treadway 

Mr and Mrs. Rickie Turner 

Columbia, SC 

Mr and Mrs. Robert C. 

Mr James Jermings Tinsley 

Mr and Mrs. Edward S. 

Mr and Mrs. John W, Turner Jr 

Ms. Katherine V Upchurch 


Mr and Mrs. James M. Tinsley 


Mr Huben Turner 

Mr and Mrs. Samuel E. 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. 

Mr Milton T. Tippin, Jr 

The Rev. Mr and Mrs. 

Mr and Mrs. James R. Turner Jr 

Upchurch, Jr 


Mr Benjamin Francis Tipton, Jr 

Cameron Y. Treece 

Mr and Mrs. James Tobin Turner 

Upper Savannah Council ot 

Mr and Mrs. Sheron L. 

Mrs. Evelyn O.Tisdale 

Trehel Corporation. 

Mr Jimmie Turner 


Thompson, Jr 

Mr and Mrs. G.C. Todd 

Clemson, SC 

Mr and Mrs. John A. Turner 

Greenwood, SC 

Ms. Tanya M. Thompscin 

Mrs. Elsie T Todd 

Triangle Construction 

Ms. Katherine A. Turner 

The UPS Foundation, 

Mr Timothy H. Thompson 

Mr and Mrs. Gary W.Todd 

Company, Greenville, SC 

Mr and Ms. William H. Turner 

Atlanta. GA 

Mr .and Mrs. W. C. Thompson 

Mrs. James C. Todd, Jr 

Tnangle Sales, Greenville, SC 

Mr and Mrs. Arthur L. Tumer 11 

Mr and Mrs. Albert J. Upsal 

Mr William D. Tliompson 

Dr. and Mrs. James C.Todd III 


Mr and Mrs. Frank B. Tumer, Jr 

Mr and Mrs. Robert I. Upshur 

Mr William T Thompson 

Mr and Mrs. Joseph P. Todd 

Mr and Mrs. David E. 

Mrs. Man'in S. Turner 

Dr. ,ind Mrs. Thomas T Upshur 

Thompson Funeral Home 

Mrs. Manorie Todd 


Dr. Marvin S. Tumer 

Mr and Mrs. Raymond R. 

ot West Columbia and 

Mr Marshall H. Todd 


Mr Robert Michael Tumer 


Lexington, West 

Ms. Mary Elizabeth Txld 

Ms. Pen-in Q.Trihble 

Ms. Susan A. Tumer 

Mr and Mrs. Don Urquhart 

Columbia, SC 

The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. 

Mr and Mrs. William B. Tribble 

LTC and Mrs. Thomas E. 



William H. Todd, Jr 

Tribble Building Supplies, 

Tumer III 

Aiken, SC 

Mr and Mrs. Donald B. 

Ms. Miriam Tyler Todd 

Clinton SC 

Mr Warren E. Tumer 



Mr and Mrs. Monteith E Todd 

Mr and Mrs. Joseph F Trice III 

Mr William J. Tumer Jr 

Mr Danen Valentine 

Mr and Mrs. Lanath N. 

Mr Richards Todd 

Mr and Mrs. Michael A. Tnmble 

Mr and Mis. William R. Tumer 

Mr and Mis. Richard E. 


Mr Thomas Darlington Todd, Jr 

Mr and Mrs. Anthony J. Tnmboli 

Dr. and Mrs. William R. 


Mrs. Phoebe G. Thome 

Mrs. Toccoa Powell Todd 

Mr and Mrs. John Trimnell 

Tumer Jr 

Ms. Andreana Valicenti 

Ms. Bethani L. Thornton 

Ms. Tracy A. Todd 

Trinity Presbyterian Church, 

Tumer Broadcasting System, 

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph F 

L. Jack Thornton Enterprises, 

COL Walter B. Todd, Sr 

Gainesville, GA 

Inc., Atlanta, GA 

Valicenti, Jr 

Athens, GA 

Mr Walter B. Todd, Jr 

Trinity Presbyterian Church, 

Dr. and Mis. Charles D. Turpin 

Dr. Elisabeth van Meet 

Thomwell Home tor Children, 

Mr and Mrs. Walter CTtdd 

Nashville, TN 

Mr Larry Turville 

Ms. Donna D. Van Ness 

Clinton, SC 

Mr and Mrs. William T Todd 

Trinity Ptesbyterian Church, 

The Turville Company, Naples, FL 

Mr and Mrs. Edward K. Van 

Hartness Thomwell 

Todd & Ward, PC, 

Palm Coast, FL 

Mr mi Mrs. Hubert E. Turtle III 

Winkle, Sr 

Presbyterian Church, 

Columbia, SC 

Trinity Presbyterian Church, 


Mr Robert M. Vance, Jr 

Clinton, SC 

Todd Construction, LLC, 

Travelers Rest, SC 

Mr Andrew A. Tweito 

Mr Russell G.Vance 

Mr and Mrs. Stephen E Thorpe 

Elgin, SC 

Tnnity Presbytery, 

Twin City Insurance Agency, 

Mr and Mrs. Stephen M. Vance 

Ms. Sandra E. Thrasher 

Todd Distributors, Inc., 

Lexington, SC 

Inc., Newton, NC 

Mrs. Virginia G. Vance 

Mr and Mrs. Robert E. Thrower 

Laurens, SC 

Tnnity United Methodist 

Master Christopher Twitty 

Ms. Jessica Vanco 

Mr and Mrs. Douglas R. Thnish 

Mrs. Carolyn Bolden Tolbert 

Church, Birmingham, AL 

Miss ElizabethAnn Twitty 

Mr Garry Vandekiett 

Ms. Mar>' B. TJiurber 

Mr and Mrs. Raymond W 

Ms. Ruth E Triplett 

Mr and Mis. D. C. Twitty 

The Rev. Mr and Mrs. 

Mr and Mrs. John K. Thurman 


Mr and Mrs. Paul G. Trippc 

Miss Mary Curtis Twitt>' 

Jonathan T. VanDeventer 

Mr Lammie L. Thurmond, Jr 

CPT Michael R. Tollefson 
Mr Edward S. ToUey 

Mr Andrew Earl Tritt 
Mr John L. Tritt 

Mis. Phyllis Btown Twitty 

Ms. Anne J. Vandiver 

n Liberal Uarnmg [ 

J Sendee CD Vigor 

□ Chrislian Faith [ 

J Honor CD Community 


CflicC;h.illcrigc- 1 

2002 2007 

' r~ 

Vanity Fair Mills, Inc., 

Mr .md Mrs. John Vos 

Dr. and Mrs. Paul L. Walker 

Mr and Mis. Michael A. 

Mr W. A. Wayne 

Monroeville, AL 

Mr and Mrs. Grant Y. Vosbutgh 

Mr ;ind Mrs. Richard C. Walker 


Mis. Mildred Colson Weam 

Mr. and Mrs. Julius M.Vann 111 

Mr Justin C. Vcshurgh 

Mr and Mrs, RoK-rtR Walker 

Mr Robert Wardlaw Warren 

Mr Matthew W.Wease 

Ms. Holly N. Vanover 

Mr and Mrs. Bill S. Vosney 

Robert 1 1 W.ilker, MD 


Mr and Mrs. Paul T Weathers 

Ms. Cheryl Vanture 

Mr and Mrs. Edward T. Vought 

Ms. Sonia M. Walker 

Mr and Mrs. Steve E Wanen 

Mr and Mrs. Charles E, Weaver 


Ms. Laurie P. Vreugdenhil 

Mr William S.Walker 

Dr. Thomas B. Warren, Jr 

Mr Denek P Weaver 


Vulcan Materials Company, 

Mis. aitothy A. Walkup 

Mr Thomas D. Warren 

Dr and Mrs. Thomas P. Weaver 

Mr. and Mrs. Ramon P. Vargas 

Binningham, AL 

Mis, Elinoi P Walkup 

Mr and Mrs. Todd J. Warren 

Mr and Mrs. Byron K. Webb 

Mrs. Elinor Vamdell 


Mr and Mrs. Wairen L. Walkup 

Mr and Mrs. Tom A. Wanen 

Mr and Mrs, Fonest E, Webb 

Mr and Mrs. Heeth 

W. Thomas Smith, 

Mr and Mrs. Shuford M. 

The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. 

Mr and Mis, Gaiy Webb 

Vamedoe IV 

Greenville, SC 


Vaughn J. Warthen.Jr 

Ms. Glennis A. Webb 

Mr and Mrs. Robert P. 

Mr and Mrs. Jason D. Waasdoip 

Nancy A. Wall, PhD 

Ms. Judith CairWasden 

Mr and Mrs. James L. Webb 

Vamer, Sr 

Waccamaw Community 

Dr. and Mrs. Albert H. Wallace 

Mr and Mrs. Wiley A. 

Mr and Mrs. Parker S.Webb 


Foundation, Murrells 

Ms. Brandy Ann Wallace 


Mr and Mis. Scon V Webb 

Dr. and Mis. Charles A. Vassy 

Inlet, SC 

Mr aiuglas J. Wallace 

Ms. M. Uinng Washburn 

Mr Matthew Heath Webb 

Mr and Mrs. Jon W. Vastine 

Wachovia Bank of NCN.A., 

Ms. Jennifer L. Wallace 

Mr and Mrs. Marshall R 

Ms. Ruth L. Webb 

Ms. Betty W. Vaughan, MD 

Winston Salem, NC 

Mr and Mrs. Kenneth E. 


Mr and Mrs. Patrick Webb 

Mr Bluford C. Vaughan 

Wachovia Bank of South 


Mr and Mrs. Ronald L. 

Mr and Mrs. Wallace G.Webb 

Mrs. Carole Vaughan 

Carolina, Columbia, SC 

Mr and Mrs. Leonard J. Wallace 


Mr William E. Webb 

Mr and Mrs. David R. Vaughan 

Wachovia Foundation, 

Mr Roy E. Wallace, Jr 

Mr William C. Washburn 

Mr Llonald W. Weher 

Mr and Mrs. Eugene A. 

Charlotte, NC 

Mr and Mrs. John C. Waller 

Washington Group Foundation, 

Mr and Mrs. Ronald j. Weber 


Wachovia Foundation, Inc., 

Ms. Edith Waller 

Inc., Boise, ID 

Mr Trent Michael Weber 

Mr Leland P Vaughan 

Winston Salem, NC 

Mr and Mrs. Gerald W Waller 

Washington Mutual Matching 


Mr and Mrs. Richards. 

Wachovia Palmetto 

Mr and Mrs. Samuel G. 

Gift Program, Pnnceton, NJ 

Wedgefield Presbytenan 

Vaughan 111 

Championships, Belton, SC 


Ms. jama M. Water 

Church, Wedgefield.SC 

Ms. Amanda S. Vaughn 


Wal-Mart Distribution Center, 

The Rev. Mr Andrew B. Waters 

Mr and Mrs. Stephen T 

Mr. and Mis. Harold S. Vaughn 

Mr and Mrs. Btyant E. 


and The Rev. Mts. Brandi R. 


Mr and Mrs. Jack C. Vaughn, Jr 


Wal-Mart Foundation, 


The Wednesday Club, 

Mr and Mrs. Bob Vaughn 

Mr Clifford E.Waddell 

Bentonville, AR 

Mr C. D. Waters 

Laureas, SC 

Ms. Laura H. Vaughn 

Mr and Mis. W.J. Wade 

Mr and Mrs. Eugene H. 

The Rev Dr. and Mrs. David L. 

Ms. Alicia S. Weeber 

Mr Robert S.Vaughn 

Mr and Mrs. Ronald M. Wade 


Waters, DMm 

Mr and Mrs. Christian G. 

Mr and Mr. John L. Veal 

The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. 

Mr Eugene H,Walp,.ile,Jr 

Mis. Janet Waters 

Weeber jr 

Ms. Sibley Veal 

William B. Wade, Jr 

Mr and Mrs, Horace E. Walpole 

Mr and Mis. Charles B. Waters 

Mr and Mrs. William L. Weede 

Mr and Mrs. Johnny E. Vega 

Mr and Mis. William E Wade 

Mr and Mrs. William R. Walsh 

Mrs. Margaret A. Waters 

Mr David L. Weekcs 

Mrs. Judy M. Velazquez 

Mis. Maty K. Wade-Chorba 

Walt Disney Company 

Mr and Mrs. Michael J. Waters 

Dr. Cynthia Weeks and Mr 

Mr and Mrs. Michael D. Vena 


Foundation, Burbank. CA 

Mr Ricky G. Watets 

David E. Weeks 

Ms. Sharon H.Venable 

Mr and Mrs. James C. 

Mr and Mrs. Paul Walter 

Mr and Mrs, Samuel C, Waters 

Mrs. Marion H. Weersing 

Mr VicrorG. Verdi 


Mr and Mrs. William R. Walter 

Mr and Mrs. Stephen B. Watets 

Mr Charles B. Weesner 

Veritas Software Matching 

Mrs. Margaret Waggoner 

Mrs. DorodiyS. Walters 

Mr and Mis. Brayden G. 

Mr Roy B. Weesner 

Gifts, Mountain View, CA 

Mr and Mis. G.O.Wagner 

COL and Mts. John G. 


Mr and Mrs. Peter C. Wehman 

Verizon Foundation, 

Mr and Mrs. Jack W.Wagner 


Mr and Mis. Gary L. Watkuis 

Ms. Helen R. Weidler 

Andover MA 

Mr. David K. Wahn 

Mr Bryant G. Walton, Jr 

Mr Robert F Watkins and Dr. 

Mr and Mrs. John H. Weigel 111 

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph H.J. 

Mr and Mis. Douglas Wakefield 

Mr and Mis. Frank E. Walton 


Mr and Mts. Michael Weigelt 


Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. 

Mr and Mrs. Andrew T 

Mr and Mis. John Watkins 

Mr and Mis. Thomas H. 

Mr Paul E. Vernon 

Walbolt, Sr 


Mr and Mis. William H. 


Mr and Mis. John E 

Mr and Mrs. Daniel R. 

Mrs. Sharon Baines Wampler 

Watkins, Jr 

Dr. and Mis. Richard L. Weil 

Veireault 111 

Walbolt, Jr 

Mr Ronald S.Wamsley 

Dr. and Mis. Michael R. Watkins 

Mr and Mis. .Andrew Weiman 

Miss Margaret Bailey Verreault 

Mr and Mr,. Robert Walden 

Mr and Mrs. Julius 

Ms. Sandra L. Watkins 

Mr and Mis. Julien 

Mr Robert L. Verschure 

Mr David M. Waldkirch 

Wannamaker, Jr 

Mr and Mrs. William H. 

Weinberg 111 


Mr and Mrs. Charles E 



Mr and Mrs. Joseph A. 

Mr and Mis. Howard F 


Mr Richard A. Wansley 

Mr and Mrs. Ed Watson 

Wemgaitner Jr 


Mr and Mrs, Carol D. Waldrop 

Mr Christopher L. Ward 

Mr and Mrs. J. Calhoun Watson 

Mr Aaron M. Weintraub 


Walhalla Presbyterian Church, 

Ms. Elizabeth Marshall Ward 

Mr Jackie WaLson 

Mr and Mrs. Kenneth W Weir 

Mr Benjamin B. Vincent 


Mrs. Jackie Ward 

Mr and Mrs. James J. Watson 

Mr William H. Weir 

Ms. Ellen Victoria Vincent 

Mr and Mis. John Walk 

Ms. Lois M.Ward 

Mr Richard R.Watson 111 

Mr Alan S. Weis 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Vingi, jr 

Mr and Mis. Andrew G.Walker 

Ms. Marjory G. Ward 

Dr. and Mis. W G. Watson 

Mr John W. Weiss, jr 

Mr and Mis. William L. Vining 

Mrs. Bea Walker 

Ms. Mary A. Ward 

Watson Tate Savory Architects, 

Mr George S. and Dr. Suzanne M. 

Mr and Mrs. William L. Vining 

Mr and Mis, Donald C.Walker 

Mr Kenneth M. Wardlaw 

Columbia, SC 


Mr Wiley W Virden 

Dr. and Mrs. Edward D. 

Mr and Mrs. Willie J. Ware, jr 

COL and Mrs. Augustin H. Watt 

Mr and Mrs. David L. Welbom 


Walker 11 

Ms. Jane 0. Waring 

Di. and Mts. Charles H. Watt, Jr 

Mastei David M. Welbym 

Visionworks Constnjction Inc, 

Mr Franklin]. Walker 

Mr and Mrs. Robert A. Warner 

Mr and Mrs. Elwyn M. Watt, Jr 

Mastei Matthew B.WelKim 


Mr and Mr,. George D. Walker 

Mr C. Douglas Warner 

Mr and Mrs. George D. Watt 

Mr and Mis. W. B. Welbom 

Mr and Mrs. Mark T. Voelker 

Mr and Mis, Glenn Walker 

Dr. Danell B. Warner and Dr. 

Mr and Mrs. Wylie M. Watt 

Mr and Mrs. William D 

Ms. Sara Margaret Voelker 

Mrs. Grace Walker 

Beth Warner 

Dr. and Mrs. Leslie C.Watteis 


Ms. Lindy Smith Vogado 

Mr and Mrs. Gregory W 

Dr. and Mis. Dustin J. Wamet 

•Mr and Mis. Jon G. Watts 

Mr and Mis. Andrew J. 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Vogado. Jr 


Mr James E. Warner Jr 

Mr and Mrs. Blake L. Wans, Sr 

Welch 111 

Volunteer Fire Department 

Dr. and Mis. James L. Walker 

Miss Taylor Elizabeth Warner 

Mr and Mrs. Blake L. Wans, Jr 

Mr and Mis. Anis E. Welch 

ofSullivan's Island, Sullivan's 

Mr Jeffrey C.Walker 

Master Winston Andrews 

Mr and Mrs. Charles D. Watts 

Mr Brian Christophet Welch 

Island, SC 

Mr and Mrs. David Walker 


Mr Demario Watts 

Mr Douglas C. Welch 


Mis. Jill Kristen Walker 

Mr and Mts. William C. 

Mr Gene E. Watts 

Mr and Mis. Eugene A. Welch 

Master Andrew Von Schweinitz 

Mr John N.Walker 


Ms. Mary C. Watts 

Mis. Marion 0. Welch 

Mr Benjamin Arthur Graf Von 

Ms. Juanita 0. Walker 

Mr and Mr. G.E. Warren 

Mis. Maty Keith Watts 

Ms. Nancy W. Welch 


Mr Kent Walker 

Mr and Mrs. J. E. Waiten 

Mr and Mrs. Robert R Watts 

Mr and Mis. David T Welchel 

Mr and Mrs. Helmut G. Von 

Mr. and Mr. Urry D. Walker 

The Rev. Mr and Mrs. L. 

Mr and Mis, LanyT Watts 

Mr and Mrs. Hugh W 


Ms. Margaret Fulton Walker 

W. Warren, Jr 

Mr and Mis. Thomas P Watts 

Weldon, Jr 

Miss Sara Von Schweinitz 

Mr and Mrs. Max W Walker 

L>. and Mrs. Lawrence N. 

Ms. Kelly B. Way 

Mr and Mrs. Richard B. 

Mr and Mrs. Philip R. 

The Rev. Mr and Mis. 


Mr and Mrs. Robert L. Way, Sr 



Melville B. Walker 

Mr Wayne Way 

Mr and Mrs. Arthur Welling 

This cam^ 

niign IS about our future studen 

fs. We need to build - on our so 

lid foundation - a college that 

has the ca 

oabilities to prepare tliese stude 

its to be leaders in a world that 

desperately needs PC values. 

To do tha 

, we need to attract and retain t 

te best and brightest students a 

id faculty. 

2002 2007 

Mrs. Elizabeth H. Wellini- 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Wheless 

Dr. and Mrs. J. E Whitt 

Mr and Mn. Bobby Williams 

Mr and Mr. Melvin L. 

WellfKtint Associate Giving 

Mr. and Mrs. Tony R. Whicker 

Mr. and Mrs. David F 

Ms. Allison H. Williams 


Campaign. Princeton, NJ 

Mr. Chestnut Whitaker 

Wluttemore, Jr. 

Mrs. .Amy S. Williams 

LTC and Mr. Norman L. 

The Rev. Mr. Alan 

Mr. .md Mrs. lohn B. Whitaker 

Nh. David Frederick 

Mr and Mrs. Bill Williams 111 


B. Wells 

Thomas A. Whuaket, MD 

Whittemore 111 

Mr and Mrs. Blair Williams 

Mr and Mr. Raymond L. 

Ms. Ashley B. Wells 

Whitaker Floor Coverings, Inc., 

Mr. and Mrs. John F. 

Mr ;tnd Mrs. Thomas E. 


Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Wells 

Newberry, SC 



Mr and Mrs. Ryan A. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Wells 

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew S. White 

Mr. and Mrs. Louis E. 

Mr and Mrs. BntonS. Williams 


Mr. and Mrs. Julian E. Wells 

Ms. ,AnnF White 


Mr and Mrs. Andrew Williams 

Mr and Mr. Stephen 


Ms. Carolyn R. White 

Mr. .and Mrs. Frank F Wicker 

Mr Charles C. Williams 


Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell D. Wells 

Mr. and Mrs. Don White 

Mrs. Francine Wickham 

Mr and Mk. Charles F 

Mr Worth R. Williamson, Jr 

Mr- and Mrs. Richard M. Wells 

Mt. Emmitt William White III 

Mr and Mrs. Malon M. 


Williamston Presbyterian 

Mr. and Mrs. Terr>' T.Wells 

Mr. and Mn.. Eric L. White 


Ms. Cheryl Scott Williams 

Dr. and Mrs. Walter N.Wells 

Mr. Fayette 0. White, Jr. 

Ms. Helen Ellis Wicks 

Mr and Mrs. L>iryl L. Williams 

Mr and Mr. Michael Williard 

Mr. and Mrs. George Welsh 

Mr. and Mrs. George E. White 

Ms. Lori J. Wicks 

Mr .rnd Mrs. David C. Williams 

Mr, and Mrs. Thomas P 

Mr. and Mrs. Luther L. Welsh 

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn B. White 

Mr. Ryan E. Widdowson 

Mr David Williams 


Mr. and Mrs. William L. 

Mr. and Mrs. John B. White, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Waltet L. 

Ms. Dionne D. Williams 

Mr and Mr. John E. 


Mr. .md Mrs. John G. White, Jr. 


Dr and Mrs. Ed M. Williams 


Mr. and Mrs. Ted E. Wentzky 

The Rev Mr. John H. White 

Mr. ,md Mrs. Glenn D. Widick 

Mr .rnd Mrs. Edward L. 

Willington Preshytenan Chutch, 

Mr. and Mrs. Alan L. Werner 

CPT and Mis. Geotge H, 



Mt. Camiel, SC 


White, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Glen D Wieland 

Mrs. Ellen G.N. Williams 

Mr and Mr. John G. Willis 

The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. W 

Mr. Kevin Christopher White 

Ms. Lindsay A. Wier 

Mr Frank V. Williams and Mrs. 

Mr and Mr. Oliver Willis 

Wain Wesberry 

Mr. and Mrs. Lari>- B. White 

Ms. Melissa W Wiggers 

Patricia Rickenbaker 

Mr and M.S. Michael C. 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. 

Mr. and Mrs. Liwell W 

Mr. William Brent Wiggers 

Mr and Mrs. Frederick G. 



White, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry D. Wiggins 


Willow Hill Holdings, LLC, 

Mr. and Mrs. Brian J.Wesselink 

Ms. Margaret C. White 

Mr. and Mrs. James G. Wiggins 

Mr and Mrs. Frederick L. 

Greenville. SC 

Mr. Brian N. Wessinger 

Mr. and Mrs. Marc A. White 

The Rev Mr. and Mrs. 


Mr .md Mr. Bob W. Wills 

Dr. and Mrs. K. Derek Wessinger 

Mr and Mrs. Murray B. 

Lloyd W Wiggins 

Mr and Mrs. Gaiv L. Willuams 

Dr. and Mr. Charles E. Wills. Jr 

Dr. and Mrs. N. C. Wessinger 

White, Jr. 

Mr. QuinellD Wiggins 

Dr and Mr. George W 

Mr and Mr. Alexander C. 

Ms. Rebecca J. Wessinger 

Mr. and Mrs. R. C. White 

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Wike 

Williams. Jr 


Mr. and Mrs. Tim Wesson 

Mrs. Robert A. White, Jr. 

Mrs. Elizabeth Wilbum 

Mr and Mrs. Blake T Williams 

Mr Brandon Russell Wilson 

Mr. Billye L. West 

Mr. Roger L. White 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Wilbum 111 

Mr ,ind Mrs. Hart>' F 

Mr Brian McDonald Wilson 

Mr. Brian G. West 

Mt. Thomas L. White 

Mr. William D. Wilbum 

Williams. Jr 

LTC and Mr. Charles C. 

Mrs. Danette E. West 

Mr. and Mrs. William R 

Mr. and Mrs. James G.Wilco.x 

Mr. and Mrs. James A. 

Wilson, Jr 

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin A. West, Jr. 

White 111 

Mr. and Mrs. Searcy A. 

Williams. Jr 

Mr and Mr. Christopher D. 

Mr. Ernest B. West 

White Plains Baptist Church, 

Wilcoxon IV 

Mr and Mrs. Joseph R. 


Mr. Gerald Douglas West 

Laurens, SC 

Abigail Wilczek 

Williams 11 

Dr. Cindy Lee Wilson 

Mr. Horace R. West 

Mr. and Mrs. Ray D. Whiteford 

Dr. K. Dawn Wilczek and Mr. 

Mr and Mrs. Timothy B. 

Dr. and Mr. Clifton M. Wilson 

Mr. and Mrs. Jayson C. West 

Whiteford's Drive-In, Inc., 

Thomas Wilczek 


Mr Daniel Garrard Wilson 

Mrs. Lois West 

Clinton, SC 

Mr. Allison R Wilder, Jr. 

Mr and Mrs. Kenneth R. 

Mr Donald M. Wilson, Ir 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. 

Mr. .Andrew R Whitehead 

Mr. and Mrs. Donny Wilder 

Williams. Jr 

Mr Gavin R. Wilson 

West 111 

Lettle Pate Whitehead 

Mr. and Mrs. Windsor D. Wilder 

Mr Kevin J. Williams 

Mr George D Wilson 

Mr. and Mrs. Steve C. West 11 

Foundation. .Atlanta, GA 

Mr. and Mrs. Bradbury' D. 

Mr and Mrs. Kevin L. Williams 

Mr and Mr. Gordon F Wilson 

Mr. and Mrs. W Jason West 

Ms. Ashley H. Whiten 


Mrs. ULuce Williams 


West Electrical Contracts of 

The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. 

WildwtKxl Farms, Horence, SC 

Ms. UurenG. Williams 

Mr James A Wilson 

Newberry, SC Inc. 

J,ison S. Whitener 

Mr Geoffrey E. Wile 

Mrs. Leslie Williams 

Mr and Mr. James M. Wilson 


Dr. and Mrs. Olin M. Whitener 

Mr William S.Wilfong. Jr. 

Mr Lloyd C. Williams 


Ms. MaryCamilleWestall 

Whiteoak Ridge LLC, 


Mrs. Martha J. Williams 

Mr and Mr. Jeffrey E Wilson 

Ms. Landon L. Westbrmk 

Columbia, SC 

Mr Anrhony A. Wilhoit 

Mr and Mrs. Jason L. Williams 

Mr Jeffrey W Wilson 

Western North Catolina 

Mr. and Mrs. William L. 

Mr Brett A. Wilhoit 

Mr ,ind Mrs. Richard P 

Mr and Mr. Jerome D. Wilson 

Presbytery, Morganton. NC 


Mr and Mrs. Reggie Wilken.on 


Mr .ind Mr. JertyM. Wilson 

Westinghouse Savannah River 

Mrs. Sophie L. Whiteside 

Ms. Sarah Wilkerson 

Mr Robert C. Williams 

Ms- Judith A. Wilson 

Company, Aiken, SC 


Mr and Mrs. Walter T 

Mr and Mr. Robert L. Williams 

Mr. Kathryn Wilson 

Westmirtster Preshytenan 

Mr Robert W. Whitesides 


Mr and Mr. Robert M. 

Mr and Mr. Lewis G. Wilson 

Church, Columbia. SC 

Ms. Elizabeth H. Whitfield 

Wilkerson Logging Inc., 

Williams 111 

Mr and Mr. Anthony B. 

Mr. Thomas W Westmoreland 

Mr. and Mrs. William W. 

Hickory- Grcwe, SC 

Mr Roy L Williams, Jr 


Ms. Ellen Moore and Mr. Charles 


Dr. David M. Wilkes 

Mr S. N. Williams 

Ms. Martha E. Wilson 

W. Weston 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. 

The Rev Dr. and Mr*. 

Mr and Mr. Samuel H. 

Mr and Mr. James L. Wilson 

Westside Women's Club, 


George G. Wilkes 111 

Williams. Jr 

Mr Matthew A. Wilson 

Jamestown, NY 

Ms. Alison D. Whitley 

The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. 

CPT.indMr5. BrrdleyA. 

Mr Michael W. Wilson 

Westvaco Foundation, 

Mr. David H. Whitley 

Roberta Wilkes, Jr 


Mr and Mr. Milner B. 

New York, NY 

Ms. Heather Amber Whitley 

Mr Robert William Wilkes, Jr 

Mr and Mr. Mich.iel R. 

Wilson III 

Dr. and Mrs. James TWetiel 

Mr. and Mrs. William H. 

Mr and Mr,. Michael W 


Mr and Mr. Richard P Wilson 




Mr and Mr. Theo R. Williams 

Dr. and Mr. Neille A. 

Mr. Jon Sydney Whalen 

Mr. and Mrs. Bennett C. 

Mr Jeffrey S.Wilkie 

Mr and Mr. Timmerman B. 

Wilson, Jr 

Mr and Mrs. George S. 


Ms. Pamela Scott Wilkie 


Ms. Patricia A. Wilson 

Wham, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Stuatt A. 

Mr and Mrs. Robert L. Wilkie 

Ms. Tonya M. Williams 

Mr Paul Doughetty Wilson 

Ms. Julie Caroline Wham 


Mr and Mrs. Ronald S. Wilkie 

Dr. and Mr. Wendell M. 

Mr Paul J. Wilson III 

Mrs. Elrsabeth A. Whatley 

Mr. Freddie G. Whitman 

Mr and Mrs. James L.Wilkins 

Williams, Jr 

Mr and Mr. Phillip E. Wilson 

Mr. and Mr. Joshua S.Whatley 

Mr. and Mrs. Elbert N. 

Mr and Mrs. Christian J. 

Mr and Mr. Thomas E. 

Mr and Mr. R. R. Wilson 

Mr. Max E. Whatley, Jr. 

Whitmire III 



Mr and Mr. Robert D. Wilson 

Ms. MiUy A. Whatley 

Mr. and Mrs. Marion C. 

Mrs. Betty J. Wilkinson 

Mr Charles W Williamson 

Mr and Mr. Roland R. Wilson 



Ms. Mary Ellen Wilkinson 

Mr and Mr. Eddie Williamson 

Mr. Ruby R Wilson 

Mr. and Mrs. John Wheeler 

Whitmire Presbyterian Church. 

Dr. and Mr. George R. 

Mr and Mr. Grady L. 

Dr. and Mr. William E. Wilson 

Mrs. Kathetine H. Wheeler 

Whitmiie, SC 

Wilkinson, Jr 

Williamson 111 

Ms. Teresa E. Wilson 

Dr. and Mr. Dennis CWheelus 

Mr. and Mrs. Lucas V. 

Mr NeiU Wilkinson 

Ms. Jenny A. Williamson 

Mr and Mr. Thomas A. Wilson 

Mrs. Jennifer LWhelan 

Whitney, Jr. 

Mr Christopher G.Willett 
Mr and Mrs. John E. Willi 

Ms. Kelly R. Williamson 

Mr Thomas H. Wilson 

Mr and Mr. Thomas C. Wilson 

I 1 Liberal Learning L 

J Service [ | Vist,or 

□ Chrisliati faith [ 

J Honor Q Comtnuniti/ 



r^heCh.illenge 1 

! 2002 2007 

' r- 

Mr. and Mrs. William H. 

Women of the Church. First 

Mr William B. Wrenn 

Mr Frederick Richard Young 11 

Mr Richard N. Atkinson 

Wilson III 

Presbyterian Church, 

Ms. BrcxikeE. Wright 

Mr. Herbert L. Young, Jr 

Mis. M. a. Axmann 

Dr. and Mrs. William 0. Wilson 

Cheraw, SC 

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis M. Wright 

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert P 

The Rev. Mr. Herbert Bailey 

Mr. and Mis. Worth B. Wilson 

Women of the Church, Eraser 

Mr. David A. Wright 

Young, Jr 

Mni. R S. Bailey 

Wilsons Curb Market, Inc., 

Memorial Presbyterian 

Ms. Erin Eliabeth Wright 

Mr and Mrs. j. Edmimds 

Miss Mary Balle 

Laurens, SC 

Church. Sumter, SC 

Mr. Jack R. Wright 

Young, Jr. 

Mrs, Ruby Hill Barksdale 

Windrock Enterprises, inc.. 

Women of the Church, Rocky 

Mr. Jeremy T. Wright 

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Young 

Mr Jeny B, Bamian 


Springs Presbyterian Church. 

Mr. John D.Wright 

Ms. Jettie Young 

Mr Jack K. Barnes 

Master Alexander Windsor 

Laurens. SC 

Dr. and Mrs. John T Wright 

Ms. JudiA N. Young 

Mr William Eugene Barnwell 


Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. 

Mr Michael D Wnght 

Miss Kan A. Young 

Mr Normiin Roscoe Barwick 

Concord. NC 


Mr. Reuben Y. Wright 

Mr. LawTence E. Young 

Mr, Robert Edwin Bass 

Mr. and Mrs. Dartell R. Winegar 

Mr. Arthur D. Wood III 

Mr. Richard A. Wright 

Mis. Marion Kriegner Young 

Mr Stephen Potts Bates 


Mi^. Bessie F Wood 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Wnght 

Mis. Maltha A. Young 

Mr Alexander Alford 

Winfield 111 


Mr Roy A. Wright 

Mr and Mis. M. Calvm Young 

Batton. Jr 

Mr. and Mrs. Jason G.Winfield 



Mr, and Mr. Andy B. Young. Jr. 

Mr. William Smirfi Bean 111 

Mr. and Mrs. Keith K. Wingard 

Mr. and Mis. Frank S. Wwd 

Mr and Mrs. Wayne W. Wright 

Mrs. Reese H. Young, Sr. 

Major General George Samuel 

The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. 

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Wood 111 

Mis. Jack Wrigley 

Mr and Mrs. Reese Young, ]r 


Michael CWingaid 

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry A. Wood 

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley R. 

Mr and Mrs. Roland E 

Mrs. Evelyn C. Beaty 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael R.Wingo 

Mr. John R Wood 


Young III 

COL William Peter 

Mrs. Susan A. Wingo 

Mrs. Kristen R. Wood 

Mrs. Caroline W. Wyatt 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Young 



The Rev. Mr and Mrs. 

Mr. and Mrs. Danny K. Wyatt 

Miss Sara H.Young 

Mr Tucker Graham Bedinger 


Lawrence A. Wood 

Mr. David Henley Wyatt 

Mr. Stewart W Young 

Mr Cums Gilford Bell 

Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc., 

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Wood 

Mis. Sara R. Wyatt 

Mr. and Mrs. Terry E. Young 

Dr- Richard Bell 

Jacksonville, FL 

Mr. Merrill D. Wood 

Wyche, Burgess, Freeman & 

Mr and Mrs. William E 

The Rev. Dr. Cedric Charles 

Mr. and Mrs. Jason P. Winstead 

Ms. P.itra N.Wood 

Parham, PA., Greenville, SC 

Young, Jr. 


Mr and Mrs. Horace G. Winter 

Mr md Mrs. Pierce G. Wood 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Wylie 111 

Mr and Mrs. Buford Youngblood 

Mb, David Pinckney 

Mr and Mrs. William A. 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Wylie 

Miister D. J. Youngblood 

Berry, Sr 


Wood, Jr. 

Mrs. William B. Wylie 

Mr iind Mrs. Doug Youngblood 

Mr Stanley Bmce Beuchler 

Mrs. CyndiiaL. Wise 

Ms. Teresa L. Wood 


Ms, Geraldine Youngblood 

Mr Chns Dewitt Beukema. Jr 

Mr. and Mrs. David R Wise 

Mrs. Virginia L. Wood 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Wyman 


The Rev Mr, Joe 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Wise 



Youngblood. Jr 

Monte Bishop 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Wiser 

Mr. Jason RWoodall 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank W^man 

Ms. Missi C. Youngblood 

Mr George Arthur Black 

Mr and Mb. George G. Wislar 

The Rev. Mr and Mrs. 

Mr. Jonathan D. Wyman 

Mr and Mis. Robert M. 

Mr Walter Alexander Black 

The Rev. Dr. Bnice G. and The 


Ms. Christi A. Wynn 

Youngblood. Jr. 

Mr Arthur Lemly Blackwclder 

Rev. Mrs. Kathryn A. Wismer 

Mr and Mrs. Enrique Woodroff'e 

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L.Yanik 

Mr and Mrs. Matthew T. 


Mr and Mrs. Robert H. 


Dr. and Mrs. Paul L. Yantis HI 


Mr. Hervey Francis Blal.ick 


Mr. William M. Woodmft^ 

Dr. and Mrs. William W. 

YoungLife of Cleveland County- 

Mr David S. Blankenship 

Mr. Harrington Witherspoon 

The Rev, Dr. and Mrs. 

Yarborough, Jr 

NC. Shelby, NC 

Mr. Dale M. BliKrher 


Donnie R. Wtnds 

Mr. and Mr. John R. 

Mr and Mis. John C, 

Mr William Lewis Boggs 

Mr. Gene Witt 

Mr. Fred Wilkinson Woixls 



Mr W. K, Borland 

Mr. Gregory' R. Witt 

Mr and Mrs. John M. Woods 

Mr. and Mis. Daniel C. 

Mr and Mis. Frank H. Zmdei 

Mr James Henry Bradford, Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Witt 

Mr. and Mrs. Dan C. Woods 


Mr Frederick M. Zeigler 

Mr Edward Dubose 

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Woliord 

Mr. Stephen R. Woods 

Mr. and Mrs. David W.Yarem 

COL and Mrs. Jack C.Zeigler.Jr 


Ms. Mary D. Wogsland 

Mr and Mrs. John P Woodside 

Ms. Emmaly E. Yamell 

Mr. Paul W. Zeigler 

Mr. Charles Alfred Brake 

Mr. and Mrs. William E 

COL and Mrs. Charles O. 

Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Yates 

Mr and Mrs. Charles S. 

Mr. Karl Brawner 



Mr and Mrs. William H. 


The Rev. Mr Cecil DuKise 


Mr. and Mrs. James E. 

Yearick 111 

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald J. 

Brearley, Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. James W.Wolfe 


Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Yearout 


Mis. Jean Rxdd Brock 

Ms. Mane U Wolfe 

Mr. and Mrs. James R. 

COL and Mis. Paul Henry Yearout 

Mr and Mrs. Steven J. 

Mr. David Bro«Ti Brtx)ker 

Dr. and Mrs. Luther H. Wolff 




Mr John Holloway Bmughton 

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Wollet 

Jennifer E. Wc»dward, PhD 

David B. Besuden 

Mr and Mrs, L>aniel S. Zimny 

Mr Bennett Alexander Brown 

Mis. Amy R. Wombuell 


Mr. and Mrs. Vincent M. Ycxkel 

Zion Hill Baptist Church, Cross 

Mr James Frank Brown 

Women oi First Ptesbyterian 

Mr. and Mis. Price P Wcxxiward 

Mr and Mrs. David E. Yoder 

Hill, SC 

Mrs. Lillian Brown 

Church. Hansville, SC 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael W 

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Yobe 

Zorha's, Clinton, SC 

Mr Samuel K. Brown 

Women of First Presbyterian 


Mr. and Mrs. Christopher S. 

Mr and Mrs. George E. Zubrod 

Mr Ellie Durant Brunson 

Church. McCoILSC 

Mr. and Mrs. William K. Woody 


Mr and Mrs. Brian S.Zwemer 

Mr Andre Jean Bruyere 

Women of Indiantown 

Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence L. 


The Honorable Ms. Mary Emily 

Presbyterian Church, 


Mr. Joseph Elliott Yonce 



Hemingway, SC 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael N. Wooley 

Mr. Joseph W Yonce, Jr 

The Rev. Dr. Anderson 

Women of Lickville 

The Rev. Mr. Michael 

Mr. and Mrs. Lany L. Yonce 

Mr Augustus Dial Abercrombie 

Wixxl Buchanan 

Presbyterian Church, 

Lynn Wooten 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W.York 

Mr John Alexander Abercrombie 

COL David Monroe Buie 


Mr. and Mrs. Oscar S. Wooten, Jr. 

York County Natural Gas, Rock 

Mr Isaac McDonald Adair 

Mr William F Bullock 

Women of McCoU Presbyterian 

Mr. and Mrs. Amos A. 

Hill, SC 

Mrs. Melanie M. .Adair 

Mr Thomas Burdette 

Church, McColkSC 

Workman, Jr. 

York Lumber Co. Inc., York, SC 

Mrs. Patricia Adams 

Mr Robert Ray Burgess 

Women of Santee Presbyterian 

Dr. Harry R. Workman 

Mr. and Mis. John R.Yost 

Mr Richard Oliver Adams 

Mr Charles Edward Burnett 

Church, Santee, SC 

World Aviation Communications 

Mr. and Mrs. Dean Youmans 

Mr Rufiis Manley Adams 

Ms. Marian A. Burrs 

Women of the Church, 

Limited, Kingston Upon Thames 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Young 

Mr Srephen James 

Mr Gar\' Edward Campbell 

Providence ARP Church. 


Mr. Brooks A. Young 

Albright. St 

Mr Ralph Gunn 

Clinton, SC 

Mis. Anne L. Won-ell 

Mrs. Carolyn H. Young 

Mrs. Emma Alexander 

Campbell, Sr 

Women of the Church, 

Mrs. GeraldineO. Worrell 

Mrs. Carolyn Y. Young 

Mr Fred G.Allen. Jr. 

Dr. JohnM.Cann 

Bishopville Presbyterian 

Mr. David C Worth, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. David E. Young 

Mr George Amaya 

Mr Victor Leon Cannon 

Church. Bishopville,SC 

Mr. and Mrs. W T. Worth 

Mr. and Mis. Allen A. Young. Jr 

Dr. Charles Watson Anderson 

Dr. Randolph E. Carothers 

Women of the Church. 

WPCC Radio Station, 

Mr and Mrs. Edwin T. Young 

Mis. Evelyn Anderson 

Mr Thomas Frank Carothers 

Chesterfield Presbyterian 

Clinton, SC 

Ms. Eli;aberh Anne Young 

Mis. Frances M. Anderson 

Mr James Carson 

Church. Chestetlield. SC 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred T. Wrape 

Mrs. Elizabeth H. Young 

Mrs. Marion Robson Anderson 


Mr. and Mrs. John M, 

Mr. and Mrs. Emory H. Young 

Mr Thomas K.Antos 

Mrs. W.Oscar Gate 


L>. and Mrs, Frank C. Young, Jr 

The Rev. Dr. Van Munroe 

Mr John E. Champion 

T/i!s camf 

mign is about our future studen 

ts. We need to build - on our so 

/((/ foundation - a college that 

has the ca 

pdillitics to prepare these stude 

Its to be leaders in a world that 

desperatehj needs PC values. 

To do thn 

, we need to attract and retain t 

ie best and brightest students a 

id faculty. 

2002 2007 

Mr. Joel Alvin Chapman 

Dr. Richard Butler 

Mrs. Mary Hams 

The Rev. Mr William 

Dr Wilson Parks McKittrick 

Dr. Richard Lee Childers 

Ferguson, Jr. 

Mr. Patrick Bradley Hams 

Chester Keller DD 

COL Robert Calvin McLees 

Ms. Francis Margaret Chiles 

Mrs. John M. Fewell 

Dr. Tenance M. Hams 

Mr Dennis Ketchem 

Mr William Frank McLees 

Mr. George Lee Cleckler 

Mr. John W Finney, Jr. 

COL(Ret.) William Frankim 

Mr Edward W. Kill.irin 

Mrs. George McMillan 


Mrs. Tokie Finney 


Mr Gary C. Kinert 

Mr Daniel Murdoc McNaull 

Mi^.].P. Cohh 

Dr. Langdon Strong 

Mt William Brantley 

Mr John William King 

Mr John Thomas McNeely 

Mr. Boyd A. Cochran 

Flowers, Sr. 

Hart, Sr 

Mr Sumner Allen King. Jr 

Mrs. Mary McNeill 

Mrx. Susan Carr Cohen 

Mrs. Aitie McDonald Foan 

The Rev Mr. and 

Mr Harold Wilson Kirby.Sr 

COL James Thomas 

Dr. Walter George Coker. Jr. 

Mr. Louis B. Folley 

William D. Hart, Jt 

Mr. Dorothy Kirkley 

McQueen, USA (Ret.) 

Mr. James Gordon Collier, Jr. 

Mrs. Mary Forsyth 

Mr. Paul Frederick Hartsheld 

Mr L. E. Kirkley 

Vh. Duncan Burell McRae 

Mr. Joseph Lindsay Comer 

Mr. Lloyd Roiielle Foster 

Mr. Samuel Banks Hayes. Jr. 

Mr. Eleanor Williams Knox 

The Rev. Dr. Allen Crews 

Mr^. Dorothy Cooper 

Mrs. Frances M. Frampton 

Mr. Nathaniel Sheffield Heeth 

Mr Russell Brevard Knox 


Mr. Heruy Pearson 

Dr. Gadsden Creighton 

The Rev. Mt Milton Floyd 

Mr James Mack Kolb 111 

Mr Harry Younger McSween 

Cooper, Sr. 

Frampton, Sr. 


Mr William C.Kmmrei 

Mr Richard D. Meisky 

Mr. Roger Malcolm Copeland 

The Rev Dr. William 

Mt. James Franklin Hendrix 

Ms. Mary G.Lamb 

Mb. Lily N. Men>' 

Mrs. Joyce Copley 

McLeod Frampton, Jr. 

Mt David P Henley, Jt 

Dr. Robert Charles Lamb 

Mrs. Agnes Milam 

Mr. Ketmerly Raymond Corbert 

Dr. Charles Elbert Eraser 

Mr Hugh E. Henry' 

Mr Edwin Gibbs 

Dr Jack Milton Milam 

Mrs. Ethel C. Cornwall 

COL Powell Alexander 

Dr. Elmore G. Herbert 

Lambright, Sr 

Mr James William Milam, Jr 

Mr. Francis Cothran 


Mt William Pou Herlong, Jr 

COL Frank William 

Mr David Bobo Miller Sr 

Mrs. Jean S. Cothran 


Mr Charles Christian 


Mr Earl H. Miller 

Mr. John W. Cox 

The Rev. Mr. Charles Oliver 

Hertwig, Jr 

Mrs. Clara Lancastet 

Mr Edward Lewis Miller 

Mr^. Dorothy Mack Creech 


Dt. Bluford Bradford Hestit 

Mr E. Clifton Lancastet 

Mrs. Frank E. Miller 


Mrs. Paul M. Gallant 

Mrs. Ellen Jordan Hicklin 

Mts. Jane Lanier 

Mr Harold Nelson Miller 

Mr. Claude Arthur Crocker 

Mr. Larry Gar 

Mrs. Ellen Hicklin 

Mr William Miller Leaman 

Mrs. Lola Mims 

The Rev. Mr. William Larry 

Mr. Henry Calven Ganett 

Mr Jacob Madison Hiers 

Mrs. Ann Leith 

Mr Melvin Guy Misenheimer 


Dr. John Lloyd Garrison 

Mr Charles H.Hill 

Dt. John Haddon Leith 

Mr Harryi Hubbard Mitchell 

LTC(Ret.) Henry T. Cronic 

Mr. William Henry 

MrTrescottN. Hinton 

Mr Louis Lemaire Lesesne 

Dr J. William Moncrief 

Mrs. Carolyn Cummins 


Mr Irby Shell Hipp, Jr 

Ms. Eugenia Ligon 

Mr Charles Raymond 

Mr. Douglas W. Curtis 


Mr Roy A. Hogrefe 

COL(Ret.)S. Cater Ligon 

Montgomery, Sr 

Mr. John P Daniluk 

Mr. G. Howell Gerow 

Mr Gary H. Holcomb 

Mr Richard James Lindsay 

Ms. Rosa S. Moon 

Mr. Arremas Keirt Darby, Jr. 

Mrs. Mary Lou Gettys 

Mr Dwight A. Holder 

The Rev Mr William Edwin Link 

Mr David Lafar Moore 

Mr. Walter Kenneth Daughtry 

Mr. William M. Gettys 

Mr John M. J. Holliday 

The Rev Mr Samuel 

Mrs. Margaret C. Moore 

Mr. James Kenneth L>avis 

Mr. Edward Vause Gibson 


Timothy Lipsey 

Mr Matthew Singleton Moote 

Dr. Judson Davis, DDS 

Mr. Paul Caldwell Gibson 

Mrs. Dianne D. Hooks 

DrHenrv- Thomas Lirtle 

Mr Waltet Staunton Moore 

Mrs. Marian K. Davis 

Mr. William Dunnahoo Gibson 

Mr Kenneth Chatles 

Mr William Marion Littleheld 

Mrs. Mary Morgan 

Mr. Ronald C. Davis 

Mr. Alpha D. Gilberr 

Horn, Sr 

Mr James Wilson Livingston 


Dr. William R. Davis 

Dr. Robert Hall Gillespie 

Mr Andrew Swofford Howard 

Mr Kenneth C. Livingston 

Mr Jerry 0. Mull 

[> Fred Corbet Da\'ison 

Mrs. Frances K. Glover 

Mr Claude H. Howe, Jr 

The Rev. Mr William 

Mr Paul M. Muller 

The Rev. Mr. Joseph 

Mt John Edward Godfrey, Sr. 

Dr. Dugald W Hudson 

Cherry Livingston 

Mrs. Ann Schimier Nash 

Norton Dendy 

Mr. Clifton Carson 

Mrs. Margaret Hughes 

The Rev. Dr John David 

Mrs. Jan Needham 

Dr. E. Dubose Dent 

Goodwin, Jr. 

The Rev. Dr. Samuel Mason 


Mr John Addison Needham, Sr 

Mr. William Prickett Dent 

Mr. Charles L. Gordon 


Mr IradBachman Lower Jr 

Mr James Thomwell Neely. Jr 

Ms. Elizabeth M. Denhick 

Dr. Thomas Hancock Grafton 

Mr John David Humphreys 

Mr Henry Lucius, Jr 

Mr Hany Lee Nertles 

The Rev. Dr. Bonneau 

Mr. George Leighron 

Mrs. Harriet G. Hunter 


Mrs. Sarah Nertles 

Harris Dickson 

Gnmtham 111 

Tlie Rev. Mr Owen Diehl 

Mrs. Eulena Mabry 

Dr. William Gordon Neville, Sr 

Mr. Ensley L. DiUard 

Mrs. Martha Anne Green 


James MacDonald. MD 

Mr Malcolm P Niven 

Mr. Philip H.Dohn, Jr. 

Mr. William Hardy Greene 

Dr. Jeffrey David Jack. PhD 

Commander Edwin J. 

Mrs. Malcolm P Niven 

Ms. Louise A Doran 

Mr. Joseph C. Griffith 

Mr Carl E Jackson 


Dr Edward Nolan 

Mr. Daniel H. Douglass, Jr. 

Mrs. Diane Griswold 

Mr David William Jackson 

Mr William Manning 

Mrs. Margaret Nolan 

Mr. Robert Smith Doudle 

Mr. Dwight L. Groninger 

Ms. Jossie E Jackson 

Malloy. Sr 

Mr Roland Blair Noms 

Mr. JoJin Douglas Dowling 

Mr. Aubrey Vernon Grixim 

Mr Sherwood Chesson Jackson 

Mr Richard Hugh Marshall 

The Rev Dr. James H. Nowell 

Mrs. Pamela duCille 


Mr Walker Belton Jackson 

Mrs. Claudia Kay Martin 

Mrs. Agnes Elizabeth Oden 

Major General George T. 

Mr. William T Haley 

Mr Hugh Shockley Jacobs 

Ms. Emily Lucy Martin 

Dr. Orval Bmce Oleson 


Mr. Manm Brian Hall, Jr. 

Mr John Boyd Jacobs 

Mrs. Katherine 

Judge Mr George Edward Oliver 

Mrs. George William Dunlap 

Tlie Rev. Dr. Robert 

Mrs. Katherine S.Jacobs 

Edmonds Martin 

Mr Joseph R Olmert. Sr 

Mr. Lonnie Lingle Dunlap 

Gaston Hall 

Mr Lauritz A. Jacobsen 

COL Olivious Curry Manin 

Mrs. Mary Ella Osman 

Mrs. Nancy S. Dunn 

Dr. Ruth M. Hall 

Dr. Fred C. James 

Mr James R. Mason 

Mr Ted Ostrander 

Mr. Dessie Brown Durden, Jr. 


Mr JoJm Jay James 

Mr Walter Eugene 

Mr Charles H. Palmer 

Mrs. Zona N. Dutton 

Mrs. Lydie Holland Hamer 

Mr Arthut B. Johnson 

Matthews 111 

Mr LorenT Palmer 

Mr. G. R. Easley 

Mr. Robert Pickett Hamer 

Mr Chatles Otho Johnson 

Mr Robert J. Maxwell. Jr 

Russell White Park, Jr 

Mr. Louis W.Eckstem 

Mr. Perry McGowan Hamilton 

Mr Eric Arthut Johnson, PhD 

Mts. Gladys Mayson 

Mr Eugene William 

Mr. de Saussure Davis Edmunds 

Mr. Morton W Hamm 

Mr Millard B.Johnson 

Mr Paul M. McCam 


Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Edmunds 

Mrs. Glachia Hammersley 

Mr Carroll Payne Jones, Sr 

Ms. Kathrfn W. McCall 

Commander Allan Porter 

The Rev. Mr. Raymond 


Mr Conway Jefferson 

The Rev. Dr. Neely 


Foster Edwards 

Mr. Roderick Emil Hammond 

Jones. Jr 

Dixon McCaner 

Mrs. Clayton Latimer Pattick 

Mr. James E Ellison 

CRT Kimberly Nicole 

Mr Fred R. Jones, Jr 

COL John CMcCaskill 

Major General Christian Patte 

Dr. John William EIrod 

Hampron, USAR 

Mr Leaman Dantzler Jones 

Mr William Charles McClammy 

Mr William Hascall Pattee 

Mr. Frank Bigham Estes, Jr. 

Ms. Cynthia Diane Hamrick 

The Rev. Dr Lynn Temple Jones 

Dr William Jerome McCord 

Mr Ernest Edward Patterson 

Mrs. Margaret Esres 

Mr. James L. Harden 

Mrs. Martha J. Jones 

Mr Robert Edward McCormick 

Mr James Harold Patterson 

Mr. Thomas Lemuel Estes, jr. 

Mr. Joe C. Harden 

Mrs. Ruth M. Jones 

Mr Owen Kenneth McCutcheon 

Mr Leslie Hamner Patterson, Jr 

Mr. Ernest William Evans 

Mr. Enoch Harding, Jr 

Mr Carlisle Jordan 

Mr Han7 Gruver McDonnold 

Mr Ralph F Patterson 

Ms. Tlffani Y. Evans 

Mr Robert Lee Hare, Jr. 

Mr Charles Candler Jordan 


Mr Harold W Patron 

Mr. George Samuel Everett 

Mr. James Andrew Harker, Jr 

Mr Richard Kaleel 

Mr Jolin Gue McGugan 

Dr Ralph Kenneth Peden 

LTC(Ret.) William TFamier 

Dr. Herbert Caldwell Harper 

Mr James C. Kannan, Jr 

Mr Francis Sterling McKeown 

Mr Peter D. Pelham 

Dr. C. Newman Faulconer 

Mr. Roberr Augusrus Harper 

Mr Randall Brent Kardoes 

Mr Robert Chtistophet 

Dr. Ralph Malcolm Piland 

Dr. Anderson D. Ferguson 

Dr William Franklin 

LTC Edward Coket Kay 


Mr Sam Miller Pinson 

Mrs. Jean Ferguson 


Mr Billy S. Kee 

Mr Thomas O'Neal 

Mr John Michael Pitts 

Mr. Hal H. Harris, Jr. 

Mrs. Suella Keller 

McKeown, Jr 

Mrs. Louise Plaxico 

1 1 Liberal Learning L 

J Seri'ice" [ I Vigor 


□ Chrislian Failli [ 

J Honor \^ Coinniitnthf 


f^eChallenBe I 


2002 2007 

^ 1 1 

Mr. Tom Plaxico 


Mrs. Margaret J. Syre 

Mr. Broadus Earl Watson 

The Rev. Dr. Amc.U Bernard 

Mrs. Hebb Robinson 

The Rev. Mr. Charles Robert 

Mr. Charles Ansley Watts, Jr. 


Mr. Keith Earl Robinson 


Dr. Wilson Cannon Weam 

Mrs. Edna H. Poole 

Mr. Philip Wiggins Rogers, Sr. 

The Rev Dr. Daniel 

Mr Otis Hulon Weaver, Jr. 

The Rev. Mr. Robert C. Pooley 

COL Richard Forrest Ropp 

Meredith Taylor, Jr. 

Dr. Marc C. Weersing 

Mr. Gilben Rodman Porter 

Mr. James 0. Sanders 

Dr. Lewis Hayne Taylor, Jr. 

Ms. Martha G. Weir 

Mrs. Juanita Porter 

Mr. Clifton ReeceSaverance, Jr. 

Mr. John Manalcus Templeton 

Mr. George G. Weiss 

Ralph E.Poss, PhD 

Mrs. Margaret A. Schneider 

Mr. James H. Thomason 

Mr Garnet June Welch 

Mrs. Fred J.Powell, Jr. 

Mr. William H Scott, Jr. 

Dr. James Robert Thomason 

The Honorable Mr. John Carl 

Mr. Walter Dean Power, Jr. 


Mrs. Sarali Dunlap Thomason 


Mrs. Clara Pratt 

Mr. William Thomwell Senn, Jr. 

Mr. Charles B.Thompson, Jr. 

Mrs. Lulu Westcott 

The Rev. Mr. Frederick 

Mr. J. Cooper Shackelford, Sr. 

Mr. Francis M. Tillman 

Mr. Alvm Ralph Wham 

Clyde Pratt 

Ms. Julia Frances Shaw 

Mr. Charles Franklin 

Mr. John Drexel Wlieeler, Jr 

The Re\'. Mr. Marcus 

Mr. William Malcolm Shields 

Timmons, Sr 

Mr. Henry E. Wliite 

Brown Prince 111 

Mr. William Clarence 

Mr. Redden Kirby 

Mrs. Evelyn H. Whiteside 

Ms. Vivian Christine Prince 


Timmons, Jr. 

Mr Albert E. Whitford 

COL Jake Henry Privette, 

Mrs. Nancy Sibley 

Dr. Jacob H. Tinga 

Mrs. Elizabeth Wilbanb 

USA (Ret.) 

Mr. John Lindsay Sloan 

Mrs. J. Hubert Todd 

Mr. Walter W.Wilfong,Sr. 

Mrs. J. Sidney Query 

Mr. Richard Carl Smart 

Mr. J. Hubert Todd 

Mr. John Walter Wilkinson, Jr. 

Mr. Ralph Waldo Rampey 

Mr. Charles Legree Smith 

Mr. Tltomas Darlington Todd, Sr. 

Mr. Arlie Wendell Williams 

Mr. Alfred Ogden Ramsay 

Dr. Clemson Mayo Smirfi 

Mrs. Sarah Ellen Tolen 

Mr. P Bailey Williams 

Mr. William Marcellus Ransom 

Mr. Herbert Marion Smith 

Mr. John Gene Turner 

Mr, Paul J. Wilson, Jr. 

Mrs. Caroline Motes Rasor 

The Honorable Mr. Jefterson 

Mrs. Mar>- .Anne Turner 

Mr Thomas Herron Wingate 

Dr. Charles Raynal, Jr. 

Verne Smith 

Mr. Thomas Turner 

Mr. Myrick Earl Winn 

Mr. Carter Lee Redd, Jr. 

Mrs. Lois K.Smith 

Mr. Charles William Twitty 

Mr. Walter William Wise, Jr. 

Mr. Robert Webster Reeves 

Mrs. Mary Fowler Smith 

Mr. Robert Mercer Vance, Sr. 

Dr. John Harvey Wittschen, J r 

Mr. Melvin E. Reichert 

Mrs. Sarah Smith 

Mr. Rion DeLeon Vi«y 

Mr. John Gates Woods 

Dr. George Kell Reid 

Mr. James C. Spears 

Mrs. Nancy Von Hollen 

Mr. James Roy Workman, Ir. 

COL Mr. John Rhodes 

Mrs. Sally Spencer 

The Rev Mr. John Samuel 

COL Rowland Hill Worrell, Jr. 

Mr. Joseph Carlisle Rhodes 

Mrs. Martha Spniill 


Mr. E. Henderson Wyatt 

Mr. Henry Carson Rhyne 

Mr. Virgil Washington St. John 

Mr Samuel Wallace Walkup 

Mr Joseph Eugene Wyatt 

Mr. Hal Clyde Richardson, Jr. 

The Rev. Dr. Thomas 

Mr. William C. Walkup 

Ms. Rosa L. Wyatt 

Mr. James Smith Richardson 

Aurelius Stallworth 

Dr. FurmanT Wallace 

Mrs. Robert L, Wylie, Jt. 

Mr. Lawrence Austin 

Mrs. Lou Staton 

Mr. Edward Alexander Walters 

Mr. William B. Wylie 


Mr. John William Steenbergen 

Mr. Donald E. Wampler 

Mr. .Arnold Leroy Young 

Mt. Daniel McDonald Roberts 

Mrs.James W.Stewart 

Mrs. Warren M. Wardlaw 

Mr Henr>' Meadors Young, Jr. 

Mr. Ronald Overstreet 


The Rev Dr. Wan-en Martin 

Mr James Edmunds Young, Sr. 

Roberts, Sr. 

Dr. Lawson W. Stonebumer 

Wardlaw, Sr. 

Mr. Kenneth Rockwell Young, Sr. 

The Rev. Mr. Glenn Byers 

Dr. Virginia Leigh Strickler 
Mr. John Thomas Suggs 

Mr. Robert Claude Wasson 
Mrs. Frances Sitton Watkins 
Mr. William L. Watkins 

Mr William Wallace Zealy, Jr. 

Names included in the Promise and tbie Challenge Campaign Donor Honor 

Roll 2002-2007 represent gifts received hy the college before June 30, 2007. 

We have made every effort to insure the accuracy of the names listed on the 

honor roll. It is possible, however, that errors have occurred. If your name 

has been omitted or listed incorrectly, please accept our apologies and con- 

tact the advancement office so that we may correct our records. 

The Advancement Office can he reached at 1-800-207-975.3. 

^FF' ^ 

''^^^^(W^'F^ 771 PRESBYTERIAN COLLEGEMagazine 

: President's Report 2007 
Volume 61, Number 1 
: Office of Communications, 

503 South BtL 

ad St., Clinton, S.C. 29325. 

This cam 

paim is about our future studen 

ts. We need to build - on our sc 

lid foundatioti - a college that 

Ims the capabilities to prepare these students to be leaders in a world that 

desperately needs PC values. 

To do that, we need to attract and retain the best and brightest students a 

td faculty. 

"... The task of a PC education - the total package, the PC experience - is 
to help you grow, to learn who you are, to search for and find a larger pur- 
pose for your lives, and to leave college prepared to provide leadership for 
your community. If you merely prepare yourselves to earn a livelihood, 
you will miss the whole point. Here, in addition to helping you 'make a 
living,' the PC experience can help you 'make a life.'" 

Dr. John V. Griffith - Opening Doors 

"This is done by opening doors - two types of doors, in fact. One type that 
initially we open for you and one that you must open on your own." 

ThePromise ^^|TheChallenge 

The Department of Music and Department of Theatre 
at Presbyterian College 


Christmas at PC 




Save the date 

Saturday December i, at 7 pm 


Sunday December 2, at 5 pm 

There are many legends surrounding the Christmas story that tell of the response of 
all the world's creatures to the birth of the Christ Child. Some legends suggest that at 
midnight on Christmas eve, all cattle bov\' in their stalls. A carol, "The Friendly Beasts," 
tells of animals speaking of their gifts for the Baby Jesus. All these stories have within 
them a great truth: All God's creatures recognize majesty and redeeming grace come 
down to earth. Performances to be held in Belk Auditorium on Presbyterian College 

Group tickets are available October 1-31 at $8.00 each for groups of I3 or more. 
Individual tickets are available from October 22 at $10,00. 

Fine Arts Box Office: 1-864-853-8517 (1-5 p.m.) 

Presbyterian College 

503 South Broad Street 
Clinton S.C. 29325